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  1. Garuf

    Dual stage do it youself fancy parts builds.

    I will say this upfront, I am out of my depth when it comes to co2 so I've always just purchased complete kits, but given that my setup is a 10 kg tank and an Oxyturbo regulator and 3 way branch I would much rather I drop some coins and buy something really nice but y'know, not lottery win nice...
  2. Garuf

    Tropica specialized dosing rules of thumb

    Alright gang. I trust you are all well. Unlike my plants. Card carrying fert nerds please lend your insight. I use tropica specialized to dose my tanks which are, for ease, lets call 20,30&40litres. For one reason, here in Denmark it’s very easy to get and two I trade my cherry shrimp culls...
  3. Garuf

    Lets play detective

    I present to you a mystery who done it. My green rasbora's have been in quarantine and fattening up nicely since just before Christmas and I want to shut that tank down, so I did the same as I do when I add shrimps to the tanks. I did a 50% water change before co2 comes on in the morning to...
  4. Garuf

    my fake 45p and 45f hobby return.

    Morning all. 2020 was wall to wall dogmuck so in a moment of madness I shut down my main shrimp tank, gave away my vampire crabs and came back to the aquascaping side of the hobby with a pair of fake ADA tanks. First up is my dsm pseudo 45f aquascape which was something of an experiment...
  5. Garuf

    Living off grid solar/wind/geothermal?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of the new "alternative" technologies, my parents have just had their electricity bill and are considering going for a turbine and solar panels as well as potentially a ground source heat pump. We looked into paying people to...
  6. Garuf

    The Creative Aquascape Union is no more.

    http://www.aquascapingworld.com/threads ... more.7047/ Awaiting more details from them but sadly, CAU is no more.
  7. Garuf

    Contacting Aquariums LTD

    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me with contacting Aquariums ltd, have they gone bump or something? I've emailed them and called but I'm unable to get an answer, the phone's either engaged or it never gets answered. Unfortunately my 60x45x45 that I'd lent to my grandparents front pain failed...
  8. Garuf

    Reduced light duration, increased co2 and induced algae?!

    On my nano as part of getting everything ready to send it home for the summer I decided to reduce the photo period from 8hours to 5hours and to change when the lights came on so I'd be able to observe the tank at a more reasonable hour, I also felt it prudent to bump up the co2 a touch. Well, a...
  9. Garuf

    A water quality conundrum

    Okay, so today I bought some Otocinclus from my LFS, after the usual drop acclimatization over 8 hours I took the fish into the tank and floated them to allow the temperatures to level out, after an hour I poured the oto's into the tank. Within a few minutes the water turned milky the oto's went...
  10. Garuf

    Nano terrariums

    http://www.exo-terra.com/en/products/na ... m_nano.php I spotted one of these in my LFS the other day, at around £20 they seem good value but are they actually suitable for keeping anything in? The black plastics a little ott for my liking too but for £20... Who's to complain. How do you heat...
  11. Garuf

    Dennerle nano cube 20l

    Hello, does anyone have any experience with these and or with the dennerle cubes in general? I picked up one of the 20l ones at a bargain price (over half rrp!) and it's got absolutely everything, light, filter, substrates even got a piece of sumatra nano thrown in there for nout and very...
  12. Garuf

    Acclimatizing shrimp woes.

    Hello, I've never had any luck with shrimp so on getting some bargain bee shrimp I decided to get 6. This morning however my bad luck with shrimp struck again and I found all 6 dead around the algae pellet I'd added to feed them. I'd drip acclimatized the shrimp for 7 hours nearly 8, half way...
  13. Garuf

    Get excited and make something.

    Many moons ago I used to read a design blog called get excited and make something, it was basically one guys attempt to learn things rapidly and not get stale or trite, the man in question, Olly Moss, now has endless amounts of commissions under his belt and is something of a celebrity. Now, my...
  14. Garuf

    aquarium stream

    I'm not sure I've posted this before but it's basically a post about wild cichlids in a thermal spring, that however isn't what inspired me, look at the under water photographs, almost perfect low light scapes and some good stream bed inspiration! http://www.cichlidae.com/forum/viewtopi ...
  15. Garuf

    Amazon inspiration or why plants do better with flow.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQrKQnpK ... _embedded#! Enjoy.
  16. Garuf

    Optiwhite nano "£10.25"

    Here's a quick phone snap of the nano I set up today using plants readily available from a bread and butter LFS, I've named it £10.25 because that's the princely sum they all cost alas still slightly hazy, (ignore the rocks, someone forgot to soak their wood). Plant list: Ludwigia repens...
  17. Garuf

    Where to buy plants now?

    As title really, now that Planted box are no-longer shipping, Where's best for cheap plants? Preferably Aquafluers not the terrible mush you get from "Far east re-distributors" (We all know who they are), I'm considering living waters but I don't know what their prices are like, their plant...
  18. Garuf

    Firefox problem

    Afternoon, I've been using firefox for as long as I can remember, about a month ago it's started opening multiple tabs when using the mouse wheel click while browsing, I've tried the usual stuff, different mouse, updating firefox, running it in safe mode but nothings stopped the issue, I had...
  19. Garuf

    New bike advice

    So after riding around on my 1984 Rayleigh 501 everyday for 3 months I reckon I'll get my use out of something a little more up to date, I'd been looking to just upgrade bits and pieces but I don't think it's worth it long run as the headset and other bits and bobs are now entirely nonstandard...
  20. Garuf

    A reefer take on aquascaping

    http://www.h2oplusomething.com/index.ph ... &Itemid=64 Some interesting points raised, even if you don't really learn anything from it it's worth looking at it and feeling smug that we invented iwagumi (which they're basically copying). :twisted:
  21. Garuf

    Has anyone ever tried raising seasonal killi's?

    I'm looking for a summer project to give me something to do, I realised I don't have the money to set up my nanos just yet but I can spare enough to try one of the all inclusive killi-kits that are on ebay + I have the added bonus of having 4 empty tanks kicking about for the project, does...
  22. Garuf

    I done gone and been stupid.

    Just spent the last hour or so faffing about with my upcoming wabikusa, playing about with my yorkstone and trying to work out what it is that just wasn't sitting right. Thought to myself "I know, I'll add my substrates and I can just add my aquasoil on some plastic bag and I'll be fine, they...
  23. Garuf

    leeds ukaps meet

    I'm able to host a ukaps meeting not this weekend but next if anyone is interested? Not really sure on the intineray, nano aquascape comp for random goodies? Open to suggestions and people who'd be interested in coming. Gareth.
  24. Garuf

    Wabi filtering & heating advise.

    Does anyone know if their are any filters out there that are smaller than 10cm tall? I'm looking for a tiny internal that I can use to filter the 15x10x60cm's of water at the front of my Wabi, I did consider using my Eden 501 but the intakes aren't long enough to reach the water level so I think...
  25. Garuf

    A large Wabi kusa

    Spotted this on another forum and thought it might interest those with a wabi kusa enjoyment. Details are sparse all I know is that it's in a mall in Japan and has a bulkhead in the tank for filtration. Very nice though, and Inspirational to many I'm sure.
  26. Garuf

    New tropica website is up

    Go check it out! NOW. www.tropica.com
  27. Garuf

    Jobs, where's best to find them

    Hello, as per topic really, I'm looking for a summer job but in these hard times I'm finding it increasingly hard to find anywhere. I will literally do just about anything for wages, does anyone have any bright ideas on where to look, who to ask, ways of improving my chances? It's getting...
  28. Garuf

    LED Schematics

    Hello, So I finally got round to getting my LED luminaire into action, I've decided on using three strings of 7 3w leds, giving 21 in total, below is a rough schematic, does anyone know which I should use? I understand high power LEDS shouldn't be used in series? If anyone could eye over them...
  29. Garuf

    Pre-order acrylic 12" cubes for sale

    Hello everyone, I've been hunting about lately for some acrylic cubes I've found a couple of sellers who'd be prepared to make them as a batch to order. As of yet I have no prices (other than on single units) but since I'd be selling those I have spare what would you be prepared to pay? You'd...
  30. Garuf

    Ebay items not arrived

    Hello, so I ordered a number of items from china-hong kong and they have not been delivered, i've been expecting them since late february and have been in contact with the seller throughout. There tracking says the parcel was rejected on the 13th of april because I was unable to sign for it...
  31. Garuf

    Wanted, Ebb and flow/grow out advice

    As per title really, I'm looking to form a resource post full of information that would be vital for starting an emerse set up. How to heat, light humidity, types of system etc. I particularly want to start and Ebb and Flow system as I've read they're superior, anyone have any ideas on how...
  32. Garuf

    Worth setting a tank up for 6 weeks?

    While scaping tonight I noticed that I've only actually got 7 weeks left in my property before moving into my accomodation for the next 12 months, my questions pretty simple: is it worth setting it up the tank knowing i'll have to move out with the tank exteremly shortly. My experience with my...
  33. Garuf

    60x45x45 Optiwhite

    So she finally arrived, not without issue but the less said about that here the better. The tank is amazing, really really good silicone work, immaculate really. Here's my first scape, nothing too special, just seeing what works where. I've already learnt that Mazatania is very brittle...
  34. Garuf

    Tank Mat with a Aquariums ltd braceless

    Hello, just a quick question, does anyone know if a tank mat is needed for the optiwhite braceless'? I was about to walk into town and buy one but on reading the TGM Journals I notice none of them appear to have mats. In particular Georges tank there which is nearly the same size. Any ideas?
  35. Garuf

    Repairing chipboard?

    Finally took delivery of my Optiwhite this morning, decided I'd let the guys delivering it get of as they said they'd a lot to deliver, not knowing they had to witness me unwrapping the tank. So I unwrap the tank, pretty chuffed with the tank all optiwhite, worth all the saving, got to the...
  36. Garuf

    New firefox update causing plugins to corrupt websites

    Hello all, I've recently updated firefox and now the plugins I'm using are preventing websites from loading images and other display aspects and as such everything is al to pot. Also, google toolbar has gone from the top bar. The plugin that causes the most issue is adblock pluss but even...
  37. Garuf

    faulty co2 regulator?

    Yes I'd say its' faulty. I'd also suggest that you are vastly under dosing on your co2, do you run a drop checker?
  38. Garuf

    Clear acrylic tube lily pipes

    Does anyone know where to get food grade clear tube? I plan to bend a section to form a outlet similar to the do! aqua jet rather than a standard lily, even better if it had a clean join so flow direction can easily be changed. Does anyone know of anything readily available or where I can get...
  39. Garuf

    Very cheap source of willow moss

    £1 a bunch! http://www.bromfieldaquatics.co.uk/stor ... 650-0.html
  40. Garuf

    Ultimate unusual planted tank fish

    I've got a new 60x45x45cm tank on the way and I'm starting the search for fish for ideas, what are the most unusual fish suitable for this tank? I plan to have the usual shoal but I'd like something unusual or different. I'm thinking stiphidon gobies, oddballs, feature fish like aspistos...
  41. Garuf

    With thanks to tetra.

    I recently purchased a tetratec ex700 which leaked endlessly and I tried to fix without success to the point I considered it dead and a waste of money. As a last resort I emailed tetra asking if there were any known problems, to which they assured me it was an isolated case. Then comes a knock...
  42. Garuf

    Possibly growing some plants to help pay for my new scape.

    Does anyone have any requests? I'm planning on setting up my cube and my 60cm as emmersed setups with the intention of growing out some plants like rotalla green, downoi or hc to help pay for the costs of my new tank. Does anyone have any helpful hints or requests on plants they'd like. Also...
  43. Garuf

    60x45x45 equipment choices

    Taking advantage of our sponsors aquariums ltd's offer I just ordered a opti-white, rimless, braceless tank, 60x45x45 and I'm very, very excited! :o I had intended to use the same equipment that I had on my other 60cm (a 60x30x30). I've already got a ex1200 and a fluval fx5 but aren't sure...
  44. Garuf

    ADA winners of 2009 Photographs are here!

    http://www.aquatouch.com/freshwater%202 ... Party.html Stumble upon stumbled upon them! Marvellous little plug in. Enjoy, quality isn't great but there seems to be a lot of "big" tanks, 4footers etc which I personally find a shame since it does nothing to inspire what could be done in a tiny...
  45. Garuf

    Emeresed start up for utricularia graminifolia?

    Just a quick question, has anyone tried or achieved the dry start up method while using Ultricularia Graminifolia? I know it's possible in principle and I know of two people who've done it but in both instances they're in america and have much much warmer climes than our own, will this affect it...
  46. Garuf

    A triumphant return to scaping

    A sneak preview of my as yet unfinished and unnamed 12x10x8 optiwhite. After butchering the silicon myself resealing it. (it arrived leaking) I'm back in business after acquiring a eheim 2213 and more importantly a home. Apparently the only non hideously blurred shot, feel free to rip it apart...
  47. Garuf

    New inline reactor

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Aquarium-Atomizer-S ... 286.c0.m14 And to me it seems better than the crude ones Zig was using?
  48. Garuf

    Cheapest optiwhites?

    Just a quick question, where's the cheapest place to get an optiwhite from? I've had 3 quotes the cheapest being £90, I'm sure I can get cheaper from somewhere. Just where?! I was sure I remember reading someone a 60cm like I'm looking for £50?
  49. Garuf

    Future plans

    Hello all at ukaps, as some of you might be aware recently I've been thinking about selling up and leaving the hobby, a series of misfortunes, frustration and struggling tanks being the catalysts which brought me to this. Regrettably I'm posting this as a partial truth. Bringing my tank back...
  50. Garuf

    Filter tubing online

    I need some replacement filter tubing for my Ex1200 as I've chopped mine so many times that it's now far too short for purpose. Does anyone know where to get some from as cheap as possible?
  51. Garuf

    Sparkling gouramis and Hara Jerdonis

    Hello, my local lfs has both of these very pretty fish in does anyone know anything about them, shoaling tendencies, number per tank so on and so forth? Max size would be nice on both as they both vary wildly, especially when using common names. Thanks in advance.
  52. Garuf

    Vampire crabs

    As some of you might have noticed I'm after a trio of vampire crabs (if you can help me get some pm me). In the mean time what would I need to keep them? I'm not one for ugly tanks so Ideally I'd be wanting to do something like a palladium, live plants and a nice aquascape. Also, I'd imagine I'd...
  53. Garuf

    Micro crabs

    Found these on ebay and wonders ed if anyone had given them a go? I like the look but £25 seems steep? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Micro-spider-crab ... 1|294%3A50
  54. Garuf

    New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.

    So here she is, my new scape. I'm waiting on a package of plants before I plant it, unfortunately the postal service has let me down, again. That aside, here's the hardscaped tank. I hope you critique it in depth, I'm not sure on the rocks but I want the plants to provide the most of the...
  55. Garuf


    Anyone had any experience with them when they crash? I'm getting loads of error messages and the only help I get suggests that it's my computers fault? Here's apples page on the issue, I've tried all solutions and it's not made any difference. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp ...
  56. Garuf

    Turns out plants don't do well at high temps. Tank wipeout.

    A warning, be careful with your hydor heaters, I must have knocked mine while doing a water change and I've melted every single plant in my tank and may well have lost the 5 oto's I had in there. The heater said it was in the 32degrees region when I put a thermometer in it read half way...
  57. Garuf

    Too much Co2 in a fishless tank

    Hello, so in an attempt to rid myself of some diatoms and also to get over a bout of deficiencies I upped my co2 levels to around double what is needed to get a green DC the thing is nothing has gotten better, if anything I'm in a worse situation does anyone have any Ideas on what it could be...
  58. Garuf

    Nano light

    New nano light being offered, looks like it'll be cheap as chips and might be an alternative to the difficult to find superfish lamp. http://www.wavetrading.co.uk/albums/alb ... 378869.htm
  59. Garuf

    deficiant rotalla

    Hello, I'm running a new set up and I've noticed glassy patches and yellowing tips on my rotalla green and on my downoi, I'm dosing EI and my co2 is super high so I'm assuming I shouldn't be deficient be anything. I checked james guide but it doesn't seem to fit anything. Any one have any ideas...
  60. Garuf

    ADA plant rack ... eQe4ZBAmgA Just found this while skulking about on the internet, looks good doesn't? Apparently its purpose is for "propagation of the leaf" so I'm thinking it'd be a good one for if you're after bulking out some plants relatively cheaply.
  61. Garuf

    Strane brown fluff appearing on substrate.

    Hello, any ideas on what it could be, I've just sat down to plant my hc and have discovered the substrate to have a film of short soft algae all over. Any ideas on what it is and how to rid it? My tank specs are: 60x30x30 1x 24w t5 for 6 hours co2 via Fe 2 hours before lights goes off at the...
  62. Garuf

    Optiwhite iwagumi.

    Hello, received my optiwhite today, It's a got a few scratched and the silicon is everywhere but I couldn't resist scaping it! Here she is, critique please. :)
  63. Garuf

    Proserpinaca palustris ''Cuba''

    Has anyone had any experience with this plant? I bought some from TMG and it was a little bruised but seemed okay, today I've noticed it's melted away entirely, does anyone know if this is normal? Will it grow back?
  64. Garuf

    Gareth's 60cm rotalla scape.

    New scape half finished last night: Tank specs are: 60x30x30 rimless braceless tetratec ex1200 1200lph through glass ware. hydor inline heater. Pressurized co2 via nano chisel diffuser Substrate ada amazonia dosing EI. I'm waiting on more plants namely some pots of Rottalla a pot of bolbitis...
  65. Garuf

    What would you do with a spare tank?

    Okay, top and tail is my birthday is in February, (the 13th) and I'll be treating myself to one of the optiwhite nanos. This will leave my current 11" cube nano void of purpose but with enough equipment to run it as something or another. Ideally I'd like something really low maintenance and...
  66. Garuf

    A pretty red stem.

    Hello, I'm looking for a pretty/unusual red stem for a focal point in my new scape I was intending to use Proserpinaca palustris ''Cuba'' but have been unable to get any. The tank is a 60x30x30 so a smaller red stem would do it. Any Ideas? + pictures would be nice. :P
  67. Garuf

    Can't find a picture

    Ages back on my old pc I found a picture of 1000's of neon tetra's in an iwagumi. I've been searching for it on the internet now for a good 2 hours and can't find it. It was 1000's of them all in an iwagumi except the picture showed little of the scape just the water and the fish. Anyone who can...
  68. Garuf

    Where in a scape is c. helfri best suited?

    I'm about to start rescaping my 2foot tank but I don't know what to do with the c helfri, does it go best in the corners or centrally? Any help?
  69. Garuf

    Programs every pc should have.

    What programs should every pc have? What are your most recommended programs? For me I'm a massive fan of ms paint and firefox. What do other people recommend? Including firefox plugins.
  70. Garuf

    New pc frustration

    I've recently just jumped in and built a new pc, the only problem is it isn't anywhere near as stable as my old (5 year old) pc despite being newer. Everything seems chopped back and doesn't look right and I'm getting errors left right and centre? What's going on?! I can't even get the thing to...
  71. Garuf

    Argos tank stands

    Just a quick question, is there any furniture that is possible to use as a tank stand for my 2x1x1 and 11inch cube tanks? I've seen some that look suitable but are they really strong enough? Aesthetics aren't really important as long as the equipment can go under the tank without being impeded...
  72. Garuf

    Ex1200 problem

    ~Hello, Does anyone else with a ex1200 know what my problem is, Every night I get massive buildups of air inside the filter, so much so that it actually stops the filter while it clears the bubbles, I've checked the seal and there are no visible leaks or points where any air could get in and the...
  73. Garuf

    Small 16mm lilly pipes.

    Hello, does anyone know where I can find some 16mm lilly pipes that are smaller in length than the standard ones? My tank is 60x30x30 and all the lillys I can find are much too long, this isn't a problem on the out take but on the intake it means that I'd have anything up to 15cm sticking above...
  74. Garuf

    Dragon fly larvae

    Just how long do they last for? I just caught one eating an ember tetra and the numbers have been declining seemingly randomly since the summer. I'm half way through stripping the tank and I've found another 3, making 4 in total. How do they get here and more importantly how do I make sure...
  75. Garuf

    New scape in the works.

    Hello, so stagnation of scape, uni and a busy social schedule has seen both of my tanks go from thriving, the only issues being dissatisfaction with the original hardscape to massive jungles of algae. December the 12th sees Ukaps descend upon TMG and I'm seeing this as the perfect opportunity...
  76. Garuf

    Good shops in the leeds area, also somewhere to get a new st

    As per title, where's good in leeds for plants and fish? (I'm relying on public transport). Also, I need a 38" work bench for my 2 tanks, any ideas on where I could find anything suitable?
  77. Garuf

    Even if you don't appreciate skateboarding...

    You'll probably still love this intro to lakai shoes "fully flared" skate video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHX8jezN ... ntro&emb=0
  78. Garuf

    Who in the stoke area can take in some fish?

    Hello, So there's some confusion over whether or not I'm allowed my tanks, the man on the phone said "yeah sure, just don't go about singing about it" where as the woman said "there's a strictly no pets, it says so in the contract they cause allergies". Not knowing who to believe I think it's...
  79. Garuf

    Filter choices, 405 vs xp3 vs ex1200

    Pretty simple really, who has what and what would you recommend? My main issues are variety of choice, price, lph and suitability for purpose, they're intended to go on a 60x30x30 that is ailing with low flow and a broken powerhead. I intend to use lily pipes and I've got a choice of hydor...
  80. Garuf

    Help me improve my scape.

    Initially I was happy with the varying textures and plant choice of this tank, but now I've thinned things out and tried to get things under control I'm not so sure I like it any more. Something just doesn't sit right on the right hand side, I think It's the e tennelus but I don't know. I have...
  81. Garuf

    Co2 tweaks.

    Hello, I recently have come down with co2 and flow related algae, bba and clado. In an attempt to up the co2 I have started turning my co2 on earlier (2.5 hours before lights on) and I've noticed no real change, am I missing something or is it actually not possible to significantly increase co2...
  82. Garuf

    Ill neon tetra.

    Hello, can anyone tell me what is wrong with my neon tetras? I added them 3 days ago and today I've noticed they have white flukes on their flanks above ther top fin (cordial?). Here's the best picture I could get and is one of the lesser effected ones.
  83. Garuf

    Hydor prime series

    Does anyone have any experiance with these filters? I've noticed that you can get a 900lph filter for just £50 and it seems an absolute bargain to me. Does anyone have any experiance with them at all? I'm thinking that I could get a pair to replace the eheim on my 2 foot and a smaller model to...
  84. Garuf

    Is it possible to have limescale and still not enough calciu

    I have curling leaves on my hygropholia polysperma which to me suggests low calcium but we have the worst limescale and have to vinegar our kettle once a week but still my tank appears to have a calcium deficiency. Anyone have any ideas?
  85. Garuf

    A wikipedia snail trail

    Okay, so bare with me on this as it might seem a bit of a mad idea but is there anyway of producing like a snail trail of where I start and finish on wikipedia? You know so I'd start on big foot then yeti then cryptozooolgy and so on forming like a tree? I think if it was something visual like a...
  86. Garuf

    Universites, Leed's met vs. Lincoln.

    Hello, so after going through Ucas hell for the last few months I've managed to get 2 places at uni studying architecture, the thing is I know nothing about either university as I haven't visited either, does anyone on here know anything about either and/or the cities in which they're located...
  87. Garuf

    Mass Suicide.

    Okay, So last night I went out leaving my tank ticking over as usual when I got home earlier I find all of my lampeye killifish had jumped onto the carpet and where lovely and crispy. I've checked all of my stats and everything is normal, I haven't changed anything and no other fish are...
  88. Garuf

    Downoi melt.

    Hello can anyone tell me if Downoi goes through a melt like crypts do before sending out new growth? I've just planted some in my nano and in the week since setting it up and planting it every last piece has melted. Anyone want to shed any light on the matter?
  89. Garuf

    Concerned I don't have enough light.

    Hello, I've recently got round to sorting out the tank I refer to as the 11" cube out (its not really a cube its actually l11xd10xt12). I'm running 18watts of pc light over it currently but I can't help but feel worried that this isn't enough light for the plants I've chosen. I've ordered a...
  90. Garuf

    New in, external reactors. ... dZViewItem What do you reckon, they do say up t0 650lph but I suspect they could easily cope with more. I can't see a reason why they wouldn't.
  91. Garuf

    Cheapest place for sintered glass media.

    Anyone want to help me out? I need about 50l of the stuff, not going to be cheap.
  92. Garuf

    Caring for Killifish Fry

    Hello, while stripping down my cube I've noticed I actually have a large number of killifish fry in my tank, thing is I wasn't trying to breed them and I'd inadvertently added then into my nano with some moss I'd dumped to keep alive, after all it is my storage tank! Anyone any ideas on caring...
  93. Garuf

    An alternative Co2 reactor

    http://www.eloseurope.com/en/index.php? ... &Itemid=87 Now all I need to do is find one for sale, it looks good though does it not?
  94. Garuf

    Anyone familiour with A level shakespeare, King Lear?

    Because my exam is tomorrow and I'm not ashamed to admit it but I am bricking it, I really don't know what to revise. I'm there's a Tame teacher on here who would like to step in, or some one who recently studied it?
  95. Garuf

    New foreground plant

    http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/foru ... plant.html "It grows in soft water in Australia, and in England where it has become invasive, it supposedly grows in alkaline water, so it would not appear to matter" If you can find some its gotta be worth a try?
  96. Garuf

    Tropica's new plant is now on their website.

    And very nice it is too. http://www.tropica.dk/article.asp?type= ... tic&id=855 http://www.tropica.dk/article.asp?type= ... tic&id=864 http://www.tropica.com/frameset_productcard.asp?id=049G
  97. Garuf

    Hydor green co2

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap alternative to the hydor 74gm canisters, does anyone know if the regulator will accept 500gm disposable canisters or not? Any help gladly received.
  98. Garuf

    Blue Green Algae linked to low/no co2?

    Hello, I'm sure some of you aware I recently set up a 15 gallon tank with a sand foreground, thread can be viewed here. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1311&start=70 So yestreday I ran out of co2, to compensate I had the lights come on late and go off early until I get some more...
  99. Garuf

    nano sump, co2 diffusor

    Okay so after looking around on some reef forums for a way of keeping equipment out of the tank and also combating evaporation whilst also providing a place for an external co2 reactor and safe dosing I came across the idea of adding a tiny overflow, much like this one: and linking it to a...
  100. Garuf

    "Déjà, beaucoup de fois avant". (15.08.08. rescape).

    Here is my new tank, "Déjà, beaucoup de fois avant" which roughly translates to "Already, many times before" which is a direct reference to how this type of layout will not be revolutionary and also a reference to how many times I have used the same materials in numerous scapes now. Stats are...