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    Few questions about C02

    Full details on my tank and equipment are located here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6193 if you should need them. I am using an external Aquamedic 1000 reactor with Fire Extinguisher 1, I can get the bubble checker set to something like 1 bubble per second and 95% of the time it comes out as really...
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    Choosing Plants (need advice)

    You can see my Journal here, it has full specs and a tank plan. http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6193 I am getting to the stage now I need to finalise my plants but I am after some advice. The plans I know I want to keep are the following: Eleocharis parvula (Dwarf Hairgrass)...
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    Neo_ad's 350Ltr Journal (Prometheus)

    Well its about time the newbie got one of these going, you can skip the sections below your not interested in :) Introduction I have been keeping fish on an off since my dad got me into the hobby when I was around 12 in which I was given a 3 foot tank to stock and look after myself. My dad also...
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    Quick plant ID please.

    While I was over at TGM drooling at the tanks last Sunday I liked the look of this plant growing out of the grass and was wondering what it was called, and if I needed to know anything special about it, I know I should of asked at TGM, I forgot :( Sorry the only image I got, the plant id I...
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    Stupid question about tube lengths

    I was reading this thread here viewtopic.php?t=523 about getting cheaper T5 tubes, but I notice the 54watt ones are 1149mm on the website linked, but my current tubes in my Ibar are listed on the Arcadia web site as 1150mm. http://www.arcadia-uk.info/product.php? ... &sub=&id=4 Does anyone know...
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    Tank Planning

    After lurking and posting some random posts myself already, I thought I would put out my plans for my upcoming tank! Using all the info I have picked up from scratch mainly for this forum I might add :) I have got my tank and equipment together and most of it set up apart from the Co2 which...
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    Cherry Shrimp Food

    I would like to give my cherry shrimp a good diet and I was looking to invest in some food tailored for them. I have been looking on http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... th=257_296 but they all seemed to be aimed at different types of shrimp (not cherry) although I expect they can all...
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    Wet&Dry Filter

    Hi there I have read through the posts and topics on here and on other web sites that say a wet & dry filter shouldn't be used in a high-tech planted tank but this seems to be 50/50 on the subject. I have a brand new wet and dry filter available to me which I was planing to run along side a...
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    A few questions about Substrates

    Hi Great forum you have here! After being a lurker for a few weeks reading the mass of topics on the planted subject I am starting to get more of an idea how this all works. This will be my first time I have aimed for a high-tech planted tank! I have worked around what fish I wanted to stock...