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  1. Dusko

    White spot?

    Fish can handle it but I didn't do any water changes after the salt/heat treatment for at least a month if not longer. That salt amount is not much in comparison with salt water where you need 6 kg of salt for 180 litres :wink: Glad you did it! Regards, Dusko
  2. Dusko

    White spot?

    On Aqua Hobby it sais; This is how I dose salt even with plants like Cryptos, Crinum, Aponogeton, Anubias, Valls. Read this article; http://www.aquahobby.com/articles/e_ich2.php My Otos didn't suffer but I did create a very strong surface agitation and am using strong pumps (15 x turnover of...
  3. Dusko

    White spot?

    What I did in the past and worked very well for me is next; 1 tea spoon of ordinary table salt (without iodine) per 40 litres (premixed in aquarium water before added to the tank), raised the temp to 30' Celsius, improved the surface agitation, dosed Easy Life FFM, re-dosed with NPK+traces and...
  4. Dusko

    Recomendations on snail munching fish??

    Anentome helena (the snail-eating snail) aka Assasin Snail can be helpful in smaller tanks (I use them) Dusko
  5. Dusko

    Feeding otto's

    :) I never feed Otos in bigger tanks but I also never introduce Otos too fast to a newly established set-up. I wait for the Diatom algae to start growing. Once the Diatoms appear I now that the microorganisms also started developing which this catfish relishes. Oto doesn't eat only algae (btw...