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  1. James Marshall

    Castle Crag

    This scape was loosley based on Castle Crag in the lake district. I did not have a photo, so worked form the memory of a visit there. Tank: ADA 60p Lighting: 2 x 36Watt PC T5 lamps (ADA solar 2) Filter: Eheim Prof 3e Hardscape: Baltic rock, Lava rock Plants: Hemianthus callitrichoides...
  2. James Marshall

    The Dimholt Road (rank 260 IAPLC 2014)

    The inspiration for this scape, as you might have guessed from the title, came from the Lord of the Rings. For the general plan I used yet another of my derbyshire photos. I'm very pleased with my iaplc placement this year, although its lower than last year's i feel this scape is more my usual...
  3. James Marshall

    Forest’s Edge (60 litre) a retrospective journal - IAPLC 2013 #158

    Forest’s Edge (60 litre) - IAPLC 2013 #158 Tank: 60 x 30 x 36 cm Volume: 60 litres Hardscape: Redmoor Root, Cornish forest stone Plants: Hemianthus callitrichoides, Eleocharis parvula, Staurogyne repens, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Microsorium pteropus ‘dwarf’, Anubias nana ‘petite’...
  4. James Marshall

    'Heteropoda's Throne' IAPLC #463

    Many of you will have already seen this scape, but this was the one i decided to enter in the IAPLC, upholding my tradition of using a 20 litre tank for my contest piece. Cheers, James
  5. James Marshall

    James' ADA 60p setup (week 11 shots)

    For some time I have been planning to scape something larger than my usual 2 to 20 litre tanks and really fancied doing an ADA 60p. On phoning the green machine to investigate they suggested that I scape a full ADA 60p setup and photograph it for their website. I visited their store in early...
  6. James Marshall

    AGA 2011 results are out

    The results of the 2011 AGA aquascaping contest are out. Their website is a bit sticky at the moment, what with all the trffic it's receiving. I'm chuffed to bits as "A World Apart" received "most innovative" award :D . Cheers, James
  7. James Marshall

    36cm - Sheltering (IAPLC 2011)

    This is my entry Ranked 747th. Cheers, James
  8. James Marshall

    A more conventional Iwagumi (Final shots @ 22 weeks)

    Hi Folks Feeling a little bored with my current scape, I started to play around with a box seiryu stone i'd had for a while. My last few scapes have had low laying hardscapes, so I fancied doing something much taller. After several trial arrangements the rocks kept returning to the classic 3...
  9. James Marshall

    The Aqueous Art Movement at Art Gallery

    Live aquascapes at a London art gallery From the weds 3rd to Sunday 7th November 2010, "The Aqueous Art Movement" consisting of George Farmer, Graeme Edwards, Dan Crawford and myself will be displaying a collection of conventional and abstract aquascapes at the Maverik showroom art gallery...
  10. James Marshall

    Acuavida 2010 results are out

    The AAC aquascaping contest 2010 results are out. I placed 6th in the nano category, up 3 places from last year so I'm chuffed to bits :D :D Congrats to Neil (Nelson), who placed 36th in the same category :thumbup: Cheers, James
  11. James Marshall

    Comp_Nov09: Fell's Crag

    Name: James Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 12 x 15 x 15cm Aquascape Name: Fell's Crag Hardscape/Materials used: Metamorphic rock, lava rock, Amazonia powder, Nile sand and Forest sand Plants: HC, Stuarogyne Sp and Riccia Fertilisation: 7 drops of Brighty K per day 4 drops of Florish...
  12. James Marshall

    2.7 litre Pico challenge

    Hi Folks A while ago I bought a couple of 6 inch clear glass cubes, sold as vases in my local florists. I thought they would make ideal homes for Pico scapes, and now with the aid of a couple of cheap Argos desk lamps it’s time to set them up. I took on scaping duties for one of the cubes...
  13. James Marshall

    The evolution of a scape

    Hi Guys After the trees in fangorn forest met their demise (not via a gang of marauding orcs but at the hands of a frustrated aquascaper), I decided to replace them with some rocks. Obviously with the plants already in place, this is not the ideal time to be hardscaping, but as I already...
  14. James Marshall

    DIY inline CO2 diffuser

    Here are the plans for the inline CO2 diffuser I recently built In practise the design seems fairly effective, and is more efficient at dissolving and distributing CO2 than other diffusers I have used. The design does not differ greatly from some of the DIY diffusers I have seen. However...
  15. James Marshall

    Fangorn Forest (21 litre)

    Hello fellow aquascapers Before embarking on my next serious attempt, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a play tank, in which I could experiment with some new plants, hardscape materials. equipment and techniques. This is the result. Tank volume : 21 liters Tank size : 36 x 22 x...
  16. James Marshall

    Autumn Sunrise (9th place in Nano category AAC 2009)

    Hello fellow aquascapers This is my contest scape, it is the first time i have entered a contest, so I am very pleased to have placed 9th in category. The idea behind this scape was maintainability, so i chose plants that could be easily pruned and would recover quickly thereafter. My...