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  1. John S

    Low Tech - Surface Scum

    Sorry for another surface scum thread. Most of the posts I read about this seem to indicate this being more of a high tech tank problem. I did see this a bit when I ran a high tech tank but not much, since setting up a low tech tank this is rife. Tank details: Aquanano 80 (130L) - with stock...
  2. John S

    Low Tech Substrate Options

    Hi Folks, I'm setting up a low tec tank. I was originally going to use soil and gravel as per Tim's tutorial. I'm now thinking about using one of the aquasoils (Tropica or Dennerle etc). My question is, is the aqusoil enough on its own to sustain the tank (with added ferts) or should I use a...
  3. John S

    TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile Not Working

    So I have an AquaRay Mini LED 400 tile with a two channel controller which I have had for bout 3 years. On Saturday I noticed one the LED's was not working. Yesterday the tile ramped up (minus one LED) but keeps switching off every 30 seconds and going through the ramp up process again in a...
  4. John S

    Intense Inline CO2 Aquarium Atomizer

    I've always used inline atomizers and about 6 months ago my one developed a very slight leak in the body. I got a new intense one from one of our sponsors which has been fine until the last week. The Co2 level started to drop off in the tank. There is plenty in the bottle and the working...
  5. John S

    Resolved! Tapatalk Not Showing Unread Posts

    Today Tapatalk for this site is displaying 'no topics' in the unread tab. This has happened on both my iPhone and iPad. Other sites seem to be functioning OK. Has anybody else got this issue?
  6. John S

    Aqua One AR850 - Change to T5 Lighting

    Sorry but its another lighting question? I want to change my lighting to something brighter (I'm aware of the pitfalls:)) but I've a limited budget and want to maintain the current hood. I've seen a couple of posts where people have done this (not this forum) but their efforts were not very...
  7. John S

    Latest Tapatalk

    Is it just me or have they ruined this app? If you haven't updated to the latest version I'd avoid it.
  8. John S

    Gravel Fused / Stuck Together

    One of my tanks has been running for about 4 years now with a mixture of eco complete and inert gravel. I use CO2 and EI and syphon the top of the gravel weekly. At the weekend I decided to move large piece of wood and was going to add some plants but the substrate under the wood has gone rock...
  9. John S

    Moss ID?

    Back in August I threw some moss cuttings into a water feature in my garden (may have been xmas or willow). The water was soon green with algae so I thought no more about it. On going out into the garden today I've noticed this: Can anybody ID this or is it just some kind of garden moss...
  10. John S

    Yellow Bugs in Filter Hood

    Wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if it's in the wrong section. Anyway, a friend of mine has some tiny yellow bugs (1 to 2mm) in the hood of her tank. Any ideas on what they are and how to get rid of them? She has tried washing the hood but they still come back.
  11. John S

    Giving Up on Shrimp (or maybe not?)

    A while ago I set up a 35L tank that housed about 50 cherry shrimp. It had used florabase as a substrate, some manzi, stems and moss. Its Co2 injected with lean EI ferts. At first there was always berried shrimp although few babies survived. The other tank inhabitants were 6 Ottos. Over the...
  12. John S

    Moroni Rock

    A garden centre I use has a small aquatic section and I noticed today they were stocking Moroni rock. A quick google doesn't turn up much on this stuff other than pictures. I can't find anything really related to using it in an aquarium. So is it aquarium safe and has anybody used it?
  13. John S

    18W Light for Arc35 Tank

    I'm looking for a light for an Arc 35L tank. I've looked at the Ellipse lights but read reviews that they give a very dim light. Has anybody got any first hand experience of these or can anybody suggest an alternative?
  14. John S

    Fluval FX6

    Just seen this: Move over FX5 — Rolf C Hagen launches Fluval FX6! | News | Practical Fishkeeping
  15. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    For years I have run a Hozelock Titan 5500 with a Bioforce 9000 UV filter. The set up has always worked well for me and helped produce reasonably clear water. A seal failure on the filter has let water into the quartz tube. The tube has gone brown and will not clean and the electronics are...
  16. John S

    CO2 Bottle Thread Adapter

    I know this has come up several times on here but I couldn't find an answer when searching. I have a reg that takes re-fillable botlles but want to run disposable welding ones so I need one of these: One site listed them but hasn't had any for ages. Does anybody know of a place that sells...
  17. John S

    Can't Aquascape, Won't Aquascape

    Like many I made every mistake under the sun when it came to plants. I got my tanks for fish and ignorantly thought that plants took care of themselves until, after getting fed up with replacing them every two months. I came across this site several years back. It then became apparent I’d bought...
  18. John S

    Help - Cloudy Water /Fish Breathing Heavy

    On Friday I did my long overdue makeover of my 165l. This consisted of capping my shoddy looking eco complete substrate with gravel and replanting. Everything was removed from the tank and the filter kept running with the fish holding container. 3 hours later the job was done tank refilled, with...
  19. John S

    Eco Complete Make Over

    When I set my tank some 2 years back I used Eco Complete. Over time the substrate now looks dirty as the colour of the eco complete has changed. At first it was a real dark grey but now it has areas that are brown, light grey and some bits have gone almost white in places. My question is can I...
  20. John S

    Regulator Creep

    I've been using a D-D CO2 set up on a 60L tank with disposable bottles running at 1bar. Its has never moved from this setting regardless of wether the Co2 solenoid is off or not. Last week I switched to a refillable bottle. I have set the working pressure to 1bar. Once the Co2 goes off the...
  21. John S

    Non Uniform Flow from Extended Spraybar

    I have an Eheim 2078 and wanted to increase the spraybar length to match the length of the tank. I got an Eheim extension bar (400mm) to add to the standard one. I, wrongly, thought the 2078 would have enough power to drive it, but the far end flow is far greater than the input end. Without...
  22. John S

    Plant Identification

    Can anybody tell me what this is please? . It has a thickish stem which you can't see in the photo and grows very quickly. The photo is of the top of the tank.
  23. John S

    JBL Permanent CO2 Test Kit

    OK, I have followed Cegs article here: http://www.ukaps.org/drop-checker.htm The issue I have with my set up is after adding the reagent to the 4dkH solution the mixture is almost clear with just a blue tinge to it, it looks nothing like it does in various articles even if I add more srops...
  24. John S

    Tank Calculations for Flow and EI

    One thing I find conflicting information on is what tank volume to base calculations on for flow and EI. Should these calculations be based on the tank capacity or the actual volume once substrate and scaping materials are added? Cheers, John
  25. John S

    DIY CO2 - Nearly Gassed Fish

    I had a lucky escape yesterday. I’ve used a DIY CO2 set up on a 60 l tank for months, with a mixture of 2 cups of sugar, ¾ teaspoon of yeast in a 2L bottle, without any issues. I changed my mixture on Saturday night and by Sunday morning it was fizzing away as usual. About half an hour before...
  26. John S

    Speed Fit Pipe

    I have an Aquaone AR850 and want to fit an external filter without butchering the the trickle filter housing. I need to do something like what is shown towards the bottom of this thread. http://tinyurl.com/668x2xj Anyway my question is and it might be a stupid one, is it OK to use the speedfit...
  27. John S

    Cracked Eheim 2324 Canister

    I recently got the above filter 2nd hand from Ebay. Today I got time to install it. On adding water to the canister to cleann it the water leaked onto the floor. Closer inpection shows a crack in one corner down by one of the feet. This is obviously an expensive part to replace and would...
  28. John S

    Reflector Refurb

    Hi, The paint on the relector in my Aquamode 600 has started to flake and turn brown. I'm looking to repaint it but do I need a special reflective paint or just an off the shelf white? Any help appreciated.
  29. John S

    HYDOR KORALIA NANO 1600 Advice

    Hi, I have an Aquaone 850AR (165l) aquarium (yes, the one with the dreaded trickle filter :? ). Despite reading of the difficulties of running CO2 with this set up I want to give it a try. As part of the prep I was looking at the above pump to achieve the correct flow. What I would like to know...