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  1. biffster

    sharp sand (ungraded washed river sand ) over j arthur bowers aquatic compost plus co2

    after a natural looking substrate as i am about to start another black water tank after 20 years of selling my last one would this be ok all checks out fish safe sharp sand (ungraded washed river sand ) over j Arthur bowers aquatic compost plus co2 i would like suggestions for plants and leaf...
  2. biffster

    Waste water from RO through HMA filter

    is it possible to run the waste water from an RO unit through a HMA unit to use it as part of the tanks daily water changes
  3. biffster

    co2 diffusion

    just seen a video of a guy running a in line co2 diffuser and is it ok for the co2 to run through your external filter ????
  4. biffster

    Is anubias toxic to shrimp

    i have just been told that i cant keep shrimp because i keep anubias is this just a myth or is there so truth in it
  5. biffster

    affects on co2 while buffering tank with crushed cockle shell

    can any one tell me what the effects would be on my co2 injection for my plants when i am buffering my tank water with crushed cockle shell or will it not make and difference
  6. biffster


    hi as any one got any ideas for a cheap diy drop checker please
  7. biffster

    co2 diffuser

    how do you clean a ceramic and glass diffuser
  8. biffster

    4dkh water

    is it possible to make your own 4dkh water using distilled water
  9. biffster

    filter media will it work

    do you think this would works as a filter medium its is described as (ceramic "pebbles" with a smooth outer crust and a honeycomb interior.)
  10. biffster

    BBA and easy carbo

    i have been told if i paint some easy carbo on BBA on one of my plants and some rocks a background it will kill it off is this true or possible
  11. biffster

    Resolved! edit option

    didnt we used to have an edit option i have just noticed i cant see it or find it
  12. biffster

    Is there such a thing as aquarium clay or mud

    Is there such a thing as aquarium clay or mud if there is where can i get my hands on some
  13. biffster

    any one have a dog

    this is horace he is my two and a half year old German Shepard dog he is my buddy he knows when i am feeling ill and down he likes to sit and watch fish tank with me
  14. biffster

    Cyperus Alternifolius:

    Cyperus Alternifolius would i be able to plant one of these in an open top tank with the roots in the substrate in the tank and the stems and leaves growing above water
  15. biffster


    i know i am just newish to the planted tank scene but along time ago in the mists of time we did used to have a go at keeping plants alive we used to use the old type of root tab they were called rabbit dropping we used to leave them to dry out in the sun and when properly dry we used to push...
  16. biffster

    high tech low tech

    i am an old school fish keeper and planted tanks and the like are all new school to me i have of late only started to keep plants and grow them which is an achievement for me because i kept cichlids for a long time but now i no longer keep them i started with just a few plants and o found...
  17. biffster

    river manifold

    i was thinking of running a river manifold on a tank that i am doing i am thinking of running it with external filters with strainers instead of sponges what do you think and do you think it will work ok
  18. biffster

    amazon biotope plant pointers please

    what i am after is some pointer as to what plants to put in a amazon biotope i am setting up any help would be great
  19. biffster

    who is using some weird and wonderful substrates

    Hi i was just wondering who is using some weird and wonderful substrate i am looking for something new to try i have done cat littler play sand compost capped with play sand sharp sand compost peat mix so i was wonder if there was any thing else that is different
  20. biffster

    LED lights on a roll

    i have built lighting canopy with these they are LED light on a roll that is sticky backed and can be just about be mounted any were
  21. biffster

    HMA how often do you change your cartridges

    how often do you change your cartridges on your HMA filter i have a dispute with a friend of mine about how often we should change them i said every 12 months and he says it should be every 3 months the place were he gets his cartridges from charge him £30 every three months but the place were...
  22. biffster

    co2 Regulator thread converter

    i have a jbl proflora co2 bottle and i was wondering if i could get an adapter so i could get my fluval regulator to fit my bottle it would save me looking for a regulator and it would also save me from buying a new regulator which i dont want to do
  23. biffster

    acrylic tubing

    any one know where i can get hold of acrylic tubing in the northeast i have looked high and low and can i as heck find any any help would be great :?:
  24. biffster

    sump filter

    hi sorry not been about for a while but not been to clever any way i acquired a new tank its 4x2x2 with a sump and i was wanting to change the sump as it as been a marine tank and i am going to use it for fresh water so what i am going to ask is what is the best sump design to go with the...
  25. biffster

    Nymphaea lilly

    i have a Nymphaea lilly planted in one of my tanks its been already been moved from one tank to a bigger tank as the growth rate is immense from bulb to fully grown plant in about eight weeks so what i was wondering is it possible to prune this plant to keep it in control
  26. biffster

    to super glue or not

    the question is can i use super glue to fix plants to bog wood stones and rock work i didnt know were to put it :?:
  27. biffster

    home made drop checker

    any one got any ideas for a home made dropchecker
  28. biffster

    cat litter

    as any body had any funny test readings when first using cat litter when i first used it i got a high nitrate reading like off the scale
  29. biffster

    ello from the biffster in the northeast

    hi i joined a while ago but don't know whether i introduced myself then any how i was told about this place by gill i used to be on a few other forums but i am now in partnership with a mate of mine in a forum but i am still very interested in planted tanks but just thought i would see how...