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  1. J

    Plants looking sorry for themselves in the last 2 weeks

    hi all, over the last 2 weeks my plants have started to look very leggy, leaves going yellow with holes in them, green spots on the leaves. Setup for about 6 months Dennerle 55l scaper fluval 307 filter CO2 - about 2bps - comes on for 5 hours (1 hour before lights on, off 2 before lights off)...
  2. J

    Don't know what to believe

    Hi all, i have an established tank and have started to use CO2 in the last4 weeks or so. I'm not convinced my drop checker is right/or my test kits are reading right. I say this because they contradict each other. My DC never changes, it's always a blue/green colour, more blue i would say. i...
  3. J

    adding Solenoid to Ista regulator

    hi all, hoping someone can help. i have the ista 0.5ltr standard setup (single stage, simgle gauge reg with no solenoid), i'm looking to add a solenoid but from what i've read it should really be directly screwed to the reg, not via tubing. can i remove the mail connector from the reg and then...
  4. J

    Dennerle Scaper 55l out crop

    hi all, long time member but usually just a watcher so to speak. Finally got my 55l up and running and settled so thought i'd share it. Back story Having started with planted tanks some years ago with a 40lt south American tank (with a pair of Rams), i moved to a mbuna tank (my favourite of all...