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  1. J

    trimming Bolbitis heudelotii

    This is right in my experience. Bolbitus is tough stuff, snapping is not easy, and if your scissors aren't up to much then the bruising will occur also.
  2. J

    Dwarf Hairgrass - Where can i get it?

    I've had the hairgrass from Plantedtanks and the bunches are probably the same amount as a normal pots worth
  3. J

    Plant ID

    It is 'Staurogyne sp.' which is now called Staurogyne repens
  4. J

    HC Alternative??

    Yep, this is what is is like, It's spreading but fairly far apart so it hasn't formed a carpet, though I'm sure it will once it gets going...
  5. J

    HC Alternative??

    I might change it for Hirsuta then :lol: Funny you say that, I have mostly single leaves but three stems have 4 leaves after cutting it all back to the substrate...
  6. J

    HC Alternative??

    This is what I have in my nano, and I don't seem to be getting on with it, the growth is sporadic to say the least - I thought it was me :oops: :lol:
  7. J

    HC Alternative??

    You could try Marsilea Crenata from AquaEssentials http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/aquafle ... -2817.html
  8. J

    Have you seen a hard moss?

    PM me your address, i'm giving mine a trim tonight...
  9. J

    Brown and transparent patches on Red Amazon leaves

    You should have Iron within your Trace mixture, just double or triple dose it. I triple dose Traces in both my tanks without problems
  10. J

    alternative to Java moss

    Xmas Moss and Flame Moss are 'sticky' :thumbup:
  11. J

    strange plant....again. ID needed.

    That's great! I can't say I've ever seen a Hydrocotyle Flower before
  12. J

    Anubias Nana in a temperate tank?

    Yep agreed. I have some growing well (but slow) in a bucket at room temperature
  13. J

    Moss 'Fungus'?

    It is a lot worse this morning, yesterday there were small individual areas and it has now spread and joined together - looks revolting
  14. J

    Moss 'Fungus'?

    Seem to have white fluff on my Flame Moss, any ideas on what it is and how to get rid? :? It has appeared since I trimmed the moss a couple of days ago
  15. J

    Pinching out new leaves

    Adding to this, I have found, by accident (and poor aim), you can get away with a snip at substrate level and it will grow right back, assuming that the roots are established enough I suppose. Obviously, this is much slower growth than if you keep some leaves on :oops:
  16. J

    green rotal rotundifolia

    Without having read the entire thread, I will offer my (limited) experience with rotundifolia. Mine only turns red when it is within approx. 1.5 inches of the water's surface, total depth of water approx. 15inches allowing for substrate, they continue to turn a brighter red if left to grown...
  17. J

    I could use a little advice on flame moss

    The lot I have that has shown the most growth of three lots is furthest away from the light :? The bunch nearer the light wont attach... How low did you trim it?
  18. J

    I could use a little advice on flame moss

    I'm glad you said that, I was wondering why mine had done very little :oops:
  19. J

    Coldwater plants

    I've currently got a plastic tub of M.Pteropus sat next to my tank unheated, looks in great condition
  20. J

    Plants ID Please

    I'm sure the first plant is NOT M.pteropus, the leaves appear too wide and there is no evidence of black spots to the undersides. Also, it appears there are thre parts to the main leaf in the photo, and this doesn't occur on any Java Fern I've seen :?
  21. J

    Leaf issues

    I would suggest that if you have few replies it's because people don't know the answer. I would suggest if it happened literally overnight that they have been munched by something.