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  1. keymaker

    Hungarian Aquascaping Session @ GA - 2011

    Great times on Sat - we just finished scaping a 60P opti-white tank with TMC leds above, about 30 kgs (!) of Seiryu stones, HC, Parvula and mosses. Inspiration (Canyon in Quebec - by Mary-Anne): Moss Defender in action ;) : Attila (Nigro) glued moss on stones: ViktorLantos in...
  2. keymaker

    What is this plant?

    What do you think the background plant from the right of this ADA tank is? Another tank from the gallery (on the left) should have the same BG plant... I think... It's definitely not Valisneria... Could it be Cyperus Helferi?
  3. keymaker

    keymaker's composition studies

    Here are some of my photoshop studies... I'll try to add new studies as they come... Oliver Knott knock-out study (how simmetry kills this particular scape): 2009 ADA winner and Bubbles Aquarium comparision (who's copying who?): Nature, and its perfect compositions (a photo taken by a...
  4. keymaker

    Aquascaping Funny

    It looks like my friend Nigro, over the Hungarian Aquascaping Forum has too much time around Christmas, so he made some pictures for your consideration (and joy ;) ): ADAgoló (in Hungarian Adagolo means Doser ;) ) Heavy metal Super(ge)man Easy life.... :lol:
  5. keymaker

    Strange ADA statements

    I have recently stumbled upon an ADA AquaJournal article, and have found some statements that seem to contradict my EI views. Excuse me? :) Nutrients cause algae? I thought we are well past that theory. ;) Absolutely not. Frequent water changes are needed to get rid of Ammonia. Then of course...
  6. keymaker

    Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

    It would be really useful to post here a quick summary of the different plant deficiencies caused by the lack of the corresponding nutrients. I know that not all plants act the same and no two tanks are alike, but it would be useful to have a starting point... Just like Clive's post from the "HC...
  7. keymaker

    Second filter for a 260l tank

    I am just setting up a heavily planted 260l Juwel Vision tank. I already bought 1x Eheim Professional II 2028 filter: - filter volume 7.3l - flow rate 1050 lph - power consumption 20W - dimensions 415 x 210 x 210 Now my original plans were to buy a second identical filter, thus having a total...
  8. keymaker

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Hello UKAPS readers! I guess it's time for me to start a journal of a 20L Nano Tank I built for my (then) 5-year-old daughter Liza. Thanks to Paulo for directing me to this forum and his encouragement for starting this. Images after rescape of this tank are to be found on page 14. This is the...