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    How many BPM of CO2 in 30ltr shrimp tank

    Hi all, At the start of the year I got rid of my RIO 180 and downscaled to a 30ltr (approx. 25 ltr of water) Aquael shrimp set smart LED tank, keeping all 6 of my amano shrimp from the old tank. I decided in the summer to install a new Dennerle CO2 system, as I ran one for a long time on my old...
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    JBL u402 CO2 system and Easycarb?

    Hi, I have had my planted tank running for over 2 years now and have always used easycarb and profito fertilser. I have just set up a JBL proflora u402 system and I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to keep adding a small dose of easycarb for purely anti-algae reasons (I have almost a...