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    Electric blue rams

    Hi, Anyone keep the above? How do they do in the community tank? Also would they be ok in an unheated (but never cold) tank?
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    Lighting - LED

    Hi all, I am not growing plants in my next tank - but I need a decent light for viewing. Ideally I want something as small & minimalist as possible - so I was thinking an LED strip? Needs to be about 82cm long. Does anyone know if those "True Lumen pro" things are for sale as they look...
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    Stubborn Algae on silicone

    Hi all, As the title suggests I have extremely stubborn green algae on my aquarium silicone. It simply won't come off. I have tried everything: Scrubbing with a pad Toothbrush Metal toothbrush (was careful) Emptied the tank & soaked in bleach Vinegar Nothing has worked... I think I need a...
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    130Ltr - Rescape - Fake plants!

    Hi all, After a lot of thought I have decided to tear down my current scape & redesign my tank. The reasons are: 1. the scape is circa 18 months old & is in need of a big clean 2. maintenance is just not possible any more due to time constraints I have decided to go down the route of fake...
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    Flourish Excel gone from Ebay?

    Hi, Wierd thing - has anyone noticed that there are no Flourish Excel's on ebay anymore? The only ones I can see are in the USA...
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    Plant growth affect DC colour

    Hi guys, Not so much of a problem more a general query here. Basically I was having issues for ages with my tank & wasn't getting the growth I wanted etc. Finally I realised that I was messing with my co2 too much and too frequently - so my tank was unstable. So I have left my CO2 stable at...
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    Cleaning glass - stubborn dirt

    Hi, I normally never have a problem cleaning my glass (tank) clean however recently i have a stubborn browny dust algae on the sides that wont scrub off for some reason. It's not diatoms as it wont scrub off. Looking on the aide its almost seethrough but if i put some fiter wool against it its...
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    CO2 changes - adjustment & recovery

    Hi all, I’ve read some good articles recently regarding CO2 changes & enzyme production – noting that when changes are made it takes time for plants to adapt properly. I didn’t realise this previously & was constantly adjusting my CO2 (putting it up due to frustration with lack of growth – then...
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    Make shift filter

    Hi, I've set up a small 10 litre tank to keep some baby shrimp in until they reach maturity & then I'll release them into my main tank... I had no filter though so I used a small powerhead (100ltr/hr) and attached some foam pieces around the inlet... Will this function well enough as a filter...
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    How importent is stability?

    As the title suggests... How importent is this in a hi tech tank? Ie... Co2 Lighting Water changes Dosing. I am beginning to think a lot of my past failings are due to messing round with co2 too often, irregular dosing/changes & also fiddling with light...
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    Non-planted Aquascaping Inspiration

    Hi all, I've had enough with all the hassle & maintenance required for planted tanks & i am thinking of converting mine into a completely non-planted tank. I'm just looking for a bit of inspiration, perhaps from some of the good scapers on here for a tank which has no plants. I like the...
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    Preasure gauge moving

    Hi all, When my reg is hooked up & running the preasure gauge on it is not still. It moves very slightly up & down. Between 1.6 - 1.8 bar. I use a wave co2 reg. is this normal? I am beginning to think my co2 supply is not stable & could be fluctuating - is this an indication of this? Thanks
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    Co2 & nutrients

    Probably a silly question & has probably been covered before... But... Does having more CO2 mean you need more nutrients? Or is it only light that drives the nutrient demand up? Or does having a tank with a yellow DC need more nutrients than one with a Green DC? Just wanted to double check
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    Staurogen repens stopped growing

    As the title suggests... My staurogen seems to of simply stopped growing. Ita very wierd as my tank is hi tech with excellent co2 & flow & i am dosing via EI. My other plants are also growing too. The only thing i can think is a lack of nutrients - but surely that would effect the other plants...
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    Cherry Shrimp & CO2

    Hi all, I have a strange problem. In my tank whenever I try and introduce cherry shrimp they all seem to dissapear/die.. Ive never had this problem before and i am at a loss as to what it could be. My tank is fully mature & specs are as follows: 130litre 1500ltrhr filter T8 x2 6 hours a day...
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    superglue safe for tank?

    All, I'm making an electric toothbrush / metal head / rock cleaning tool. Basically - got an electric toothbrush & removed the brushes from the head. Then i've hacksawed off a chunk of a wire brush - so i have a wirebrush about the same size as an electric toothbrush head. Now i just need to...
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    Interesting Article

    Has anyone seen this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -post.html I thought it was ok to send fish through the post? Loads of people do it on here...
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    Post-black out

    I recently did a blackout & since starting back up i have a bit of green spot algae. Is this because i just put my co2 & light straight up after i took the sheets off my tank? Whats the best way to approach the post-blackout situation?!
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    Holiday for a week

    Guys, I'm going away for a week so I am leaving my hi-tech tank unattended... Am i best to turn the lights off & co2 off - if I do this will my plants be ok for a week with just natural light? Algae won't appear will it? Or should i do a blackout for 7 days? Thanks
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    Attractive(ish) spray bars

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend the most visually unobtrusive spray bar that they've used? I've switched to using a spray bar but i'm using the one that came with my cristal profi e1500 - and its very ugly. I also could do with it being customizable in length (need it to be about 70cm). Thanks :)
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    CO2 & Light Demands

    Hi, I have a question about the CO2 concentration in tanks & the light demands that follow it. Does the CO2 work in the same way that ferts do - in that the CO2 uptake is capped & that upping CO2 will just mean that the CO2 will not be a factor in limiting plant growth. Or Does CO2 work like...
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    Good deal here

    Good offer here - should be useful to most people here :) http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/masterp ... ys-1140255
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    Dosing regime

    Hi guys, I've been making my own all in one mix with the following amounts: 20g (4 tsp) KNO3 4.6g (1 tsp) KH2PO4 16.0g (3 tsp) MgSO4 1g  E300 Ascorbic Acid 0.4g  E202 Potassium Sorbate 12g (2 tsp) Chelated Trace  1000ml Distilled water My tank is 130litres & is heavily planted. With this mix...
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    Cleaning Aquarium Silicone

    Hi guys, Do you have any tips for cleaning the silicone on the aquarium corners? Mines starting to get algae on it but filter wool doesn't seem to get it off :/ Thanks
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    JBL Cristal Profi E1500 - inline CO2 question

    Guys, Is it safe to do inline CO2 - but have the CO2 diffuser running on the intake rather than the outlet - on the Cristal Profi E1500? I hear this is the best way to get CO2 into the tank but I am worried about leakages & also lots of burping from the filter? Has anyone ran this set up with...
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    Reliability of Drop Checkers

    I'm sure they don't mean much... Mines always yellow & I dose EI yet I still get algae and slow growth. Something can't be right there - I also have like 20x turnover in my tank.
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    My 130ltr Tank - *Updated Pics*

    Hi all, My account was automatically deleted for some reason, so I lost my journal. So i've grouped together some shots from when I started my tank up until now. The specs are: 130ltr opti white CO2 via inline diffuser - FE method 1500Ltr/hr e1500 cristal profi filter 2X T8 25watt lights - 7...