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  1. tgc

    Please advise on an external for 180L tank

    Ive got the tetratec 1200 and a fluval 501 and the tetra is by far the quietest external i 've had, also quiter than the ehiems eco and pro that i've had. Cheers Tim
  2. tgc

    Tetratec 1200 problem

    If you look where the hoses attach to the taps and to the inflow and outflows, where the screw tightners screw down sometimes (on mine anyway) the hose comes away from the tapered bit, the solution i use is to cut an inch off the hose to make a better seal. Know what i mean??
  3. tgc


    I've got a few elbow guides spare from my fluval if your interested, you know the ones that clip over the hose to hold them in place. Cheers Tim