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  1. GHNelson

    Co2 diffuser size

    Hi You don't put water inside the diffuser! That diffuser was probably on a timer and had been switched off..... and water has seeped into the chamber! Best if you soak the new diffuser in water for a few hours this will help to let the Co2 out!
  2. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    75....Will be far better for a 60 litre!!! 75 is pretty powerful.....I have one installed on a 35 Litre Denerelle Scapers Tank.! I increase the flow to the max...every now and again, just to remove some crud on leaves and detritus....but it is like an old fashion upright washing machine...
  3. GHNelson

    Nowhere to buy trace elements!!

    Cheers Darrel🍻 https://shopfront.solufeed.co.uk/solufeed-214-high-k-1-kg-27-p.asp Might get some....I'm always dosing extra potassium!
  4. GHNelson

    Hi, I'm Ruby and I'm a fish/plant nerd!

    You have come to the right place Ruby!!! Welcome to the UKaps!
  5. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    I have two....75/55 models....easy to clean, good flow, a skimmer....you can even put a small 50-watt heater in the filter basket!!!.....:happy:👍
  6. GHNelson

    Hello from Holland

    Welcome to the 🌿UKaps!!!
  7. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    Look at the Seachem Tidal Filters....these are flow adjustable and also have a built-in skimmer!!! Or Eheim Hob Filters....;)
  8. GHNelson

    CO2 generator kits - any good?

    Used one in this journal....you can always keep it as a backup if you run out of Fire extinguisher/cylinder Co2! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/dennerle-scapers-tank-35-litre-the-red-ring.62166/#smileyfood1 hoggie
  9. GHNelson

    Capping soild Substrate with sand?

    Yes, it will make its way eventually to the base!
  10. GHNelson

    Is that lobelia plant ?

    It might be?...but it doesn't look like a plant I recognise!
  11. GHNelson

    Is that lobelia plant ?

    Doesn't look aquatic-friendly!
  12. GHNelson

    James Planted Tank Dosing Methods & Calculator!

  13. GHNelson

    Hi from Norwich!

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps!
  14. GHNelson

    Hi from Gloucestershire

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps!
  15. GHNelson

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the🌿 UKaps!
  16. GHNelson

    Hi from Belgium

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps nice introduction! 👍
  17. GHNelson

    Brought new plants and need help to ID

    Limnophila hippuridoides or aromatica Second image Rotala!
  18. GHNelson

    Corydora Red Blotch Disease

    This Cory looks bloated....could be the onset of Dropsy/Pinecone Disease!!!! I fear the worst! hoggie
  19. GHNelson

    Hello from Sweden!

    Welcome to the UKaps! :thumbup:
  20. GHNelson

    Water Trickling Back into CO2 Lines

    Hi You mean the Bubble Counter! Drop Checker goes in the aquarium to monitor Co2 levels;) Those plastic check valves are not much good...they tend to fail. Try moving the Check Valve just above the Bubble counter for the time being. Purchase a couple of better quality valves like below. hoggie
  21. GHNelson

    Aquarium cabinet 90cm tall.

    Ordered a Sera cabinet from Amazon....it might be pot luck what turns up? Will cross that hurdle if the correct finish doesn't arrive! hoggie
  22. GHNelson

    Aquarium cabinet 90cm tall.

    Hi Crew I'm looking for a cabinet for my Dennerle Scapers Tank! It's got to be 90cm tall 40cm wide as it will be in the hall...Silver Grey or Grey colour! Any ideas would be appreciated! hoggie
  23. GHNelson

    Hi from Staffordshire

    Welcome aboard the UKaps! :thumbup:
  24. GHNelson

    Greetings from Thailand

    Welcome to the UKaps!
  25. GHNelson

    Reuse the disposable nano co2 cylinders?

    JBL Bio Co2 set! https://www.aquasabi.com/JBL-ProFlora-Bio-80 hoggie
  26. GHNelson

    Hello, what type of plant is this?

    Looks like Hygrophila Bold. hoggie
  27. GHNelson

    Plant Pictures!

    Cryptocoryne spiralis tiger or Cryptocoryne albida.
  28. GHNelson

    Does test kit detect the nitrate in a KNO3 solution?

    https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/potassium-nitrate-kno3-purchased-from-internet.16077/reply?quote=562955 Could be due to impurities as Filip stated....I'm sure the KNO3 I purchased way back did have a slight smell of cheese! hoggie
  29. GHNelson

    Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Purchased from Internet

    Could be due to impurities as Filip stated....I'm sure the KNO3 I purchased way back did have a slight smell of cheese! hoggie
  30. GHNelson

    Does test kit detect the nitrate in a KNO3 solution?

    Containers are easily mixed up....especially if not marked up on both the lid and the bottom half of the vessel. Your KNO3 could be another fertilizer...very similar in colour texture.....KNO3 has a blue cheesy smell to it I've read in the below article by Clive...
  31. GHNelson

    High nitrate

    Hi If you are overly concerned about high Nitrate levels. You can use this below method over a few months! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/using-stem-plants-as-a-filtering-aid.62966/ hoggie
  32. GHNelson

    Egeria densa rotting at bottom then floating ?

    Same thing I think! Glutaraldehyde-based, some plants don't like it!
  33. GHNelson

    Bucephalandra ID Help

    Looks like Bucephalandra red.....Brownie Red it might be! Very difficult to be spot on at times....others to consider are Theia or Apollo.
  34. GHNelson

    Is this taking the Mick

    It's a Sellers's ploy they use, not to be charged a re-listing fee!
  35. GHNelson

    what is this? Is it a algea? or Bacteria?

    Hi This bacteria is similar to the white film that grows on wood added to an aquarium. Usually a combination of a New Set - Up Aquarium/Immature and unhappy plants! Clean off the scum/film and do extra water changes a tad more surface agitation will help and it should disappear eventually. hoggie
  36. GHNelson

    Low-energy Soil Substrate Scape

    Looks good......I like it 👍
  37. GHNelson

    what is this green and pink plant?

    Probably a non-aquatict plant like a Cordyline...or might be Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
  38. GHNelson

    Algae Problems

    Can you identify the Algae through this guide below! You will need a filter that has a flow turnover of 10x the tank volume. http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm
  39. GHNelson

    Algae Problems

    Tad more information needed! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-algae-help.60672/
  40. GHNelson

    Dennerle Scapers Tank 35 Litre "The Red Ring"

    Hi Welcome to the UKaps👍 I like the option of these filters as the flow can be reduced very considerably.....from full power to a gentle cascade! Yes I did add a Dennerele Nano heater but the temperature adjuster got stuck at 22 degrees..... so I replaced it with a No issues with this heater 👍...
  41. GHNelson

    Pest Snail how to get rid of

    Ramshorns will eat Diatomic Algae/Green Spot Algae to name two!
  42. GHNelson

    New tank with low GH, KH

    Yes, Ive used Tropica soil/powder it always lowers my hard tap and reduces the pH. Eventually it loses its ability to lower KH/pH after a number of years! Tropica Aquarium Soil is a Japanese natural volcanic granulate material. Aquarium Soil naturally reduces your KH and pH value and enhances...
  43. GHNelson

    New tank with low GH, KH

    The simple answer is yes!
  44. GHNelson

    Eheim Incpiria Rescape Complete

    I see.....its a piece of equipment I've never used so can't advise the best method to get a stable bubble rate! Just an afterthought I run 2 bubbles a second........ 120 a minute on a 35 litre!
  45. GHNelson

    Eheim Incpiria Rescape Complete

    This seems a very low bubble rate for 400 Litre! Are you using any drop checkers?
  46. GHNelson

    Deficiency help

    Hi You need to add Nitrate, Potassium, and Phosphate and in some cases Magnesium...also! Plecos will rasp on plants and cause leaf damage! The floating Amazon Frogbit looks pretty green so maybe lacking Potassium/Phosphate/Magnesium. hoggie
  47. GHNelson

    Crypts being munched

    Hi Tom You won't need to replace them! Unless your wanting to add a different species of plant. You could try increasing your Co2 a touch, do you add fertilizers? hoggie
  48. GHNelson

    Crypts being munched

    Hi A few more details would help! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-plant-help.60671/ Could be Crypt Melt....or a Co2 distribution issue! How long have the Crypts been planted? Best if you remove all affected leaves as they will just add waste matter to the water...
  49. GHNelson


    Very nice indeed! :cool::thumbup:
  50. GHNelson

    FINALLY! a heated mini filter!

    Hi Andy The heater fits inside the blue collar it will be a tight fit to make a good seal. The 3 other parts are for inside an Oase Filter.....so might not fit. hoggie
  51. GHNelson

    Tropica Specialised Fertiliser

    Not a problem!
  52. GHNelson

    Hello good people

    Welcome to the UKaps! 👍
  53. GHNelson

    JBL v002 losing pressure

    Hi You don't say what size the cylinders you have used up? If the working pressure needle is pulsating or moving slightly up and down you have a leak in the Co2 tubing line.
  54. GHNelson

    Woody pics. Manzanita order arrived!

    Tom Barr only sells wood to retail outlets now by the Pallet load.....USA only!
  55. GHNelson

    Plant ID help: Crypts and "Crypts"

    Hi Cryptocoryne are very difficult to identify! Below looks like Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia The bulbs look like Aponogeton Crispus Red. Our resident plant experts maybe able to help.
  56. GHNelson

    Hygrophilia Corymbosa Thailand.

    The Corymbosa looks pretty healthy to me, other than the leaf tips look distorted! This may be down to drying out....during water changes or a shortage of Macro ferts. hoggie
  57. GHNelson

    Hygrophilia Corymbosa Thailand.

    Light coloured new leaves are normal in most plants, the leaves will darken with age! 5ppm is a tad Low in my opinion this may lead to distorted leaves. Tropica Premium is a Micro/Trace fertilizer your missing out on NPK for the plants! Probably better to switch to...
  58. GHNelson

    Cory Sterbai odd colour and behaviour

    Hi Really doesn't look like a Sterbai even with a colour change! Looks more like Delphax hoggie
  59. GHNelson

    How to maintain/trim Ranunculus Inundatus and others please

    You can snip the connecting lateral shoots from each plant, but you will still have the same problem probably a few weeks later!
  60. GHNelson

    Hi UKAPS - I've heard so much about you!

    Welcome to the 🪴UKaps! Nice introduction :thumbup:
  61. GHNelson

    Store Tour

    Excellent! Love the Bun Moss......👍
  62. GHNelson

    Product Review Tropica In - vitro Plants!

    Not a review as such! This video gives you an idea of what the plant condition should be and how to prepare them for planting. hoggie
  63. GHNelson

    Normal Rotala sp Green Arrival Condition ?

    This is what everyone should receive! hoggie
  64. GHNelson

    Platinum Medaka

    Lovely Fish :thumbup:
  65. GHNelson

    First time here

    Welcome to the🧯 UKaps!:thumbup:
  66. GHNelson

    Water hardness

    Hi Brad Hard water isn't a problem....Co2 is more of a issue if you want to grow some plants! You can grow plants without Co2....like Microsorum/Anubias/Crypts/Vallisneria/Amazon Swords/Bucephalandra although these will grow slower. hoggie
  67. GHNelson

    Cycling with ammonia,seachem prime

  68. GHNelson

    Feedback Great Service!

    Just like to say a few words regarding one of our sponsors Horizon Aquatics. Placed an order on Sunday and received it today so a big thumbs up👍 on Delivery! The rock looks great. Packaging excellent, and the revised order was all shipped together :happy: Thanks for that Nicole 👏 Kindest regards...
  69. GHNelson

    Tap Water and plant possibilities. Need advice

    Don't worry too much about Nitrate as I say Co2 is far more important. Never found having high nitrate causes plant issues......I have similar Nitrate ppm tapwater and very, very, hard water! Lower Nitrate can cause growth issues with some plants. I would increase lighting to encourage the...
  70. GHNelson

    Tap Water and plant possibilities. Need advice

    Hi Mel Your tap water parameters won't cause any issues! Stable Co2 is far more important. You are aiming for a green drop checker colour before lights come on......6 hours light duration at the start. Not sure of the fertilizer you listed can't find any information on that product! Just dose an...
  71. GHNelson

    What’s happening with my plants?

  72. GHNelson

    Rotala Rotundifolia - Growth Issues

    Konrad reduced his Potassium dosing!
  73. GHNelson

    Newbie to plants!

    Welcome to the 🌿UKaps!
  74. GHNelson

    Journal My First Terrarium

    Very nice indeed! 👍
  75. GHNelson

    Black patches on Java Ferns

    Java sp need a lot of flow to bring out the best in them!
  76. GHNelson

    Fastest growing plant for a low tech setup.

    You can always plant them in the substrate! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/using-stem-plants-as-a-filtering-aid.62966/
  77. GHNelson

    Black patches on Java Ferns

    Your are actually using a Co2 in a Liquid form! Use it as it describes on the bottle as per litres....up your fertilizer to full EI. Direct flow down towards the base of the Java fern or move it nearer to where there is suffice flow around the fern......I would hard prune affected leaves....they...
  78. GHNelson

    Tropica soil powder - gravel vac tips?

    Attach a small long bristled paint brush onto the tube with elastic bands/zip tie....use this to waft above the substrate and in amongst the plant stems! This is the best method Ive found when removing gunk thats laying on top of Tropica Soil/Powder substrates.
  79. GHNelson

    Ferns not growing enough

    Lighter green tips are normal new growth on Java sp be it Co2 or Non Co2 it will get darker as the leaf matures! ;)
  80. GHNelson

    What could cause leaf edge curling in frogbit + friend?

    Hi Hufsa I had similar leaf curly on my Cryptocoryne green geko.....I put this down to low Nitrate!
  81. GHNelson

    Hi all!!

    Welcome aboard......again! :thumbup: Things have changed;)
  82. GHNelson

    Another Staurogyne Repens thread....

    Yes, one of the important macros with NPK!
  83. GHNelson

    Another Staurogyne Repens thread....

    You can't overdose with Mg......just add 1/4 Teaspoon once a week! I would cut the top off the repens and replant the new growth.....bin the old remaining bottom half or use it in an emersed cointainer;)
  84. GHNelson

    Another Staurogyne Repens thread....

    Hi Dave You could add Epsom salt/Magnesium (Mg).....to see if it has any effect on the repens! hoggie
  85. GHNelson

    Plant deficiencies

    Hi, Welcome to the UKaps! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-plant-help.60671/ hoggie
  86. GHNelson


    Welcome to the UKaps!:thumbup: You can direct questions in the relevant forums;) https://www.ukaps.org/forum/forums/filters-filtration-and-pumps.38/
  87. GHNelson

    Cleaning Water Change Hoses

    You could try this below with adding raw bleach!
  88. GHNelson

    Sponge stuck in lily pipe!

    You could try fishing it out with a hook! If you leave it to dry it might come out easier.
  89. GHNelson

    5 week old nano tank, plants have wasting leaves!

    No problem! :thumbup:
  90. GHNelson

    5 week old nano tank, plants have wasting leaves!

    Hi Leaf degradation is usually due to low or poor Co2 distribution! You are looking for a least 10x the volume of the aquarium 600 litres per hour to help move the Co2 to all areas. You could consider upgrading the filter as the Dennerele is pretty feeble at only 150 Litres per hour. I would...
  91. GHNelson

    5 week old nano tank, plants have wasting leaves!

    https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-plant-help.60671/ hoggie
  92. GHNelson

    New to this forum.

    Welcome to the 🪴 UKaps! :thumbup:
  93. GHNelson

    Black spots on my plants

    Tad more information needed! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-algae-help.60672/
  94. GHNelson

    Which moss for branches?

    You could try Mini Christmas Moss!
  95. GHNelson

    What is the purpose of this impeller ?

    Looks as though it's shaped to fit into the housing!
  96. GHNelson

    What is the purpose of this impeller ?

    What filter is that impellor from?
  97. GHNelson

    Hi everyone, first Aquascape here

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps :thumbup:
  98. GHNelson

    Hi all

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps :thumbup:
  99. GHNelson

    Turvey-AKA The Skip Raiding Aquarist

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps :thumbup: