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  1. Dusko

    Interesting fact about natural CO2 in Lowtech/Walstad

    Hi all, long time no see :D howyalldoin' ?! Thanks to some very stressful time in my professional life (which also effected my private life) I neglected all my planted aquariums for a long time now (approx 8 month). Beside feeding the fish and occasionally removing some overgrown plants...
  2. Dusko

    Green Water - Dusko's lazy solution to the problem

    I got a very bad algae bloom (Green Water) due to CO2 malfunctioning ( + 2 of my HOBs malfunctioning also). At first I wasn't sure what to do. I had very little free time and such Green Water case needed many water changes and adjustments. I decided to try something new :-) Instead of everyday...
  3. Dusko

    How to dose Easy Nitro and Easy Fosfo?

    I am trying to find the way how to dose Easy Nitro and Easy Fosfo from Easy Life. They wrote on the bottles; Does this mean I have to dose 1ml per 50 litres of each daily like suggested for EC? Or can I apply the same as Tropica+NP suggests 5ml once a week. I will dose Fosfo and Nitro into...
  4. Dusko

    Dusko's Aquatic Wardrobe ;-)

    I didn't know were to post a video so here it goes; Short aquatic movie by me :mrgreen: Dusko