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    Hi guys, my rummys have whitespot, but none of my lapeyes or my mosquitos bizzarely. I also have a snail and 5 red tiger shrimps. I have turned the temp up to 31 degrees. Should I be doing anything else, like adding salt, or buying meds? (can shrimp tolerate salt?) Any help or advice will be...
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    How do you stop your fish jumping out?

    Hey guys, as I'm going to be stocking in a week or so: I currently have an open topped tank, and notice a lot of you must also as you have wood/plants sticking out the top. Do you normally stick a glass sheet on top, or leave it open and cross your fingers? That also reminds me: My amazon...
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    Hydor eth 200w power consumption

    Hi guys, I have the Hydor eth 200w heater for my tank. Is there anyway of working out the watts used for heating my 95l tank to 26 degree? I know my lights are 25, and my filter is 32, but am unsure of the heater. Thanks for any help
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    Hi guys, a quick few questions regarding cycling: Q1: If I do this am I going down the right track, or do I need to change any of these steps? 1. add water and de-chlorinator and bactinettes 2. add some plants and start dosing with TPN+ 3. add some food every day for a week 4. add some...
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    Ger's 36" Clearseal

    Well finally it begins! My wife is away for the weekend so I thought I'd do all the messy stuff while she was not around :) I got the tank from PaH, took the black bits off and at the moment its sitting on the unit, empty. But I plan to plug away at it this weekend. I have been sourcing bits...
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    which rocks shall I use (complete beginner!)

    Hi guys, these are 2 rock options I have open to me, both of which I can collect locally from streams, beaches etc. Do you think the smoother lighter rocks, or the more angular darker rocks would be best? both get darker still when wet too. Im thinking of mostly having a sandy bottom with...
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    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Full-Co2-System-K ... C294%3A200 Do you guys in the know think thats worth it for the price? Or more importantly, would that fit on to a fire extinguisher? Cheers Ger
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    Is this fert any good?

    Its a clearance item from Aqua essentials, anyone think it would be worth it for the price? Aquili Fertiliser - 250ml http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... cts_id=780 also, do I need water conditioner or does no one use it? Ger
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    quick tube question:

    I have just won an arcadia ebay auction and the seller has written this to me via email: "Am packing Item and have just noticed that one of the tubes is an FO 25 Original Tropical Plant Growth Tube - pinkish in colour. The FF 25 High Output Tropical is white in colour. Can fit two FO 25s or...
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    Eco complete and B&Q topsoil/mud from my garden.

    hey guys, im thinking of getting some Caribsea Eco-Complete http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... cts_id=190 purely cos I like the look. I dont know much about substrates - but, to bulk it up, can I use topsoil from B&Q?, with the eco-complete on top? Also will topsoil sink? - and can I...
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    Budget Rimless tank - Removing clearseal glass bits??

    Hi guys, Im trying to achieve a rimless clean aquarium look, with overhead luminaire. But on a budget - as this is my first tank. Ideally, I want to buy a 36" clearseal tank, and remove all the black plastic. BUT, and here is the big but... I also want to remove the two strips of horizontal...