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  1. Vase

    Rekord 60

    I picked up a brand new Juwel Rekord 60 yesterday for the pleasing sum of £25. Champion. I'm old school when it comes to tanks and I'm not really into these fashionable 'Origami' style set ups :lol: Any ideas folks? I want to keep it low tech and I'm thinking dark Amazon basin with Lemon...
  2. Vase

    40l Cube

    Well, I had this tank bought for my birthday last March and due to other things going on I never actually got it set up. I'm going to be adding to it slowly as funds allow and using it as practice and a means to learn whilst I plan my main tank. Its a 13"x13"x15" (approx) cube and holds 40l...
  3. Vase

    Substrate advice/suggestions

    Right, as some of you probably know I'm gradually planning my main tank, so when I get things sorted (in the next 10,000 years) I can actually set it up and it should run smoothly. The thing thats getting me at the moment is substrate. I just cant choose, but I hoped if I posted some things that...
  4. Vase

    T8 suggestions

    Hey, Just wondered if you guys could give me some suggestions on T8's please. What T8's would you put with 5200k halides? My pendant has three 150w halides and two 58w T8's. I was thinking of a Sylvania Activa and a Philips 880 (8000k). I know it can vary and everyone has different tastes but I...
  5. Vase

    Quick question

    Hey, Just a quick question if I may. When dosing a tank using the EI method, what are the implications of doing water changes larger than 50% each week? Do you just have to dose differently by adding more ferts for example? Or is there more to it? (Ok so thats actually three questions :wink: )
  6. Vase

    New(ish) Cube

    Hey, I got this little cube for my birthday, last March :lol: and as yet haven't set it up. I'd like to set it up in coming weeks but figured I'd ask on here for some ideas and suggestions, regarding what to do with it. http://www.animal-paradise.co.uk/catalo ... ucts_id=41 Its going to be...
  7. Vase

    Vase's 720 litre journal

    This glass box has been the bane of my life for the last seven years. Its made me practically give up fishkeeping, sell Discus and remove my hair by the roots. The amount of times I've wanted to take a hammer to it is unreal. Thats all about to change... Its going to take some time to sort as...
  8. Vase

    Akadama question

    Hey, If I was to use Akadama for my substrate (when using EI) would it be beneficial to use a substrate fertilizer like the tropica one for example? And is there a way of 'loading' it with ferts by soaking? In either case what would be a suitable depth? Cheers :wink:
  9. Vase

    Substrate and ferts

    Hey, I'm going to be setting up my main tank again and I'm currently in the planning stages, buying equipment etc when I have the readies. Its 720 litres and will be housing Discus. Heating and filtration sorted. Water will be RO/HMA, lighting is a MH luminaire (x3 150w x2 T8 58w, need help...
  10. Vase

    Lighting suggestions please

    Hey, I could really use some lighting suggestions please. I need three suitable 150w MH bulbs and two, 58w T8's to replace the ones currently in my MH luminaire. I'd like the T8's to bring out the reds and blues in the fish and plants without making the tank look pink. I've been looking on...
  11. Vase

    Diffuser suggestion

    Could someone suggest a decent external CO2 diffuser please? It needs to be suitable for a 720 litre tank, run 16mm pipe and have a bleed valve on it :D The one I currently have (although not in use) is an AquaMedic jobby. I'm pretty sure I read it only does 500 litre tanks and it has 12mm...
  12. Vase

    Filtration Ideas

    Hey, My main tank has been sitting unused for god knows how long now but I'm going to set it up again and I'm currently planning every tiny detail. The tank holds 720 litres (approx 164 gallons) I already have an Eheim 2128 Thermofilter but I want to get an Eheim 2080 as well. Flow simply...
  13. Vase


    I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd say hey. Although I've had a couple of tanks running I lost a lot of interest in fish keeping, especially after nothing but problems with my main tank (pictured) But after realising that although I cant live with them, I cant live without them either. So...