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  1. Vito

    After regeneration my purigen bag is still brown...

    Hi guys, I wanted a little direction here. So last night I attempted to regenerate purigen using plain old unscented household thick bleach (Demestos) 1:1 as recommended by the Seachem website, how ever none of the brown stains have disappeared yet, I know its been about 12 hours and I would...
  2. Vito

    How much purges can "the bag" hold?

    Hi guys, as the title of this subject says, how much purigen can "the bag" hold? I have 200ml worth
  3. Vito

    NA ADA Tank filtration...

    Hey guys, I was flicking through some pics of the ADA Gallery and I noticed most of the tanks including the big ones are running on a single inlet and outlet which would appear they are running on a single filter which baffles me as rule of thumb is 10 x turnover and the biggest of their Jet...
  4. Vito

    eheim 2028 and TTex1200 is this enough flow for 120x45x45?

    hi guys looking to purchase a 2028 pro II to go along side my TTEX1200 in a 120x45x45, firstly is is enought flow, secondly is this particular filter any good eheim a good filter and thirdly anyone know the dimentions i want to make sure it can fit into a cabinet.
  5. Vito

    ADA Range of lillys whats the difference?

    Hey guys I'm looking to splash out no a new setup and I going to get all the ADA gear including pipes, I see they now have the do Aqua range and Im confused as its aimed at the beginner, but I dont understand why, but it is much cheaper than the original ADA lillys so I am tempted, does it have...
  6. Vito

    submersible pump, where to buy?

    Hey guys, I need to temporarily home my shrimp in a seperate tank/container and im going to make a DIY filter much like this one http://www.petfrd.com/forum/articles.php?action=viewarticle&artid=87&page=1, I think I might go for the more powerful 250lph pump but I can seem to find an online...