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  1. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Well it's been a while :eek: this is still running though not always smoothly:lol:, neglected at times other than the weekly water change, so algae issues here and there, iPhone pic Stems have gone, wood has been changed from manzi to plain old bogwood as the manzanita was starting to soften...
  2. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Hey folks quick pic before the new year, Letting this over grow now try and build up some plant mass for a re scape, plants are beginning to lift from the substrate so don’t see this one lasting more than a month now, Had one little stem of pinatidifida survive from the start of the scape...
  3. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Filter changed again, switched over to hob filter, tank ticks along a bit of algae though manageable, probably get round to a rescape in the new year.
  4. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Yep cut the bottom off in the end, the horizontal position worked ok untill I changed the light to flexi mini, it blocked light from some plants and became a pita when I neglected the tank a little, sucking in air when the tank wasn't topped up.
  5. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Morning:) been absent for a while, work life and life in general not leaving much time for much else :( this scape is still running although a tad overgrown Untitled by timyapp, on Flickr
  6. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Thanks Ryan
  7. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Thanks for the comments guys, kitchen nano mkII is still running though a tad neglected, it keeps ticking along, shrimp breeding faster than the rams horn snails, will try and keep a better journal if/when I rescape it. iPhone pic Cheers for looking :-)
  8. tim

    Low tech water changes

    I change around 30% weekly on my low tech tanks, I've found it keeps algae at bay and shrimps happy, find the best routine that works for you and the tank, if dosing ei ferts a 1/3 recommend dose should be plenty for a low tech or less.
  9. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Morning folks, it's been a while :-), slight change to the scape, sand removed elecharis parvula planted, Monte Carlo has decided to work its way over the hardscape so imagine the carpet will end up mixed, working on thickening the rotala background, not sure the light is showing its best colour...
  10. tim

    Trimming cryptocoryne balansae

    When I want to thin my balansae I grab the longest leaves and follow the leaf down to the base of its stem and pinch it off, time consuming but it doesn't leave my background looking bare.
  11. tim

    Synergy - 180L tall tank.

    Looks great .
  12. tim

    Cleaning glass on the outside

    White vinegar in a spray bottle or rubbed on with a cloth works for me.
  13. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Morning folks, before and after trimming Cheers for looking :-)
  14. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    :lol: it's definitely there tim Staghorn Brush algae All pointing to low flow around the substrate level of the tank, can't find my koralia 900 at the moment though :mad:
  15. tim

    Nano Nature Scape

    Extremely well executed scape Tim, looks mature already amazing sense of depth for a 30cm tank, top job mate.
  16. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    The glass skimmers are great, though a little bulky but I find they don't catch shrimp and fish like my eheim skimmer. The pinnatadifida melted unfortunately, along with staurogyne it's a plant I don't seem to be able to grow.
  17. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Thanks for the compliment :-) it's never easy :lol: I found the eheim pump though excellent for flow and distribution of co2 contributed to some algae issues as it has no prefilter to catch detritus, impeller chopping up all the muck it removed and spreading it back round the tank, I would use...
  18. tim

    Ei ferts on a low tech

    I've dosed 1/3 recommended ei dose 4x a week (2macro 2micro) on some of my low techs, if you have a TDS meter you can gauge if the plants are using most of the nutrients added.
  19. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Thanks Million, Scapes growing in slowly, rotala is very green at the moment, diatoms and a bit of staghorn in the moss so I'm keeping the light low for now, added some ricardia amongst the dragon stone. Quick I phone pic Cheers for looking :-)
  20. tim

    MC Mountains - 12g long

    Great scape, hope you plan to let the Monte Carlo and hairgrass mix a little along the front for that natural look.
  21. tim

    Nano Nature Scape

    Great hardscape Tim, my only thought is the maybe level the substrate along the front of the tank, looking forward to the planted pics :thumbup:
  22. tim

    Moss Wall

    You can get good coverage if you chop the moss and mix with a little water, spread thinly and grow it emersed in a tub, epiweb or hygrolon would be good for the wall, http://www.epiweb.se/products.htm
  23. tim

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    Cough cough :D time for a journal then LD :)
  24. tim

    Lower Maintenance high tech 'scape ideas please

    Had the same issues here https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/about-time-90x45x45-scape.37774/ lack of time and Monte Carlo just grew too well, removed it and went for sand foreground, easier to maintain quick stir before water change and the sand can be syphoned out and fresh sand added when it...
  25. tim

    The Enchanted Forest #IAPLC2017

    Great scape.
  26. tim

    Please help with plant name

    First plant could be hygrophillia corymbosa, second plant is an amazon sword, not sure on sp type.
  27. tim

    Blue leds and algae

    It'll depend on the intensity of the blue LEDs if it's not many blues, I don't see it being an issue.
  28. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    New scape Needs a bit of a tidy up and I have some moss to wrap on lava rock to soften the dragon stone to sand area, time to let it grow in, cheers for looking :-)
  29. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Scape has become an overgrown mess due to lack of time and lack of interest lately, easier to rescape than sort out :-) Moved the livestock to my 90cm tank and redid the tank Saturday, less plant varieties should hopefully lead to a little less maintenance, pics will follow once the water has...
  30. tim

    JBL and FE

    The jbl m001 regulator fit straight onto the fe, I run 3 of them.
  31. tim

    My kitchen nano

  32. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Quick I phone pic before tomorrow's maintenance Should change the sand at the front and clean up the rocks in the next week or two, time permitting, Cheers for looking :-)
  33. tim

    Journal Mission Bathtub 2017

  34. tim

    Nelson's 120P

    great scape Neil, will you enter this into any of the biotope comps this year ?
  35. tim

    My kitchen nano

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lighting-Equivalent-Waterproof-Daylight-Floodlight-x/dp/B00JB12N7M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490301296&sr=8-1&keywords=10w+led+floodlight That's the one I used over the mini m, the cable is ridiculously short, easy enough to lengthen though, I'm using a flexi mini led over...
  36. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Plants are growing back in, some stubborn bga along the front glass, but on the whole algae issues in decline, Cheers for looking :-)
  37. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Kitchen Nano mk2 ready for inhabitants, weekend off coming up so the mini m will be stripped and the shrimp and snails moved here.
  38. tim

    Guess The Tank Size!

    90cmx 30cmx 30cm, 22g
  39. tim

    Lily pipe for the smaller tank

    http://www.hinterfeld.com/viv-aquarium-water-plant-filter-inflow-outflow-glass-strong-power-lily-pipe-s-m/ I've used a few glass pipes from Hinterfeld lately to replace ones I've broken, been good quality considering the price and a forum sponsor too :-)
  40. tim

    The Grey - aquascaper 600 - Its Here - Pix

    Looking great Gill.
  41. tim

    What buce do I have here?

    Very difficult to give a correct id when it comes to bucephlandra imo, you may find similar in this thread https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/bucephalandra-all-in-one.26970/ I've purchased a fair few over the years and couldn't tell you the type of any because I threw away the plant labels...
  42. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    It was definitely co2, I had a cracked co2 diffuser (inline) go un noticed for a couple of weeks, bba covered the rocks and wood over this period, switched back to an in tank diffuser, stable co2 and the brush algae has stopped growing just need to get round to removal, I find most algae issues...
  43. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Loads of bba in this tank mate, not noticeable from a distance so I just sit a bit further away ;-)
  44. tim

    Dou's Various Tanks (ADA 60P, Do!Aqua MiniM+Cube, 90x30x36, etc.)

    The readjustment's have improved the depth of the scape greatly, this will be improved more when the plants behind the wood on the left grow out more, it's a stunning scape Dou imo, worthy of an entry to iaplc this year, do you plan to enter ? Photography is really good mate.
  45. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    :lol: thank you john, high praise indeed, sorry mrs s :oops:
  46. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Thanks Doubu, bolbitus is a great plant, though I always seem to get bba on the leaves in hardwater.
  47. tim

    Light up my life

    Nice thread :-) A couple of my tanks
  48. tim

    New camera phone tips please- Huawei P8 Lite

    Hiya gill, if you search eBay, a mini tripod for your phone is very useful imo, you can also use the timer on the phone cam to eliminate any vibration when taking the picture, also set your aquarium light on full for the photo, also worth playing around with the position of the light above the...
  49. tim

    MC Mountains - 12g long

    Trim off the top stems it should encourage side shoots, replant the longer stems though I've found them a bit hit and miss as to wether they produce roots or not, scapes looking great mate
  50. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Had a light trim, only takes a week or two and the stems are back at the top.
  51. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Gave this a massive trim last week, will be a few weeks before it grows back in, seem to be getting on top of the issues finally, need all the background plants to thicken up now and it'll be time for a rescape
  52. tim

    Guess the deficiency

    Happens with my stems, I think the plant puts its energy into the new growth which leads to the old leaves deteriorating and becoming susceptible to algae, I hide my cuts behind other plants and hardscape.
  53. tim

    Guess the deficiency

    Also just had a quick look at your journal, imo distribution of flow may possibly be your issue, the flow at the front of the tank (blyxa) may be too fierce not allowing enough contact between plant and co2 nutrients etc then the flow will be disrupted by the hardscape imho causing issues for...
  54. tim

    Guess the deficiency

    Possibly, easy way to find out is add an extra teaspoon to your macro bottle and wait a couple of weeks
  55. tim

    Guess the deficiency

    The affected leaves on your ludwigia look to be below the place you last trimmed them, you could uproot and replant the new stems or trim off those leaves, always worth trimming as close to the substrate as possible imo. You seem to be using the apfuk ei recipe which is a bit light on salts...
  56. tim

    Question about filtration for 330lt

    If you use a splitter on the co2 line you will need a needle valve on each line to ensure even co2 supply, gas will take the path of least resistance, 2x1500e will possibly fall a bit short flow wise though the bigger filters are a p.i.t.a to fit inline heaters, diffusers etc due to the larger...
  57. tim

    Crystal Mountain

    Great journal nuno, awesome scape :clap:
  58. tim

    Aquarium - SUSSOA

    It's as good as the Ada diffusers then ? :lol:
  59. tim

    New planted 200l Fluval led

    Looking good pricey :-)
  60. tim

    Not a clean slate, 200L

    The scape is really coming along nicely Jesper, http://tropica.com/en/plants/plantdetails/Alternantherareineckii'Mini'(023CTC)/4439 could be a good replacement for the staurogyne, adding some colour contrast but staying low...
  61. tim

    Since when did E.I become a P.I.T.A

    Are you adding any magnesium?
  62. tim

    Root Ferts for Swords

    Should cover all the plants needs https://www.thenutrientcompany.com/product/tnc-plugs/
  63. tim

    Low Tech Re-Scape

    Hi mike, depending on how low light the led is will limit the plant choice, anubias Java fern many of the bucephlandra species and cryptocoryne species will do well. limnophillia sessilflora, rotala rotundifola, ludwigia arcuata have done ok for me low tech, also micranthemum Monte Carlo...
  64. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Thanks for the great feed back guys and gals :-) I really like the skimmer, so far I've found it doesn't swallow livestock which for me puts it way ahead of others I've used.
  65. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Jungly :-) BBA still hanging around on the rocks, will hopefully get round to removing them for a deep clean at some point. Time for a trim of the stems , they will probably benefit from a total uproot and replant in a month or two, bottoms are a bit straggly. Still enjoying this scape and feel...
  66. tim

    measuring pH drop: is this the right way?

    Measure the tank as lights come on Cor, this is when the plants require the co2 to be optimum, other than that the method above is correct.
  67. tim

    The CHI(LL)

    Congrats on the baby kadoxu, looks like you will soon have plenty of new fish, not so lucky for you, but lucky male endler :lol:
  68. tim

    You know nothing (Gareth Rogers) ada 60 (h)45

    As it's been nearly a week I would add some nutrients Gareth, 1/3 or 1/2 ei dose should do it, plants still need food without co2 just not as much.
  69. tim

    First Tank in 9 Years.............

    Do you have more rock you can place around the base of the wood ? It should give a nice triangular structure to your hard scape, plant list looks good :thumbup:
  70. tim

    Scaper's 50L - Slow Burner

    Lovely setup Bex, seems you have learnt a great deal from your first scape, following this one :)
  71. tim

    New tank setup

    Hi Paul, a comprehensive guide to using a soil substrate in this thread https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/the-soil-substrate-or-dirted-planted-tank-a-how-to-guide.18943/ Worth casting your eye over some of the other tutorials too, full of excellent info, please consider starting a journal for...
  72. tim

    Low tech first past advice welcome

    Hi Steve I would add to your list above, pre soak the driftwood or place large rocks on it or it may float once filled, once planted as your planning to use Amazonia substrate you will need to carry out large water changes for the first few weeks, around 50% every two or three days to remove the...
  73. tim

    You know nothing (Gareth Rogers) ada 60 (h)45

    This looks great Gareth, nice sense of depth to the scape, very good hardscape and well planted for a first scape mate, a sheet of white or black card placed behind the tank for photographs will stop the light spill onto the wall.
  74. tim

    Limnophila advice

    Probably diatoms, if the tanks recently setup diatoms is normal, if it's growing well cut the stem near the substrate, remove lower leaves from cut stem and replant the tops in the group, new growth will appear from the cut stems.
  75. tim

    Not a clean slate, 200L

    Yep no pics visible.
  76. tim

    Glare from LED lighting?

    I have the a series on my 90cm and 60cm tanks, light spill is much less than my t5 luminaries, even the wife is happy with them :eek:
  77. tim

    Water being sucked out of my Bubble Counter

    You can add another one way valve between bubble counter and diffuser.
  78. tim

    Help with redmoor root

    Maybe worth buying a large bin(if you have a garden outside area) to soak it in clean fresh water, change water daily and see if the smell goes.
  79. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Thanks Aaron.c Slowly getting on top of this scape issues, finally managed to get some amanos last week too so hopefully algae should be in decline soon, Day off tomorrow so planning filter, Lilly pipe clean and water change, Cheers for looking.
  80. tim

    Olympus is Calling.

    Looks great wet, been following your thread from the start, great attention to detail along the way and I have to say I admire your patience, set to be a great scape Zeus.
  81. tim


    Hi Ross, if you rescape maybe start a journal for advice along the way, the floating plants may have shed leaves due to adjusting to different water parameters or maybe excessive surface flow, the a series lights are quite strong level 4 or 5 on the dimmer may be a good place to start, I use the...
  82. tim

    Envy Nature

    Great aquascape :clap:, will look stunning when the background fills in, nice work mate.
  83. tim

    liquid carbon /CO2 injection

    Most plants on your list require gas co2 injection to flourish, liquid carbon can be used in conjunction with gas, it should cover any shortfalls while you get the gas level correct, it also acts as an algacide, always a good thing on new setups.
  84. tim

    My kitchen nano

    It's an aqua 50 produced by aquadistri, cheap an cheerful, I'm running it horizontally as it's too tall vertically:lol:
  85. tim

    My kitchen nano

    :lol: old nano has been moved to the living room, once the shrimp and snails have all been transferred it'll be rescaped and shiny glassware, led light and nice cabinet added to its equipment list ;-), Specs for this one clearseal 28x20x20 cm tank, flexi mini led, 150ltr per hour internal...
  86. tim

    What Do You Think Of My Rocky Ideas?

    I like the rocks, they'd look great in a river bed style aquascape, last pic reminds me off redstevo's kebab scape https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/lanzarote-lava-rock-kebabscape.22701/
  87. tim

    Plant ID Please.

    Looks like repens to me mark.
  88. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Thanks Darrel, spot on explanation as always, replacement nano has been running for a few weeks now, seeing good signs of growth, a little gsa and diatoms creeping in, Will start adding a few more ramshorn snails tomorrow, then a few shrimp over the next few weeks, Cheers for looking :)
  89. tim

    Juwel Rio 240 - Power head placement

    I feel your co2 diffuser would be better placed at the bottom of the tank, this will give the co2 mist more dwell time in the water to diffuse, the way its setup at the moment the outlet is quite possibly off gasping more co2 than is diffusing into the water.
  90. tim

    Replacement plant suggestions?

    I think it does better/ is easier to grow in softer water though I have kept it a couple of times and it's done ok in London tap water, does require good co2 and ferts though, it'll develop pinholes in older leaves and shed leaves if it's not happy.
  91. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Thank you Uslanja, this tank has been a joy to look after though I will be taking it down in the next few weeks, a few quick iPhone pics, Overgrown Monte Carlo Shrimp keep throwing soil over my nice sand foreground, Emersed plants have browned out again due to the cold weather ? Overgrown...
  92. tim

    Critique my hardscape New 110L setup, root and dragonstone

    Nice triangular composition, you will probably find a lot of the rock work disappears once plants are in, depending on mid ground plant choice of course, set to be a lovely scape.
  93. tim

    Replacement plant suggestions?

    Hygrophillia pinnatadifida could do well, as long as your co2 and ferts are spot on.
  94. tim

    Established tank Brown Algae

    Could be the organics released by the plants triggering diatoms ? Increased water changes should get the tank back on track again, though ime sometimes this can take a few weeks.
  95. tim


    If it were me, I would up the light to get the plants growing, increase maintenance w/c's glass and hardscape cleaning, manual removal of algae, once the plants are growing well algae will recede, sometimes takes some time for a tank to settle in, I'm having a bit of an algae battle in my 60p...
  96. tim


    I'm fairly sure George ran two tiles at 100%, I do feel 30% is on the low side Ross, especially as you seem to have plenty of co2, nutrients and flow, you should be seeing plenty of growth.
  97. tim

    How to clean hairgrass with shrimp in it!

    Use a small paintbrush or toothbrush to sweep the hair grass and syphon off the debris as it's dislodged, baby shrimp should move away due to the disturbance cause by the brush.
  98. tim

    First attempt at aquascaping - took long enough

    Thanks for the update Aronnie, hopefully you'll continue this thread or start a new journal for the rescape
  99. tim

    Your examples of liquid CO2 only tanks

    Hi Richard, https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/my-kitchen-nano.42798/ one of mine easycarbo only, I think the key to a good non co2 scape is plant choice and medium lighting, good luck with your new scape.
  100. tim

    Emersed to submersed form

    Doh just read your first post, uproot the wallichii trim off the emersed part and replant the submersed top, macaranda and myrophillium should regrow healthy stems from the topping method, cut as low as possible and as long as your co2/light/ nutrients etc are good new stems will grow.