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  1. stu_

    Can you train an Echinodorus cultivar to stay smaller ?

    Hi in the past i've successfully trained a Red Lotus plant to stay smaller & more compact, over time by constantly removing its larger leaves. Can you do this with an Echinodorus sp.? Not sure which hybrid it is,as it was unlabelled and cheap. I tried growing it emmersed but it refused to...
  2. stu_

    Feedback Positive feedback

    Excellent service today. Ordered late Sunday night,despatched Monday,parcel arrived Tuesday morning. Good communication from co2 art via multiple email & texts (if you leave a number), to inform me what day,and more importantly the hour time slot that DPD would be delivering. They were bang on...
  3. stu_

    Feed & Forget

    Hi kinda got out of the habit of posting recently, was stuck in the house (again), randomly decided to post some photos.Just a bog standard community tank, that i'm slowly running the stock down on. Had the Rummys for nearly 6 years.Gonna change things up when this lot pop their fins :D Rio 180...
  4. stu_

    12/16mm Lily pipe outlet recommendations

    Hi on the lookout for an outflow pipe that'll give me decent surface movement,but not a 'poppy' style one. Maybe something similar to this Gush (which I think gives surface agitation) http://www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk/glassware/gush-opollen-mini-lily-pipe-13mm.html Thanks edit:anyone used the...
  5. stu_

    "Hands off my hobby"

    I must admit, this had so far passed me by. http://www.ornamentalfish.org/hands-off-my-hobby Piece in PFK http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=6690 Bit more reading. https://projectpiaba.wordpress.com/ The online petition...
  6. stu_

    Having a lid cut, what's the best option ?

    Hi i'm looking to have a glass lid cut to fit over my open top tank, 5mm glass thickness. What's the best option, cut to sit ontop of the sides, or narrower & use clips to hold in place? Is one option better than the other, or does it just come down to asthetics? It's mainly to cut down on...
  7. stu_

    Unusual Nannacara Anomala colouring

    Hi Appreciate this may be a bit specialised,but had trouble posting on the BCA I got hold of a trio of Nanna Anomola about 6 weeks ago. They were in a quarantine tank for 4 weeks, during which everything was fine,including the colouring which was just like every library photo i've seen...
  8. stu_

    Feedback Quick delivery, excellent plant health

    Hi First time i've used you guys,will do so again. Ordered late Tuesday night,arrived Thursday morning.Extremely good packaging. Plants in very good condition with plenty of root growth. Stu
  9. stu_

    Red Ryuboku

    Tank-Optiwhite 60x41x30 Lights-Arcadia AF128F- 2x15W T8 Filter-TetraTec EX1200 Substrate- Tropica Substrate and Unipac Fiji (coarse) Pressurised C02 Hardscape- Redmoor Plants- 1-2 Stau Repens, 1-2 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis,Hairgrass,Xmas moss,Crypt Amoricum,Crypt Willisii,Crypt...
  10. stu_

    Bits & Pieces

    Had a couple of free hours last weekend,and after seeing a few threads about emmersed & Wabi Kusa projects, sort of threw this together with stuff & cuttings i had lying about. So in the spirit of adventure and very little actual planning.... The glass jar contained an Orchid in a plastic pot...
  11. stu_

    Shrimp & Myxazin

    Hi Need to dose for an internal bacteria problem and was going to use Myxazin,the tank also contains Amano's & Cherry shrimp Bottle states that it's safe for filters & fish, but no mention of shrimp. Info online seems a bit sparse. Active ingredients are Formaldehyde, Malachite Green &...
  12. stu_

    Small Crypt Id-Petchii ?

    Any ideas ? Always tricky i know, these were going cheap but were unnamed. Merry Xmas to me:) Thanks for looking
  13. stu_

    Getting the best from Limnophila Sessiflora

    Ok, so i know how to prune stems at the nodal point to produce a 'bushier' plant, but what do you do with Limnophila species? i currently have Limnophila Sessiflora, but it doesn't seem to branch into 2 stems after pruning out the growing tip, just a single side shoot. Occasionally a new side...
  14. stu_

    Why Are The New Leaves On My Alternanthera Crinkled ?

    HI any ideas why the new leaves forming are crinkled/curling at the edges ? Is this some form of deficiency? No other plants are suffering & no algae (for once :) ) Is this a low CO2 problem? 15Gal 2 x 15W T8 (plus reflectors) on for 8½ hrs 2ml easycarbo & 3ml TPN+ daily Any advise...
  15. stu_

    60L Stu

    Hi short time reader,learner,admirer.First timer poster. Tank - 60X31X38 Lighting - 2x T8 15w luminaire Substrate - Cat litter capped with 1-2mm quartz gravel Ferts -TPN+ 5ml, Easycarbo 2ml Filtration - Tetratec EX600 inauspicious start 3 months ago 1 month ago Aponogeton Crispus,Hygro...