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  1. Wilis

    Washing New Plants?

    Hi all, Just wondering what people here wash new plants with before introducing them into their aquarium to rid them of any nasties that could affect their livestock, especially when swapping plants etc? Regards Will
  2. Wilis

    PLant List for New 'Scape?

    Hi guys, I'm at the point of ordering my plants for my new setup & just trying to finalise the list-I haven't done a tank of quite this size before-esp front to back, what do you think? Tank is an 83 gallon 48"x24"x20" high, lighting is 300w Metal halide,c02, & I'll be dosing EI, substrate is...
  3. Wilis

    Old substrate & Filter mulm under New EcoComplete?

    Hi, I'm almost at the point of setting up my new tank, I have bought EcoComplete,managed to get it for £17 a bag reduced from £23-probably due to the current economic climate! I was wondering if i should use some filter mulm & some of my old substrate-tropica substrate under fine gravel-which...
  4. Wilis

    Can Bigger Wood Look Good?

    Hi, I'm beginning to set up my new 48x24x20" tank n I had an idea in mind for the scape-I tend to go for a kind of jungle feel but intended to mix it up a little with this one n have a carpet too. I use bogwood, slate n different rocks but nothing that big usually because i'm limited by the size...
  5. Wilis

    TPN+ Vs. Easy Life Profito?

    Hi, Anyone know how these 2 compare? I've used Tropica fertilisers & substrate before & found them to be good but. I'm changing to ADA aquasoil for my new setup due to opinions on here & was wondering about changing to Profito too as it works out cheaper than TPN+. It all depends on how well...
  6. Wilis

    Riccia Carpet?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of using riccia fluitans as the carpetting plant in my new 48 x 24 x 20 as I think it looks gorgeous, I'll be using ADA Amazonia & was wondering what the best method of keeping it secured was until it settles in? Also I believe it needs trimming fairly often to keep it...
  7. Wilis

    New Tank-DIY Lights?Opinions Gratefully Accepted!

    Hi, I'll hopefully be taking delivery of my new 48L x 24W x 20H (roughly 83g/375l without substrate/plants etc) tank this week :D & am buying all the extra peripherals that I need to complete the changeover from my fully planted dicus vision 180 & I'm down to the lights :? Fluval fx5, for...