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    EI Dosing - substitute for Chelated Trace Elements

    Hi all, I use EI dosing - separate macro and micro - which seems to work well enough. Unfortunately I've run out of dry chelated trace elements, and there seems to be no availability at the moment. Does anyone know of something I can use instead? I was considering Tropica Premium Fertiliser...
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    Free Cherry Shrimp - Nottingham

    Hi, A couple of years about I bought about twenty cherry shrimp - a mixture of red, blue and brown/white striped. I now have at least a couple of hundred (difficult to count them!) so I'm looking to rehome some of them. They are mostly black (no idea why). If anyone would like to take some...
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    Eheim ControlCenter

    Hi all, Bit of a long shot but does anybody have an old version of the Eheim ControlCenter software for controlling/monitoring their electronic filters? I splashed out on the special USB wire you need and excitedly downloaded the software only to find that it bears no resemblance to, and seems...
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    Diffuser Cleaning

    I've got an Up Aqua inline diffuser which I think is dirty/clogged, as the bubble rate dropped alarmingly until I swapped the ceramic for a spare. Reading around it seems the conventional wisdom is to soak in bleach and then wash with vinegar. The vinegar bit I can understand (dissolves any...
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    Reduced Filter Flow At Night

    Hi folks, I'm running an Eheim 2178 on a Juwel Vision 260 tank. It has a 12-hour bio function which enables you to set two different flow rates, alternating every 12 hours. I've set it up to to run at maximum flow during the day (to distribute nutrients and CO2) and minimum flow at night (to...
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    Juwel Vision 260

    Hi all, I've posted on here occasionally before but I've just set up a new tank so I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself properly and start a journal, as much as a record for myself as anything else. I kept fish in my teens, starting with the classic two shubunkins in a bowl...
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    Flow visualisation

    Hi folks, I've just set up my new planted Juwel Vision 260. I have an Eheim 2178 thermofilter feeding a spraybar the length of the tank, which points at the front of the tank as mentioned in a few threads on here. This is augmented by two Hydor Koralia 1600s which come on when the lights come...
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    Vision 250 - Eheim Thermofilter Recommendations?

    Hi all, I've decided to treat myself to a Vision 260 aquarium and I'm looking for a compatible Eheim thermofilter. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at the 2173 and 2373 which are rated for 180-350 litre aquaria. Is 1050 lph enough flow? I'll be supplementing the...
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    Juwel Vision 260 - lower water level

    Hi, I'm considering upgrading from a Rio 125 to a Vision 260 as it's the right size for the space I have, but I find the proportions a bit wrong (I prefer tanks at least twice as long as they are tall). One solution I was considering is to run the tank with the water level about 10cm lower...