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  1. Tim Harrison

    Hi, I'm Ruby and I'm a fish/plant nerd!

    Welcome :)
  2. Tim Harrison

    Hello from Holland

    Welcome :)
  3. Tim Harrison


    Welcome :)
  4. Tim Harrison

    Please ban

    It did ;)
  5. Tim Harrison

    Joining the Aquascaper 900 club!

    Lovely scape and journal, shared on Instagram :)
  6. Tim Harrison

    Please ban

    Thanks for the heads up, and Done ;)
  7. Tim Harrison

    Low-Tech Set-up and Water Changes

    It's essentially a fish tank, so Darrel's advice above regarding water quality is particularly pertinent for the sake of fish husbandry. But substantial and regular water changes will always help in the fight against algae. But to avoid algae this time around reduce the light intensity as well...
  8. Tim Harrison

    Diatoms, BBA with High Light ?

    I found that eradicating diatomaceous algae is a little counter intuitive and perhaps a contradiction of the usual algae eradicating advice. Yes highlight does tend to burn it off and eradicate it, but only if everything else is well balanced, and that especially goes for optimizing CO2 flow...
  9. Tim Harrison


    Welcome :)
  10. Tim Harrison

    Suitable rocks

    Yeah, the write up on planted tanks is a big problem for me. It’s utter nonsense. But it’s the absolute authority with which it’s written that disturbs me most. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the accuracy of the rest of the website’s info.. Overall it comes across as puerile and...
  11. Tim Harrison

    Suitable rocks

    Aside from anything else I died of boredom halfway through the first paragraph, it comes across to me as a bit bombastic and narcissistic. From what little I read it seems to deal in absolutes to a great extent, and is perhaps guilty of perpetuating almost as many myths as it claims to bust. I...
  12. Tim Harrison

    Hi from Wrexham

    Welcome :)
  13. Tim Harrison

    CO2 Supermarket OR CO2 Art Reg?

    Go with CO2 Art every time. Apart from being UKAPS sponsors, after sales service is second to none. Not sure I can say that about the other. So not just about the initial price. The CO2 Art reg will probably be far better quality too. They are also available to buy at Aquarium Gardens at the...
  14. Tim Harrison

    Something... Something... Shallow Tank

    Looking great Geoff, the Aquasky adds a new dimension. And no mean feat growing UG in the first place, let alone keeping it healthy for this long. Shared on instagram 👍
  15. Tim Harrison

    Favourite Aquatic Hobby Books

    Nice book @Wolf6, I might try and get hold of a copy. This was my bible growing up, and still is my favourite aquarist book of all time. Similarly edited by a Dutchman. Way before it’s time and still very much relevant, even though it was first published in the 1970s. It lives up to its title...
  16. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    Yes you're right about that. There was a pretty good discussion on the use of spent mushroom compost as a substrate on ASW, but unfortunately the forum no longer exists. If I'm honest that's my gut feeling too. But I guess the same could be said of pretty much every natural resource. There...
  17. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    Just one of many services or functions wetlands provide... https://www.ramsar.org/sites/default/files/documents/library/services_00_e.pdf
  18. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    Most of the examples I've come across concern the Canadian Sphagnum peat moss industry. I think the main point is, it's not just unsustainable harvesting or mining over centuries that has seen the demise of peatlands but also land drainage for agriculture, and urban sprawl. In the past many...
  19. Tim Harrison

    Is an air stone necessary ?

    More O2 saturation is always going to be a good thing, it's the prime metric in nitrification . If you have lily pipes raising them to create increased surface agitation will have a similar effect.
  20. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    That's very true, without peat or some sort of alternative organic matter, once mineralisation has occurred, loam based aquatic soils have tendency to end up very cloddy, pretty much clay like sediment. Diana Walstad has used potting compost which contains spent mushroom compost so I guess you...
  21. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    Now you ask I'm not sure as far as the UK is concerned. I did have some compost with a "contains peat from sustainable sources" label but this might also have been outlawed in this country. Anyway, you could try this, it's advertised as being 100% peat free...
  22. Tim Harrison

    Is there a peat free aqua soil?

    There is such a thing as peat from sustainable sources, moss peat that can accumulate around 60 times faster than it is harvested.
  23. Tim Harrison

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome :)
  24. Tim Harrison

    Hello from Southampton.

    Welcome :)
  25. Tim Harrison

    Does anyone have an indoor carnivorous plant garden?

    There's this https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/carnivorous-plants.25469/#post-262707 And this https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/carnivorous-plants.57537/
  26. Tim Harrison

    Hi from Belgium

    Welcome :)
  27. Tim Harrison

    Journal Hermetosphere

    Fantastic project, shared in instagram :)
  28. Tim Harrison


    Superb, shared on Instagram :)
  29. Tim Harrison

    Show Your Pets

    Haha, good observation. She’s a Bombay, and bred to look like a panther. But she’s a rescue cat and quite small for the breed. Got to her just in time 😁
  30. Tim Harrison

    Show Your Pets

    Hmmm nice litter box...
  31. Tim Harrison

    Hello to everyone 😊

    Welcome :)
  32. Tim Harrison

    Hi everyone 👍

    Welcome :)
  33. Tim Harrison

    Chihiros Wrbg 2 users/ 6ft tank advice.

    I think it'd certainly be possible to grow less demanding plants nearer to the edges such as swords, crypts, anubias, vallis and crinum etc.
  34. Tim Harrison

    First time going High Tech

    Other way around is best.
  35. Tim Harrison

    A happy home for fish?

    Endler's would probably be fine... https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/poecilia-wingei/
  36. Tim Harrison

    It’s been a long hard climb but I have finally reached base camp.

    Welcome back. Sounds like you've been on a bit of journey. Must feel good to finally be about to head up to the summit ;)
  37. Tim Harrison

    First time going High Tech

    Take a look at the tutorial section before you get going with plants. All the info you need to make your new planted tank a success is there. But in the meantime, beware high light it's the source of most problems, and you'd perhaps be better off dosing fertz every day. Not sure about a wave...
  38. Tim Harrison


    Welcome :)
  39. Tim Harrison

    For the love of fish: an aquarist's journey

    Congratulations Robert. I hope the book finds its way in to the best seller list. Looking forward to reading it...
  40. Tim Harrison

    Hello! I'm a new member!

    Welcome :)
  41. Tim Harrison

    Which plants in hard water?

    It always helps to post a FTS and images of the problem plants. That way it's easier to diagnose potential problems. Other info like the type of filter and output, and type of light including intensity and photoperiod etc is always helpful to know as well.
  42. Tim Harrison

    Which plants in hard water?

    Most aquatic plants will do fine in hard water. For instance, the plants you appear to be struggling with have grown very well for me in very hard water. It could be that some other confounding factors are responsible, e.g. small leaves on heteranthera zosterifolia and long internodes on...
  43. Tim Harrison

    Liquid Carbon vs No CO2

    From my own experience I think the difference between its use and not, low-energy, is minimal. It might give you a bit more wriggle room when it comes to a slightly off balanced system. But generally speaking I think the consensus is that it's main use is as an algicide. There are other factors...
  44. Tim Harrison

    Hello from the US

    Welcome :)
  45. Tim Harrison

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome :)
  46. Tim Harrison

    LEGO Fish Tank

    Haha... May the force be with you...
  47. Tim Harrison

    LEGO Fish Tank

    Seen this? Definitely going to have to get one 😁 https://www.lego.com/en-gb/product/fish-tank-31122?cmp=emc-c=PROMO-eid=894-d=8/10/2021-n=NEWSLETTER_WK32-sid=5961786-jid=5070-s=NEWS-t=MIX-a=ACTIVE-tst=00&j=5070&sfmc_sub=5961786&l=259_HTML&u=99755&mid=510004361&jb=4262
  48. Tim Harrison

    Reducing Number of Tanks

    There's this as well ;) https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/mts-just-how-bad-do-you-have-it.56900/
  49. Tim Harrison


    Really stunning, shared on Instagram :)
  50. Tim Harrison

    Garden lights shorting out - Ants

    Crikey, and with good reason :oops: My house buying mantra has always been never buy a house on a floodplain. But I'm about to break that cardinal rule and move back to where I grew up :rolleyes: I hope I don't wake up one morning to a similar view :p
  51. Tim Harrison

    Garden lights shorting out - Ants

    Nice view. You really do live by the river :cool: I'd be having kittens every time it rained heavily :eek:
  52. Tim Harrison

    New tank

    Welcome :) Check out the tutorial page for most of what you need to get you started. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/forums/articles-tutorials.34/
  53. Tim Harrison

    Worsening algae after starting EI dosing

    Perhaps not the best methodology, it'll probably prolong the agony. If you follow anyone's advice on this best to follow Clive's @ceg4048
  54. Tim Harrison

    Water meadow gardening

  55. Tim Harrison

    Worsening algae after starting EI dosing

    If the tank was stable before and algae free, try a total reset and take it from there. Dial back all the changes - the lighting duration and fertz regime. You might also consider reducing light intensity as well. Since you altered more than one parameter at once absolute cause and effect can...
  56. Tim Harrison

    Low tech, fairly heavily planted, heavily stocked - how much and when?

    Posting a full tank shot and some close ups of the problem plants would help ;)
  57. Tim Harrison


    Welcome :)
  58. Tim Harrison

    Critique my hardscape Dramatic Wood, please critique - not sure how I feel.

    What kind of wood is it? It looks great but the only drawback with filling a tank full of wood is the organic load from decay. It can cause serious algae issues, even if you stay on top of water changes and tank husbandry.
  59. Tim Harrison

    Dry start question

    Maybe take a look at this https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/confused-about-dry-start-method.57844/#post-564324
  60. Tim Harrison

    The Art of Nature Aquarium

    Scenic Garden, 90cm Scape
  61. Tim Harrison

    45p Modern Iwagumi

    I think it has tension. The angle of the big stone creates a lot through dominance and shadow. Overall it's a nice composition.
  62. Tim Harrison

    Dry start question

    I don't see why not. Obviously humidity has to be quite high to stop them drying out.
  63. Tim Harrison

    Another Norfolk guy :)

    Welcome :)
  64. Tim Harrison

    Dry start question

    The short answer is yes they would. Any plant that isn’t an obligate macrophyte and that has been raised emersed will benefit from a dry start.
  65. Tim Harrison

    UKAPS on Instagram

    Quick update... UKAPS Instagram page has just passed 1500 followers. Another small but significant milestone on our wonderful forums journey. Thanks to all those who have followed us there and for all the likes and comments 🙌 Remember to follow UKAPS on Instagram if you haven't already :)
  66. Tim Harrison

    When fish die

    It's curious how folk perceive nature. Many folk still consider some animals to be worthier than others. Anthropomorphism plays a large role. Take my beach holiday for instance. The beach was invaded by a swarm of jellyfish. Whilst I was busy scooping them up in a bucket and taking them back out...
  67. Tim Harrison

    Fishless fuel with plants

    Welcome :) What Darrel said ;)
  68. Tim Harrison

    Amazon Sword's leaves growing out the water

    Thanks Marcel 👍
  69. Tim Harrison

    Amazon Sword's leaves growing out the water

    Here it is Amazon sword semi emersed on wood Marcel @zozo do you know whose scape this is and if they originally posted it on UKAPS ?
  70. Tim Harrison

    First timer looking for pro tips!

    Hi and welcome to UKAPS. You can post specific questions in the relevant forums. But what tends to work best is if you start a journal and post all your ideas, comments, observations and questions etc there. All the info will be in one place then and anyone offering help will have it all to hand...
  71. Tim Harrison

    Everything DIY build

    All looking good. Interesting album title in pink and black :oops: That's got to be a collectors item :hilarious:
  72. Tim Harrison

    Hemianthus Micranthemoides

    It grows like a weed for me too. I find it incredibly easy. I think it likes hard water. Loves CO2, light and fertz though.
  73. Tim Harrison

    Old Fogies

    Welcome :)
  74. Tim Harrison

    Dark Start

    It must be catching Ady me too. I tried the dark start method a while ago and it worked like a charm, no diatomaceous algae and no melt that I can remember. I hooked up the filter and left everything well alone for a couple of weeks then drained scaped and planted.
  75. Tim Harrison

    The Art of Nature Aquarium

    Really nice video of Yusuke Homma talking about the Miomote River located in Murakami City as inspiration for an aquascape.
  76. Tim Harrison

    Hello from Rosemarie

    Welcome :)
  77. Tim Harrison

    Hi I’m Dom

    Welcome :)
  78. Tim Harrison

    6 Months Old! Pretty Satisfied.

    Nicely done, like the root in the middle and the way you've angles the slate ;)
  79. Tim Harrison

    Does it matter if you miss a weeks water change ?

    Same here. Back in the day I rarely did water changes, just top ups. But my tanks all had low fish biomass and a thriving and dense plant biomass coupled with undergravel filters and HOBs and sometimes a canister filter. If I did a water change it was usually because I'd had a re-scape, or moved...
  80. Tim Harrison

    45p, childhood memories, nano river scape.

    Looks great, it's matured really nicely. I even like the algae on the rocks and sand, It all adds to the theme of a river scape 👍
  81. Tim Harrison

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    That's fantastic and a sight for sore eyes. There aren't too many of. those left.
  82. Tim Harrison

    Seiryu stone CACO3 solubility

    It's not the least bit important, especially compared to optimising your CO2 flow and distribution. But maybe this will help... https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/hardscape-stone-and-hard-water.52961/#post-522613 And perhaps this...
  83. Tim Harrison

    Thanks for having me

    Welcome :)
  84. Tim Harrison

    Does Blue Light Shrink Aquatic Plants?

    There is this as well... Effects of light quality on growth and chlorophyll composition in Hydrilla
  85. Tim Harrison

    Planted IKEA bowl - is it a Wabi-Kusa or something else?

    According to Google that would translate as something along the lines of "minichua numachi" in Japanese. Still not quite captured the romantic feel of Wabi-kusa or Wabi-sabi but it sounds better than mini swamp :p
  86. Tim Harrison

    Planted IKEA bowl - is it a Wabi-Kusa or something else?

    Wabi-kusa typically consists of a ball of substrate covered in plants and placed in a glass receptacle. Terrarium is usually a sealed glass container in which plants are grown in soil allowing the creation of a small scale water cycle. It can be opened for maintenance. Terrascape is used to...
  87. Tim Harrison

    New in Cornwall

    Welcome :)
  88. Tim Harrison

    New Member

    Welcome :)
  89. Tim Harrison

    Water meadow gardening

    Now moved to Featured Journals, where this epic journal belongs ;)
  90. Tim Harrison

    Water meadow gardening

    Wow spectacular, you really have planted for instant impact, and already have created the illusion of one large continuous stretch of water and meadow. Now a sticky thread ;)
  91. Tim Harrison

    Planting ideas for a new scape.

    I didn't plant it in the end. We're on the move again, I'm scapeless atm ;)
  92. Tim Harrison

    Favourite Aquatic Hobby Books

    Nice collection and they all look in great condition. My copy of Nature Aquarium Complete Works is a bit worse for wear it's been looked through so many times.
  93. Tim Harrison

    Favourite Aquatic Hobby Books

    In retrospect I thought this might be a good place for members to post images of their favourite aquatic hobby books. So I've changed the tile of the thread accordingly in the hope it might spark discussion ;) I'm a hopeless collector of books in general but have just started to collect those...