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  1. SRP3006

    Rescape and temp tank help

    Hi guys, The whole downstairs of our house is due for redecoration and new flooring so I have to temporarily move the tank. Therefore I've decided I will rescape the tank. Can anyone recommend a good temporary home for all my fish and shrimp? I've been looking at storage boxes but was worried...
  2. SRP3006

    Gold tipped fins on white cloud mountain minnow

    Hey all, Anyone know why my wcmm has gold tips to the ends of his fins? I can only notice it on one of the shoal. Excuse the mess on the buce, just fed in that area so I could feed bloodworm to the cories on the other side of the tank 😂 Pic quality isn't great but I can just make them out.
  3. SRP3006


    I've found a large number of bloodworm and smaller black worms in my water butt, however there is a decent amount of crud/leaf litter and moss at the bottom. Is there an easy way to separate the two so u don't add loads of mess to my aquarium?
  4. SRP3006

    Clear filter pipe discolouration

    Hi guys, After some help with my clear filter pipes, I clean my pipes every week when I do my water changes, however the pipes are really starting to stain for some reason. It's a bit bizarre as the pipe is clean where my lily's sit. The pipes are about 9 months old. Can anyone help?
  5. SRP3006

    Night lighting

    Hi all, I wanted to get everyone's opinions on small night lights or back lights. I've had a few fish jump out recently and it's not great really so I want to try and stop them. Myself and my mrs either start work early am or finish work around midnight, so lights can go on after a long period...
  6. SRP3006

    Scapers tank

    Hey. Rescaped my 55l scapers tank recently, moved all the snails and shrimp to the 900. Started up this one as a bit of a test/chance to learn more about water, co2 and ferts etc. The tank is being run on 100% rainwater and aiming to keep a tds of around 100ppm. I'll be trying a lean dosing...
  7. SRP3006

    Co2 art regulator solenoid issue

    Hey guys, The solenoid on my reg doesn't switch off when unplugged, as in it carries on releasing the gas into the tank. Not the end of the world as the tank is empty and at start up but is there a way to fix it? I turned off the switch last night and the gas has continued to release into the...
  8. SRP3006

    Bug ID

    Hi guys. I need an ID is possible please. Ventured into the shed for the annual Christmas light power on.... And found quite a few of these scattered across the floor and some actually inside the wood. There are little piles of sawdust on the floor, and I'm a little concerned the shed will be...
  9. SRP3006

    Harlequin rasbora loss

    Hi all, Recently added 15 new rasboras to the 15 that are around 18months old. (28/09) I have had 2 die on my in the last 4 days, one was very small and TBH I put it down to possible bad stock from LFS or generally a weak specimen. However the second one I've lost is one of the established ones...
  10. SRP3006

    AS900- restart and rethink.

    Hi all. After struggling to maintain my previous larger, deeper, braced aquarium I have opted for an (hopefully) easier aquarium to upkeep. It's been a few months in planning (longer due to obvious reasons) but I'm almost there. So yesterday the aquarium and cabinet arrived, very well made...
  11. SRP3006

    Feedback Day trip

    I just want to say a big thanks to Dave at AG for the excellent service and experience and all the help with my scape. I've just done the 7.5hour round trip and every minute was worth it. Absolutely chomping at the bit to get scaping and setting up now. Thanks to @Jayefc1 for recommending AG a...
  12. SRP3006

    Storing plants

    Hi guys, Shutting down my tank at the mo but I want to keep a selection of the plants for the new tank. Mainly Cryptocoryne and epiphytes, buce and anubias mostly. What's the best way for me to keep and prepare Cryptocoryne for the new tank? Let them float in the spare tank and give them a trim...
  13. SRP3006

    Water containers

    Hi. Could someone tell me whether empty sodium hypochlorite containers are suitable for storing water in for water changes? Well rinsed obviously. If its any help it's 11% strength. Sam.
  14. SRP3006

    Lockdown journey

    During this pandemic and the lockdown my working hours have increased dramatically. So to combat the downsides of more work and to give myself and my 4 year old daughter some 'quiet' time away from all that is going on, I managed to grab myself a 55l scapers tank and went about setting it up. I...
  15. SRP3006

    EA aquascaper 1200

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a shop or two that have the above on display? I'm based in Bridgwater, Somerset and willing to travel a little. I know AG has one on display but that's quite a trek to purely have a look. Sam.
  16. SRP3006


    Hi all, I've tried reading multiple old threads on here but struggle to get a definitive answer. I have noticed quite a few planaria worms on my glass recently and would like to remove them as I've heard they eat certain snails and shrimp. I've read that the no planaria treatment can kill...
  17. SRP3006


    Hi all, I've foolishly ran out of my MgSO4 for my EI Dosing. Until I get a new delivery of salts can I use some epsom salts I have left from my past Malawi cichlid tanks? Pharmaceutical grade epsom salts. I'm thinking yes but wanted to double check just to be sure. Sam.
  18. SRP3006

    Updating lighting advice

    Hi all, Tank has been running for a while under 3 Tmc grobeam 1500 tiles. The tiles are on 100% but can't get the colours to really pop on the plants. Also the colour plus version sends a few red beams into the tank which I'm really not a fan of. So I'm after a led, that can punch down to...
  19. SRP3006

    Hygrophila pinnatifida

    Hi all, I have been having some trouble with the above loosing it's lower leaves. They go like in the picture then slowly go pale before falling off. I have recently changed my co2 injection towards two aps style reactors and have been struggling to keep a decent pH profile. Could this be the...
  20. SRP3006

    Cryptocoryne ID

    Hi all, could anybody help my ID this crypt? I'd like to buy more however bought quite a few at the same time and can't remember which one it is. It's very low growing and spreading quite well . No pro camera so only have a phone pic. Thanks.
  21. SRP3006

    Buce flower

    Hi all, Never kept buce before so just want to confirm if this is a flower on my bucephalandra red sp. Sorry for the poor pic quality. Thanks.
  22. SRP3006

    Product Review Micro fert bottle

    Hi all, Just a little curious if the bottle of my dosing bottle is normal. Just refilling them and it seems to have stained the bottle. Is this effecting the ferts going into my aquarium at all? Cheers
  23. SRP3006

    Sagittaria subulata melting

    Hi all, My SS has been melting at a very fast rate for a little while now. It seems to be spreading through the thick growth from one spot. Could dosing liquid carbon be causing this? I've got a 1.2 ph drop for lights on and stable throughout photoperiod 6 hour photoperiod. Dosing full EI...
  24. SRP3006

    Product Review Eheim 1200xlt leaking

    Hi all, can somebody help with why my filter is leaking. I've checked the seals and they seem fine. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried attaching a video but file is too large.
  25. SRP3006

    48x24x24 high tech dirted

    Hi all, Been trying to decide whether or not to do a journal of my tank journey and obviously decided too, never done one before so give me a shout if I miss something! [emoji6] Ok details then. Tank- 120x60x60 ND aquatics approx 400 litres with hood and condensation covers. Lights- 3 x...
  26. SRP3006

    Adding livestock after dry start.

    Hi all, I flooded my tank on Sunday after a 12 week dry start. It's a high tech so I'm obviously going through setting up the co2 correctly and stabilising it whilst doing a ph profile. However I am experiencing mould on the wood and die back/crypt melt and wondered when I could add critters...
  27. SRP3006

    Aphids in dry start.

    Hi all, Apologies about the poor pic quality through the condensation. Are aphids (assumption on my part) as much a issue in my dry start as they are to the plants in my garden? I can only see the creatures on one plant at the moment. I'm hoping there is some reasonable explanation to this...
  28. SRP3006

    Eloecharis acicularis tips

    Hi all, Currently at 4 weeks in my dry start stage and need some advice on the above. The tips of the grass on a few plants have turned brown. Tried researching but found a few answers so nothing for sure, could it be drying out or just normal die back. I've attached a photo and as you can...
  29. SRP3006

    Dry start

    Hi all, I am 9 days into my dry start with eloecharis acicularis and saggitaria subulata and things seem to be growing pretty well in my inexperienced opinion. The hairgrass is sending out new shoots daily it seems, and roots of both plants have grown so that i can see them through the glass at...
  30. SRP3006

    Worm ID

    Hi all, Started a Dry start off yesterday morning and this morning I have noticed little squiggle marks in the condensation on the glass. On closer inspection there is a tiny little white worm. Can anybody help with ID please. Is it something I should worry about. The worm is approx 2mm long.
  31. SRP3006

    Layout critique.

    Hi all. Been playing about with my scape for a few days now, just need a little nudge in the right direction (or big nudge if needed). It's a 48x24x24 nd aquatics tank with soil and sand substrate. High tech heavily planted is the goal. What do you guys think? Apologies for reflections...
  32. SRP3006

    Cover glass.

    Hi all, Trying to clean the cover glasses on aquarium, they are cover in hard water deposits from keeping African cichlids. I have tried vinegar and elbow grease to no avail, even leaving to soak overnight. Has anyone used anything that has got rid of these marks? The old tank used to be...
  33. SRP3006

    TMC grobeam 1500 tile

    Hi all, Currently planning setting up a high tech 48x24x24 aquarium, can anyone help me with my lights. I have a pair of TMC grobeam 1500 tile, fully controllable and I can't find out much information about them. TMC say that the lights will grow any plant and that 100% will be too strong. I'm...
  34. SRP3006

    Spray bar and pipe paint

    Anybody know or used a fish/shrimp safe paint for painting my fx6s pvc-u spray bar? It's grey pipe but I'm thinking it would be hidden better if it was black.
  35. SRP3006

    Substrate advice

    https://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/black-1-2mm-5-60kg/ Could somebody help me with this substrate please. Struggling to find out anything about it from any other websites other than their own On first impressions I'm thinking it's similar to eco complete without the 'complete' bit. Do you guys...
  36. SRP3006

    CO2 diffuser help.

    Hi all, Currently looking into setting up my planted tank and have a few queries about the diffuser. I'm running a fluval fx6 and possibly a fluval 306 to compliment extra turnover. As the fluval fx6 has different pipe sizes meaning it's difficult to retro fit a inline diffuser or any inline...
  37. SRP3006

    Hi from Bridgwater

    Hi everyone. I've been keeping aquariums for over 10 years now mainly low tech community and Malawi Mbuna for the past 5 years. Just stepping into the world of planted tanks a little deeper and have found this forum to be an invaluable resource of reliable information. I have a 100 gallon...