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  1. Wolfenrook

    Poison dart frog and tree frog vivs.

    As requested, posting some pics of my planted vivs, hope you like them. I'll post a pic or two of the frogs that live in them as well as you can't always see them in the tanks shots. Living Room Display Viv Ameerega bassieri sisa Dendrobates tinctorius Citronella viv D. tinctorius...
  2. Wolfenrook

    Betta Lifespace 700

    I mentioned this in my 'intro' so figured I should post some info. It's a 62 gallon tank with a big sump for filtration. That pump is a 3000lph one, I think I finally joined the 10x club. :lol: The first chamber of that filter is filled with my old biomedia, the second I used to house my...
  3. Wolfenrook

    Not new.

    More old and smelly. :lol: I've not been active in a while though, basically because I haven't been doing much planted tank wise in a looong time. I spend more time on poison dart frog enclosures (planted naturally. ;)) these days. However, I've reawakened my interest very recently...
  4. Wolfenrook

    No2 Daughters Aquarium

    A few changes since this tank was first started, still nice and colourful for her though, and very easy to maintain. Ade
  5. Wolfenrook

    My 180 to date.

    Just an update of how my Rio 180 planted is looking these days:- Ade
  6. Wolfenrook

    Our 5 year old daughter's aquarium

    Not particularly a planted tank, rather a tank that happens to be planted. Still looks nice though, and my middle daughter absolutely loves it with it's platies, cherry shrimp and neocaridina palmata (she isn't bothered about hybrids cropping up naturally. lol). Ade
  7. Wolfenrook

    Project Shrimp

    This aquarium was designed with the focus upon the shrimp. Equipment 60 litre ClearSeal Panoptic 560 Modified Fluval 2 internal filter filled with sintered glass media, modified for reduced flow 200 watt ClearSeal heater Eco-Complete Substrate 24 Watt T5 power compact overtank luminaire...
  8. Wolfenrook

    Hunting for 'different' shrimp.

    Basically I am searching for sources of shrimp other than cherry, amano, tiger, red nose, long arm or crystal reds. I'm looking more for shrimp such as snowball shrimp, yellow shrimp (another relative of the cherry shrimp), black (again a relative of the cherry shrimp) and the like. I tried...
  9. Wolfenrook

    Another RIO 180.

    Well, I figured that it's about time I plucked up the courage to put up a pic of my planted. I've just done a pretty major prune and pull on it though, so it's looking a little less full that it usually does (I have to pull plants out every now and then, otherwise it gets seriously overgrown...
  10. Wolfenrook

    3 or 4 T5s?

    I need to replace my 11 year old Juwel 180 T8 lighting (the unit, not the bulbs :lol: ) as it's seriously falling apart. I already upgraded my lighting recently by adding 2 39 watt linear T5s with reflectors. I have no problems with algae at all, I dose with TPN, but don't dose macro...