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  1. stu_

    step by step propagation montecarlo emersed

    Hi you might like this thread http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/andys-hc-propagator-step-by-step.28930/
  2. stu_

    Show us your propagator

    Right then,first effort at this lark. E.Tennelus (can't remember its new name) .Started 4 weeks ago. First tray;unheated, but direct sunlight 3 weeks growth= rubbish Second tray;heated prop,no direct sunlight 2 weeks 4 weeks Lots of runners already,plus it's starting to flower Moved...
  3. stu_

    Christmas/fontanalis in this weather.

    Think i preferred it, when it was Christmas moss. Seemed more appropriate :)
  4. stu_

    Bits & Pieces

    Hi Clare that's good to hear, thought it might get a little crowded out. I certainly hope so, that's the only reason i put it in there. I'll blame it on the Ale
  5. stu_

    Bits & Pieces

    Had a couple of free hours last weekend,and after seeing a few threads about emmersed & Wabi Kusa projects, sort of threw this together with stuff & cuttings i had lying about. So in the spirit of adventure and very little actual planning.... The glass jar contained an Orchid in a plastic pot...