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  1. Tresbling

    Anyone know what this is?

    I found it in an upland river in NSW, Australia. It's growing nicely in my tank. I'd like to know what it is, I'm interested to know whether it's native or exotic. Thanks in advance.
  2. Tresbling


    Tank: Ellipsoid glass bowl, approx. 50L. Acrylic cover glass with rubber flow diffuser. If you have seen my other setups you’ll notice that low tech bowls are a recurring theme! This is the biggest and best one so far... I find the continuous flow of the surface and the complete, self-contained...
  3. Tresbling

    Low tech lily bowl

    Thought you might like to see this bedside 'pond'. It is my favourite tank due to extremely low maintenance/success ratio! Inhabitants are 6 crystal reds, 4 amanos and 1 small plec (not an intentional resident, rehomed). There are also small populations of snails and planktonic calanoid copepods...
  4. Tresbling

    Test Kits

    What are the best test kits available in the UK for NO3, NO2 and PO4? I am interested in testing water in a eutrophic freshwater lake as part of a water monitoring project, and thought you lot would be the guys to ask. Are the cheap 'dip strips' accurate enough? I assume individual kits would...
  5. Tresbling

    Why are my 'easy to grow' plants suffering?

    Hi, I am beginning to have success with my planted tank now, but my so called 'easy' plants are not growing. I have Hygrophila siamensis at the back and it has hardly grown in 3 weeks, and looking a bit pale. I also have a small amount of Salvinia natans at the surface and it is turning brown...
  6. Tresbling

    Who is eating my glosso?

    I recently added 4 red eye tetras and 3 ottocinclus to my tank, and since then, chunks have disappeared out of my glosso and sometimes whole leaves! :evil: I suspect the tetras but i know they ottos are fond of salad. What to do? Any ideas?
  7. Tresbling

    Night shut-off for DIY CO2

    Would it be feasible to fit a solenoid to a DIY CO2 setup? Obviously not to the tank feed, because then the bottle might explode :shock: But if you had a second tube coming from the bottle with the valve on it, it could be 'off' in the day and 'on' at night. This would allow CO2 to escape...
  8. Tresbling

    Fertilising for beginners

    Hi there, I have been fishkeeping for a few years, but I've just set up my first 'properly planted' tank. It is 16", 4.4 gallons, open top with 2 x 11w compact luminaires. Small internal filter, cheap tetraplant CO2 doser and 22 degrees C. It has just been densely planted with bacopa...
  9. Tresbling

    Fizzy water

    Hi All, This may well be a silly question, but could I use sparkling mineral water for my plants? I know it would be hard to work out dosages, but I was thinking more of using it in my unfiltered bottles and jars of plants on my windowsill. Any reason why this wouldn't work? Would the...