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  1. Ian Holdich

    Amano RIP?

    I'm seeing reports come through Twitter regarding Amano...can anyone confirm? This is what I've got... http://www.niigata-nippo.co.jp/sp/news/national/20150806197631.html If so RIP Amano, you've been an inspiration to many.
  2. Ian Holdich

    Aponogeton flower (a little different)

    The tank is still running and tonight I notice this... image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr I've had aponogetons flower before, but they've always produced white flowers. This one is cool!
  3. Ian Holdich

    Ian's ada 60p

    I have managed to bag a ada 60p from George. I was going to set up tomorrow, however, it may be midweek now due to floaty wood! I thought I'd start my journal with a few pics of the wood and tank. image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr The wood image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr And the wood...
  4. Ian Holdich

    Gob smacked...

    Yes it's an aquascape.
  5. Ian Holdich

    Eleocharis sp red

    Now officially added to wish list...
  6. Ian Holdich

    One Direction...

    This is probably the funniest thing you'll you today
  7. Ian Holdich

    Christmas/fontanalis in this weather.

    I through a handful of Christmas moss out a few months back into a disused barrel in the garden. It seems to be liking the good old winter!
  8. Ian Holdich

    Winners of the ukaps awards 2013

    Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who voted, this has been great fun. George and I have been talking and we think next year we will expand on this and try and get some sponsors involved. However, George has decided to donate some prizes to the winners this year...good on George...
  9. Ian Holdich

    Fifty shades of red

    Done by Alan Yan...absolutely stunning piece of work. Just had to share.
  10. Ian Holdich

    Ukaps awards 2013

    A few members asked about this, so we've got together with a few categories for you to vote in. Please do not vote in this thread...send your nominations to me via pm, and we will tally them and let you know the winners next Sunday night. The ukaps awards are as follows. Best aquascape done...
  11. Ian Holdich

    The best thing for a KA

    Anyone fancy aquascaping this? FORD KA AQUARIUM FISH TANK new low price! GREAT PROMOTIONAL ITEM FOR A BUSINESS | eBay
  12. Ian Holdich

    Back to my roots

    Hi everyone, Brandis edge is now gone, and I'm really happy about that. The reason being,that I lost my aquascaping mojo a fair while back. I was getting very bored with the whole thing. I did try and get it back, but there was just no excitement in for me anymore. This is far from and...
  13. Ian Holdich

    Brandis Edge (Flamingo)

    New journal time! Something a little different than the last few scapes. Tank, TMC 60x45x30 Lights, 1x TMC 1500 ultima Filter, Ehiem 2073 Substrate, Nutrasoil, Tropica Substrate and Unipac Samoa C02 @ 1bps via an atomiser inline Hardscape, Dragon Stone and bogwood root Plants, HC, Willow...
  14. Ian Holdich

    One for the lads...

    After 7 years in the hobby the wife has finally gave in! Getting involved... No rohypnol was used when making this thread.
  15. Ian Holdich

    Adrie Baumann and Ian Holdich scape

    A bit of self promotion (sorry guys), but I'm really impressed with the way this scape turned out. On a visit to Tropica in Denmark a few of us were set a challenge, this was to scape a tank in two hours. I was put with a German aquascaper called Adrie Baumann, and this is what the finished...
  16. Ian Holdich


    Just what you need on a bank holiday morning...
  17. Ian Holdich

    Going Dutch Tropica 1-2 Grow Style

    New journal Time! I have wanted to try a Dutch scape for a couple of years now, but always felt a little scared to do so as I have never really felt that confident with stems. Anyways here goes! The difference with this one is that all the plants are Tropica 1-2. The will either make it easier...
  18. Ian Holdich

    Any scooter fans?

    Well I am, I have always been into the Vespas and lambrettas. I have a px50 when I was 17 and run it into the ground, and sold it for £100! Something I wish I never did. Anyways I (my wife) thinks I'm having a bit of a midlife crisis as I went out and bought one of the new lambretta ln125 last...
  19. Ian Holdich

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    Breaking news - no Aquatics Live 2013 | News | Practical Fishkeeping This is a real shame, ukaps had a hand in aquatics live. It's a real pity that the uk can't produce a show like the do all over Europe. I still think making it more central would be the best idea for an aquatics show.
  20. Ian Holdich

    New aquascaping journal...

    Check this new journal out, it's a good little read. The majority is done by Norbert Sabat. Well worth the read. Liquid 01/2013 EN
  21. Ian Holdich

    More terrestrial plant ids

    Hey guys, just wondered whether any of you can do me (well, actually the mrs) a favour. I need a few ids if at all possible It's the middle vase/jar This Thank you guys, any help will be great!
  22. Ian Holdich

    Terrestrial plant id

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you could Id this for me...I have it growing in abundance in the garden. I'm unsure where it first came from. It turns a real lime green in the summer. It reminds me of outdoor riccia. It doesn't have a root structure. image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr image...
  23. Ian Holdich

    A New Adventure (a jungle mess)

    After seeing the quality of Georges TMC signiture, i thought i would treat myself. I sold the old 80cm of earlier in the week, and took delivery of this one this morning. I had planned this one out for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to go for a good old timeless nature aquarium. I am really...
  24. Ian Holdich

    Ehiem micro skimmer 350 review.

    Is this the best £20 I have spent for a while? We all suffer some surface scum from time to time, in high energy tanks this seems to be more of a problem, not wanting to get into the debate why we get this problem, I thought I'd write a small review on the above product. I was supprised to see...
  25. Ian Holdich

    The bowl

    I have decided to overthrow the kitchen nano again after the little puffer died last week. I wanted to try something a little different, and have seen a couple of scapes like this in the past. So here goes... One clean P@H nano cube (15l) IMG_3291 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr the base filled...
  26. Ian Holdich


    Not as in the early 90's rapper... Just wondering with all the snow around at present, how many/if any have used it as aquarium water. I'm currently using pure RO cut with a small amount of tap water when doing water changes. It's is working fine for me at present. The RO I get is normally...
  27. Ian Holdich

    Resolved! Replies not keeping up...

    Hey, I have noticed that the replies bar on the right hand side doesn't seem to be keeping up. Eg, viktor has replied in stus Ada journal, however the bar on the side is still registering dave spencer as the last poster. just wanted to let you know as I don't want to miss anything! Lol
  28. Ian Holdich

    End of the world

    Lets hope god does that new super clear glass And Ada stuff. see you all on the other side.
  29. Ian Holdich

    The Aquarium Lincoln Nano tank

    I have set up a little nano for my LFS, after doing thier main tank last year, they got some nice little Superfish nanos in. Its a simple low tech scape with Riccia and Lilaeopsis. These little tanks are great, they come with a nice little integrated LED, which dims and can be used as a marine...
  30. Ian Holdich

    Its a miracle!

    I have seen these before, but have to share it with you... to see how it works (rips you off) click the link. https://aquarium-gardening.com/details. ... &keywords=
  31. Ian Holdich

    Rili ridge

    This is my kitchen nano tank. Whole 14 ltrs! The tank is a p@h lead free nano tank. It has been my holding tank for a while, it was a mess, so got the orders from the ball and chain to either get rid or clean it up! It's gonna have my Rili shrimp in it that I purchased from aquatics live...
  32. Ian Holdich

    Youtube vs Vimeo

    Just looking at a few vids on Vimeo and the upload quality seems to surpass Youtube by along way. which is best and why...please discuss.
  33. Ian Holdich

    Anubias sp. Alba

    Anyone seen this anywhere?? i'm not sure how it would fit into a scape, but i would love to try some...
  34. Ian Holdich

    Probably the best fish related joke ever

    I went driving with Dean Martin and got attacked by an eel. "What the hell was that" I screamed...he turned to me and said "that's a moray".
  35. Ian Holdich

    E Paradise (IAPLC Ranked 518)

    Really chuffed with my first IAPLC entry, ranked 518th place. Ian IAPLC 2 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr
  36. Ian Holdich

    Look whats been hanging around my nano

    I noticed this little guy last week, there is some emersed Hydro Japan and Ludwigia now coming from this tank. I noticed this funny little ladybird in the hydro. I thought he was just hanging in there. But over the week he seems to have made my nano his home. Here he is just chillin on the wood...
  37. Ian Holdich

    Under The Mangrove Tree.

    Just thought i'd share with you what i have been slogging my guts out with since 17.00 tonight. Just got finished, been planning this for 24 hours now. I'll give a little run down of the tank specs... Tank - Eheim 80cm Filter - Eheim 2073 (great filter!) C02 - Inline @ 1 bps Ferts - Tropica...
  38. Ian Holdich

    mini landscapes

    these look great http://breeze-me.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05 ... es-in.html
  39. Ian Holdich

    Paralympic closing

    must say it's better than the Olympic closing ceremony. Its been nice this paralympics. Nice to live in a country that has been so inspiring and inspired and allowed the chance to reassess our values. hats off to Coldplay.
  40. Ian Holdich

    Old pics (well upto date)

    just having look through some of my old pics and put a few together. I have never posted in here so here goes lol! 190l Jungle 14l Iwagumi 20l Dutch 20l Iwagumi 190l Nature aquarium Wabi Kusa 190l NA aquarium Corner scape LFS scape angle by Ian Holdich, on Flickr...
  41. Ian Holdich

    Meet the Superhumans

    Probably one of the most inspirational ads i have seen for a long time. Everyone should watch this ad once. click the link as they aren't letting it embed.
  42. Ian Holdich

    Panda glowlight Tetra?

    hey guys, just wondered if any of you have heard or seen these?? Just got hold of a small school as they look ace... anyone know of a latin name?? i'm sure they will be a albino of some kind, i'm not sure, they aren't an albino glowlight. heres a pic (care of google) Panda Glowlight Tetra...
  43. Ian Holdich

    15 UK applicants (IAPLC)

    I know Stu has posted this in Luis's thread, but it deserves it's own thread. http://en.iaplc.com/results12/index.html So, we have 15 applicants this year...well done to all that have entered! :thumbup:
  44. Ian Holdich

    Native british aquatic plants

    Was out and about today with the dog, and I have some lakes and streams near me. I have always taken interest in them as they grow small amount of Bristish aquatic plants (i'm not sure on the names!lol). This year there appears to be a massive flourish in the streams, i'm not sure why. I got a...
  45. Ian Holdich

    Aquagreen (the end)

    I thought i'd have a mess around with some hardscape this afternoon, ready for my new scape. The old scape will be shut down next week and i'm away on holiday for a week. I will have my plants on order over the week when i'm away and will be planting on the Friday when i get back. I have the...
  46. Ian Holdich

    40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

    some absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking photos in this one... http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/mos ... ever-taken
  47. Ian Holdich

    JBL e700

    I bought this filter and have been running it on my 80cm for just over 4 months now and it has been cleaned twice now. I just wanted to share the flow rate of it (the filter hasn't been cleaned for a month), this is it at water change today. I bought the filter to replace the Hydor prime 30...
  48. Ian Holdich

    Aquavitro, the science behind it?

    Hey peeps, my LFS has just started to stock the Aquavtiro range. I have always rated Seachem products(although they have never done an all in one fert), they still make decent plant products. This is the new range from Seachem, it's supposed to be more exclusive than the florish range, and not...
  49. Ian Holdich

    16 year old me

    here's one of the new NHS (borrowed from a canadian charity) vids to try and combat skin cancer this year. If any of you are teens or have teens, it's worth a watch. We are certainly seeing an increase in these types of cancers.
  50. Ian Holdich


    I admit i know nothing about LED lighting, i know what it looks like and have a nano LED on my P@H cube and things are growing well... what are these LED's like?? When the say 'super bright' i don't really understand lol. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aquarium-Tank ... 3705506990 I bought one...
  51. Ian Holdich

    evolution aqua pure aquarium balls

    just wondered if anyone had used these at all in their planted tanks?? They claim that these wonder balls help break down organic waste in the tank. While i have purigen in my filter, these little things go in the tank and literally disappear when they hit the water. They also claim that they...
  52. Ian Holdich

    Echinodorus tank (the end)

    before we get started, this isn't a 'scape' perse, it's more of an experiment/plant species tank. I for one am blown away by the ADA aquajournals and love some of the more simplistic scapes. There was one with just a single species Echinodorus with a glosso carpet, which i loved. There are also...
  53. Ian Holdich

    bye bye Fabio!

    who do you all reckon then for the England job? I would love the FA to appoint Ian Holloway!! :lol:
  54. Ian Holdich

    Ian's nano cube

    I have been given the go ahead for a nano in the kitchen. The tank is an 14l P@H cube and the rest of the stuff i have lying around. I got some Dragon stone as well and some Aqua gravel. I wanted to make it an Iwagumi, i have done a few layouts, but could do with some opinions on them. Heres the...
  55. Ian Holdich

    Flickr vs Photobucket

    I have just signed up to Flickr, i don't know why, just for a change lol. I have found the pics when uploaded to Flickr to be more clear and crisp. Is there an obvious difference between the two photo storage sites?? I uploaded this a few weeks back with Photobucket and it didn't look half as...
  56. Ian Holdich

    Shrimp grade??

    I picked some CRS up a few days ago and have been having a look around, but can't decide on the grade of them...help! there are 6 in all and all around these colourings. Sorry about the photo quality.
  57. Ian Holdich

    Yellow fire Sakura shrimp

    I got 6 of these from my local MA today, there's not a great deal of info on the net about them. I just wondered whether many of you had kept them before and do they breed in freshwater?
  58. Ian Holdich

    The Greatest Speech Ever Made ?

    and it's by Charlie Chaplin, well worth 3 mins of your life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEG ... re=related
  59. Ian Holdich

    hygrophila sp. 'araguaia'

    I bought some of the above earlier in the week and am getting round to planting it this afters...it has clearly been grown emersed, i'm now going to seem a little dumb, but does it need trimming right back before i plants it. I have looked all over the net and theres not much on this plant. I...
  60. Ian Holdich


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmpONxJ7 ... r_embedded
  61. Ian Holdich

    Ian's LFS tank

    Having got quite friendly with my local LFS manager/owner over the last few years, he gave me the opportunity to do his display tank. The tank is a home made, around 125 ltrs cube. This sits on the counter alongside the marine display tank. Having put in the plant order from Tropica, we got...
  62. Ian Holdich

    Easycarbo and wallpaper

    yep, it's melted through the wall paper...i did this last weekend and have been in bad books since. damn you Easycarbo, you are my nemesis.
  63. Ian Holdich

    This made me do a lol

    the pic is entitled 'Cultural Differences Noticed at the G20 meeting in Toronto' The Canadian: Self-absorbed and disconnected from reality. The American: Businesslike, unwilling to be distracted. The French and the Italian: "LOOK AT THAT ASS!"
  64. Ian Holdich

    Rebirth (the end)

    After watching the triangle style scape and getting bored very quickly, i have decieded to have a little move around. Everything stands the same as previous in the old scape, same wood, same plants, same stock...Mark Evans popped over yesterday and gave a little critique on the old scape, and...
  65. Ian Holdich

    Photosynthesis times?

    I remember reading somewhere about plants reaching there maximum intake of nutrients around the times of 4-6hours after the lights come on. After this they start to decrease the intake and eventually shut up shop. I'm sure it was on the Barr report somewhere... I know that this will vary under...
  66. Ian Holdich

    Ian's 80cm (Chocolate gourami!)

    After much deliberation i have decided to sell my corner tank. I had no problems with the tank, however, it was a pain to maintain as it was so tall, there was only one or two scapes that worked in a corner tank. The corner tank sold very quickly to someone who was going marine. I did want to...
  67. Ian Holdich

    Amanos dosing regimen

    Whilst reading Amanos complete works the other night, it struck me that he hardly doses anything. Maybe a bit of K and some trace. Only on a few tanks does he appear to dose special lights, which is the NKP. Do you think this is his true dosing regimen?
  68. Ian Holdich

    Has anyone got a clue? Oto related

    I mean what is the crack here! I have had these group produce fry, is he/she pregnant or has he/she swallowed a ball bearing?
  69. Ian Holdich

    emersed growth

    I have a propagator with some riccia in it on my windowsill and must have chucked these in a month or so back, theres some hygro, anubias, ludwigia and crypts, along with the riccia. TBH honest i haven't really checked on them and forgot about them. I went to fill the propagator with water today...
  70. Ian Holdich

    A very English Spring...The end (tank sold)

    Well, i went to see Mark Evans this afternoon and he kindly donated a couple of bits of Manzi to the Ian cause...well this sparked another re scape in the corner tank. There has also bee a couple more stems added to the tank, they are all small at the moment so they aren't in eyes view yet. They...
  71. Ian Holdich

    C02 mist diffuser not working??

    I bought a mist diffuser and after reading around, the working pressure needs to be 2 bar... the diffuser in question and the working pressure its been on for about half and hour now and the bubble counter has completely stopped. There is no leaks, and the valve is now on full and still...
  72. Ian Holdich

    Scapers and styles

    Have been looking at the different styles of scaping for a fair while and am noticing more and more how different areas of the world have slightly different styles. I know they have different styles, but what i'm trying to get at is...take for example, personally i think the UK has a very clean...
  73. Ian Holdich

    Taking crisp pictures?

    I thought i'd start a topic regarding, taking a really 'crisp' pic of the aquarium using just the light from the fish tank. I'm currently using a DSRL kit lens (i know no the best), but i'm getting at best the same shots as my cheap point and shoot. Outside pics are second to none, and portraits...
  74. Ian Holdich

    Sleepy Hollow

    It's surprising what boredom does... Tank - 190ltr Corner Filtration and water movement - APS1000 ef and Koralia nano (1600lph) Hardscape - sumatra wood and TGM blue stone Plants - Cryptocoryne nevillii, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Pogostemon helferi, Rotala rotundifolia, Pogostemon erectus...
  75. Ian Holdich

    New Sony a380

    grabbed a bargain a couple of weekends ago, after being sold a Lumix g10 as a DSLR, i took it back when i found out it was a compact with changable lenses, i got the sony a380 for £350 (bargain). anyways, heres a few newbie pics... the wife...(oh how she's changed since we first met)...
  76. Ian Holdich

    Ian's Wabi Kusa

    I have fancied doing a Wabi Kusa for a while now, i was in (being dragged around) Asda Living today when i came across a bowl that i thought would suit a Wabi (this made Asda my friend). For the last few weeks when taking my dog out i have been spying all the plants on the banks in my local...
  77. Ian Holdich

    Ian's Lounge Tank (no name)

    as some might have read, i have another baby on the way, and i know for a fact a rescape wouldn't be on the cards for at least another year. So i have decieded to go for it now... as you see it's just the hardscape until my plants arrive tomorrow. Juwel internal removed and juwel backing...
  78. Ian Holdich

    stirring substrate

    hey guys i'm looking for some evidence regarding the stirring of substrates, and why we really don't need to do it. Or the reasons that the gasses will just gas off, and 'not be toxic' to the fish... anyone got anything?
  79. Ian Holdich

    Kauai - Iwagumi

    yet another journal (lol). The dutch got taken down yesterday, leaving me with a empty glass box. tank - 20ltr cube lighting - 11 watt arc pod Filtration - Resun Cyclone external filter Substrate - Colombo florabase Ferts - TPN plus daily C02 - Yeast method vis glass diffuser Plants -...
  80. Ian Holdich

    Dutch (ish) cube

    here goes... tank - 20ltr cube lighting - 11 watt arc pod Filtration - Resun mini external Substrate - Columbo florabase Ferts - TPN plus daily C02 - Yeast method Plants - Ludwigia arcuata, Ludwigia peruviana, Cryptocoryne costata and Hygrophilla rosae Australis. Livestock - 6x Ember...
  81. Ian Holdich


    just a querry really...Seachem Prime, as many of you know it claims to detoxify nitrates. I'm using it as a main dechlor for my main tank, with water changes 2 x a week (20%). Is using it gonna be detrimental when dosing NO3?? sorry if it's been asked before. Ian
  82. Ian Holdich

    On the Edge -goes iwagumi p2

    I have wanted to start a nano tank for ages, i wanted to see if i could do it really cheap and make it look 'OK'. All i have spent is on the tank and 2 ninja shrimp. The tank was £12 from P@H and the shrimp was £4. Tank- 13l P@H special Lighting- 1 x 8 watt tube fitted as an under cupboard...
  83. Ian Holdich

    colour splash

    i know most of you guys are great with a camera. I have found this i-phone app, which is good for a quid. It uploads your photos as B/W and you the brush em to get the colour back. Which takes some doing! pics i did... tank cardinals my wife the boy the dog with his skin tight england shirt
  84. Ian Holdich

    dosing Easylife...

    Ferro, Fosfo & Nitro. I have just bought some from Green Machine, i normally use TPN plus, but wanted to have a go with these products. I was just wondering how much and when to dose these spercific products? thanks guys.
  85. Ian Holdich

    Mercury music prize 2010

    who's gonna win this year then? Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea Dizzee Rascal - Tongue N' Cheek Foals - Total Life Forever I Am Kloot - Sky At Night Kit Downes Trio - Golden Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More Paul...
  86. Ian Holdich

    Trigon Island

    tank - 190 ltr corner lighting - 2 x 28w T5's Filtration - Juwel internal 1000ltr and Hydor Koralia 1 @ 1500lph Substrate - Aquabasis plus, sand and gravel Ferts - Easylife Ferro, Fosfo & Nitro and Profito, , Flourish Excel, C02 supplied by JBL Proflora Plants - Nymphaea stellata...
  87. Ian Holdich

    Trigon 190 corner

    just thought i'd say hello, been a member on here for a couple of months, got introduced through another forum. I have got some useful info from here, cheers. here are some pics of my tank (low tech), tank - 190 ltr corner lighting - 2 x T5's Substrate - Aquabasis plus and sand Ferts -...