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    Dirty Tank?

    I am struggling with what seems to be a lot of particles of some sort in the tank. They settle on the plants and then they do not look as good. I was originally doing water changes once a week, maybe 33% each time. I have bumped that up to twice a week, about 50% each time. That seems to...
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    Algae issues (what's new?)

    Well, it has been quite a while since I posted here, I miss this place and drooling over all of your photos! I have a 30 gallon tank that I set up at work. I am using a CO2 tank and I have a canister filter in the tank which turns the tank over probably well more than 10 times per hour. I am...
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    CO2 Distribution Question

    I have a 125 gallon tank that I gave up on 6 months ago with planted tanks. BBA ruled my life despite buying extra canister filters, powerheads, pumping up the CO2, etc. That's old news though... I have a 30 gallon tank at work that I would like to try my luck with planting. What I do not...
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    Time to Change - Would love some thoughts

    I am playing with the idea of rearranging my 125 gallon tank. Because I have some big fish in there (4 balas, 1 13" ghost knife fish & 5 rope fish (the rest are small like tetras)), I have stuck to plants with big roots because smaller plants with not much of a root system can be easily...
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    Bubble Counter Question

    Is there a reason my bubble counter would have more water in it when it is off or early in the day and then the water level drops throughout the day to the point where I cannot see how many bubbles per second are coming out? Thanks!
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    Plant Question

    Just for kicks... Has anyone ever used any of their ferts for a plant NOT in an aquarium. Like putting them in the soils?
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    Pruning and Cleaning?

    I was reading a pruning article here last night. I have a lot of swords and I thought I read that if the entire plant is removed from the tank to wash off the base and roots of the plant to get any dead debris off. Do we ever want to do that as part of maintenance or is it just best to leave...
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    PMDD & MKP Dosing - I think I am overdoing it...

    I have been using PMDD and MKP for a few months now ever since I set up a pressurized CO2 tank. I went off of a rough stab from someone on how much to dose, but that was when my plants were very small. Since I started the CO2 and the ferts the plants have exploded in size. I have a lot of...
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    BBA owns my tank

    OK, so BBA officially owns my tank. It is back now for the fourth time. It is mostly on the tallest plants which are of course very close to the light. It is a 125 gallon tank with a lot of swords in the tank (See Journal). I do have a CO2 tank running, but I will be honest, I have never...
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    T4U 125 Gallon Planted Tank Journal

    Well, it was around the end of July 08 when I came in here looking for help. My plants were not growing and I had bba. I was not using any CO2 and I was only dosing with Flourish. I was also only turning the tank over about 4x per hour. I got my butt handed to me about my neglect and I chose...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide???

    Some people at the plantedtank.net as suggesting that you can use hydrogen peroxide to kill bba. Similar to excel, just put it in a serenge (sp???) and squirt it on the plant while it is under water. Have you guys ever heard of that? If it is acceptable then that would be a heck of a lot...
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    2 Filters

    Looks like google ads just sent me enough money to go ahead and grab another filter. I have the Eheim 2217 on the left hand side of a 125 gallon tank. Since I know the filter (and the check doesn't cover the Fluval FX5) I am thinking of grabbing another Eheim 2217 filter and placing it on the...
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    BBA strikes again

    I have pruned a lot and added a 400 gph power head. That only gets me to 8 turn overs per hour. I have also slightly increased the CO2. Still dosing normal as well. BBA is back and grows a little daily. I was at reputable the fish store today and they told me that rosy barbs will eat bba...
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    Plant/Moneywort Question

    I trimmed some moneywort and replanted the trimmings today. I think I might have planted one upside down. Just for kicks, what happens if I leave it upside down? Could it possible adjust or is it doomed?
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    Where can I get rocks like this?

    I am in the US, but I am in love with the rocks from this Journal. viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2634 Anyone have any luck finding rocks like this in the US? Thanks!
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    How much substrate?

    I have seen some set up photos in the journals where people have just a ton of substrate. Usually one side of the tank is built up far higher than the rest. I always figured that too much substrate could be a bad thing but that was just my assumption based on nothing. Is it OK to just throw...
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    30 gallon low tank set up

    I am thinking of setting up a 30 gallon low tank setup. I have plenty of SMS substrate and PMDD and Phosphates to dose with. I want to avoid the use of CO2 for this tank (money reasons more than anything). Has anyone has any great luck with tanks about that size that are low tech? How...
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    Glass Top?

    I have a 6' long tank with 3 glass tops across it. It makes the tank much harder to clean since I have to move 2 sets of lights to move the glass tops. I cannot get my hand to the back of the tank to grab debri without moving those glass tops. So... Do you guys/gals have glass tops? Do you...
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    Filtration Question - Filter vs Power Head

    I am currently battling a low water movement issue in my tank. My tank is a 125 gallon tank. I have a canister filter than turns over 165 gallons per hour and a powerhead that does 270 gallons per hour (Did some research, the power head pumps more than I thought). That puts me at almost 3.5...
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    Filter cleaning

    When I had just fish (no plants) I was cleaning the canister filter once every 5 months. Now that I have plants in the tank do I need to be cleaning the filter more often? I can only imagine the answer is yes...
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    General Help

    I have a 125 gallon tank, 1.2 watts per gallon. CO2 tank and dosing with PMDD and Phosphates daily. I have only been dosing for about 3 months now but it has made a huge difference!!! I did a 20% water change 5 days ago and it seems like since 3 or 4 days now the water has white specs in it...
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    10 gallon tank questions

    I have a 120 gallon tank which is now officially doing very well thanks to you guys, thank you for that! I am looking into messing around with a 10 gallon tank for fun. Probably mainly a shrimp tank with 4-5 tetras in it just for some variety. But naturally I could not set up a tank without...
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    Planted tank maintenance

    How do you guys clean your tanks when they are stock full of plants? I am always afraid I will uproot the stem plants. And how often do you clean your tank? Before I started planting the tank I was cleaning 1/3 of the gravel each week. But now I am far less and wondering if that is bad.
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    Filtration Recommendations

    I have a 125 gallon (6' long tank). From what I am reading you guys are recommending a filter that can filter 10x the tank amount in an hour? With a tank my size filtering that much would require something like a garden hose on full blast to pump enough water through a filter 10x per hour...
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    Big fish and plants

    Before I realized I wanted a heavily planted tank I got some big fish. I have a 12" ghost knife fish, a few 8" bala sharks, rope fish, etc. I do have a fair share of smaller fish in the tank too. But do people here with bigger fish and plants have problems with the plants getting uprooted...
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    CO2 injection point

    Does it matter where you inject the CO2 into the tank? For example. I have a 125 gallon tank, 6' long. Does it matter if the CO2 is injected into the tank at the top or the bottom? I have a DIY reactor, so I am sure it is not as efficient as the real deal. Right now I am injecting the CO2...
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    Question about a plant

    I have a plant but I am not sure what it is called though. It is shorter and the leaves are a dark red, the leaves are maybe 2" x 2". It has one leave per plant that shoots to the top of the tank. The guy at the store told me that when it reaches the top of the tank to cut that leaf off and...
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    BGA question

    My 125 gallon tank has a decent amount of bga on a moderately planted tank. I have dosed excel for 3 days straight and did a little bit of spot treating but there is so much of it that it would take all day to spot treat. Would normally dosing bga with excel generally do some damage to the...
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    Bubble counter and drop checker

    OK, CO2 is flowing into my 125 gallon for the first time. The guy at the store told me that a good start would be 3 bubbles per second for the bubble counter. That is what I am set out now. I put the Drop Checker in the tank. I submerged the entire thing, was that what I was suppose to do? I...
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    CO2 and pH?

    I am adding CO2 to my tank this weekend. I have never messed with CO2 before. Do I need to keep an eye on my pH for any reason? Thanks!
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    I finally received my PMDD in the mail yesterday. The dosing for it was recommended to me such that: 1/4 cup of powder to 500 mL of water. Then 1 drop per gallon of water per day. You could go 2+ drops per day, but seeing that my CO2 tank is not here yet and I am just learning I will start...
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    Cloudy tank

    My tank has a bit of a white cloudiness to it today. Let me give you some background... 125 gallon tank, lightly planted. I added SMS substrate 2 weeks ago (I pulled out all the gravel) so I am still cycling. Yesterday I did a water change and it has seemed cloudy ever since. The SMS was a...
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    New to CO2, have a few questions...

    I have a 10 pound tank coming my way with the rest of what I need to add CO2 to my tank. I have a 125 gallon tank that is 6 foot long. I thought I read somewhere here that it might be tough to distribute the CO2 across the tank evenly or something? Am I going to have such issues? Anything I...
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    Upgrading Tank question

    I am looking into upgrading my tank which I am pretty serious about that this point in time. I have (3) T5 lights at 50 watts each over a 125 gallon tank. I just swapped out the gravel substrate for SMS substrate. I am getting ready to purchase dry ferts so I can start dosing for more than just...
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    Algae help

    Now and then I get this hair algae looking stuff on the tips of my plants. I am no where near as high tech as most of you. I am running a 125 gallon tank with no CO2 and just adding Flourish. I am dosing the recommended (Whatever that means right?) amount of Flourish. I have (3) 50 watt T-5...
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    Changing bulbs?

    How often should we change the bulbs in our lights? I am using the Current Nova Extreme T-5 lighting currently. At least that is what I think it is... Thanks!
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    I finally ordered a timer for my lights. I am running about 1.25 watts per gallon on a 125 gallon (6' long) tank. For the last year we just turn the lights on when we remember and then turn them off at night. Now that a timer is on it's way, what is the ideal time the lights should be on...
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    Sand vs Gravel

    Are there any pros or cons for sand vs. gravel in a planted aquarium? Thanks!
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    Some questions about Ferts

    I am a newbie to the planted aquarium world. I have been trying stuff for the last 12 months but none of that included CO2 yet. I have a 125g tank and 55g tank at home and a 30g tank at work. The 125g is where I have spent all my time though. It has nice lights, easy to grow plants and no...