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  1. Gary Nelson

    Recommended fish?

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and it's good to be back after a few years break. I am after some advice and recommendations for some fish to go in a 50L - ideally something small that I can have 10 or 12 of... Nothing that likes to jump as the tank is open top... Any recommendations would...
  2. Gary Nelson

    Co2 glass U bend?

    Hi, guys... Does anyone know where I can get hold of the co2 glass or acrylic U bends in the UK?
  3. Gary Nelson

    Norfolk area shops?

    Hi guys, I'm in Norfolk for a few days... Can anyone recommend any aquatic shops worth a visit?
  4. Gary Nelson


    Hi everyone, I thought I had best make a start on my latest journal 'LandSlide' - This was actually started a few months back now, but as life and work have been very busy, I have just not got around to starting this... hence why I have not been on UKAPS much either :( This scape is in my TMC...
  5. Gary Nelson

    Short 17mm glass inlet?

    Hi guys, I'm after a shorter length 17mm glass inlet - can anyone point me in the right direction? Most 17mm inlets seem to be around 300mm
  6. Gary Nelson

    Maxspect Razor 8000K

    Hi guys, I know a few of us on here are now running these light, I'm curious to know what colour settings you have yours set too... As in Channel A & Channel B. I've opted for 'Channel A' 70% and 'Channel B' 57% - not sure it's quite right yet though! Also if you have the light suspended or...
  7. Gary Nelson

    Aquatics Live 2014

    Sorry to see that this won't be happening again this year :thumbdown:
  8. Gary Nelson

    Ramshorn Snails?

    I have some white fluffy stuff keep coming out my new Manznita wood, I read on Alastairs journal he has added some for the same issue. My questions are, is it just the pink ones that eat this or are they all the same whatever colour they are? Do they eat any delicate plants? And do they breed...
  9. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    As some of you read on my last journal 'Eruption' That has now been closed to make way for this scape 'A Twist of Nature' Hard-scape was set-up 2 weeks ago, flooding and planting completed over the weekend along with some equipment changes and a few extra modifications. It consists of the...
  10. Gary Nelson

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3 600T Filter

    Is anyone running a Eheim 2178 Professional 3 600T Filter - if so what are your views or issues if any? Any info would be great :)
  11. Gary Nelson

    Flame moss - Tropica 1-2 grow

    Hi, I decided to try out a bit of flame moss so went for the 1-2 grow... its arrived looking a bit yellow though! surely this should be a nice green and fresh as a daisy? can't help but think I'm off to a bad start with this variety :thumbdown:
  12. Gary Nelson

    Aquarium Light Pendant.

    Does anyone know where I could get something like this in the UK? It needs to be good quality to suspend my LED light ideally to fit my 60cm tank. I know I could get one fabricated, but just wondered if anyone has seen any already done and in the UK?
  13. Gary Nelson

    Seachem Matrix

    Hi, is anyone using this in the filters as bio media? I keep reading it removes NO3?
  14. Gary Nelson


    Hi guys... what are your thoughts on this hardscape? I did this last Sunday afternoon and have been looking at it all week in my lounge, deciding if to plant it up or create another one - my original plan was to do a few different scapes, but this was my first effort and I kind of like it. PS...
  15. Gary Nelson

    Cleaning mini landscape rock (seiryu stone)

    I need to clean up my mini landscape rock and have quite a bit! Elbow grease with a nail and scrubbing brush is damm hard and taking forever, is there an easier way?... Maybe soak them in something?
  16. Gary Nelson

    17mm lily pipe set?

    Can anyone recommend a decent glass 17mm lily pipe set - I really wanted the gUSH ones, but everywhere seems out of stock, are there any other makes worth looking at? not ADA though as they are stupid money! I know you can get them off eBay... but I have heard different reports on those :crazy:
  17. Gary Nelson

    Maxspect Razor LED Lighting System 120W (8,000K)

    Is anyone using this type of light or have any experience of it? I'm really tempted to go for one for my new set-up.... whats your thoughts guys? Maxspect Razor LED Lighting System 120W (8,000K) | Charterhouse Aquatics
  18. Gary Nelson

    TMC 1500 light and bracket stockist?

    Hi, Can anyone advise me where the best place or who has in stock the TMC 1500 tile and matching brackets? the type that clips onto the edge of the aqaurium.
  19. Gary Nelson

    Cube glass vase?

    Hi all, I am looking to have a go at doing a Wabi Kusa on the cheap and I have been looking for a cube glass vase... ideally 8" square. Has any one come across any in any stores that seem a good bargain? or can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a clip on LED light from a old...
  20. Gary Nelson

    Pondless waterfall....

    I have been wanting to build a pond for a couple of years, but with one thing and another never got around to it. However I decided a few weeks ago that this was the year that I would, having said this and doing some snooping around on the net I came across 'pondless waterfall designs' I'm...
  21. Gary Nelson

    Nature's Corner 'naturalis' Trigon 190 (now closed)

    Well, I thought that I best start my new journal Nature's Corner 'naturalis' - this was first started about 2 weeks ago now and the first photo shows how the set-up stands as today, followed by photos from the very beginning. The tank is my original 'Trigon 190' from my last scape, with the G6...
  22. Gary Nelson

    An old photo - My old planted Biorb 105... 'A Dome of Green'

    I was going through some older photos this morning and thought I'd share a pic of my old planted Biorb 105 - thinking back I never had any algae or problems with it... :lol:
  23. Gary Nelson

    EI dosing and mixing strengths?

    I'm new to EI dosing but looking at the below recipe and looking at dosing my 200 litre tank, is it possible to make the mixture stronger by doubling the contents and just dose half the amount? On the mixture below I'd be dosing 40ml - if I double the mix into the 500ml of water and then dose...
  24. Gary Nelson

    TSD readings?

    This maybe a silly question, but what should be the ideal TDS readings in a planted tank? If there is such a thing as a general good reading? My G6 indicates 906! My weekly water change is due tomorrow and I expect going from last weeks water change it will drop to around 730 ish. I'm a bit...
  25. Gary Nelson

    Ripple or no ripple?

    Just thought I'd ask a simple question... How many of you on here have your filter outlet or power head creating a ripple on the waters surface? Or any of you that have tank setups that just have a very still water surface? I know some people set a good surface movement of water to help combat...
  26. Gary Nelson

    Seiryu Stone / mini landscape rock?

    Does anyone else know of anywhere else apart from TGM and Aqua Essentials that sell Seiryu Stone / mini landscape rock? I'm based Leicestershire but can mail order if anyone can recommend anywhere? I'm after about 5kg?
  27. Gary Nelson

    Trigon 190 'Crypt Corner' (PFK featured)

    Well, I thought I best start my journal that was first started 6 months ago now.... yes another corner tank I hear you say, but I believe I have conquered this one :thumbup: well I think I have anyway. I originally had an 'aquaone' corner tank about 2 years ago, which to be honest I had always...
  28. Gary Nelson

    Thinking of getting a Fluval G6 (media questions...)

    I'm thinking about taking the plunge and moving from my Eheim 2075 to the Fluval G6 - if anyone is running the G6 can you tell me can you add things like Purigen? is there compartments for things like this? from what I've been reading you have to buy all the media separate as well? Any advice...
  29. Gary Nelson

    Placement of up atomiser and external heater?

    Can anyone advise me if it is OK to fit the up atomiser on the outlet tube before an external heater? I'm struggling to fit it all in my cabinet if it has to fit on after the heater :(
  30. Gary Nelson

    Placement of diffuser and outlet pipes on a RIO 180?

    I am in the process off setting up a RIO 180 using an external filter as I have removed the internal one - does it matter if the diffuser and outlet pipes are at each end of the tank (opposite ends) using the existing rear cut outs or is it best to have them both together at one end of the tank...
  31. Gary Nelson

    Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'/Substrate/New tank setup.

    Can any of you advise or give me some useful pointers for some of my below concerns & questions? I am changing from a 180l corner tank to a Rio 180. 1. I am going to be changing my tank over in the next week or so, I will be using my existing mature Ehiem 2075 on my new tank and this has been...
  32. Gary Nelson

    16/22mm tubing.

    Does anybody know where I could buy 15meters of 16/22mm tubing? The cheapest I can find is around £3 per metre off the roll.
  33. Gary Nelson

    Broken tap on my Ehiem 2075

    Can anyone advise me on any precautions to take on my tank as my tap that controls my on/off on my Ehiem 2075 has just broke! Something inside sounded like it snapped as I went to turn it off earlier for some maintenance and left it stuck in the off position. I have managed to get the part out...
  34. Gary Nelson

    recommendations for a nano tank?

    Can anyone recommend a decent nano tank? not to big 20 -30l would be ideal. There seems to be a few on market out the box jobs, but hearing mixed reports on filters/light systems.
  35. Gary Nelson

    Active carbon in an exterior filter.

    How many of you use active carbon in an exterior filter? I have both purigen and carbon in mine at the moment, I am wondering if just more purigen maybe better for fert dozing and plants- would the carbon be stripping many of the needed plant nutrients out of the water?
  36. Gary Nelson

    Eheim 2075 - back to basics...?

    I have been running my Eheim 2075 for almost 9 months now and I would like to get a few Maintenance/tips... back to basics really. When I first installed the filter it was just setup and I have been cleaning as i think is correct, but I really have no idea what everything does! Being fairly new...
  37. Gary Nelson

    Pump Dispensing Bottles?

    Does anyone know where I could purchase some clear plastic pump dispensing bottles from - ideally 500ml ones, similar to the ADA style. I cant seem to find any on eBay :( Similar to the ones in the below thread would be perfect. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f= ... 4&start=10
  38. Gary Nelson

    Best mid/top schooling fish?

    I am looking to add some some new fish to my aqaurium, I am after something small - (smallish) mid to top schooling fish... probably 20-30. Any suggestions?
  39. Gary Nelson

    so, 1970's my name!

    My name 'Gary' seems to be being used allot on animals/pets now! how come? I mean it is your typical 1970's name right? We have 'Gary' the dressed dog on ITV2's 'Celebrity Juice' that makes an appearance every now and again, but now things have gone to a whole new level - I have just picked up...
  40. Gary Nelson

    Gluing plants onto wood.

    I am thinking about how the best way to attach my Bolbitis to my redmoor wood - I keep reading that superglue gel can be used, my question is this... does my redmoor wood have to be dry along with the rhizome for it to bond? I would normally use cotton, but i find it very fiddly with big...
  41. Gary Nelson

    Dosing for 8l CRS tank?

    Can anyone advise me on what safe dosing would be for my new Crystal Red Shrimp tank? It is a Fluval nano 8l that has been running 3 days now (still cycling) I will be using TPN+ and flourish excel if that is safe to use? as I am reading mixed reports on the net with CRS and flourish. I am...
  42. Gary Nelson

    Practical Fishkeeping 14l Nano offer?

    Has anyone managed to get hold of one of these 14l nano tanks that PFK are offering in this month’s issue - it’s a free offer with a new PFK subscription via Pets at Home and a collection only item. They look quite cool, I have tried to get one though with my subscription and it seems not many...
  43. Gary Nelson

    Painted aquarium back.

    I am thinking about painting the back of my tank black. The main reason is its a corner tank and because it has 3 panels to cover in the black backing I have never really had much success with them sealing at the top of the tank and its starting to look a little unsightly now with parts pealing...
  44. Gary Nelson

    Echinodorus tenellus - trimming?

    Can anyone advise me if ‘Echinodorus tenellus’ should be trimmed down as you would do with ‘Eleocharis parvula’
  45. Gary Nelson

    Lumix TZ10 help?

    Can anyone advise me on taking some better photos of my tank – I know from reading that allot of you on here are photography wizards compared to me. I have never really been into photography or know that much about it, however I bought a Lumix TZ10 and I would really like to get some good...
  46. Gary Nelson

    Gary's 180l Corner Tank

    I thought it was about time to put up a few photos of my corner tank that I have been working on for the last few months. I started in the hobby just over a year ago with a 60l Biorb! and soon realising its limitations and not being able to grow plants that well in it. I then opted for a...
  47. Gary Nelson

    2kg CO2 life?

    Hi, Can any of you advise me on how long you would expect a 2kg to last on a 180litre tank? I am running 3 x 24w T5's on 7hrs per day - co2 comes on one hour before lights and goes off one hour before lights out. Cheers, Gary
  48. Gary Nelson

    Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping'

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone can help me here - I have some Tropica Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' moss coming tomorrow, however my redmoor wood that it is to be attached to is still in soak in a tub in my shed, as I am waiting for it to sink (could be another week) What is the best way to...
  49. Gary Nelson

    Enough light for photosynthesis (pearling)?

    Hi everyone, I am still struggling to get photosynthesis to happen in my tank! Can anybody maybe pick up on what I have wrong or maybe doing wrong? My corner tank is 180litres and about 65cm deep, I now have a good flow rate with my spray bar and 2 Koralias mounted in each front corner...
  50. Gary Nelson

    Lamp Eyes? (Aplocheilichthys normanii)

    Hi, Does anyone know of any of these fish for sale in the Leicestershire or Warwickshire areas at all?
  51. Gary Nelson

    Tropica + amount to dose daily?

    Hi Can anyone give me a rough idea as to how many ml of tropica + I should be dosing in my 180lts? Is it best to dose daily or every other day? My tank is not heavily planted, but has a lawn growing and a HUGE narrow java fern - I change about 35% water every week and I have injected co2 with...
  52. Gary Nelson

    Atomizer, Spraybar & Koralia on a corner tank.

    Hello everyone, I wondered if some of you might be able to help a newbe out here. I have a 180 litre corner tank, which is almost 700mm deep. I am running an external filter (Eheim 2075) with a inline atomizer from eBay. I am using the eheim spray bar mounted at the top left of the tank...
  53. Gary Nelson

    Flourish Excel for 180 lts

    Hi everyone, Can anyone advise me how many ml of 'Flourish Excel' to dose or over dose to help combat BBA on my 180 ltr tank? I am running injected co2 and have fish/shrimp - I'd just like a safe-ish dose to be added daily really that will not be harmfull, but at the same time going towards...