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  1. J

    Wave CO2 Regulator & Solenoid help?

    Just to add to what others have said, the needle valve alters the output of the CO2. The operating pressure comes from the FE. Incidently, I changed my FE over last night and couldn't get the gas to come out of the UP Atomizer even though the valve was still open as much as before. I...
  2. J

    Inline diffusers??

    The way I see it with these i if you've got your tank on your desk then the bubbles will annoy you. If it's in your Lounge and you're sat 2 metres away, you wont notice
  3. J

    Inline diffusers??

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0432018641
  4. J

    Faulty Solenoid?

    I had this with my latest Wave reg and did the same as above, works perfectly, like my other one. Don't let this put you off this great reg and solenoid :thumbup:
  5. J

    diffusion idea, any thoughts

    I have the powerhead of an old internal filter sat above my diffuser, it chops the bubbles up and spreads them around the tank superbly
  6. J


    I only get pearling on my HM, which, like Superman said, makes me think that either there is not as much flow to the HM as the other plants or that the HM is the only plant getting enough of the goodies. I assume the first as all my plants are growing well :thumbup: