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    2kg C02 > 240L = 2 weeks?

    Does that sound right? My 2kg fe lasts 2 weeks then needs refilling. :jawdrop
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    What is a good moss for clinging to wood after removing fishing line? I have 2 mosses on my wood at present (stop sniggering) and one of them has stayed behind and the other hasn't, obviously the one I liked best hasn't. I want to cover more of the wood with moss but want to be able to remove...
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    Loads of Co2 but drop checker always dark green

    I'm running my 240ltr with a 2kg Co2 tank, it is supplying 2 spiro 9000 diffusers which are running at around 3 bps each, yet I still have a darkish green drop checker all the time and algae issues. Anyone got any ideas? Lights are 2X39W T8's on for 8 hours a day, Co2 on 2 hours before lights on...
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    Why no K2SO4 & K2CO3?

    Just wondering why when I read up on EI the dosing always says to add; KN03 KH2PO4 MGS04 Trace elements But never lists K2SO4 & K2CO3?
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    Echinodorus 'Ozelot' sprouting on flower stem?

    A couple of weeks ago I planted an Echinodorus 'Ozelot' and it seems to be sprouting roots from the flower stem. Is this normal? Can I prune to get more plants? if so what's the best method? Thanks in advance. Alex
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    Snail eater for a 60 Litre

    Can someone suggest a snail eater for me please. They just keep appearing in my daughters tank and I can't get rid, I don't have the problem in mine but that may be to do with my Loaches? My daughters tank is 60L and houses 5 Glow Light Tetra's, 6 Guppies, a Frog and some Cherry Shrimp. I...
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    What type of grasses are there available? I'm on the look out for some Blyxa as it's about the only one I know, are there any that give a good coverage but stay short/grow slowly? I'd prefer something that grows outwardly quicker than upwardly, but that would not overtake my other plants, is...
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    Cro's first go

    Finally got to do my planted tank today. Below are a couple of pics, 1 before (taken a month or so back) and the other with how it is now. The second pic is with my new camera (thanks John :wink: ) but I've not got to grips with it yet. :oops: Specs: Jewel Rio 240 Eheim Pro 3 250 (2071)...
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    What colour backing?

    I currently have blue backing paper on my tank and it's making life difficult reading the drop checker, I try reading it from a different angle but I have yellowish walls so that makes it even worse. I want to replace the backing paper anyway when I do my planted tank, I was going to go with the...
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    What colour drop checker?

    I have just received a glass drop checker (like a Boyu but from eBay) and as there isn't any instructions I need to know what colour it should be for good Co2, Green, Blue or Yellow? Cheers Alex
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    A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p

    I have my water report and would like to know what 04 is and what "good GH" (I assume General Hardness?) is. UK or US Gallons? DI = Distilled water? TMG? Would I still have a rest day on water change day as you do for full EI?
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    Diffusers & Reactors......I'm confused

    I have installed a JBL M601 Co2 system and will be replacing the drop checker straight away, but I also want to change the reactor too as it's ugly but I'm confused. What's the difference between a diffuser and a reactor? What one should I buy? I'm going to buy the Boyu drop checker from Aqua...
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    What Substrate/Gravel?

    OK so I've got some JBL Aqua basis plus substrate which I am going to mix with sand to make it go a bit further, now what should I use on top? I was originally going to use the sand on top of the JBL but someone on here has informed me that it will over time go underneath the JBL, so I want...
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    Installing JBL M601 - Need some advice please

    I'm currently installing a JBL M601 Co2 system and have a question regarding CH. In the booklet for the Permanent Co2 test it says I need to know the CH of the water so i can attach the correct sticker in order to see it everything is OK. That part is fine, however it gives figures of 4-6 & 6-8...
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    Substrate/sand depth

    I want a total substrate depth of no more than 6 cm (at the front, can be more at the back) and want to know how best to achieve this. I am going to be using JBL aqua basis plus as the fert substrate then topped with aquarium sand. My thoughts are 4cm depth JBL then 2cm sand. Is this good? Is...
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    Can you id my Cory?

    I think it's a Schwartzi but the one in my LFS looks different. :?: Please see the pictures below, they're not very good I'm afraid as my camera is a bit crap and my tank needs a clean. blush. :oops:
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    Can you id my plant?

    Please see the picture below, it's not very good I'm afraid as my camera is a bit crap and my tank needs a clean. I'd like to know if it's bogwood or substrate for it when I do my planted tank.
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    Spray bar placement - 2 filters

    Hopefully today I should be receiving my second Eheim filter. My tank is a Rio 240 and at present has just a few small plants, in a couple of weeks it's having it's transformation into a planted tank. At present I have an Eheim 2071 with the spray bar on the left side pointing across the tank...