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  1. stu_

    Looking for a Feature Fish

    As always, first question. What's your water like? Being in London? I'm guessing hard.
  2. stu_

    juwel rio 180

    I've run one for years low tech. With the internal and a koralia nano 900. Upgraded the impeller to the 1000 lph and removed the koralia when I just grew java fern,anubias & crypts. Biggest problem may be in the T5 lighting, but I'm sure you can get around that.
  3. stu_

    Fire extinguisher CO2 refills in the Leatherhead, Surrey area?

    Hi A bit of light reading to wade through. You might find somewhere on here http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/
  4. stu_

    Just how many plants are there in a pot of Tropica 1-2-Grow?

  5. stu_

    Stems only growing one new shoot after trim?

    Some stems branch better / more easily than others. For me, Rotala tends to, where Bacopa tends to not.
  6. stu_

    New member, lots of questions

    Depends what type of look you want in a carpet Marsilea Hirsuta Micran. Monte Carlo Are easier ime
  7. stu_

    Lighting Ideas for a 600 x 450 x 300 (h)

    For what its worth as its currently out of stock. Got a cheap ebay dimmer on my 36cm high tank. Quite pinky light IMO,but now I'm used to it. I like its more streamlined profile compared to Chihiros.
  8. stu_

    Diffuser Cleaning

    Hi This subject comes up a lot http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/is-this-bleach-okay-to-use-for-cleaning-diffusers.40306/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/so-which-is-the-better-fluid-for-cleaning-diffusers.39668/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/calling-up-inline-atomizer-users.33032/...
  9. stu_

    Hose Converter and atomizer

    Hi is it one of the new ones,the type that you can take apart ? If so,I think you can get these, which will convert. You may want to check with co2 Art,just to make sure.
  10. stu_

    Help identifying these white worms

    Unless you got Nerite snails.....
  11. stu_

    My Tank with the New Aquarium Light

    Now that's not something you see everyday on here........ Makes a change from Bba questions :D
  12. stu_

    Recommend me a filter 60P

    Should do the trick nicely. I run a similar set up with the Ex1200. As much as I like Jbl filters the 901e didn't give me enough flow. And tbh when it comes to maintenance time,I prefer the tap set up on a Tetratec,to the block on a Jbl. Mines 6 years old,and never leaked.
  13. stu_

    Worms in bucket

    Their are 34 species of mosquito in the UK, there's bound to be some in Ireland.In addition to gnats/midges.
  14. stu_

    Windswept Eternity

    True.A member of another forum I use to post on,got infected through a cut on the hand. Tank is looking lush mate.Worth the effort.
  15. stu_

    Faulty TMC Tile!

    Go on, admit it. When you plugged it all in and turned it on and it worked.Do you do do a little fist pump? :D
  16. stu_

    Bioload calculators & stocking suggestions

    The subject of otos & their care, comes up a lot. Putting 6 into an immature (?) small tank, I think the food source is going to run out pretty quick,which means you're going to have to supplement their diet. They can be fussy.See, numerous, feeding threads. Not saying it can't be done.
  17. stu_

    Bioload calculators & stocking suggestions

    Personally, I'd want more than 6 Embers. Small fish show better behaviour in groups of >10 ime. As great as otos are,I'd worry about keeping 6 alive in a tank that small. That's just me.Good luck.
  18. stu_

    Where am I

    Hi Imo unless you can't stand the colour of them I wouldn't change them yet. Less light is easier to handle when you're first starting out. Standard Jewel T5 is quite a lot to start with, adding reflectors and swapping for new bulbs will just increase light output.
  19. stu_

    Whats the name of this plant?

    Reminds me of a very small Echin. Reni
  20. stu_

    List of good LED fixtures

    UP Aqua Pro
  21. stu_

    Recommended fish?

    The water hardness would be ? Embers or Green Neon tetra to start you off (hardness permitting)
  22. stu_

    IAPLC 2016 rankings

    Using air line hose works IME without emptying your tank
  23. stu_

    RCS just dying

    Sorry I'm confused. The thread & OP say Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS) The link regarding care is for Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) The former will tolerate a wider range of water parameters than the latter.
  24. stu_

    Low light stems

    Limnophila sessiliflora
  25. stu_

    Help !! Unsightly Brown / Black Algae

    Hi My tank starts to look like this if I ease off with maintenance / water changes. 40L a week may not be enough and is leading to a build up of organics. Other opinions are available...
  26. stu_


    English cricket recovers under an Aussie. English rugby recovers under an Aussie. English footie.....
  27. stu_


    Chris Waddle's verdict. Classic rant !
  28. stu_

    Basic maintenance - how to?

    I've grown Vallis with Easycarbo. Never more than 2x dosage. No issues with melting ime
  29. stu_

    Need a little advice

    My 60cm tank had 10 green neon tetras in it that I never saw. Now I have 16, they practically eat from hand. Ime tetras rarely do well in numbers below 10. Of course, extra cover will always be appreciated.
  30. stu_

    Plant ID please

    Defo Grown in my propagator last year
  31. stu_

    Surface plants, or plants that reach the surface and cover it.

    How tall is the tank? Vallis and Aponogeton are two for you.
  32. stu_

    Mini M - A small/big challenge

    Another view would be to do large daily waterchanges instead of the easycarbo.
  33. stu_

    Hello Staghorn

    And Aqua Essentials
  34. stu_

    Resolved! Bug report

    Hit their profile pic,then 'ignore' All their posts under 'new posts and threads' will disappear for you
  35. stu_

    Emersed Growth Flowers

    Regular Hygro Corymbosa would probably look out of place.But the Siamensis 53b has narrower leaves.I presume this variety has the same flowers
  36. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/how-to-clean-a-closed-inline-co2-atomizer.38456/ For starters
  37. stu_

    1st attempt at a planted freshwater aquarium... co2 idea and photoperiod questions

    Hi Never used a sump,but. With the planned t5 lighting, you'll probably need some sort of carbon addition, be it co2 or liquid carbon IMO. Not definitively, but more than likely. Personally I start my lighting conservatively,around 5 hrs. I always water change,everyday for the first 2 weeks,then...
  38. stu_

    Windswept Eternity

    Considering your reading material,and we're already up to page 8; I think it should be caller Eternity :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  39. stu_

    Marsilea crenata - dying

    Hi What substrate are they planted in ?
  40. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    First hand experience. Co2 system up and running for several months. Nothing played with ,but the bps which had been stable for the whole time started to drop. Checked everything, Upped the working pressure,all to no avail. Cleaned the UP line,problem solved. The build quality of these things...
  41. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    obvious question.Is the UP clean ? I get water in mine too.
  42. stu_

    Few questions about EI dosing

    buy a smaller spoon.....
  43. stu_

    Hello Staghorn

    Imho.... You should consider bigger weekly water changes. The best advice I was given when starting out,was keep the lighting under control, and keep the tank clean. Personally, 25% WC for a co2 enriched tank is asking for trouble. (Cue a poster ,who successfully does this :D)
  44. stu_

    Child Friendly Aquascapes?

    That's what Mermaid man & Barnacle boy are for.....
  45. stu_

    Romford Area Shops?

    Cheers. They need to update the banner on their website main page then....
  46. stu_

    Romford Area Shops?

    Walthamstow http://www.freshwatershrimp.co.uk/ Not sure about opening times though
  47. stu_

    Please estimate my PAR

    Not sure, tbh. Medium hard water out of the tap .KH is around 9 (?) if i remember correctly. The Rio just ticks over till i get more time for it...
  48. stu_

    Please estimate my PAR

    My Rio 180 runs on T8 bulbs (30W, no reflectors). It sucessfully grows all the plants you listed above, plus Crypts. Previously Vallis & Limnophila Sessiflora were rampant. Soil substrate, never used co2. http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/feed-forget.39344/
  49. stu_

    Please estimate my PAR

    Hi Check out the basic chart at post#13 here http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/help-device-needed.34811/#post-372453
  50. stu_

    Sub's 5.4g Mini-M-ish Ohko Iwagumi

    Nice Reminds me Durdle door, on Dorset's Jurassic coast (not my pic)
  51. stu_

    Can you train an Echinodorus cultivar to stay smaller ?

    Putting it in a co2 tank, with Amazonia, probably isn't helping :D and that's what i'm currently doing with the leaves.Luckily, its not too vigorous
  52. stu_

    Can you train an Echinodorus cultivar to stay smaller ?

    Thanks for the id Mick. I guess I got lucky with the Lotus. The alternative to using the Echinodorus,was to bin it,and its far too nice to do that.:D I like a challenge.
  53. stu_

    Can you train an Echinodorus cultivar to stay smaller ?

    Hi in the past i've successfully trained a Red Lotus plant to stay smaller & more compact, over time by constantly removing its larger leaves. Can you do this with an Echinodorus sp.? Not sure which hybrid it is,as it was unlabelled and cheap. I tried growing it emmersed but it refused to...
  54. stu_

    beauty from algae

    Don't think I own any of these, unless "Old Spice" counts :D
  55. stu_

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Looking good.Think I prefer this new look too. I've got some Xmas moss sitting in a jar.Want some? Does Tenellus count as 1 of your 5 a day?
  56. stu_

    Monte Carlo, help?

    No. Its Easylife's equivalent to Tropical premium. You need something with N & P
  57. stu_

    thinking of switching to UP inline diffuser

    UP inline are great when you get a good one. IME the reliability of them is random. I've had one for years. Others have failed,straight out of the box,or after a short period of time. IME
  58. stu_

    Cleaning Inline CO2 Diffusers

    Except you can't take the old ones apart.... Haven't heard of this one before.Would the amount of LC required to fill the chamber be a lot if the tank in question was say,60L ? or would it have lost its toxicity overnight after being confined ?
  59. stu_

    Ideas wanted

    Without getting all; Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen ;on you, do you mean to fit in better with the room decor ?
  60. stu_

    Layout opinions/suggestions

  61. stu_

    Layout opinions/suggestions

  62. stu_

    Is this Bacopa Monnieri (Baby tears)?

    Hi If this is a new plant then chances are it hasn't converted to its submerserd form. New growth will look different,which I think you can see at the top of the stem
  63. stu_

    Berkshire Co2 refill

    Hi Maybe worth adding this to this thread as well http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/page-9
  64. stu_

    apongeton ulvaceus

    Metres? lol
  65. stu_

    Pro LED light U series P by UP-Aqua Available Now

    Hi,I like it. I've got the 60cm version over my 60cmx40x30(h). It sits about 5cm above the tank. According to the blurb the 14 piece, 2w leds each produce 100-150lm. Even at 60-70% light levels (cheap eBay dimmer) ,plant growth is pretty good IMO. My mixed carpet E.Acicularis, Tennelus &...
  66. stu_

    Lighting Ideas

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/arcadia-classica-stretch-led-opinions.32797/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/arcadia-stretch-vs-tmc-aquabar.32243/
  67. stu_

    some concerns, experience welcomed

    Hi i bought one of these dimmers from ebay for less than a fiver, i use it on my UP led.It allows 10%, incremental increases. I'm unsure whether it's compatible with your light fitting.If you bought the light from a shop/online shop, try checking with them.
  68. stu_

    What's wrong with my chili rasboras?

    Vallis Nana has narrow leaves that wouldn't ruin the sense of scale,but would be long enough to grow up to the surface then across.Where's the flow going? The only problem if it takes off,is that it can get a bit invasive.
  69. stu_

    JBL daily fertiliser

    Hi neither product contains phosphate or nitrate. IMO TMC complete works well if you want a straight out of the bottle rather than dry salts. I've used it, alongside Easycarbo on a 60L Dry salts/EI are/is far more economical in the long run,especially on 350L and are really easy to use.They just...
  70. stu_

    Shrimp deaths

    Sorry,should have made it more obvious. Most active tetras will take out shrimp ime. Only my experience, there's bound to be other members who haven't had a problem...
  71. stu_

    Shrimp deaths

  72. stu_

    My unfortunate vacation experience and "who dun it"

    Blimey,don't you just love it when old threads get resurrected. I sat here reading as the disaster unfolded,only to get to the end of the OP and realise this was from 5 years ago... Panic over
  73. stu_

    ID please :)

    I've grown Pogo.E and Bacopa M. in a liquid carbon supplemented tank. They did ok
  74. stu_


    Hi Every autumn my city council takes part in a free tree scheme for local residents.There's a variety of saplings given away.Birch,crab apple,hawthorn, mountain ash, field maple, blackthorn, wayfaring etc. Unsure if this a countrywide scheme or just a local one. Maybe sound your council out.
  75. stu_

    Plant Tweezers!

    Hi any advantage in the "sushi" style over regular straight ones?
  76. stu_

    Dealing with Staghorn algae

    Hi Honest question,no insult intended.How often do you clean the filter ? The only time I've had staghorn is when I've got slack with tank husbandry.Either dirty filter,or disturbed substrate and not done a larger enough WC.
  77. stu_

    60x45x40 Iwagumi tank

    Nice carpet. How are you finding the light, running a dimmer on it ?
  78. stu_

    Lighting for Low Tech

    Save your cash. 1 light should be do-able. You can then add another bulb if required (though that could well be too much). Add floaters if the one bulb causes problems (which imo it shouldn't).
  79. stu_

    Water Changes straight from the tap

    Boots sell em too,behind the pharmacy counter.1ml & 5ml sizes
  80. stu_

    Need help with Alternantha reineckii mini

    Yep,cut those off,they're not going to get any better. Dying leaves won't cause diseases exactly,but will add to the sort of organics that you don't want in your tank. Keeping the tank clean is one best things you can do IMO.
  81. stu_

    Lighting Times

    No worries just my opinion. How long's the tank been running,and how are the plants doing?
  82. stu_

    Lighting Times

    Personally 8 ,observe then increase incremently if needed. Timers may be your friend.
  83. stu_

    Lighting Times

    A bit more info would be useful. What lights? What tank? reflectors? Co2 added or low tech? Floating plants? 12 hours tends to be too long for most scenarios (not all) Most of my tanks,1 high tech ,1 low tend to run at 8 hrs
  84. stu_

    Is this hobby right for me?

    Just don't ask what causes BBA...... Welcome to the forum
  85. stu_

    name this stem please

    Is that short for Kate ?
  86. stu_

    Where to buy Co2 system-kit

    Hi Co2 bottles are expensive here too. This is why many of us buy fire extinguishers.You can get them filled up at companies that maintain office fire extinguishers. You then buy a regulator with the same thread so they fit= Din 477.( I think) I think this is a European standard. 2kg fire...
  87. stu_

    Shops with good rock selection in Berks/Oxfordshire?

    What's Coxwell like in Didcot ? Haven't been in there since they moved a couple of years ago. For the record, Aquajardin (M5 J12) is a lot closer than TGM. When they've had a delivery, you'll find just about any type of rock\wood that you'd want.
  88. stu_

    Java fern not growing/growing very slowly

    I always found my Java fern to grow similarly to Bolbitus. Slow,until it hits a certain plant mass, then it takes off.
  89. stu_

    Flowering floating plants

    My Frogbit flowers intermittently. It's less than impressive, as far as blooms go.
  90. stu_

    Need some ideas for my galaxies

    T.Espei are great,but will jump if you're open topped....
  91. stu_

    step by step propagation montecarlo emersed

    Hi you might like this thread http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/andys-hc-propagator-step-by-step.28930/
  92. stu_

    Feedback Positive feedback

    Excellent service today. Ordered late Sunday night,despatched Monday,parcel arrived Tuesday morning. Good communication from co2 art via multiple email & texts (if you leave a number), to inform me what day,and more importantly the hour time slot that DPD would be delivering. They were bang on...
  93. stu_

    My amanos have disapeared

    Open topped ? They have been known to jump ship.
  94. stu_

    Lazy newbie.

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/the-soil-substrate-or-dirted-planted-tank-a-how-to-guide.18943/ Don't go mad with lighting. Tropical soil is also pretty good ime,but could be pricey if the tank is large ? Easier plants
  95. stu_

    10l Shrimp Tank, need help identifying a plant please

    Hi Welcome to the forum Your mystery plant is a Cryptocornye. Difficult to make out exactly which one. Good news is that they're easy to grow,doesn't need much light.
  96. stu_

    Feed & Forget

    Hi kinda got out of the habit of posting recently, was stuck in the house (again), randomly decided to post some photos.Just a bog standard community tank, that i'm slowly running the stock down on. Had the Rummys for nearly 6 years.Gonna change things up when this lot pop their fins :D Rio 180...
  97. stu_

    So what did you get for Christmas?

    Er indoors works for Calvin Klein, so until they unveil their new aquatic range.Socks & underwear. Actually, a tank by Ck probably wouldn't be great.The water level would always have to be half way down the tank...
  98. stu_

    Ludwigia Repens Rubin

    Hi the growth you are seeing are aerial roots.It's what stem plants do. You can cut them off if you don't like the look. Alternatively,trim the stem, below a node that has them,gives a rooted cutting.