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    kH very low - how to raise it for shrimp?

    Dear all my 300 litre tank is swimming along nicely (:)) with the exception of the gH/kH values. I've filled it with 2/3 tap water (which starts off at pH 8, gH and kH about 20) with rainwater from a clean, mature roof, which gives me pH 6.5, gH about 10 - and originally kH about 10 also...
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    Noisy Eheim

    Hi people been off list for a while editing the book and then in the chaos of builders trying to insulate our ancient cottage (aka deep freeze) but have finally flooded the tank. The camera is buried somewhere under mounds of other stuff, but suffice to say that it's crawling with algae, the...
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    Echinodorus Vesuvius - anyone seen it?

    Saw this on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/notes/planted-aquarium-central/e-vesuvius-the-story-behind-this-plant/10150212618240246 looks interesting - apparently sold from Holland - anyone seen/got some? m
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    Sponge over filter intake for shrimp

    Dear all I dreamt last night that one of you lot had flooded my 40 liter nano (currently under Dry Start Method - see pic below) and I was panicking about the fact that I hadn't got a sponge yet to cover the filter intake and the shrimp were all going to be minced... :lol: So... The filter...
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    DSM - non-CO2/low tech - transition questions?

    Dear all, So.... It's been 5 weeks since I set up the massive DSM project (it feels massive to me) - which is in the 'Learning Curve' journal thread. My step daughter's gone on holiday with the camera, so no recent pictures, but I have a carpet of Hc with roots 2-3 cm down into the substrate...
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    Fishless cycle - nutrient question

    So.... I'm doing a DSM start on the 90x75x45 Optiwhite -details in the journal. While researching DMS on Tom Barr's site, I came across this: I don't have filter from another tank and the four closest LFS (Maidenhead Aquatics, PAH, two garden centres) have all refused to give me some. I could...
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    Dry Start Method - FAQ anywhere?

    Dear all I'm going mildly mad (madder?) trying to find Tom Barr's original article/FAQ/Sticky on DSM (Dry Start Method). I've found his article on fusing DSM and low-tech/low CO2 which is interesting, but nobody, anywhere, gives links to the original thing. I've searched the Barr Report and...
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    Arcadia 60 litre arc tank - ETA?

    Lo all am lusting after a desktop nano - and saw that Arcadia have a 60litre one due 'sometime in June' so it's June - and nobody seems to have it - wondered if anyone knew when it was due in? Or a good alteranative? ta muchly mx
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    maturing a new pump

    Hi all I'm in the process of dry-starting my tank (see threadhttp://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=11757) and wondered if I could mature my filter in tandem by hooking it up to a barrel of water, tipping in some friendly bacteria on a regular basis, adding some household ammonia to keep...
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    AGA - no 2010 comp?

    Hi people Been paging through the entire back-catalogue of the on-line AGA showcase winners for the past few years - much more informative that the Amano ones, partly because they're online and partly because they allow multiple photographs and some of the kinder individuals have labelled the...
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    Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 updated 14/7 pics

    So.... The cabinet's here, and painted. The tank's here and we found one strong man and three less then strong women and we carried it in from the car and didn't drop it. Miracle. The Columbo Fluro Base is here, as is the sand. The bog wood (pauses to hear groans, but it fits what I want...
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    Pressure regulator and solenoid in one

    Hi Has anyone used this: http://www.edirectory.co.uk/superstore365/mia/d/tmc+v2+pressure+regulator+with+solenoid+valve/pid/10927641/ with a Fire Extinguisher? AquaEssentials had it (now out of stock) so I'm assuming someone bought them.... they have a DIN 477 connection TIA m
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    Dry Start Method

    Dear all I know there are threads here referring to DSM because I read one last night - but the search facility doesn't like it, so I apologise if this has been done to death already but... I'm thinking of using DSM in my tank - partly because this is my chance to learn how to grow aquatic...
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    Plant ID

    Dear all Can anyone identify for me the plants that are forming the carpet at the front of Tom Barr's tank here? http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.php/7265-the-right-amount-of-co2?p=50493&highlight=#post50493 thank 'ee muchly. m
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    Finding suitable white sand

    Dear all still trying to sort out substrates for the new aquarium. I have the Colombo Flora Base on order from plantedbox (thank you!) and now looking at sand to form the front two edges (aquarium viewed from in front and right side) and for a delination of a 'path' winding from front left to...
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    Seramis/Hydroleca/Other alternative CECs?

    Lo all Been reading about Akadama and the 'problems with' thread... and then read about Turface in the US - which isn't available here... but these two are: http://www.seramisuk.co.uk/whatisseramis.html and http://www.specialistaggregates.com/hyd ... -1368.html and I wondered if anyone had...
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    T5 lights - 10000K white - can I use them?

    Dear all I've just ordered an over-tank luminaire from here: http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/silver-t5-lights-four-bulbs-various-sizes-2885-0.html They're marine specialists, I guess, and so the lights are marine lights. He's said he'll fit two plugs so I can have half the lights on at a...
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    Plants for Lake Inle tank?

    Dear all I have a 90 x 75 x 45 tank that I'm trying to plan. I was aiming for an Amano planted tank, medium tech (luminaires and glutaraldehyde) - but having tested the local water and found that it's basically liquid chalk (pH 7.5, dH 15, nitrates 30ppm), I began to look at other interesting...
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    fish for hard water

    I'm picking up the new tank today - 3' x 2'6" x 18"... no cabinet yet because that's being made by brother in law, so plenty of time to still be making changes. I had planned a true Amano nature aquarium - I was yearning after chocolate gouramis, and brigittes, and all kinds of nice, small...
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    Aquatic Biotope- any good as a source of lighting?

    Am leaning towards the Luminaire as the best lighting and these seem to be by far the cheapest - so.... Has anyone used these people? Are they any good? http://www.aquaticbiotope.co.uk/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=941
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    Evaporation prevention (and lighting) - idiot newbit questio

    Dear all My new tank has arrived at TGM.... picking it up tomorrow. 'Exciting' doesn't begin to describe it... (how sad am I?) anyway, I still have some planning time left, because brother-in-law is making the cabinet a) because he made the rest of our furniture and it'll fit in with it and...
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    Green slate - OK for hardscape?

    Dear all - I'm in the very, very preparatory, scared-witless-with-the-complexities stage of a perhaps planted tank... It's taken me 5 years to persuade my OH that we can have a tank in the living room (the only place in our small, non-vertical 14th c cottage that will take one). I've ordered a...