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  1. Dan Crawford

    Festival of Fishkeeping 2015 - 3-4 October

    Hello everyone. We've been invited to the Festival again this year. It's at a more accessible location these days, in Hounslow Urban Farm, Faggs Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 OLZ. We've been offered some floor space. If I were to accept the invitation how many of you would come and say hello...
  2. Dan Crawford

    UKAPS Tshirts options POLL

    Logo in the centre Logo on the left breast
  3. Dan Crawford

    UKAPS Printed Garments

    Hey folks, it's been suggested that maybe we should have some UKAPS branded Hoodies and Tshirts printed. At a price of £10 for a Tshirt and £18 for a hoodie, who would be interested?.......
  4. Dan Crawford

    Congratulations Mark Evans of Tropica!

    A press release sent out by Tropica Aquarium Plants.... "Tropica is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Evans in a new role as Aquatic Expert. Mark Evans is already a well-known name within the aquarium community as a judge in aquascaping competitions, photographer and video...
  5. Dan Crawford

    Groundland - Shallow Aquascape

    Hi Folks, it's bout time you had a journal from me! Well, it's not much of a journal because the aquascape is almost finished but here's the journey so far….. Last year I set up an awful lot of tanks and the lead up to Aquatics Live was a very busy time. Consequently after the show was over I...
  6. Dan Crawford

    George Farmer is BACK!!!

    Some of you may not know but George is a Weapons Technician in the RAF. He's recently returned back from a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. Once he's spent some much needed time with his friends and family i'm sure he'll be as active as ever. Please take a minute to welcome him back and thank...
  7. Dan Crawford

    My Discus Tank

    Hey folks, it's been a while since i've had much to show you, mainly because i've been busy racing and working. Well this time of year I do very little of either so I set to work getting my "in the wall" discus tank sorted. I built a stand out of 2" x 2" timber in January this year to hold a...
  8. Dan Crawford

    Avatars for you to use...

    Here are some avatars for you to use if you wish....
  9. Dan Crawford

    Aquatics Live Showcase

    Hey folks, I know it's a bit late in the day but i'm hoping to create showcase of members' aquascapes to display at the show. If you'd like me to display your tank(s) please post a picture here, as large as possible please. Thanks folks!
  10. Dan Crawford

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    Aquatics Live 2012 will be running on November 10th and 11th at Olympia, London. After the success of last year's live aquascaping competition, we'll be doing it all again this year - with the added attraction of cash prizes! The tanks to be aquascaped this year will be around 90cm wide so...
  11. Dan Crawford

    I'll be at P@H Telford this weekend....

    Hi Folks, for those of you who are interested, I'll be at Pets @ Home Telford on Saturday and Sunday doing a couple of planted tank demos on be half of Tropica. It'll be going on from 11am till 3pm on both days, PFK will be there on Saturday. If anyone can make it, please make sure you come...
  12. Dan Crawford

    Vivarium/Reptile Lighting

    Hi folks, I'm looking into reptile lighting for the missis's Bearded Dragon. Now, companies like Arcaida and ExoTerra etc sell specific tubes that give off UVA and UVB, apparently. What i'm wondering is, is this just a marketing ploy similar to "plant pro" tubes for planted aquaria etc or do I...
  13. Dan Crawford

    ADA to have a new logo?....

    Taken from Reef Builders http://reefbuilders.com/2011/03/11/aqua ... mano-logo/
  14. Dan Crawford

    Forest Lament

    Hi folks, after my trip to Hannover I got inspired and decided to rescape my low maintenance scape and do a new one. I never really photographed my old tank before I ripped it down to take the plants to Germany so this is all i've got... Quite frustrating really as I was just getting rid of...
  15. Dan Crawford

    Competition in Hannover, Germany

    Hi Folks, whilst having a surf a couple of weeks ago I came across the annual "Art of Planted Aquarium Competition" held in Hannover. At Vivarium last year I spoke with a chap called Edwin who runs a great deal of German aquatic related websites and I remember him saying that I should enter...
  16. Dan Crawford

    30 x 30 x 30 Unnamed 'scape....

    Well the racing season is finished so i've been able to dedicate a little more time to my tanks. I've had this 30cm Optiwhite sitting empty for a while and thought it was a bout time i did something with it! I've use products, plants and equipment that I had lying around. The plants are: HC...
  17. Dan Crawford

    Drop Checker & 4 dkH solution

    I don't change mine for months at a time, although i don't rely on it anymore. After a while you'll be able to tell if you're lacking CO2. Changing every couple of weeks will be fine IMO.
  18. Dan Crawford

    UKAPS Trip to Holland - Vivarium 2011

    Hi Folks, after the success of our visit earlier this year UKAPS have asked to attend Viviarium 2011. We are proposing that this year we take a minibus over. Last time Graeme, Stu and I went over in my car but we recon it'll be a great laugh if we all pile into a minibus and make a road trip...
  19. Dan Crawford

    British Championship Final

    Hi folks, this weekend saw the British Grasstrack Championship final at Rhodes Minis in Kent. For the past seven weeks i've been passengering for the reigning British Champion Mark Cossar as his passenger was hit by another bike and his leg was broken. Up until two weeks ago we were unbeaten in...
  20. Dan Crawford

    UKAPS @ RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    Hello folks, A few weeks ago UKAPS was contacted by Aquarium Architecture (www.aquariumarchitecture.co.uk) about setting up a planted tank at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Obviously we jumped at the chance after tirelessly trying to get The RHS to allow us to put a display in for the last few...
  21. Dan Crawford

    Interzoo BABY!

    So George and I are off to Interzoo this evening, we're meeting up with Roy Devani from Unipac at the airport and traveling over with him. We've gotta celeb packed list of folks that we need to meet up with including Lars Green, Oliver Lucanus, Chris Lukhaup, Oliver Knott and Heiko Bleher! Oh...
  22. Dan Crawford

    New Featured Aquascape....

    After much deliberation we've decided to feature Andy H's tank as our featured scape. We feel that Andy's work is a true reflection of what is possible with the right amount of research, well chosen products and dedication. Well done Andy :thumbup: http://www.ukaps.org/featured-scape.htm
  23. Dan Crawford

    Questionnaire WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Hi Folks, TMC are expanding their AquaGro range and have asked UKAPS if their members would help them find out a few things about the average plant grower. They are offering a CO2 diffuser to ten members that complete the questionnaire picked at random. TMC are looking to work closely with...
  24. Dan Crawford

    60mm Macro

    I've been after a macro lens for a while now, i really wanted the 100mm but couldn't really justify the cost but then a brand new 60mm popped up on ebay for only £220 so i snapped it up. I've not had much chance to play with it but here are the first few shots i've taken with it... Lemon...
  25. Dan Crawford

    UKaps Iwagumi

    Hi folks, some of you will remember that at the Festival of Fishkeeping this year we planted an Iwagumi in front of the public as a bit of a tutorial on how yo plant plants. Well, we all loved the tank and it seemed a shame to rip it down so we decided to keep it running at my house. It's been a...
  26. Dan Crawford

    ADA Solar 1

    Well, I have a new ADA style tank and cabinet being made by Aquariums Ltd in dark grey and i've had a good month so i thought i'd treat myself to something i've been fantasizing about for years, so i gave TGM a call and bought an ADA Solar 1. I'm truly impressed by the whole thing, it's...
  27. Dan Crawford

    FOF Iwagumi Challenge - POLL

    At this years festival we had an empty tank full of gravel and and a selction of Mini Landscape Rock and tried to encourage the public to have a go at rock arranging. Here are the efforts, please vote on which one you think is the nicest.... Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option4
  28. Dan Crawford

    My First HDR

    Many of you would have seen the sky last night? It was awesome so i jumped out of the car and took a few shots. My fist time trying HDR and i kinda like it. I did a panorama too, i'll put it up later. I'd probably crop the bottom off but i thought i just give you a true representation of what it...
  29. Dan Crawford

    25 Times Turnover = Cloudy Water?

    Hi folks. I have a 240L Aquariums Limited tank and i'm using it for a project for PFK. It's a planted tank, i needed more flow so i got myself a TetraTec 2400, after adding this, i seemed to get some algae issues, staghorn and some weird green stuff growing on the substrate. I have the CO2...
  30. Dan Crawford


    Hey folks, I did this a while ago. Those who came to my BBQ will remember seeing it in a mess! It only really lasts for a couple of days. 10 days really but in it's prime at around day 6 and then starts to get really leggy and mine started to die off. TBF once it was over grown, i just left it...
  31. Dan Crawford

    Oliver Knott Day!

    Hi folks, i've just recieved my ticket from TGM and i have to say, what a sexy looking ticket :wink: I'm writing this because i think this is a great opportunity to meet some new members. The membership is increasing rapidly and it's not often that we could have a possible 120 members all...
  32. Dan Crawford

    Shooting Panoramic Shots

    Hi folks, i have to go out for wok on Sunday and photograph some massive factories. I can't shoot them in one shot so i was wondering if there are any tips for doing it. I can and will stitch them all together in PS but i am looking for tips that will minimise post processing. I'll be using a...
  33. Dan Crawford

    Show us your makeshift photography lighting....

    Heres my latest attempt..... and the result Lighting Details: 150w halide Camera Details: Canon EOS 350D Lens: Canon 50mm Mode: Manual Settings: F Number - 7.1 Focal Length - 50mm Exposure Time - 1/60 ISO- 100
  34. Dan Crawford

    Dan's Festival Tank 09

    Well, as the FOF 09 approaches, i'm doing a new tank to display. I wanted to do something that most of the public that attend wont really of seen, so i went for a pretty basic iwagumi. I'm using HC, Lilliopsis, Tennelus and a bit of moss here and there. The substrate is ADA Bright Sand] and...
  35. Dan Crawford

    Algae on Cyperus

    Hi folks, i have algae on my Cyperus helferi, it's hair algae. The plant is in direct flow, constantly, all the usuals are ok and i'm dosing the full ADA range. I've just cut the plant off at the substrate and presumed it was lack of maintenance on my part. After a quick chat with Tonser on the...
  36. Dan Crawford

    Dan's Vivarium...

    Hey guys, On Sunday i got myself a Poison Dart Frog - Dendrobate leucomelas and it's way cool. I got a cheap, craked Clear Seal viv at about 40 x 40 x 30 and scaped it up using local mosses and Blue Stone from TGM. It took about 30 minutes to do and i love it. I'm gonna resape it soon with...
  37. Dan Crawford

    Studio Lighting

    Many of us are thinking about getting some studio lighting at the moment, mainly down to Tonser's and Saintly's quality results using it. I thought i'd show you a shot that Saintly took at mine, using his Bowens set up, it's really good stuff.
  38. Dan Crawford

    Journal Dan's Pond

    Hi guys, well heres a quick picture of my pond as it is at the moment. I've got some serious issues with detritus, the filter gets blocked once a week, it's rated for 1000 gallons and i'm a little over that but not too much. I have some MASSIVE koi (2ft+) in there but i'm still not convinced...
  39. Dan Crawford

    Action Photography - Speedway

    I was racing at "The Mountain Ring" in Teterow, North Germany last weekend. As some of you may know, i race Grasstrack and Speedway Sidecars http://www.ccraceteam.co.uk Well, Teterow is in the same league as the Manx TT for the "something you HAVE to do". It's a mile long motorcross course but...
  40. Dan Crawford

    UKaps Events 2009

    Hi everyone, here is a list of events this year. If you want to host your own event, please post it here. Event - Dan's BBQ Date - Saturday 20th June Location - Daventry NN11 Time - 11:00 onwards Details - Sponsored 'scape off - three 60 x 30 x 30 tanks to be dryscaped. A different sponsor will...
  41. Dan Crawford

    Hayling's Island

    Heres a shot of my optiwhite which i set up for last years festival. All these plants are the original ones, just grown a bit. It's a nice little jungle and i love jungles :D I've got a trio of breeding Bettas in there just for fun. 1ml TPN+ per day 1ml EasyCarbo per day 50% WC when i get a...
  42. Dan Crawford

    Canon 40D

    Hi folks, i've gathered some funds and i'm after a new camera, i want a Canon 40D. I have £500 in crisp notes and wondered if anyone knew of any for sale? There are a few on Ebay @ £500 which is where i'll be going if no-one knows of anyone else with one for sale. I'm not after it being...
  43. Dan Crawford

    Halide and "PL Lamps"

    Hi folks, i've just bought a second hand one of these and i'm lost as to what the "PL Lamps" are, any ideas on what they are and where to get them from?
  44. Dan Crawford

    Please Read This.

    The aquatic plants which we receive are generally grown in nurseries, in these situations the plants are normally grown above water. There are many methods for aquatic plant propagation so please discuss it here.
  45. Dan Crawford

    New Moderator - SteveUK

    With the size of the forum getting increasing larger, we thought it would be beneficial to add a new moderator. We've decided on SteveUK. Steve has been a valued, long term member and we feel he'll be a credit to UKAPS. Welcome to the team Steve!
  46. Dan Crawford

    Experienced hobbyists - could you write more?

    After some points were made on another thread, it appears that a hand full of people would prefer for some of the more experienced hobbyists to offer more help or enthusiasm.... I do what i can and for me, thats a lot. I, like most have a full time job and many other commitments. I run five...
  47. Dan Crawford

    More Journals? discuss.....

    After a few points made about the lack of journals i thought it would be a good idea to have an area for you all to discuss it. I don't generally do journals because of my hectic lifestyle. I spend a lot of time here during work hours LOL but when i'm at home i'm a very busy guy. I have five...
  48. Dan Crawford

    UKaps BBQ 2009

    Hi Guys, i'll be holding a meeting for any UKaps member at my house in Daventry on June 20th 2009. Everyone is welcome and i have enough room to accommodate a good few people (sofas on first come first serve LOL) My local train station is Long buckby, about 10 minutes away. Northampton and Rugby...
  49. Dan Crawford

    Dan's Little Mountain replacement

    Hi guys, well, Little Mountain has been going strong for nearly 2 years now. It's gone through many changes but the basics have not altered. I've practiced using stems in a nano and found out that it works very well but it's pretty hard work, i've played around with dosing, CO2 and none CO2...
  50. Dan Crawford

    Dennerle Seminar

    Hi everybody. I've recently been approached by Dennerle to see if i could help arrange a seminar in the UK. I've said i'll put the feelers out and check out how many people might be interested. It would be based in the midlands and likely to take place in May/June. The speaker will be Stefan...
  51. Dan Crawford

    DENNERLE Nanos

    Dennerel Nanos available from these stores. Amwell Aquatics Epping and Ely Ripples Waterlife Bridgemere, Telford and Shenstone Living Reef Dartford Goldfish Bowl Oxford Hobby Fish Milton Keynes A&D Aquatics Oldbury Birmingham Hollybush Aquatics Aquajardin Gloucester & Southampton Bretonside...
  52. Dan Crawford

    Dan's Dennerle Nano

    Hi guys, i got this tank about 2 months ago and i love it! It came with everything you need ie. gravel, substrate fertilisers, plant food, shrimp food, shrimp tonic, filter, lighting and all sorts. Well i got to work on it straight away and it's been a pleasure ever since. I've changed the...
  53. Dan Crawford

    Some sort of eggs maybe?

    Hi folks, i've just noticed these on my Mini Landscape rocks, they are kind of hard and less than 1mm in length. I have know idea what they could be. The only inhabitants are Crystal Red Shrimp. ANy ideas?
  54. Dan Crawford

    Win an Aquariums Ltd tank and cabinet

    Hi folks, AL are running a comp on the PFK site to win a 3 foot tank and cabinet, go enter if your a member, or become a member if not, the PFK site has some great resources. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/p ... tition.php
  55. Dan Crawford

    George, Dan and Jeremy

    A couple of weeks ago Jeremy and I spent the evening at George's for a final night of alcohol and aquascaping before George had to go back to work after a long old stint in the Middle East. We took this photo on his new iMac and i'd completely forgotten about it till i just uploaded some...
  56. Dan Crawford

    Cheap Lily pipes

    Hi folks, i'm on the hunt for some new glassware and theses are my findings. Aqua Essentials are doing 40% off ADA filter glassware which is quality, so for under £100 you can get an inlet and outlet which is an awesome deal! http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... th=180_310 I have no...
  57. Dan Crawford


    Hey folks, i just thought i'd show a picture from my living room. This is what i have to look at when i'm not at work, happy times hey. Oh yeh, i took the picture last night with the wrong lens and after a few cheeky mid-week beers.
  58. Dan Crawford

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Viewing Gallery

    Here are the UKaps ADA entries. If you've entered and would like to be in the showcase please PM me the tank details. 15 112 583 686 874 898 To discuss these entries visit the following topic: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2497
  59. Dan Crawford

    anyone for a gabble?

  60. Dan Crawford

    Please post ONLY FINISHED aquascapes.

    Hi all, this area is intended as a "viewing gallery" as opposed to a step by step or a journal style board. Please try an post a finished aquascape and leave the rest to the journals section. Thanks The Admin Team.
  61. Dan Crawford

    Required - Plant photos for our festival stand

    Hi all, i'm doing a small plant list on our festival stand, i am doing 5 plant species and i need 2 photos of each, one macro and one of the overall effect of the plant in situ. They need to be as higher resolution as possible. The 5 plants are Limnophila Aromatica (got photos) HC (got macro)...
  62. Dan Crawford

    My "wild" type angels

    Hi guys, I was on the hunt for wild angels and Jeremy Gay put me onto this breeder up in Manchester. A lovely chap who never had in what i wanted but promised to send me some whenever he got something that he thought was fitting. Well he emailed me and said he had something about right so i...
  63. Dan Crawford

    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Hi, after "Route to Wilderness'" imortalisation in PFK i thought it was time to break it down and start a fresh. I wanted to try my hand at stems so tis is what i came up with. It needs to fill in and there is loads of Rotala behind the large rocks so once that's grown in it should look a lot...
  64. Dan Crawford

    Ruby Tetra

    Hi everyone, i bought 20 of these axelrodia riesei @ £2.50 each from MA Crowland, they are stunning but they are the most illusive fish i've ever kept. http://www.jjphoto.dk/fish_archive/aqua ... riesei.htm Any thoughts on giving them some more confidence? I'm gonna reduce the lighting but...
  65. Dan Crawford

    FTP site.....

    Hi guys, i need to set up an FTP site for my studio, any ideas on what to use, preferably free and must work on a mac. Cheers folks. Dan
  66. Dan Crawford

    Urgent - Picture of curved scissors

    Hi everyone, i have received the "curved" scissors for the aquascaping tool kits but they aren't curved at all! The suppliers are now demanding a picture of what they "should" look like. I've sent them a pic of the ADA ones but that isn't good enough. If anyone has even a half decent picture...
  67. Dan Crawford

    Grasstrack Sidecar Racing

    Hi everyone. This is my other hobby, i've been out of the game for a few years due to other financial commitments but i'm back on it again and loving it. For the past two weekends i've been racing over in Germany in the European Grasstrack Championships and although being plagued with engine...
  68. Dan Crawford

    Crystal Red Shrimplets

    Hey folks, just thought i'd let you all know that the Crystal Reds that came in "little mountain" from George have bred and i have at least 4 babies that i can see. Happy days hey?!
  69. Dan Crawford

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Hi all, for those of you that entered please post your entered aquascape here..... Heres mine, i hope you like it....
  70. Dan Crawford

    ADA Results, NOW IN!

    The ADA results are in and a huge congratulations to every one. The UK results are as follows: Andrew Mack - 112 Mark Taylor - 539 Dan Crawford - 583 Ted Eales - 617 Dobrin Dobrev - 660 Graeme Edwards - 686 Jurg Bahler - 779 Andre Ward - 781 Tom Messenger - 874 George Farmer - 898 Chris Jupp -...
  71. Dan Crawford

    mercury vapor - your thoughts?

    Hi all, i've just acquired two Arcadia 3 series 125w mercury vapor pendants and wondered what your thoughts were. I've gotta replace the bulbs and lampspecs have 4100K bulbs but thats it. Dennerle do some too @ 4000. I have a 100w Arcadia 80cm luminaire at the moment and i'm thinking of...
  72. Dan Crawford

    Photos of your tanks from around the UK

    Hey everyone. I'm currently designing our FOF stand and one of the things i'd like to do is create a map of the UK with pics of your tank in the place of your county. If your up for it please send me a pic of your tank along with your county and i'll see how it looks. Please the file as your...
  73. Dan Crawford

    When kind hearted people interfere!

    Hi guys, i've set up a high tech 60cm iwigumi at work with a HC carpet, Blyxia, vallis nana and eleocharis (plus weeds for the minute) and i'm kinda happy with it, not perfect but it'll do. I have a shoal of 10 Hariquins in there and i was chuffed with them! Well, my boss turns up yesterday with...
  74. Dan Crawford

    Amano Shrimp Eggs

    Hi guys, one of my largest Amano shrimp is heavily laidened with eggs and i'm wondering how to get them to hatch and raise them up? i'm happy to set up another tank and i am guessing that it will need to be semi-saline or somthing but it's gotta be worth a shot? any thoughts?
  75. Dan Crawford


    Anyone a Bonsai keeper, i've been asked to have a look at one for a friend coz it's kinda suffering and just wondered how many people kept them?
  76. Dan Crawford

    FREE Filter with PFK!

    If you ever needed a reason to subscribe then this is it! A free TetraTec EX 600. Happy Days!
  77. Dan Crawford

    fancy writing an article?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to gather some plant related articles to be put up on the website and forum. Its my opinion that everyone has at least one good article in them somewhere. I'll be attempting one on the uses of moss within the aquarium. We have one on Co2 FAQs by George, one on...
  78. Dan Crawford

    Co2 photos for UKaps.

    Hi Folks, i am currently designing some articles for our website and i am a little short on photos. The articles are generally Co2 based so what i need are really nice photos of Co2 equipment and the main one being a dropchecker, a real sexy glass one would be nice. A good photo of a nice glass...
  79. Dan Crawford

    Who doses what?

    Here's a poll to try and figure out what is the most common method of fert dosing. There is no need to say why you dose a particular way really i just want the numbers. There are probably some other popular techniques so just let me know and i'll add them to the poll. Some of you may mix X...
  80. Dan Crawford

    Off the shelf dosing

    Hi guys, as most of you know UKaps have set up a tank for Unipac and i've been maintaining it once a month ever since. What i want to know is......what "off the shelf" fertaliser that can regularly be purchased from and MA should i reccommend? i know that they arn't the best and TPN+ would be...
  81. Dan Crawford

    Dan's New Tank

    Hi everyone, after a wait of about 3 months i had all the bits together to set up my new tank so "i got the boys round". Graeme, George and Jeremy came round to mine for the weekend and we had a weekend of drunken scaping and i think you'll agree that scaping whist drunk actually produced some...
  82. Dan Crawford

    copper connectors

    does anyone see any reason why I shouldn't use copper pipe to join two bits of filter hose together? cheers guys.
  83. Dan Crawford

    UKaps Aquascaping Tools

    Well, with the imminent arrival of UKaps aquascaping tools i thought i'd find out how many people would be prepared to actually buy them? (providing that they are up to standard) The kit will include: 1. Stainless Steel Straight 11 inch Scissors. 2. Stainless Steel Curved 11 inch Scissors...
  84. Dan Crawford

    Aqua Clay Substrate

    Has anyone used "aquaclay" http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... cts_id=189 Unipac sell this stuff and i was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. I have some but i'm yet to test it. Any thoughts would be great.
  85. Dan Crawford

    Glosso - or maybe not?

    Hi everyone, i've just received my order from plants alive for my new tank. I ordered some glosso and this is what i got, any ideas?
  86. Dan Crawford

    Small Cameras - any suggestions?

    Hi folks, my missis wants a camera for crimbo but she dosn't want to carry around a DSLR so i was wondering what the general consensus was on the best small camera for around £200-£250? Cheers
  87. Dan Crawford

    UKaps plant donations.....

    hi everyone, as some of you may know UniPac kindly donated gravel, rocks and a lot of wood that UKaps used for our display tank at the festival. In return for their generosity I offered to 'scape their waiting room tank. We (George & Graeme & I) will be doing this in the morning before SAMs BBQ...
  88. Dan Crawford

    iPhone - the greatest piece of kit in the world

    well what can I say? Apple do things right! This thing rocks, as with anything made by apple I highly reccomend it.
  89. Dan Crawford

    Big Danne's open top nano

    Hi everone, after we (ukaps) were supplied with the plants for the FOF by plants alive we were unsure whether some of the "anubius" were aquatic or not. I don't have the knowlage to tell whether or not they are "nor did anyone else at the festival but George had his suspisions) so i desided to...
  90. Dan Crawford

    Big Danne's "minigumi"

    Hi everyone, after the pico tank that we did at the festival it inspired me to do one of my own. I set it up 2 days after the festival. In my haste i never washed the gravel properly so i'm fighting with white dust but otherwise it's been alright. I did have some riccia "trees" but they never...
  91. Dan Crawford

    ADA style tanks - where to get them?

    High guys, i'm gonna be setting up an ADA style tank and was wondering if anybody knew where to get and 80cm x 45cm x 45cm clear seal tank without a top brace? Thanks all.
  92. Dan Crawford

    Festival Photos

    Hi everbody. Thanks for all the praise for the stand i was generally quite pleased with it myself. Thanks to everybody who turned up to support us and a massive thanks to ceg for traveling all the way down to the festival on sunday JUST to help us dissmantel the stand! (plus he gave me an...
  93. Dan Crawford

    Big Danne's 180

    Hi everyone. Well here it is. I've been too imbarrised to post till now although it is still not nearly finished. I'm now looking to you all for advise and crituque. Please excuse the poor photo. The potted tiger lotus in the bottom right is a bit of an experiment so please discard that too...
  94. Dan Crawford

    Discus FRY!

    Hey hey, well as you may no the other week i had some discus eggs.......well now i have fry! That puts to bed the idea that you can't breed discus in anything but RO or HMA, i don't even declorinate my water (only coz i've ran out) let alone run it throuht countless prefilters and membranes...
  95. Dan Crawford

    T8 Lighting.

    hi everyone, what T8 lights do you use if any? I'm buying a new light after work (4.30) and was wondering what everyone else likes/reccomends. My main priority is plant growth as opposed to "fish colour enhancement". Cheers guys.
  96. Dan Crawford

    Java moss - Vesicularia dubyana

    H iguys, at the BBQ James C gave me a bag full of the healthiest java moss i have ever seen. (cheers mate :wink:) I promptly took it home and dressed my new piece of wood (medium red moore wood from AE) and it looked stunning! but after a day or two in my discus tank it has pretty much died...
  97. Dan Crawford

    Discus EGGS!

    Hi guys, as most of you know, i love to keep discus. Well, i was watching them the other day and they were clearly cleaning a new piece of wood that i had added to the tank. I watched them for about 2 hrs on and off (well i stared from the sofa!) and they layed a patch of eggs, about 50 ish. I...
  98. Dan Crawford

    Jungle Style Photo

    Hi every one, i am currently designing our stand for the festival of fishkeeping in October. I have very kindly been provided with most of the photos i need but i don't seem to have a jungle style photo. If anyone would like there photo displayed on our stand please send me the original hi res...
  99. Dan Crawford

    Aquarium Background

    Hi guys, here at work i have the ability/technology to create custom printed tank backgrounds and i was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on what might look nice. At the mo i have a gradient from top to bottom going from ligt blue to black and back to light blue again. It's alright but it's...
  100. Dan Crawford

    Nature Aquarium World by Takashi Amano Book 2

    Hi guys, i've just seen this and thought i would let you all know about it, could be worth a buy for somone. The auction has nothing to do with me and i will make no profit from it i just thought i should post it. Public service and all that you know. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...