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    Minimum Shrimp Breeding Population

    2 - 1 male, 1 female! :P 20 will be fine :thumbup: Sourcing them from a few different places wouldn't do any harm - there's a chance they would have come from the same place/breeder, but there's a chance of it mixing up the gene pool a bit if not.
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    What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops?

    Re: What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops You'd have to be very clever to run a profitable aquatics shop without selling at least the most basic fish. Just rock, wood, plants? You'd be hardpushed! Most Maidenhead Aquatics (and probably most larger aquatics 'superstore' type...
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    nelson's nano 2.......rescaped.

    Re: nelson's nano 2 What's your plan for planting, Neil? :)
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    Transporting fish from LFS...

    Your fish will have travelled thousands and thousands of miles, often from South America or the far east. Providing the fish are suitably packed (which they should be, if coming from any semi-decent LFS) they'll be absolutely fine with no special care! All this extra attention to try and...
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    Got BBA in one of my tanks..had read that they were only effective at removing new growth of BBA, and that they would leave the old stuff alone! Think I'll give a little group of them a go though :thumbup:
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    Recommended ppm??

    What amount of lighting was that dosing regime under, Clive? Have you encountered any point at which overdosing EI has detrimental effects on plants/fish? And even running nutrient levels at very high levels will have no effect on encouraging algae growth, providing CO2, flow and light are...
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    Fluval Edge lighting

    P. Helferi, hair grass, an assortment of crypts and lilaeopsis all grew fine for me with the default lights.
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    dennerle 10 litre

    If you mean Limnopilos naiyanetri, then they will be fine to have with shrimp :thumbup: Nice little tank :)
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    Fluval Edge lighting

    What don't you like about the halogen lighting it comes with? I've grown all sorts of plants successfully with the original lights.
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    Shrimps with rams!

    Had XL Czech Rams a while back and they soon polished off cherry shrimp and BIG amanos. Maybe while the rams are small shrimp would be OK, but if your rams are kept healthy they will soon get to a size where no shrimp are safe.
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    What's this on the glass? Start of diatoms?

    Pest snails lay in a clear gelatinous 'blob', apple snails eggs are bright pink and nerites are much smaller and white, so you can rule snails out :thumbup: These are fish eggs! What fish are in the tank?
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    Some "alien" invaders - Do you know where to find some?

    They're literally everywhere! The first 2 species you mention have totally strangled the small brooks and streams near me. Even during the winter there is such a dense matt of these plants, I dread to think what their growth is like come summer, and can't see how much else can survive! :o
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    We have Virgin at home and I often get 11-12meg download speed on their 20 meg connection, so no complaints from me :)
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    Amazon biotope Lnumber/Aphisto tank

    Gobies look like Stiphodon elegans or something similar. Nice tank, nice fish :)
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    Anubias melt !

    How were they planted in the tank? Even partially burying the rhizome, either leaving it in the rockwool in the pot, or pushing it into the gravel/substrate will eventually rot it, with a demise of the entire plant from there! They either need to be attached to rock - say slate, which can then...
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    Best position for a koralia in a jewel tank?

    I'd position it at the opposite side to where you were thinking - at the front of the tank, towards the top, on the left hand side. That way it joins better with the outflow from the filter coming along the back, blowing back towards the inlet of the filter. I've had it positioned next to the...
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    The most unhelpful/friendly otto ever?

    My bristlenose plecs do that :shock: If I put my hand in the tank, particularly the male, will swim over and happily sit rasping at my hand, and is now tame enough for me to pick him up and move him round the tank :lol:
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    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    Good 20+ Asian Rummynose in a 500L tank showed no shoaling characteristics at all, quite all over the place. Sometimes they stayed together in a lose general group, but nowhere near the tight shoaling you get with standard Rummynoses.
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    how to plant Hemianthus callitrichoides

    Hows about Pogostemon helferi for a transition plant? Higher growth than HC, lower than HM, and doesn't mind partial shading.
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    JBL Spiral Diffuser

    Hi Andy. I've used the JBL Spiral in a few tanks and found them to be quite poor overall. In my experience they benefit from a good flow running past the diffuser to remove the CO2 enriched water, but even then the overall dissolution rate is quite low compared to others. I've recently switched...
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    Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp - Berried?

    Shrimp don't carry babies - only the eggs, which eventually hatch into miniature versions of the adults. A berried shrimp has tens of small circular eggs on her underside, similar to this: Depending on the species it can be harder to see, though still obvious. In some species the underside...
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    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Tank is looking great mate! My CO2 atomizer came the other day, it's a great little thing, rate of CO2 dissolving must be close to 100%, and I'm already seeing the benefits! Great stuff :thumbup:
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    maidenhead aquatics not helpful

    Depends on the individual store. These sort of decisions are at the managers discretion. The shop buys them in for peanuts in the first place, from a trusted supplier. So it makes no sense to pay more than peanuts considering the source they're coming from can't be verified/100% trusted.
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    Cichlids - Could they eat a blue lobster?

    I've seen first hand a not quite fully grown Oscar eat a blue "lobster"(actually a crayfish). Took well over an hour to fully swallow it, with the antennae sticking out his mouth the whole time. So I've no doubt other similarly large cichlids could give it a good shot.
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    what cardina?

    I think I also have the same. I think they're pretty common/cheap whatever they are. Came with some plants and have multiplied well in both tanks!
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    Another Goverment Shortfall

    My finance went through problem free, guess I really took it for granted. What's your unis approach? With ours they're dishing out emergency loans for those effected so they can carry on (relatively) problem free. What/where you studying?
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    Jewel Filters

    Haven't touched my Juwel filter in a year. Haven't lost a fish in that time either.
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    Meh, ended up scrapping the arcpod totally and have just rested a T5 over the glass lid. Tank looks much much better now, much brighter and crisper :)
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    Yeah I think 6500k would be fine! £10 small order charge buggers mr with lampspecs a bit! Just trying to find somewhere to order them!
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    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    Out of curiosity, how hard is your water? It loves hard water, so if it's on the hard side maybe it negates some of the damage easycarbo does.. You've over dosing on the easycarbo quite high, so I'm surprised vallis is able to thrive so well! With me in all tanks is has gone to mush, even...
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    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    But it DOES kill vallis. You've acknowledged that in your post! I've had it kill vallis within days that has been established for over a year. Long term I'd be very surprised if vallis could thrive while liquid carbon is being dosed, and my experience seems to back that up.
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    Frog O Sphere

    Not to worry, as the tank comes with gravel that is ALIVE. :roll:
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    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    Research research research :) You could keep up the easycarbo dosing and switch to a similar looking plant if that's the effect you're after, eg cyperus helferi or crypt. balansae.
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    500 g jbl ... clnk&gl=uk
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    Excellent, cheers Andrew! :thumbup:
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    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    I have the 11W Arcadia Arcpod on my smaller tank, and it comes with the 'Original' bulb, that gives you a slightly pinkish hue. Are there any replacement bulbs that produce a whiter light? As right now google just seems to be throwing up the pink hued bulbs :eh: Cheers!
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    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    Re: juwel rio 400l Gorgeous tank mate :D Can't see too many fish though! Whatcha got lurking in there?
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    Plant Indentification

    Yep, Anubias barteri var. nana: http://www.tropica.com/productcard_1_po ... mode=close There is a smaller version that has been developed, which is basically the same plant/leaf shape but shrunk down. Tropica refer to it as Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite'...
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    Reference Book on Plants

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/101-Best-Aquari ... 189008719X A little basic but goes into detail on the most popular species.
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    Best/favorite type of otto

    Markups are a helluva lot more than that over here :lol: Wild otos cost pennies a piece, bred otos cost many times more, so the majority available are still wild caught. I don't doubt some shops sell tank bred ones, but you pay a premium for it!
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    Best/favorite type of otto

    The majority of "ordinary" otos available are still wild caught. Captively bred 'ordinary' otos are much more expensive than those that are wild caught, hence why they are not commonly seen.
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    decreasing even stopping of photosynthesis ?

    Your HC looks very healthy from that picture. Just because a plant isn't pearling doesn't mean it isn't flourishing.
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    Vallis turning brown/transparent

    I've found even small amounts of liquid carbon can be very damaging to vallis. How soft is your water? Liquid carbon + soft water will give you virtually zero chance of success. My vallis did OK with liquid carbon in very hard water, but anything below that it couldn't cope.
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    Hydor Warranties

    Any luck getting through?
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    Can anyone identify this plant?

    Looks more like Didiplis diandra to me also :)
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    Conundrum... Inverts Dying - Water Parameters?

    My money would be on the copper. You've gone from 0.018 to 0.273mg/l, a 15x increase. I read a paper few weeks back where Carcinus maenas, a pretty common little crabby on our shores, was showing stunted growth and nervous system decline with longterm exposure to copper at 0.06mg/L...
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    Could I source my own cheap CO2 kit?

    Not sure what thread welding bottles take, and whether it's universal throughout? They'll fit fire extinguishers straight out the box though..If you can get around Mum's worries then that'll be your cheapest option :)
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    Could I source my own cheap CO2 kit?

    Going the Fire extinguisher route something like this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Regulator-Ele ... 6557wt_941 Or this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Regulator-Dua ... 3496wt_941 Would be your best bet - they're 'all in ones'. Then you just need some CO2 line, the FE, a drop checker and diffuser.
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    What is the active ingredient in SnailStrong?

    I doubt it's 'active', but it's probably a solution of either calcium chloride or calcium carbonate - mainly water!! Have you actually tried seeing how the snails do without it? With plenty of greens and a good diet I never found any of mine to need anything extra, even in soft acidic water...
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    Is my regulator broken?

    Yeah, 800psi is normal for a fully filled Fire extinguisher. ~40psi is fine for output also. Did you notice what high pressure read when low pressure was at 0? Have you tried switching the extinguisher off, removing and reconnecting the reg? Is the o-ring seal intact/seated properly in the...
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    Problem with CO2 setup, Advice needed.

    Just hook everything up with a full cylinder and dunk in a bucket of water, will be pretty obvious if there are leaks. And to be honest, you'd be better leaving the pH controller in the box :)
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    Hydor Warranties

    And strangely when I dealt with them they've provided the best customer service I've ever recieved!! :? :lol: PM'd you with an email addy LD.
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    The product is called "Carbo Plus" Been around for years, bit of info on it here: http://www.barrreport.com/co2-aquatic-p ... ystem.html For the purchase cost - ~£140, you can purchase a good CO2 kit. For the replacement block (which doesn't last more than a few months I've read) cost - ~£25...
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    Cherry shrimp

    All cherry shrimp are selectively (in)bred. Wild cherries are a drab, pale browny colour. I've seen the deep red shrimp before - Fire Red Shrimp they were called. Not sure whether they're the same species as the normal cherry shrimp though - a much deeper and more solid colour and IMO a lot more...
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    Flourish excel with Vallisneria Spiralis

    From experience, yes! As to exactly why, I don't know. I'd be interested to know though! :)
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    Single Gauge CO2 Regulator

    Correctamundo. Don't buy that reg, it's useless and rubbish talking from experience!
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    World's most expensive Otocinclus

    It's nothing to do with a decrease in wild populations hiking prices up, it's simply poor management with shops not knowing where to order their fish from and so paying silly money for them.
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    reading gauges

    The gauge with the larger scale, probably reading around 50-60 bar is the pressure inside your cylinder. Atmospheric pressure is 1 bar, so most cylinders are compressed 50-60 times that of atmospheric pressure when full. Obviously this falls as gas is expelled. The smaller scaled gauge, which on...
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    ada as africana powder!

    Haha :lol: :lol: How many bags did you use in the end? :shock:
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    ada as africana powder!

    Have had a similar experience with Aquasoil. I don't get what the big hoo-ha about it is. I won't be touching it again - just set a tank up with eco complete and the water clarity is in a different league to the aquasoil!
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    vacuming Eco Complete

    I'd just reuse it exactly as it is. Put it in the tank and fill it up. Anything that goes into the water column will be filtered out, and anything that stays in the substrate will stay in the substrate and not be a problem.
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    Plants ID Please

    Aquafleur do a couple of different varieties of Microsorum Pteropus. The regular, and then another which looks like the one pictured. I'll try and find the name of it tomorrow.
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    Help me sex my Ram's :) PICS ADDDED!

    Re: Help me sex my Ram's :) With males the black spot is pure solid black, whereas the females have the blue spangles, as Ed said. That can range from just one small blue dot to the whole of the black spot being covered in blue dots. Pick up another female, and try choosing yourself :D...
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    Transporting a planted tank

    What size tank is it? If not huge then you could drain the water down sufficient to make it light enough for 1/2 people to pick up/move. Leave the fish in there and forget about catching them. Done right you could partially drain and set the tank back up again within less than 20 minutes, so I...
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    What's in AE excel/easycarbo

    From what I understand Tom Barr helped/suggested the developement of AE's "Easycarbo" product, so hopefully him or Richard should be able to clarify things.
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    HELP! Lights are gone but I have no spares

    The right 'key' to unscrew the unit comes with the official replacement bulb, which are available from Aquadistri. If there is a Maidenhead nearby they should be able to order one in for you.
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    Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

    All Maidenheads have the ability to order them in. Most of them understandably don't! :roll:
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    External Filters- buying cheap any pitfalls?

    Fluval 205 is only £54: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fluval-205-Extern ... 1|294%3A50 3 year guarantee, can't really go wrong.
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    External Filters- buying cheap any pitfalls?

    You can get a Fluval 205 for £55, or a 305 for around £75. How cheap are the ones you've seen on ebay?
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    Eco complete and B&Q topsoil/mud from my garden.

    Most plants will grow fine in plain sand if you take care of the other factors. All a fertile substrate does is give them a slight advantage and take emphasis off water column dosing somewhat.
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    JBL aquabasis plus and Tropica Plant substrate

    ADA is an 'all in one' substrate, so doesn't need any base layer adding, although some do and I suppose it can only be beneficial. And yeah, a 5L bag of Aquabasis will be fine.
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    Splitting CO2

    Yeah, have ordered one - looks like the best solution by far :) Also noticed this beast..! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/6-way-Brass-Co2-s ... 1|294%3A50 :lol:
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    JBL aquabasis plus and Tropica Plant substrate

    They are both a similar product, just different brands. Both are designed to go underneath a topping substrate - most people use gravel, or a coursish sand, or ADA or lots of other things! You can't use them exclusively or you'll end up with some very muddy water and unhappy fish&plants, and...
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    JBL aquabasis plus and Tropica Plant substrate

    Large bags of Aquabasis are rated at 1-200L, so 1 bag of that should be fine.
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    What fish look good?

    Not sure when that was written, but they have been bred in captivity and have been bred commercially. Though lets just say they're a tad more expensive.. :lol: :lol:
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    What fish look good?

    They're not impossible to breed. Captive bred sources are available.
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    What fish look good?

    Nannostomus mortenthaleri! :P
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    Brewing in a Co2 setup

    I quite liked the taste of my sugary, fizzy alcoholic concoctions after a couple of weeks on the windowsill! Only the slightly bewildered looks from people stopped me consuming much! :lol: I did wonder what sort of % alc. it got upto though :roll:
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    Splitting CO2

    Cheers guys! That looks pretty neat LD, nice find! :D Bit more expensive, but for all the hassle it'll save it's probably worth it! Do you have one or not? Looks pretty solidly built so can't imagine it will be shoddy.
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    Splitting CO2

    I'm just wondering what the easiest way to split one CO2 canister into multiple tanks(96L and 40L) is. Is it literally just a case of putting a Y-splitter on the airline from the reg, and then putting a needle valve inline from each piece of airline? Would I need special Y-splitters, or would...
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    TLH's Tank

    I'd agree with Neocaridina Heteropoda. They won't colour up much - will stay a drab brown. The 'cherry shrimp' you see have been selectively bred over a period to produce a much more intense red. Still nice though :wink:
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    which rocks shall I use (complete beginner!)

    Grows perfectly fine in a tank I setup in just plain sand.
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    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Tonsers 200L Optiwhite The quality of that picture is nuts! It looks like there is no front pane of glass, and no water! :shock: :shock:
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    Broadband problems

    :lol: I would echo that..except my mac has been taken away from me..for repair! :twisted:
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    What colour backing?

    Moss wall!!
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    Hydor CO2 System Reviews

    Neither of their 'pressurized' systems come with a solenoid. For the money you'd be much better off with something like the D-D set. The disposable canisters are far too small for a 180L tank and the reg that would be compatible with larger, refillable canisters is really flimsy - I wouldn't...
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    Plants suitable for 1.7wpg

    If you get your CO2 and dosing right, then you should be able to keep almost any plant you want in that light. I'd say it's more middle of the road relatively - the vast majority will grow fine, while some of the more challenging plants will just grow a bit slower.
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    Cheap Aquasoil

    Eh, it's not worth the trouble for either of us really. It was just a comment about the UK being stuck with higher prices than US and elsewhere on ADA. I didn't think it was enough to be removed, but not to worry :)
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    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    I'd personally be terrified of using a flimsy reg like that on a FE. I've tried it before and the results weren't good. I'd agree with Simon - bite the bullet and get the proper stuff!
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    Cheap Aquasoil

    Don't mean to drag this away, but when posts are edited by mods, it'd be nice if there was either an editing comment at the bottom of the message saying who edited it and why, or if the mod PM'd. I don't really like messages 'silently' changing without explanation. Maybe that's just me :?
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    Aaron's First tank!

    Hah! :D What size were the clown loaches?
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    Cheap Aquasoil

    I seem to remember they refused to ship to the UK.
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    uncomplicated way to propogate hc.

    I had a similar method, except using Aquasoil and a heater propagator I found in the garage. All was going very well until some horrible mystery algae engulfed it all! Maybe there was too much water in, who knows :roll:
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    Some pictures of your attempts/the wood/the tank would probably help immensely. :)
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    Excel for a nano

    As you said, Excel isn't stable enough to be dosing once a week. That'd be like switching your pressurized CO2 on for one day a week! Seachem state that it has a half life of no more than 24 hours, so daily dosing is the best for good results :)
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    Where to buy- 500g c02 bottle?

    What thread type/fitting are you after, and disposable or refillable? If it's disposable then JBL do a cheapish one here:http://www.swelluk.com/aquarium/aquarium-co2-and-planting-equipment-32/co2-bottles-197/jbl-co2-easy-disposable-bottle-500g-6559.html Most Maidenhead Aquatics will also stock...
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    Ideas for a split tank

    Ok, back to square 1! Reflective film was suggested, and promptly rejected! He wants to stick with the barrier running down the middle. So any ideas for either side would really be appreciated, as I'm struggling to work out what to do! I have literally 7" either side, one side will be higher...
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    Bristlenose Plec setup - any advice appreciated

    From a shop, for a full size mature adult, maybe about £10 or so per fish. From a breeder, less. Getting them from different sources would be good, but that doesn't guarantee you a mix of genes - they could still be related!
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    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Tonsers 200L Optiwhite ... now ft. floaters :( Even with floating plants, floating wood and wood all moved around it's far better than I could do! :lol:
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    Ideas for a split tank

    Cheers, good idea that! Should work as long as the adhesive doesn't turn out to be horribly toxic!