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    Dwarf cichlid

    Hi all My tank is 576l heavily planted (low tech) I have 15 neon tetras and 6 otocinclus. Planning to add around 10ish corydoras soon. Also there's around 30 shrimps Was wondering what type of peaceful dwarf cichlid I can keep? Tap TDS is 280-300, well water. Tap pH is 7.5 tank is not heated...
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    Jmb V2, or Fluval

    Hi all :-) Last time I had a big tank, I used ATI 4x80w T5 light. 10 years ago I believe. Now I got another 576 liter tank and wondering about lighting. Will be low tech, but still want decent light Anyone here have experience with JMB V2 lights ? Thinking about trying them, or the Fluval...
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    DIY stand for 576l / 150g

    Hi all :) Im in the process of starting up a new tank 576l with sump below it. I wanted to do my own stand because the one from manufacture looks waay too cleanish and modern for my oldish farm house.. I hope some of you have experience building stands. The 3 blue circles are where holes are...
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    What Leds should I use for Diy?

    Hello all :-) I was thinking of making a Diy lamp in clear acrylic/plexi. With holes drilled in for the LEDs and 120° lenses. But i really don't know what types of led's I should order for that project? I was thinking about ~6000-6500kelvin. And maybe having 20-30 led's of 0.5-1w each, then I...
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    Kickstarter oco meter, any experience yet?

    Hello So I thought about buying the oco meter to meassure co2 ppm. But do anyone from here had a chance to test it out yet? Curious to know :-) From Rasmus Denmark
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    External pump on eheim 2075?

    Hello all I wonder if it is possible to install an external pump to the eheim 2075? Instead of using the pumphead on the filter then using a more powerfull, say 3000l/h or will it cause too much pressure in the filter to the point where it will fail/leak? I dont like the current flow of the...
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    Staghorn algae - new filter media MarinePure?

    Hello all I recently installed 1qt box of cermedia MarinePure into my Eheim 2075, tank is 74litre, and ran perfectly before no algaes.. I had a slight amount of BBA which I blamed on my filter not being able to break down all the waste from the fish, after all I have alot of fish in the tank...
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    Magnetic plant hangers?

    Hi all :-) I was looking for 2 of these: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/showthread.php?t=133631 For my tank, cant find them. Only in UK and im from Denmark. I've emailed a seller on ebay about shipping to denmark, but no answer :-/ I would love to try a few riparium plants for my setup :-)...
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    Surface skimmer question

    Hi all Im looking to find a anonymous surface skimmer for my 72l tank 60x40x30cm high. I found this on ebay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/261042456674?cmd=VIDESC Im not sure how it works? I want the skimmer on the inlet pipe that sucks down to the filter. Also I want to have my spray bar along the...
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    Led light for 72l tank

    Hi all I was looking into buying new light for my tank. 60x40x30cmand was thinking about led light. Currently Im running 2x24w t5 tubes, but I've dimmet it with some aluminum paper, not sure what its called on english :-) This is my tank, few weeks old though but you get the idea I'd like...
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    72l planted High Tech tank

    Hello I just wanted to show my 3 week old tank. Tank is 60cm x 40cm x 30cm high Im running an Eheim Pro3 2075 with a Koralia Nano 900l/h For light theres 2x24w t5 Osram 865 daylight Also running co2 and daily ferts.. Still doing 50% water changes every other day, since it takes no time...
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    Nano powerhead what to get?

    Hey I have a 72l tank, and a 2075 running it. But after plants startet growing big the 2075 wont quite do the job. I have very little water movement in the right side of the tank atm.. So I thought about a nano powerhead, I heard good stuff about the koralia, but what do you suggest? I'd...
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    Eheim 2075 overkill for 72l aquarium?

    Hello I sold my old 530l tank about 9 month ago because I felt it was too much work to do.. Also was pretty expensive in electricity + co2 and ferts :-) Now I kinda got hooked again in this hobby.. But only a 72liter aquarium.. Will measure 60cm long x 40cm wide and 30cm high. But less time...
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    Planted tank + sump

    Hi guys. I was thinking of a new aquarium maybe 360l and a 108l sump that means ~30% biomass. I would guess that a filter that size would eat up some of the nutriens my plants will need? Or what do you think, will be dosing EI so I dont think it will be a problem. Reason I'm going for a sump...
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    What would cause leafs to look like this

    Hi All I have a 530l tank, co2 injected. And dosing ferts daily. My tank looks like this But I've been having some kind of trouble with this one particularly plant Echinodorus uruguayensis.. Old leafs are going bad after a few weeks. Cant really think of what could be the cause? Im dosing...
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    BBA and organic waste

    Hi Just wanted to say that after following Ceg/clives advices the last couple of monthts basicly made me algae free.. Heres some pictures for proof.. I normally did 20-25% water changes. But after reading alot of his posts I started to do atleast 50% water changes, and when I feel like it 2x...
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    calibrate at 7ph first then 4?

    Hi I'd like to ask if its an golden rule to first calibrate at 4.01ph and then 7.01? My profilux ask for 4ph water first when i calibrate my electrode. But i read somewhere that if calibrating with 4+7water always do 7 then 4. If calibrating with 7+10 water do 7 then 10. Reason I ask, my tank...
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    pH probe calibration, question

    Hi Okay I've been running my tank for about a year now. 530l heavely plantet tank. Ive got the GHL profilux II aquarium computer and a GHL pH probe (should be good quality) Last I calibrated it was 19dec, now I just calibrated it again 3 january aprox 15days between. I noticed something. I run...
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    Where to place my powerheads?

    Hi I have a 530liter planted tank, with 4x80w light over. Atm im only running on 30% light thats enough really.. Not much. Anyways I have a Eheim pro 3 2080 filter, ~ 1700l/t and one Hydor koralia 2800l/t powerhead, today I got an extra powerhead also a 2800l/t :) Which gives 7300l/hour...
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    What reactor to run - 530l tank

    Hi I have a 530l planted tank, currently using http://www.niersbachtal.de/CO2-Zubehoer ... ::129.html But im not very happy with it tbh.. Either it doesnt disolve the co2 propperly, or it will make a gas pocket inside it :/ Im runing a Eheim pro3 2080 should be enough.. What reactors are you...
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    About flow in my 530l tank

    Hey all And happy new year. Im new to this site, but I've been around for a while :-) I recently bought one of the Akvastabil Mark II 530l aquariums (I am from Denmark) Here is a small video 2 days after I filled it with water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afCNgRw3qiw I have the Eheim Pro3...