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  1. J

    Boiling plants

    Hi there, I have a snail problem that has recently got quite bad! am i able to boil my plants to get rid of the snails that are on them? Or will my plants just die?
  2. J

    First planted tank

    Hi guys, Id be greatfull if you could tell me if im missing anything for my planted tank. I think ive got everything covered but im a newbeee so i dont know much lol. Heres what my set-up includes; Tank size; 400 litres - 100 us gallons Lighting(t5 with reflectors); 2 x 54watt, 2 x 39watt - 10...
  3. J

    Flourish excel with Vallisneria Spiralis

    Will the excel i use ruin Vallisneria Spiralis plants? i heard that some vals dont like it but ive just order some Vallisneria Spiralis and im wondering if they will be alright with the excel? Thanks