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  1. samc

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Hi again, just thought i would share another of my little projects The tank is a Dennerle Scapers tank, not actaully seen one of these set up yet... comes with a little hang-on external which are nice, they have acrylic lily pipes as standard. Just added a hydor external heater today and...
  2. samc

    5ft Root n Stones

    Hi all, Not been on here for a while, i have recently stripped the 5ft display tank in the shop, i am about to have a rescape, so thought it share this time. Tank: Eheim Vivaline 330 Filter: Eheim Classic Heater: Eheim jager Wavemaker: APS 2500 Ferts: Tropica specialized and Easycarbo...
  3. samc

    5ft Piranha aquascape

    Hi all, Been a few years since I have been on here now! thought I would post up one of my latest tanks. This has been running just over a week now so very new setup. I have set this up as something a little different for my shop. Just a low tech easy to look after tank is all I want. I just...
  4. samc

    sams 60cm naturescape V3

    So i decided to to a planted tank again after about a year. It was a little trown together but it saves me the headache :D Equipment is as follows; Tank: 60x40x40 opti-white Lighting: 1x 150w halide Filter: Tetratec ex1200 Co2: 2KG FE with aquamedic reg Ferts: Aquasabi...
  5. samc

    sams work tank

    some of you may know i have worked in my LFS for a few months now. i have scaped this tank to try and get the public into aquascaping, and it seems to have got a good reception so far. i will be doing more tanks so hopefully more people will get into this hobby. this tank has been a challenge as...
  6. samc

    common frog video

    this is vey wobbly unfortunatly. but i quite like it anyway :) http://www.vimeo.com/13213855
  7. samc

    sams 80cm 'river stones'

    this aquascape has been set up a few weeks now. i have filled it with just the hardscape as its needed for my fish :D the tank has LOADS of BGA in at the moment so ill start doing regular WCs and EI dosing asap. the planting will be simple moss between the rocks, crypts both sides behind the...
  8. samc

    Hydrocotyle Leucocephalis flower

    not great photography but i really like these little flowers :D i have a few stems on a windowsill in a tray and i have about 5 flowers on. its only got about 20 leaves so quite a few. Here is the flower bud before it opens and after its opened. they are very small. that one is about...
  9. samc

    5kg FE pressure?

    i just woundered if the 5kg FE's have more pressure in than a 2kg? or is it just the capacity that is bigger? if they are much more pressure do you know if my aquamedic reg will be ok? it seems pretty strong but want to make sure as you can imagine :D
  10. samc

    new section on aquajournal website

    just found this today on the aquajournal website. a new section with some information on the NA gallery. an interesting read :D http://www.aquajournal.net/na/gallery/index.html
  11. samc

    sams 60cm 'Pinnatifida Peak' (4.5 weeks)

    here are the tank stats: Tank size (cm): 60x40x40 Tank volume: 80 litres Filtration: tetratrec EX1200 Powerheads: 1 x Koralia nano Co2: Pressurised via FE 24/7 Ferts: EI Substrate: ADA amazonia II & Oliver Knott naturesoil Hardscape: manzanita wood from Plantedbox.com Flaura: Hemainthus...
  12. samc

    ID for native plant (another)

    i saw this plant in my local river last year which died back in the winter. i thought it was all gone but its started to grow back now. does anyone know what it is? i think its quite attractive little stem plant :D
  13. samc

    sams 12x8x10 opti nano (DIY lilies)

    i have recently acquired a nice little opti-white nano :wink: it is to replace my old chipped clearseal one which is holding shrimp. It will be a shrimp only nano, although i may add a few celestial danios, as i saw some at the LFS and they are beautys :D the style i have chosen is nature...
  14. samc

    Hydrocotile leucocephalis pico

    since taking apart the comp pico i thought i would take the oppertunity to use the tank, as i can get away with it being small :shh: i have used japan string moss which it turning emersed again. and Hydrocotile leucocephalis which i have lots of growing emersed in various places around the...
  15. samc

    ID native stem

    i went for a walk today and picked up a stem which was growing in a pool in the field over the road. it was growing half immersed and half emmersed. its quite a cool looking plant :D can anyone ID it?
  16. samc

    sams reed frog tank

    MODS: if you dont want this here you can delete or move :D a few guys have been interested in these little guys so i though i would start a thread here for my tank. also for people who are interested in getting some. first off a few pics of them. they only grow to about an inch so idea if...
  17. samc

    anyone tried this bacteria?

    i was looking for some live bacteria to help my filter mature quicker when i came across this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Live-Bacteria-for-Sludge-removal-Aquarium-Pond-250-ml_W0QQitemZ120503394494QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item1c0e8fe0be seems very cheap in comparison to tetra...
  18. samc

    why do i allways get diatoms?

    in my new opti-white i am on my second scape as the other was covered in diatoms. i could never get rid even with 1wpg of t5 at a foot above the tank :( now in my new tank everything is going brown again before i can even grow anything. why is this happening. apparently is goes after a...
  19. samc

    hard water and nutrient uptake

    i have just read an article by amano which suggests that hard water prevents a plants uptaking max nutrients. seeing as i have the hardest water area in the uk (very hard) this may be affecting my plant growth. i have never been able to grow stems to look 'lush' they allways look as if they are...
  20. samc

    removing water marks?

    my area is a very hard water area and i cant seem to get rid of the water marks left around the water line. and also on my lilies. do you know any good ways of getting rid of them? :D
  21. samc

    60cm nature scape v2

    i decided to take my tank down the other day as nothing was going right with it. i belive there was not enough light. i am going to buy a MH soon :D . i wanted to try a naturescape again using manzanita wood i got yesterday which is great. i was inspired by an amano scape in the gallery. after...
  22. samc

    plantedbox shop

    I have just noticed that plantedbox now has a shop 8) it has lots of great products and is very cheap. well worth a look :thumbup: these guys have worked really hard to get the shop open. well done again :clap:
  23. samc

    arcadia classica

    i am looking to buy a halide for my tank and came across the arcadia classica had anyone had any expierience with thislight or know anyone who has? i have not seen anyone use one before. they are cheap to at £120 for the single 150w HQI freshwater :D
  24. samc

    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    Name:samc Tank Dimensions (height/width/depth): 13/15/14 Aquascape Name: none yet Hardscape/Materials used: westmoreland stone Plants: taiwan moss, e. parvula, e.acicularis Fertilisation: 0.5ml easylife profito daily About the aquascape: this has cost me £0.00 as i made the tank myself...
  25. samc

    want to learn more....

    i am allways looking for websites with good information on, so i can learn more and cant seem to find many. i woundered if you guys know of any good website with great tips on? heres one i found http://www.aquajournal.net/na/layout/006/index.html it has some priceless information on there :D...
  26. samc

    red eye tetra. do they jump alot?

    hi all i have just bought 5 red eye tetra for my braceless 60cm and one has already jumped out. into my bin :lol: i just wanted to know if they jump alot? i know all tetras jump from time to time but i didnt want to loose them all in a week.
  27. samc

    Micranthemum micranthemoides and hemianthus micranthemoides

    just woundered if these are the same plant? they are sold under the two names and look the same. are they the same?
  28. samc

    amano fry?

    i have just had a good batch of amano fry and wanted to raise them. i have read quite a bit about them but still wanting anwsers. i have heard that yeast is a good starter food and could use that until i get some filter feeder food, but how do you prepare the yeast? also i have heard cooking...
  29. samc

    8l mini mountain scape

    hi all yesterday my nano got the chop to make way for more ideas i have. i eventually decided on a mountian scape. currently there is only taiwan moss but there will be an addition of UG. from my experience with this plant it melts in new setups so i am waiting a couple of weeks then add it to...
  30. samc

    growing ferns horizontal

    in the short future i am hoping to use bolbitis and needle java. I wanted to use it in the way that amano uses ferns. when amano uses them they seem to grow horizontal to the substrate which i like the look of. most of the aquascapes i see ferns in allways grow verticle. does anyone know how...
  31. samc

    sams wabi kusa

    :wave: this last few days i have been bored :( and found a piece of glass from a picture frame and it popped into my head that i could cut is myself and make a little wabi kusa which i have wanted to try for a while now. The glass cutting was the hard part. i used a tile cutter so score the...
  32. samc

    wabi kusa plants?

    i am going to make a little wabi kusa soon and woundered what plants are suitable ie what plants can be grown emmersed without having to be moist all the time? i can give them a spray every day though. i have searched all over but cant find much information about this :crazy: any help would...
  33. samc

    8l nano. little project

    :wave: this is my latest project :D i was going to put a picture up earlier but the camera was playing up. this tank was saved as it was about to be thrown in the skip by a friend. it has cost me about £10 to set up which was mainly the light :D the rocks were from the garden. the sand was...
  34. samc

    using large rocks in nanos

    hi all this is something i have been thinking about lately. it may sound strange but i hope you understand. why do we use large rocks in nanos in comparison to the size of the tank? they look really good but have never seen anyone use the same thing scaled up. stuworrall has a great example of...
  35. samc

    anubias bonzai (aquafleur) and anubias eye(aquamagic)

    i woundered if there is any difference i have been looking myself and think they are similar but woundered about you opinions aquamagics eye aquafleurs bonzai and how long does aquamagics stuff take to arrive?
  36. samc

    Pseudomugil furcatus

    just found these on the internet and thought they look really nice but not sure how avalible they are in LFS as i would like to try some :D any of you guys seem them about?
  37. samc

    hatching killifish eggs

    hi all as most of you know killifish very attractive fish. i was looking on ebay and saw that you can buy killi eggs of lots of species cheap and hatch them yourself, which i would like to have a go at. i just woundered if any of you guys have ever done this? and have you any tips? i know you...
  38. samc

    tech guy needed. broken sd card

    hi all i just got back from holiday a couple of days ago and went to put the photos on a cd but when i put the card in the reader it would not read them. and also will not in the camera ether :? saying format error. i woundered if there is any way of retreiving the photos or any1 that could do...
  39. samc

    sanzon iwagumi

    hi all since i have taken an interest in keeping crs and will be getting some soon, i thought i better rescape my nano as it wont be easy when full of shrimp, plus i was never happy with the old layout. i decided on a simple sanzon iwagumi just using what i had and will be using the rest for...
  40. samc

    amanos personal tank '6750litres' step by step

    found this on another forum which is mainly asian users but this is amazing :shock: scroll down to see the step by step 8) http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54631 when i win the lottery............... :lol:
  41. samc

    hydors great service

    just thought id say how good the service from hydor was when i had a problem with my reg my reg started leaking and using up alot of co2 so i emailed them about the problem and they sent me a new reg co2 bottle and bubble counter which i was not expecting. they have been good resonding and...
  42. samc

    sams nano

    about time i posted this really :) i was planning on entering it into the AGA competition but due to diatoms the hc got covered and now wont fill in time so i thought id share it. the tank has been running for a couple of months now but only just added the parvula at the front and middle...
  43. samc

    could i use this as a external reactor?

    does anyone know if this could be used as a reactor? http://www.greenshorticulture.co.uk/Irrigation-69/Irrigation-Fittings-Aquatrays-135/Inline-Filter-low-pressure-1119.asp im thinking its not long enough but i wouldnt be sure
  44. samc

    easylife ferts

    just woundered has anyone use purely easylife ferts for their tank nothing else? what kind of results did you have?
  45. samc

    cant keep CRS!!!

    in the last month or so i bought 3 CRS for my 30l nano and all was well until a few weeks after one suddenly died i then did a large water change and they seemed ok again. then the next week another died and was then worried what was going on did another water change (RO water again) and seemed...
  46. samc

    hc not pearling

    for some reason my hc isnt pearling and i dont know why. it grows ok not fast but doesnt ever pearl i woundered why??? i am dosing TPN and easycarbo and drop checker is green as should be, the filter is blowing the co2 onto it does anyone know why it doesnt want to pearl?
  47. samc

    grass background

    hi all i feel a bit confused at the minuet as im planning my next tank which will be low growing. my idea was to use mainly grasses and wanted to use blyxa and acicularis but cant think which would grow taller. bylxa infront of acicularis or acicluaris infront of blyxa? i cant make my mind up...
  48. samc

    good photos of tanks

    just found this some may have seen this before but i thought it had some nice tanks i havent seen before http://www.adana-usa.com/index.php?main_page=afa_portfolio
  49. samc

    crystal red babies

    i just purchased my first ever shrimps today (crystal reds) when i got home i floated them in the tank when i saw 2 tiny babies in the bag and saw that there is a female with a few more to come. i put them all in he tank and thought the babies might be ok, there are a few neons in the tank too...
  50. samc


    in my nano i have a bad algae problem(BBA and BGA) which i know was caused by too high lighting too quick but to get ride of the BGA i have done a blackout starting yesterday does anyone know if this will get rid of the BBA too? and will it kill my UG?
  51. samc

    sams 60cm (planted!)

    journal time! EDIT: THE JOURNAL STARTS ON PAGE 9 in the next couple of months or so ill be setting up my new iwagumi so ill start the journal now as ill be working on things starting tomorrow as you will see. tank: 24x15x18 (custom)(100l) filteration: tetratec ex1200(bought about an hour ago...
  52. samc

    fish dead why?

    yesterday i noticed my co2 was running low so turned it up at little and this morning the co2 was empty as expected but i had 3 dead noen tetras (4 others were fine) i dont no if this is because of the co2. I tested the water and found everything to be normal and there was a oily film on the...
  53. samc

    where to buy cheap standard tanks?

    hi all i am looking for a cheap 60cm tank (cheap because im skint) and wanted a braceless one. like the clearseal ones. Although these would be idea i am worried the won't be deep enough (back to front) as the only size they do are 24x12x12,does anyone know where i can buy one deeper?
  54. samc

    critique needed on iwagumi

    i will soon be setting up an 12x10x8 iwagumi (or two :roll: )and have got some dragon stone which i could'nt resist trying some positioning out. this is my first iwagumi so my rock positioning isnt that great althought im learning. here are a few iv been trying out: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)...
  55. samc

    amano gallery video

    i wasnt really sure where to put this but i thought this was the best place for it. here is just pictures of amanos gallery which has given me inspiration for a small tank i am planning, most have probely seen it already. I seen videos before but you dont get to see the tanks as well as in this...
  56. samc

    5cm cube (inspired my mr.luke)

    today when i was just looking on the forum and looked at mr.lukes tiny tank and it reminded me of some tiny tanks iv seen on the internet and had nothing to do so thought id give it a go, the tank it about 5.5cm square and took about 30 mins to do here it is:
  57. samc

    looking for 11w t5

    i have just setup a new aquaone 320 and want to fit another 11w light in the hood i thought arcadia would do the starter units for 11w t5s but they dont and i cant find one anywhere the cheap imports for hongkong arnt waterproof althought i could enclose it but am worried about condensation any1...
  58. samc

    consealed land

    here is my latest journal with quite a few pics of the initial setup is it an aquaone 320 (32l) iv had it for a while but never done a scape in it. the lighting is the standard 11w but ill be putting another 11w unit in the hood at some point. the co2 system will be my hydor advanced system...
  59. samc

    micranthemum micranthemoides

    just a quick question does this plant spread by runners as on some pics is bushy and on others its like a carpet by my gess it doesnt as it looks like a stem any helps great thanks
  60. samc

    which one?

    hi im planning on a rescape on my 80l and for the past few days iv been looking for inspiration on the internet and have found 2 scapes tht i really like and dont know which one i would like to base mine around heres one i really like rocks in this one and i belive it was an amano scape this...
  61. samc

    ADA demonstration

    Mr LC Chan and Alex Chan demostrated the use of ADA by setting up a planted aquarium. Size of the aquarium used was 36inch (long) x 20inch (wide) x 20inch (tall). this is one of my favorite tanks...
  62. samc

    buying from java-plants

    i was looking for plants when i came across java-plants on the pfk site has any1 ever bought from here as the seem cheap (pots are about 1.75) wanted to know what kind of quality they are. thanks
  63. samc

    my first scape 80l

    this is my first scape althought it has changed many times. it currently has a eheim aquaball in but is not really good enough so im going for a large eheim external one as this will easily be enough for this tank and should get crystal clear water too. the lighting is 2x18w which is slightly on...
  64. samc

    best carpet plant for a 2wpg tank

    iv got a small tank and wanted a carpet plant for it that will spread well iv got some hc in there but not sure if it will grow very well i dont really want any riccia as it is high maintance any helps great
  65. samc

    Utricularia Graminifolia???

    just woundered if any1 has had any experience growing this plant and how easy it is to grow, im think what to use as a carpet? any helps great
  66. samc

    sams 30l tank

    here is the tank i have just done today; the tank has already changed since the photo and now has some windelov in from joyous The tank has been sat doing nothing for a while and decided to scape it into a shrimp tank,i am now planning on making a moss wall, and covering alot of the tank in...