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  1. Graeme Edwards

    Busy busy times. New learnings...

    Hi all. I thought I would share with you the reasons I have not been so active. Apart from being all aquascaped out with recent events such as the Aqueous Art exhibition, Hagen show and others. Life has been very busy. Like most of us this time of year, im looking hard to further my career in...
  2. Graeme Edwards

    MAC and login to college website. Whale communication varifi

    Mac and PC people please help. I am doing a degree in countryside, conservation and recreation management. I have to log into the college website to gain accesses to college lessons, lesson planners etc. The problem lies when I hit the logon button. You can see it on this...
  3. Graeme Edwards

    Dosing Fe ( Iron ) ?

    Hey guys, Got thinking about Iron. Back in the good old days when everything was black and white and people talked funny - What'oh. The only real plant food was Iron for aquatic plants. Things have changed some and I was wondering who doses it and how much is enough or to much. Is it even...
  4. Graeme Edwards

    1-2-LETS GROW!

    Hi all, Well, its be a little while since Ive posted anything up on here. You all know how life can get. This aquascape has been commissioned for Tropica of Denmark. Tropica, along with some of the UKAPS sponsors will be attending AQUA2010 trade show in October. Tropica have asked me to...
  5. Graeme Edwards

    Captain Cook was an aquascaper!!

    Captain Cook with his pin-set tweezers. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Amazing uh! The statue is in Whitby.
  6. Graeme Edwards

    A recent collection of my photographs.

    These two are from a hike I did up Tryfan mountain on sunday. These are some old ones ive dug out and played about with. And these are from a trip up to Yorkshire. All three of them are in the Whitby area. I hope you all like them. I just thought I would share them with you. Cheers.
  7. Graeme Edwards

    River bank inspiration.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Just a few of a set of 10 or so pictures. Ill load up more when I can. These were taken down a shady creek in Yorkshire. I dont know the plants pictured, but if some one does, then it would be interesting...
  8. Graeme Edwards

    Good EI discussion (split from Paul's 200L journal)

    Yep, this, along perhaps with the Co2 issue you had will have done it. In hindsight, what you would of been better doing, is doing a few extra water changes and cutting your ferts down until things grew in again. This is where in my opinion ( controversial im sure ) EI does fall down. ( I dont...
  9. Graeme Edwards

    Who entered the 2009 ADA contest?

    Hey guys, This years ADA contest got me thinking about last years. Some of you may have noticed in the planted tank gallery we have the 2008 ukaps entries showcased. We dont have a 2009 showcase as yet, and I think it would be nice if we did. Could those who entered show your selfs and...
  10. Graeme Edwards

    Google maps not working....Mac OSX 10.5

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Im working on a Mac with OSX 10.5 Ive never had problems with google maps, but I go on today, and it does not want to work at all. Ive read about router problems and fire wall, but nothing seems to have changed here. Can you guys suggest anything to fix it...
  11. Graeme Edwards

    Save thee from the darkness.

    Thanks for looking.
  12. Graeme Edwards

    Is this broadband speed slow?

    I am currently with O2 and have had no problems with speed etc until now. My broadband signal seems to drop out and ive ran a speed test and im getting 72kbps download speed and and 151 kbps upload speed. Am i right in thinking, that this is just above the old 50k dial up? One for you...
  13. Graeme Edwards

    Lucky freak photo.

    Im lucky enough to live a the beautiful city of Chester, and we have some interesting culture here. Last week we had the winter watch parade. This is where in the narrow tall streets, there is a large prcesion of samba drummers and community groups dressed in evil and gothic dress. Chester is...
  14. Graeme Edwards

    Big fish, little fish cardboard box?

    Just for fun...... Which one would you have and why? :thumbup:
  15. Graeme Edwards

    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Last year, we were very lucky to have a fair few helping hands to set up the stand at the FOF. Thanks to you all, you know who you are. So this year we are looking for the same kind of help in any one can spare some time. It's nice for the members to be part of the...
  16. Graeme Edwards

    Mac problem. 'Kernal panic' HELP.

    Any one privy with a Mac??? Recently, for no reasons and when watching vids on youtube and when editing images I get this 'Kernal panic' and the Mac wont let me do anything other than switch it off. Obviously, I lose anything im working on and have to reboot again. Here is what Mac say...
  17. Graeme Edwards

    Graemes Festival tank - 2009 (Not yet named)

    Hi all, Stuworrall here. :D Were currently in Graemes house scaping his Festival of Fish tank and photographing the step-by-step with a bit of studio flash. Graeme will stick some proper updates up. this is just a quick preview of the setup for the 30cm cube tank. Graemes currently scaping...
  18. Graeme Edwards

    'Worlds End'.Working the nano magic. 27/8/09

    Well peeps, here is my latest pico. I have called it worlds end. The reasons it is called Worlds End is because all the hard-scape was collected locally to me in the place commonly know as 'Worlds End'. Its a large expanse of moor land with miles of undulating heather with rocky out crops, of...
  19. Graeme Edwards

    Recomendations for online Camera gear.

    Hi all, Im looking to treat my self to a 50mm prime. Im just wondering where to look to get a good deal. Ive found it at around £77-£100. But im not sure what sites to trust. I usualy use wearhouseexpress, but they are on the more expensiveside. Any pointers? Cheers.
  20. Graeme Edwards

    Trip to London.A few more pictures.

    Well, it was my first time in our capital. The first day was spent in Hyde Park rocking it in the free world. I went to see Sea sick Steve, Ban Harper, Fleet foxes and the legend that is Neil Young. So so cool. Cracking night. Sunday was for exploring the city.We headed to westminster on the...
  21. Graeme Edwards

    Allways looking for Inspiration.

    Im currently on a drive to take more pictures. Here is the results of a walk up to Swallow falls in North Wales. Me and the miss's did some scrambling to get to some spots. Cheers.
  22. Graeme Edwards

    War of the worlds live 2009 Liverpool. AWESOME!

    Hi guys, Just wanted to say, if any of you are into Jeff Wayne's war of the worlds then you MUST go and see it live, its bloody awesome. The quality of sound was brilliant, the stage craft was clever and the show was epic.There was a full orchestra and full band ( 6 guitarist,1 hot...
  23. Graeme Edwards

    Summer evening walk.

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a few pictures I took this evening. Cheers.
  24. Graeme Edwards

    Middgie phenomenon. Picture.

    Hi all, I went for a walk this evening. Headed down through some trees near a lake, only 10-15 min walk from my house ( I love where I live ). I saw this and found it really interesting. Ive had to heavily edited the picture....i.e exposure to highlight the middgie clouds. Once I had spotted...
  25. Graeme Edwards

    HP lap top, dead when booting up. After downloading itunes/V

    Hi guys, I was helping my mum last night add Vuze the download site and then itunes for her new ipod. Vuze seemed fine and worked no problems. When adding itunes from apple.com we downloaded to documents, then ran installer from there. All seemed well until it asked to reboot to put the changes...
  26. Graeme Edwards


    Heres a little something. I love nature and love to surround my self by it, so heres one of the things I have in my home. You will all be wanting to do the same, im sure of it. But I was first 8) :lol: Cheers.
  27. Graeme Edwards

    Whats the life span of your aquascape?

    Hi all. After some interesting chats with fellow aquascapers a question came to mind. How long do people give their aquascapes to mature? What is a mature aquascape to you? Are you a high octane scaper producing many short term ( 3 month old ) aquascapes, or are you in it for the long hall and...
  28. Graeme Edwards

    Cheap/good deals on broadband and phone. Moving house.

    Hi, Could anyone give me any ideas of where to look for a new contract for broadband and phone lines. I was with BT last year when I had my own place, but it was quite expensive. Is there any sites or ideas to check if the new place will have broadband or if those dongles will be worth a look...
  29. Graeme Edwards

    Shakkie......a blast from my past.

    Hi guys, I thought I would repost some old images of one of my best aquascapes. This has done very well for me featuring in a number of PFK issues, winning the PFK aquascaping contest, published in a TFH Nano aquaria book and my first ever ADA entry. Happy days where this scape was concerned...
  30. Graeme Edwards

    What causes green spot algae,hair algae and some causes....

    Hi all, Very quick one. Could any one tell me the reasons for green spot algae? Another one is hair algae, the type thats really quite slimy and looks very soft and almost cloudy when it gathers in big areas. And the last is a tough, almost pubic hair ( sorry if your having your breakfast )...
  31. Graeme Edwards

    Aquascaping Thursdays!

    Hi, Just thought I would share a couple of photos of what is now my usual Thursday routine. I am now very lucky to be getting paid to do my hobby. 8) I rolled into work at 9:45 AM, headed for the coffee, put my new kings of Leon album on and got my head down on this 5foot x 5foot x 2.5foot...
  32. Graeme Edwards

    Ukaps at glee, featured on the Unipac stand.

    Hi all, I thought it would be nice to share with you all the work Ukaps is doing in the hobby. We were approached by Roy Devani Director of Unipac, http://www.unipacpet.co.uk/index.html to attend the Glee Show at the NEC - http://www.gleebirmingham.com/ He asked us to aquascape a tank using a...
  33. Graeme Edwards

    Getting SLR lenses cleaned?

    Hi. Does any one know the rough cost of getting an standard lens profesionaly cleaned, ( inside )??? Im trying to hold off from spending, so I thought Id se if it was worth while paying for a clean rather than a new lens. I have a Cannon 350D, the kit lens is great for what i need with the 18mm...
  34. Graeme Edwards


    Hi all, Im very fortunate to have North Wales, Snowdonia and Anglsy o my door step, so im surrounded by endless days of photography. I was out on such a day last weekend. I must of taken near 500 pictures. Here is just a few from an amazing spot south of Betw-y-coed. If water is your thing...
  35. Graeme Edwards

    My email+facebook has been hacked, I REALLY need some help!!

    Hi all, Ive just got back from holliday to descover my email and facebook acount has been hacked. Ive been having a funny thing with my emails, every months about the 5th of each month, both facebook and hotmail reject my passwords, so i have to reset both, and then carry on as normal. I cant...
  36. Graeme Edwards

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    Well, things happen in our lives that take us into new directions. My latest event was a bit of a shock to put it mildly. But with that unforeseen change Ive managed to get one of these. Its the pleasure pain scenario, Ive had the pain...now heres the pleasure. Shes loyal ( unlike the last ride...
  37. Graeme Edwards

    A walk up Abba Falls with brother Crawford.

    Hi all. Me and Dan had a Ukaps day on Saturday just gone. We visited Aquariums Ltd to see their operation and to discuss sponsorship. The photos will be up for that soon. Then we headed down to TGM to see the ADA stock line they now have in, I tinkered with the little nano I set up on the desk...
  38. Graeme Edwards

    My new scape named Variance.Sneaky pre-ADA peak.

    The name: Variance: 1. the state, quality, or fact of being variable, divergent, different, or anomalous. 2. an instance of varying; difference; discrepancy. 3. a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions; "a growing divergence of opinion" 4. the quality of being subject to...
  39. Graeme Edwards

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    Hi all, Ive just been checking our members list, and we are up to nearly 300 members!!! First I want to say thanks for every one joining Ukaps. I hope you are getting a lot from the experiance. We have so much more in the pipe line to offer, so stick with us! It got me thinking. Im...
  40. Graeme Edwards

    Forget ADA prices for fancy Co2 valves, speed controlers etc

    Have a look under, http://www.pneu-store.co.uk/ *Valves *Fittings/Tubes *Flow/Speed controlers All the things a ADA charge a small fortune for!! This is what UKaps is about, finding the things us guys/gals want, and for less!!!! Pat on the back for ones self! Cheers, Graeme.
  41. Graeme Edwards

    Really nice and interactive Japanese garden website.

    http://learn.bowdoin.edu/japanesegarden ... index.html Check out the rock placements. Its an ancient art brought to the modern age into our aquariums, nice ahy!!!! Ukaps field trip needed for the founders, hit the donate button!!!!! lol Regards, Graeme.
  42. Graeme Edwards

    Meeting with Unipac and Director Roy Devani.

    I wanted to mention the meeting we had with Roy Devani Director of Unipac. A very nice and down to earth guy. We went through to their head office and warehouse to rescape their aquarium they have in the public waiting area. We were basically doing this to say thanks to Roy and pay back a favor...
  43. Graeme Edwards

    Aquacube 8lt scape. Woodland glade.Update 8 DEC 08!

    Hi guys, I though it was about time i put my hand to another pico. Some basic stuff- Filter-HOB60 Lighting- 11W florescent, its actual the lighting that came with the free PFK cube. Heater- Newattino plus 10W Substrate- Tropica plant nutrition and black fine gravel over the top. Hardscape-...
  44. Graeme Edwards

    Lifeless Nerit snail.

    Hi guys, well I bout my self a nerit snail from AE, it arrived last night, ploped it into my tank, watched to see it emerge, I waited, and waited and waited, went to bed, and still no movement. It arrived in a pot in wool, i was expecting it to be in water or some kind of damp media. Any idea...
  45. Graeme Edwards

    My ADA package has arrived !

    Ahhhh, Ohhhh yeah yeah, there it is ! ! ! LOL My delivery of ADA contest books has arrived ! I ordered Via the official ADA site 2006 and 2007 layout contest manuals and " SUIKEI Amazon" WOW,,WOW,WOW. Ive just finished moping up :? Seriously, very inspirational. The thing that gets me...
  46. Graeme Edwards

    A couple pics og George's tank from the BBQ.

    Nuff said realy, obviously some photo shop here. Cheers ears!
  47. Graeme Edwards

    The Aquatic Gardeners Association TAG, Ukaps inside!

    People who are a member of the Aquatic Gardeners Association will be receiving the latest TAG ( The Aquatic Gardener ). Within this volume you will find an article about Ukpas. Hopefully this will hight light the Uk as a country serious about aquascaping. I titled the article "One small step...
  48. Graeme Edwards

    My new scape,white balance settings. See the difference.

    First off this is my new scape, one week old. Some stats for you. 30X30X30 PFK freebie cube. AquaVital HOB 400 Interpet power compact T5 with Triton tube. FishVet diffuser. ADA aquasoil Malaya. ADA power sand special. Tropica plant nutrition plus. Co2 is ( i think ) around 1 bubble per second...
  49. Graeme Edwards

    Collection of photos of limnophila aromatica.

    Ive had this plant some time now. Ive managed to grow it fully emersed and is now flowering. Take a peek. Shot with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Shot with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Shot with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Shot with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Shot with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Shot with...
  50. Graeme Edwards

    Welcome to The White Room.

    Consider this area as the white room for your photography. A place to be contemporary or traditional with your style. This is not just a place for pictures of the flora and fauna within your tanks, this is a place to share picture of anything related to our interest. It could be pictures of the...
  51. Graeme Edwards


    In this forum we can share with each other the techniques and craftsmanship that goes in to a master piece of living art. We shall talk about tools required, how best to use them and which are the best to invest in. We will also talk about hardsacping with wood and rocks to create a balanced...
  52. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in the South East.

    PLease post your shops in the South West here, following the posting fromat set out in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  53. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in East Anglia.

    Please post your shops in East Anglia here ,following the posting format setout in the annaouncemet. Cheers, Graeme.
  54. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in South Central England.

    Please post your shops in South Central England here, following the posting format set out in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  55. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in Wales.

    Post your shops in Wales here, following the posting format set out in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  56. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in the North East.

    Post your shops in the North East here, following the post format set out in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  57. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    Post your shops in the Midlands here, following the posting format in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  58. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in the North West.

    Post your shops in the North West here, following the posting format in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  59. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in Ireland.

    Post your Ireland shops in this forum following the posting format in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  60. Graeme Edwards

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Post your Scotish shops in here following the posting format set out in the announcement. Cheers, Graeme.
  61. Graeme Edwards

    Please read about how to post in this forum first.

    This part of the fourm is to post where you collect valuable supplies for your living art. To make things easy, i have made a seperate thread for each region. As follows. Every time you put up a post, please follow this posting format. The posting format. Shop name: Location: Directions...