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  1. M


    ...myself, so cost is not a factor.). All my plants are in good to excellent health with slow but steady growth. The beauty of the Duckweed Index (famed by Darrel / @dw1305 ) is that it gives you a direct indication of the nutrient state of your tank (excluding CO2 from the consideration as...
  2. dw1305


    ...and a happy ending. You can either add nutrients regularly, and use a <"fraction of EI dosing"> or you can use a method like the <"Duckweed Index">, where you use the <"leaf colour and growth of a floating plant"> as an indication of when nutrients are required. The real advantage of both...
  3. dw1305

    Dark start with used soil

    ...We have the <"capability in the lab.">, but I haven't tested any of the water for several years. I actually started with the <"Duckweed Index"> because of the difficulties in getting <"accurate and consistent results"> for monovalent ions with <"soluble salts"> and <"dissolved gases">...
  4. Geoffrey Rea

    10 year 60cm tank... did some maintenance

    ...Dennis Wong favours R. macrandra as an indicator plant in soft water as it is very sensitive to Co2 fluctuations. Darrel’s / @dw1305 duckweed index works regardless of water to identify nutrient deficiency and is not limited by Co2. Very smart indeed. Think when myself and others bandy...
  5. P

    10 year 60cm tank... did some maintenance

    except it is no where as near easy to find as duckweed. and a million other things will make it unhappy. so, not as nice as duckweed IMO
  6. J

    10 year 60cm tank... did some maintenance

    Interesting, a friend of mine sells magical beans at the local market... On a serious note if this plant reacts so quickly to a non mobile nutrient it should be put forward as a replacement to the duckweed index as famed by @dw1305
  7. dw1305

    Iron deficiency and which chelator do I need?

    ...<"lag period until the plants improve">, once plant available iron (Fe++(+)) ions have been restored. I've now adopted a <"hybrid Duckweed Index"> approach. This is because once the Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) shows <"iron deficiency symptoms"> it takes a while for new...
  8. ScareCrow

    The 'Hygge' Space

    Hi @MMonis, have a look at the duckweed index. Amazon frogbit is perfect for this. I've only ever used DIY ferts so can't comment on the ones you are using but my guess would be you're lacking a nitrogen source. If you add some more nitrogen you should see results pretty quickly in the frogbit...
  9. ScareCrow

    The salty side

    ...you're dosing is really useful but also some corals respond quickly. Green Hystrix Seriatopora Guttatus was the coral version of the duckweed index in my tank. Research everything before you buy it and decide what you want to keep and stick to it. I enjoyed the research part but the more I...
  10. dw1305

    Low tech, fairly heavily planted, heavily stocked - how much and when?

    ...<"complete mix"> and see what happens. Personally I don't add a <"set amount of fertiliser">, I just <"watch the plants">. I'm still using <"Miracle Gro"> as my fertiliser in a <"hybrid Duckweed Index"> approach, there are risks involved because of its urea and ammonia content. cheers...
  11. dw1305

    Cycling a heavily planted tank

    ...growth and leaf colour">, the aim is just to keep it green and growing. Originally I used Common Duckweed (Lemna minor) for the <"Duckweed Index">, but I now recommend Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) as my "Duckweed" of choice. If you have time look at <"Few problems......."> (from...
  12. Aqua360

    Cycling a heavily planted tank

    ...solids) and temperature. I stock lightly, and water change generously and regularly enough with enough plant biomass to not be worried. You can tell a lot about the health of your tank via the plants and more, dw1305 has a good thread on "the duckweed index" which is worth checking out.
  13. Nautilus143

    Oedogonium and diatoms?

    Thank you both very much. I should have mentioned that this is a non-CO2 tank but I think you guessed it anyway :) Unfortunately my lights are already in the highest position possible in the tank - it's lidded and has a holder for the bulbs. I'm surprised that only having one bulb on at a time...
  14. Oldguy

    Oedogonium and diatoms?

    ...plants as these will reduce light intensity on your submerged plants & decor. See threads on Estimated Index (EI) and on the 'duckweed index' Hang on with your tank. Bottom line is to remove plants, clean rocks etc and start again with lots and lots of cheap fast growing submerged plants...
  15. tiger15

    Plants that hate nutrients

    It makes sense that for non mobile Fe, it is best to dose daily whereas mobile NPK can be front loaded. Duckweed isn't a desirable indicator plant because most people try to get rid of it. I wish I had a way to make duckweed decline, but have no luck as it thrives in adverse conditions my other...
  16. Zeus.

    Everyone is right ...

    ...1.0ppm N per 100l - and all you get is N) which is an ammonium based fert as well. Finding the sweat spot with ferts is tricky to find whats the minimum you can get away with, @dw1305 'Duckweed Index' and TDS monitoring is a great way to do the minimum ferts and WC's IMO, plus very eco friendly.
  17. dw1305

    Plants that hate nutrients

    ...will take a long time to occur, because of their slow growth rate. That was why I originally used Duckweed (Lemna minor) for the <"Duckweed Index">, <"it grows very rapidly"> and deficiency symptoms for non-mobile nutrients are easier to spot. Using <"Amazon Frogbit"> (Limnobium laevigatum)...

    Plants that hate nutrients

    ...submerse aquatic plants how sometimes they can look so good with growing in inert substrate and no or sparse liquid fertilisers. Do they store them when available. Or not using substrates.Thinking Java Ferns? Or is it a case of they will tell us eventually as in floating plants The Duckweed...
  19. dw1305

    Butt crisis

    ...is that there is a <"large body of scientific work"> using it them bioassay organisms. I'm not claiming that methods like the <"Duckweed Index"> or <"Daphnia Bioassay"> are perfect, or fool proof, but they both <"combine accessibility"> with <"ease of use">. Their great advantage, for me...
  20. dw1305

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Hi all, It is more difficult to use the <"Duckweed Index"> when you are deficient in one of the mobile nutrients, purely because most nutrients <"are mobile within the plant">. The good news is because they are mobile the plant <"can move them to the new leaves"> and as soon as you add Liebig's...
  21. christinecrites

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Thanks, i also added an air stone for some more surface movement. If I cannot get them to bounce back I will slowly replace the carpeting plants with less demanding plants at this point. It will have been close to 5 months no CO2 with Monte Carlo and Cuba… not bad for a first attempt.
  22. dw1305

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Hi all, That looks about right. The older leaves are looking a bit deficient in something. Should be fine, maybe try dosing a little more? cheers Darrel
  23. Wookii

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Well, they look fine for the most part to me, perhaps a little pale in places - though you probably need the 'Duckweed' index creator @dw1305 to cast a professional eye. If the period of your filter issues resulted in minimal surface movement, it could just be a lack of surface movement causing...
  24. dw1305

    Fluval Edge 25l first attempt at an aquascape

    ...and water changes are expensive. There are <"all in one mixes"> or you can <"DIY your own mix">. Some people use "Estimative Index" (EI) a technique where mineral nutrients are always available. I use a bioassay technique, the <"Duckweed Index">, and a <"conductivity datum range">. cheers...
  25. dw1305

    Plants looking sorry for themselves in the last 2 weeks

    ...all, Yes, it is. Your plants can only make use of the added CO2 if their growth isn't limited by another nutrient deficiency. You can buy an <"all in one"> mix from Tropica, <"TNC">, etc. I see you have Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum), have a look at the <"Duckweed Index">. cheers...
  26. dw1305

    New Member and new Scaper/fishkeeper

    Hi all, Welcome to UKAPS, It is a <"fantastic book">. It was the under-pinning to the <"Duckweed Index"> and is just an amazing resource. She slightly revised her opinion, after it was published, by advocating <"some water changes and water movement">. I'm not an aquascaper, and I am also a...
  27. N

    Sumped Cube

    ...when the lights output was 10%, think though not checked its only at 40%, but it is a unit that packs a punch as it can support corals and anemones with no worries. the Duckweed Index was such a handy way in the early days, before the submerged life started to grow with gusto in this low-tech...
  28. castle

    Struggling to grow anything that doesn't end up having algae issues

    ...tanks with a grain of salt, and I think we all should. I wouldn’t get to disheartened while your aquarium finds its feet. If everything in the tank is taking good off, I’d say there is an excess, or deficiency somewhere. @dw1305 duckweed index I think is excellent. Might be worth considering?
  29. Trakkajack

    My new Oase 175 Styline

    I remember this test from previous! Lol my fish look fine and are confident and eating well. my plants are looking fine. my algae is clearing up! so I guess I just keep doing what I’m doing: learn more and chill and enjoy! thank you I’m off too look in my doo dah drawer ...
  30. dw1305

    My new Oase 175 Styline

    ...not that I don't want to know what the parameters of the water are, but there are a <"lot of variables">. I began promoting the <"Duckweed Index"> (<"I've used it"> from long before it had a name) because it did a way with a lot of the need for water testing. Even though they have very...
  31. dw1305

    Low Tech advice

    ...need to play with the dimmer, and the amount of Salvinia, to give you a light level in the <"Goldilocks zone">. In terms of fertiliser addition you can either use the <"Duckweed Index"> or some proportion of EI dosing. I like the Duckweed Index, but you might try <"1/4 of EI">. cheers Darrel
  32. ceg4048

    If I were to add a chunk of iron to the tank...

    Hi Marcel, Yes this is a problem in The Matrix. We often cannot tell what is real and what is an illusion. Check this out. you can buy what is essentially powdered rust as a trace element. I used to use this stuff from this vendor all the time: Gardens Direct Ferric It was fine...
  33. dw1305

    If I were to add a chunk of iron to the tank...

    Hi all, <"I agree">, the issue for me is that I'm using the <"Duckweed Index"> as an indication of nutrient level and deficiency and what happens in the sediment only becomes relevant if those iron ions (Fe++/Fe+++) are subsequently available in the water column. It needs to be a plant with...
  34. EA James

    Deficiency or Algae?

    Some on the Anubias sp. do but I don't know if that's because they're compared against the 'dirty' leaves. I'll get some more pics when the lights come on. so you can cast your expert eye over them! Could it be an Iron deficiency that's causing the plants to look like that then? Would it made...
  35. MrClockOff

    Deficiency or Algae?

    When I’m preparing my EI micros using APFUK I’m also adding on top those https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chelated-Iron-DTPA-11-Highly-Soluble-Aquaponics-Hydroponics-/284196419177?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 And Chelated Iron EDDHA 7% - Highly Soluble - Aquaponics / Hydroponics | eBay The recent...
  36. dw1305

    Deficiency or Algae?

    Hi all, Do the new leaves <"look a bit pale">? If so it might be an iron (Fe) issue. You could try adding <"another chelator", one that is better in hard water? It will take a while for the plants to perk up, if it is iron. cheers Darrel
  37. dw1305

    New member.... various questions/help required!

    Hi all, I'd just have a good read around the threads on the forum. I work on the theory that some-one will have asked any, and every, question at some time in the past. We actually have quite a few members from East Anglia, who will have similar tap water to you, so I'll cc. in @castle ...
  38. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...near the light. My moss has grown a fair bit. I have decided not to trim it so I can see what the natural growth pattern is. My duckweed index, it doesnt seem -as- happy now as it was before. This may have been partially because it was released into the tank to survive on its own, and...
  39. J

    Big Algae Problem

    Funny you should mention that.. this is a disused mill pond at the back of our house, the water that fills it is the run off from several farmed fields, evidently packed with nutrients going off the duckweed index.
  40. dw1305

    Big Algae Problem

    Hi all, Looks like <"Lemna minor">, not technically an algae, but a higher plant. Looking at the <"growth and leaf colour">, if they are using the <"Duckweed Index"> they need to reduce the nutrients a bit and change some more water. cheers Darrel
  41. dw1305

    Algae Problems

    Hi all, Welcome, agreed it doesn't look great. You definitely look to have some plant health issues, often these relate to one of more of the essential plant nutrients. Plant growth is like <"a car assembly line">, if you have one nutrient ("component") missing you don't get plant growth ("a...
  42. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...sulking under one of the hobo lilypipes. It gets less flow and less light than its used to, so its not looking its best. Duckweed index still pretty good, it would seem a slight iron deficiency may not show up on the floaters as clearly as on some of the other plants. It seems possible to...
  43. dw1305

    Starting a Fishless Cycle - Am I too late?

    ...just use a floating plant during the tank establishment phase, but I have them all the time and I use them <"as an indication of when to add fertilisers">. I called this approach the <"Duckweed Index">, because originally I used <"Common Duckweed (Lemna minor)"> as my floating plant. cheers...
  44. N

    Poor plant growth for a number of species, advise requested

    Disclaimer I have had a planted tank for only 8 weeks. I've never had a tank in my life I'm sure someone will disagree with me and tell me how wrong I am...... In my experience I found co2 was what was missing in my tank. Now, I know you're on a budget and I too could not afford the fancy co2...
  45. dw1305

    Start up. Initial fertiliser dosing.

    Hi all, I like the <"Duckweed Index"> in low tech tanks. You just use the <"leaf colour and health"> of a floating plant as an indication of when nutrient addition is required. You can add some fraction of EI dosing I might add a 1/4 of the full dose for starters. I don't think it has any...
  46. L

    Poor plant growth for a number of species, advise requested

    ...this plant with my setup? Finally, I would like to add a picture of some floaters I have, as perhaps some people experienced in the 'duckweed index' will be able to say something meaningful about my tank by looking at it, even though it is not duckweed ;). I have also added a picture of my...
  47. Trakkajack

    First water test

    Ohh I see. Once again a good explanation for a newbie to understand thank you! Much appreciated!
  48. dw1305

    First water test

    Hi all, Exactly that, Amazon Frogbit is just a more suitable Duckweed. It would have been so much easier if I had called it the "Frogbit Index", but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I didn't <"really invent it">, I just took elements from research on using floating plants for the...
  49. Hufsa

    First water test

    Ah I thought you knew about that, my bad 😄 Duckweed index is Darrel's invention, and basically means that you use a floating plant to gauge wether or not you need more nutrients in your water. The floating plant doesnt have to be duckweed, duckweed is very hard to get rid of once you get it...
  50. Trakkajack

    First water test

    Oh ok. I need the ripple. I get why now thanks. Yes I think I had too much ripple and bashed my new floating plants. I will mess about with it tomorrow when I do a water change and remove my dead leaves. What’s a duckweed index?!
  51. Trakkajack

    First water test

    The lights are Ok I think I’ve got most of that. Plants it is. I was worried getting more as I seem to be killing them but your previous explanations plus this have given me hope ha ha
  52. Hufsa

    First water test

    ...fresh soil, so much so that you need to perform water changes to make sure it doesnt overwhelm the plants :) Later on you can use the duckweed index to determine if you need a bit more nitrate. If the floaters get plenty of light but remain quite small it means that they could be a bit...
  53. dw1305

    Slow Growth floating plants?

    ...got fed up <"with continually rescuing it."> You can regulate the growth of Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) by <"manipulating nutrient levels">. That is why I like it for the "Duckweed Index" it shows a pretty <"linear growth response to nutrients">, and particularly nitrogen. cheers...
  54. Hufsa

    First water test

    ...tubing and suction cups or something similar to make a little fenced area for them. Set the fenced area up where the surface is quite calm, but also where they get enough light. Meaning they should not be in a blind spot of your light fixture, otherwise the duckweed index doesnt work correctly.
  55. dw1305

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    Hi all, Yes, I'd be pretty happy with that. cheers Darrel
  56. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...that way so I will stay on this light level for a while and just enjoy. Faster isnt always better anyway. Plant growth is really nice, duckweed index is happy, Ludwigia Super Red didnt die when I replanted it a while ago. What more could a girl want? I feel like I can just tinker with small...
  57. Karmicnull

    Black patches on Java Ferns

    Thanks folks - Duckweed index is pretty happy. I did go too low for a while (went through an "I'm low tech - I'm kidding myself that I really need all this fert" phase) but realised the error of my ways. Then I had an Fe problem a while back which the index diagnosed for me, hence the EDDHA...

    Black patches on Java Ferns

    ...on low tech l prefer to use all in ones like Evolutions The Aquascaper or TNC on low energy tanks. So remove all worst leaves .Clean atround substrate level do water changes 25% daily for a week Check your floating plants for indication of defiecencys as Duckweed Index. Just what l would do...
  59. Hufsa

    What could cause leaf edge curling in frogbit + friend?

    ...also given the results I would expect when I was dosing more but changing more water. So im using it as a rough guideline. Using the duckweed index the frogbit leaves are of decent size so that adds support to that. The TDS is also increasing steadily around 10 ppm per week, which Im aware...
  60. dw1305

    Waterbox 3620 first planted attempt

    Hi all, Very pale growth is never a good thing, because it means that that growth <"is deficient in chlorophyll">, dark green = more chlorophyll. Because it is the new growth that is chlorotic it strongly suggests that you have issue with iron (Fe) availability. It is generally really...
  61. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...increased light, they have put out much bigger leaves and are not looking like they have one foot in the grave for once. I love the duckweed index but it was very hard to use it when my floaters kept dying off! But now I can actually use the index like youre supposed to. Im continuing to...
  62. Zeus.

    Very High Nitrate Test Results??

    Test Kits well worth a read, I and many others dont test our water expect by watching our plants and Darrels Duckweed index is a great testing method If you have recently started the tank and used a ADA aquasoil high Nitrate NO3 readings will be normal for some time, plus if using tap water you...
  63. christinecrites

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Darrel you have learned me today and I thank you for that! This tank is my begginers pride and joy. I really want it to succeed and I rather like the idea or philosophy, of not constantly testing the water. I think Testing has its place and there very well may come a time but for now, I am...
  64. dw1305

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    ...and colour of the leaves of a floating plant"> to assess the nutrient status of the tank, and when to add nutrients. I called it the <"Duckweed Index">. "Duckweed" was because the original plant I used was <"Lesser Duckweed (Lemna minor)">, but I soon found there was an improved "Duckweed"...
  65. dw1305

    Plants looking sorry for themselves in the last 2 weeks

    ...the most of. CO2 limitation is always a possibility in plants which are underwater. That is why I choose a floating plant for the <"Duckweed Index">, they aren't CO2, or light, limited, so you've instantly removed two variables from the equation. Originally I used <"Lemna minor (Lesser...
  66. dw1305

    Pale sickly plants (brown, yellow)

    ...content, but it gives you some idea of the <"mark-up"> on many "aquarium" fertilisers. You might also be interested in the <"Duckweed Index">. It is simple technique where you only add nutrients when plant growth begins to suffer. We have our own <"fertiliser calculator">. cheers Darrel
  67. dw1305

    Planting density for start up tank.

    ...You don't need all of them, <"any floater will do">. I particularly like Amazon Frogbit, because I can use it for the <"Duckweed Index"> I also have two "stems", Hornwort (<"Ceratophyllum demersum">), and another fern, Indian Fern (<"Ceratopteris thalictroides">). I don't plant any of...
  68. dw1305

    Brown fuzzy algae, unhealthy plants and dosing questions

    Hi all, You could try 1/4 EI or the <"Duckweed Index">. I like Limnobium laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit) as my <"Duckweed">, have a look a these two threads <"Duckweed Index says......"> and <"Frogbit taken a turn......">. Apologies to @jameson_uk as I see these are both his threads. You still...
  69. castle

    Algae in floaters roots

    Having read that thread, I’ll just start playing with dosing.
  70. dw1305

    Algae in floaters roots

    Hi all, I think it is largely a plant health issue. If you look at the new leaves on the Frogbit they are very pale, which means you need to add some plant available iron (Fe). Have a look at <"Duckweed Index says ">. cheers Darrel
  71. dw1305

    Using high and low ferts alternating

    Hi all, If you do want to limit your input of fertilisers you can use an approach that uses the <"health and colour of a floating plant"> as an indication of when to add nutrients. I've called it the <"Duckweed Index">. cheers Darrel
  72. dw1305

    PH checker

    ...a few threads linked into articles <"about nitrification">, about the <"phytoremediation of waste water"> and how it relates to the <"Duckweed Index"> etc. We have some more <"about water testing"> and <"analytical equipment">. There are plenty more, many of them not within <"my area of...
  73. dw1305

    50% weekly water change is killing my shrimp?

    Hi all, That is how some of us <"run our tanks low tech">. I use a conductivity datum range together with the <"Duckweed Index">. I still haven't written a proper article for the "Duckweed Index", but the <"linked thread"> gives some of the background. cheers Darrel
  74. Sanderguy777

    NilocG powdered fert product discussion

    ...go with a clean 1/3 EI dose, of ALL of the chemicals in the package I got from Niloc (KNO3, CSM+B, K2SO4, KH2PO4) or just go with the duckweed index, or just start off with the CSM+B, and add to that regimen as I see deficiencies? Edit: forgot to say that I DON'T have squirt bottles. I think...
  75. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...run out of macros, I noticed a distinct increase in leaf size when I bumped the levels up a bit. When the quarantine tank is no longer in use I hope to be able to transplant these to the main tank, and not kill them. The duckweed index really is helpful. A great tool to have in one's toolkit.
  76. B

    My low tech tank

    Hi all, just a little update as its been a while now, though im coming to you seeking advice on small issue with the frogbit as its taken a turn for the worse for some reason - would appreciate any help...again! As you can see from the pictures, its deteriorated quite a bit from my original...
  77. R

    Corydoras going pale and dying - internal parasites?

    ...of all inhabitants. I appreciate 22 is better for cory pandas. CO2 - none, I've tried high tech and didn't get on with it. Ferts - Duckweed index APF easy EI, although I've had issues with the floating plants not growing so well for 6 months or so, which from other threads on here I believe...
  78. Simmo

    First effort - a rod for my back!

    ...roots I had to cut them off so one or both might have affected their health? Fert dosing is now TNC 5 ml daily rather than 20ml once a week. Water is very soft, zero-1GH, pH around 6.0. Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite zero. I’ll check out the duckweed index, sounds like it might be useful, thanks
  79. dw1305

    Very hard water EI Dosing

    Hi all, Near enough. They are likely to <"be similar values"> to one another, mainly because the dGH and dKH both come from dissolved chalk (CaCO3) and that supplies 1 : 1 dKH : dGH. The dKH test doesn't actually measure dKH, it measures alkalinity and I'm not sure how the dGH test works. You...
  80. dw1305

    Don't know what to believe

    Hi all, I'm <"not a CO2 user">, but I agree with the other posters, the <"drop checker is likely to be right">, because it doesn't have much margin for error. Nitrate testing <"is quite problematic">, so I don't tend to make <"decisions based purely on test kit values">. If you can get tap...
  81. dw1305

    Ca:Mg:K Ratio

    ...because most of our hardness is from limestone (calcium carbonate (CaCO3)) and that <"provides 1 : 1 dGH / dKH">. If I kept Lake Tanganyika Cichlids I'd still use the <"Duckweed Index">. It is one of its great advantages that it works across the whole gamut of freshwater types. cheers Darrel
  82. dw1305

    Set up check - am I missing something?

    ...by light, or CO2, any problems with growth are likely to be related to fertiliser levels. Have a read through @jameson_uk threads <"Duckweed index says"> and <"Donation - Frogbit"> and the <"Scientific background to the Leaf Colour Chart">. Because you live in London, you could potentially...
  83. F

    Set up check - am I missing something?

    Thanks for the suggestions here. Might throw in another light if I feel they don't grow well. It is only £12 a light! This sounds interesting, I will have to take a look and give it a go! I haven't had duckweed before and never imagined there could be an index about it :) Good point about...
  84. Hufsa

    Set up check - am I missing something?

    ...but im sure some of them will be along shortly to correct me if they see anything amiss. @dw1305 has developed a method called the Duckweed Index where you can use a floating plant to gauge the nutrient levels of your tank. Im sure you will be able to find a more indepth introduction to it...
  85. dw1305

    Why "Drop checker"?

    Hi all, My guess as well. If you do that, I'll have to rename the "Duckweed Index" to "Uncontrolled under-dosing", or "the just watch your Frogbit Index", which sounds much less scientific. cheers Darrel
  86. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...right now: Step 1: Grow plants well. This step seems to be well underway. Floaters look happy, Najas is growing a lot (this was my duckweed index before I bought floaters again). Most new plants seem to be sending out roots and growing a bit too. Step 2: Grow plants well in pots without soil...
  87. dw1305

    Relationship between TDS and unused ferts

    Hi all, I use a <"conductivity datum range">, in conjunction with the <"Duckweed Index">, but I'm adding probably <"an order of magnitude less nutrients"> than I would be if I used EI. Because I'm not adding many nutrients, and I'm using a 90 : 10 mix of rainwater : hard tap water in the...
  88. dw1305

    Converting% Ratios in Fertilizers to Ppm

    ...have low tech experience, but it was the multitude of possibilities (in the triangle of interacting factors) that led to me to the <"Duckweed Index">, initially using <"Lemna minor">, but now using <"Limnobium laevigatum">. A floating plant takes both <"CO2 availability"> and <"light...
  89. Karmicnull

    Episode 3: A new scape

    ...I didn't pay too much attention to it after that for a while - it coexisted with my Pistea Stratiotes and collectively they were my duckweed index. Then one day I focused in on the floating community and discovered that the water lettuce had radically outcompeted the frogbit. There is only...
  90. P

    Hello from a newbie aquascaper!

    Hi Darrel, thanks for the advice! I am quickly learning I could spend a fortune unnecessarily 🙄. We do love the look of the floating plants, can these go in a tank with a top on it above the light? I am enjoying the plants and time philosophy and based on when my job might restart I have...
  91. dw1305

    Hello from a newbie aquascaper!

    Hi all, That is one of the issues really, there is a lot of conflicting information. I'm reasonably confident that we can separate the <"coffee from the froth">. Do you have a floating plant? I'm really keen (<"all right, obsessed">) by them, they are the <"gift that keeps giving">, because...
  92. Hufsa

    Everything deficiency - Thinking toxicity (Low tech)

    ...I think when one is having plant issues one -needs- at least one kind of fast growing plant. I dont really think it matters what kind, duckweed index is probably best with amazon frogbit, but since I cant keep any floaters alive ive resorted to stems. Not sure if my issues keeping floaters...
  93. mort

    Can floating plants cause light issues?

    They do but give you a great indication of the health of your plants, simply because they show if your fertilisation is lacking by their new growth. Check out the duckweed index on here and it will explain how useful they can be.
  94. dw1305

    Anyone figured out H.Pinnatifida?

    ...to angiosperms that are much more effective at nitrate removal when compared to algal scrubbers etc. Do you use an <"ion selective electrode">? It was partially the difficulties in <"testing accurately for low levels of NO3-"> that led me towards the <"Duckweed Index"> initially. cheers Darrel
  95. Nick potts

    Can floating plants cause light issues?

    @dw1305 and the Duckweed index will be your friend there :)
  96. R

    Issues with dry salts?

    Thanks. New leaves have been yellow with green veins. But they have greened up (or dropped off) with the shop bottle of all in one so I assume it's a mobile nutrient deficiency. I think I've lost most of the nkp and trace mixs (two different bottles) to precipitation likely with hardish water...
  97. dw1305

    Issues with dry salts?

    Hi all, I'm pleased it was useful. Have a look at <"Duckweed Index says Nitrogen">, that thread has pictures that show the effects of iron (Fe) deficiency and plant recovery. If the new leaves on the plants are dark green? It isn't an iron issue and adding a bit more of everything should...
  98. R

    Issues with dry salts?

    ...has improved and the floaters have gone green and grown nice healthy roots, though the leaves are still small. Thanks, Darrel for your duckweed index! This suggests to me that the fertilizers are probably, at least in part, to blame. The micros have definitely precipitated in the bottle but...
  99. Siege

    High Nitrates (>120ppm)

    ...of TNC Complete to factor both this and the open space in. Likewise change to making your own salts if you want to save a bit of money. Add some floating plants, check out Darrells duckweed index in the search bar. It’ll help you to know if you are underdosing. Don’t overthink it - Happy days!
  100. jaypeecee

    Poor growth and algae

    ...setting up a tank. Reducing the lighting should be helpful. The use of fast-growing stem plants and floating plants will make life more difficult for the algae. Others on UKAPS are much more knowledgeable than me about which plants to use. Darrel (@dw1305) is a big fan of the Duckweed Index. JPC