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  1. Ray

    ONF Flat Nano with 3rd party dimmer

    I've got the ONF Flat Nano, not the plus, the basic one with no app control - only a 4 stage dimmer (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%). I've added one of the 3rd party Chinese made dimmers, the S2 Pro model reviewed by both Jurijs Jutjajevs and Filipe Oliveira in YouTube videos. It works but the ONF...
  2. Ray

    10l Nano Shrimp Tank DSM

    So I started with "Critique my hardscape" over here. It's an old Dennerle 10l nano tank - 20x20x25cm. Originally it was going to be a low tech shrimp tank with a moss and eleocharis lawn. However I just watched the James Findley video on making scree and I really like his plant list. Plus...
  3. Ray

    Critique my hardscape Messing with 10l Nano scapes

    Isolation is getting to me so I dug out my 10l nano and my hardscape box and had a play. Any of them grab you? I’m thinking the front will actually be a sand and gravel beach once I decide what to go for... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ray

    Eheim 3e 2074 (350)

    Has anyone got one of these? I'm interested in the getting extra flow compared to my 2028 and would like to know if it makes more or less noise on full power?
  5. Ray

    Ray's 90cm Rescape

    Some of you may be familiar with my previous scape (here), well its time for a redesign. So, the Iwagumi idea isn't going so well. First off I went to the local stream to see what I could find. Lots of rocks but the problem is that a rock that has been sitting in a stream all day is covered...
  6. Ray

    CO2 in aquarium and atmosphere

    I probably learnt this at school, so please excuse the dummy question. Why, if we have nearly 400ppm CO2 in the atmosphere (see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/may/13/carbonemissions.climatechange), do we need to administer CO2 to the aquarium to arrive at 30ppm? Why does it...
  7. Ray

    Angels Hunting

    Finally found some false/green/blue neon tetra's (Paracheirodon simulans) and added a dozen this evening. They are quite small - 2cm, but I figured they can grow before my two angels get big enough to eat them (the angels are about 4.5 cm). However, within two minutes of me adding them the...
  8. Ray

    White spot?

    Should probably post on another forum altogether but no idea where... I added 12 rummy nose tetra's last Saturday and they seem to be doing well - coloured up, eating fine, schooling up and down - but I notice some of them have a single pinhead white spot in either dorsal region or actually on...
  9. Ray

    How Many Rams in a 200 litre?

    How many Blue German Rams (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) should I get for my planted 200L tank? I'm thinking 2 pairs - will there be enough space? Tank mates will be Ottos, various shrimp and a school of rummy nose and false neon tetras. Also, I've little knowledge of Apistogramma but is there a...
  10. Ray

    Cloudy Water Conundrum

    For the last 3 weeks I've been going through an annoying cycle. At lights on my water is slighly cloudy - front to back view is ok but looking down the tank is distinctly "hazy". After a few hours of lights and CO2 the plants are pearling nicely and the water is crystal clear! Next morning...
  11. Ray

    How to stop algae in sand?

    Its not BGA, its just normal algae like you get on hardscape and glass. Doesn't grow on my aqauasoil, just on the sand. I've got no algae anywhere else (Ottos, snail and Shrimp are doing a good job) and its driving me nuts. How do people keep it clean - do I need some bottom dwelling fish to...
  12. Ray

    Avoiding Surface Film in Drop Checker - any tips?

    Does anyone else get this? Apparently although surface agitation is enough to keep the surface clear, it still forms in my DC. Once it does I get a nice yellow result 24/7 which is confusing. If I re-fill the DC with air it clears but re-forms quite quickly unless I rinse it out. How to stop...
  13. Ray

    Software/format for company brochure

    I need to help a friend produce a company brochure. It will be mostly photo's with some text around and over them. What software should I get to be able to do the job and produce a format that can be sent directly to the printers to keep costs to a minimum? I use an Apple Mac and if we need...
  14. Ray

    EasyLife launch Nitrate and Phosphate Fertiliser Products

    AE put me onto this by enclosing a nice brochure in my package of NO3. Check this out: http://www.easylife.nl/english/index.html?id=45 And the marketing speak is quite sensible too, listen to this: I guess Easylife can say this because they do not have existing phosphate and nitrate removers...
  15. Ray

    Overdosing EasyCarbo?

    Anyone any experience of this? Instructions say go to 2x in a heavily planted tank but DO NOT EXCEED THE DOSE. I have no livestock, and I know about fissdens, vallais, etc being effected. Has anyone tried going higher? If so how much higher? Also if the objective is to nuke algae should I...
  16. Ray

    Flow Eductors - any use in a planted tank?

    This Ebay seller (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/International-Fish-Street) is offering Flow Eductors (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/International-Fish-Street_Water-Movement_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ12840653QQftidZ2QQlnsZ1QQtZkm): The linked review...
  17. Ray

    Ray's 90cm - Growing Pains Over?

    Well, this has been the longest time in the planning and procurement stages - I've been thinking about this since last November and started buying stuff in January. Anyway, I now have everything except the plants so time to start the journal. Regulars may have seen I am thinking of aqauscapes...
  18. Ray

    CO2 Kit Not working - Solved

    Hello, I've finally unboxed my Aquamas CO2 Starter kit. The in line reactor is the business - really excellent - but I'm having some issues with the regulator. I connected up the regulator and the solenoid and turned on the gas at the cylinder. The flask is full at 70bar, so that's good...
  19. Ray

    Arcadia Luminaire - unimpressed

    I've just set up my 90cm Arcadia Luminaire. 4 * 39W. I don't actually need that much light but the price upgrade over 2 tubes is minimal. Anyway, it comes with two, as expected, but - wait for it - one emerges from each end of the luminaire. Why? Surely that's the worst of both worlds? I...
  20. Ray

    Scaping help needed please - VOTE NOW!

    Hi everyone, The benefit of your collective wisdom on this would be very much appreciated for my new tank. The substrate will be 2/3 Aqua Soil Malaya and 1/3 sand in the foreground with a path going back in accordance with the golden ratio. Planting will be various crypts, narrow and needle...
  21. Ray

    Lighting and flow for 90cm 200L+ tank

    Folks, could you sanity check this for me please: I plan to do a low light low maintenance C02 Asian theme tank. Plants will be mosses, ferns, various crypts, Blyxa, C. Helfrei and Danoi. Tank is 90cm * 45cm * either 50, 55 or 60cm high - I've yet to decide. So we are looking at either 200 or...
  22. Ray

    Suitable feet for a DIY stand?

    Do people have adjustable feet on thier stands? I'm particularly interested what comes with commercially available stands like Juwel. I have a natural stone tiled floor, which undulates a little and so is slightly uneven. Stand is DIY 90cm for 200L aquarium, base is 22mm MDF (I will put up a...
  23. Ray

    Is there a fair priced dimmable lighting controller?

    Can someone please point me to a lighting timer that can also do dimming? I quite like the idea of my lights gradually fading out in the evening. It should spook the fish less, is nice and zen in the evening compared to that abrupt "click" and I can get an extra hour of light in without...
  24. Ray

    Name the deficiency

    These are new leaves on a Microsorum pteropus 'Narrow'. Sorry for the grainy image - had to photograph from above, and they are only 2cm long. Note translucent leaf tips, yellow leaf and green veins. In the same tank I have two types of Vallais growing well and producing daughters...
  25. Ray

    Tank depth, water changes and open tops

    Hello, I'm back into fishkeeping after 20 years and its all got so much more exciting since I was a kid... I've been running a little 25L pilot planted guppy tank for the last two months dosing Easy-Life ferts weekly and liquid carbon daily. Everything is growing nicely, my wife approves of my...