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  1. bluemoon280

    New Tropica Bucephalandra - Pre Order

    Wow, 23 cm wide... now that's a wide leaf..,..... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  2. bluemoon280

    New Bucephalandra & Free Postage

    Hi. Am still interested in the buce........ Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  3. bluemoon280

    New Bucephalandra & Free Postage

    Sent u a pm for the aphrodite. Cheers Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  4. bluemoon280

    Low energy silent return pump.

    Very impressed with the jebao. Quiet powerful low watts, what more can u ask???
  5. bluemoon280

    Interesting Wood

    That's pretty nice wood..
  6. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, got if on full. I used to hear the hum of the aquamedic in my bedroom. I can't hear this one. I really like the idea of LEDs. So some pics of how you set them up, wiring etc would really be useful. My lfs has a shoal of Altums (ferrybridge aquatics). Look awesome. Post some pics of your...
  7. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, how's it going. Need an update on your tank. I got the 9000. All set up and running. Sounds like a PC fan running. Lot higher pitch than other pumps. Much quieter to say it's over two times more powerful. The control is pretty nifty too. Hope u got yours up n running
  8. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, thx for reply. I just put my order in for one. What fittings does it come with? I have 1" return hard pipe at the moment. Do I need to get any connectors? Looking good by the way .
  9. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, have you had your pump running yet? I have just bought a compact 5000 to upgrade from an aquamedic 3500 but the eheim is quite a bit noisier. Was wondering how the jecod sounded. Thx
  10. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, really liking your build. Can you post some pics of your light build. I have a similar size tank with a sump etc and like the idea of moving to LEDs.
  11. bluemoon280

    home made fish food

    Quick question, are you keeping this frozen or just in the fridge? Not sure how long it would keep defrosted? Regards
  12. bluemoon280

    Help with JBL osmose 120

    Try ro-man, They do spares and compatible spares. Regards
  13. bluemoon280

    Look what arrived :D

    Oooooh Nice wood p**n!
  14. bluemoon280

    Filters - What is actually correct?

    Just my pennies worth. My understanding of the 10x turnover guide. Is that this is on fact circulation within the tank, rather than throughput of filters. This comes from marine tanks, where 20 -30 turnover rates are common. This is for water movement rather than filtration. After setting up...
  15. bluemoon280

    Twinstar..what is it?

    So, I have just found out how the twinstar works. It has a special doohickey that fits inside a thingamybob. This then has a doodaa that presses on a whatchamacallit. Overall it generates two hoohaa's a minute. The effect on subsonic algae is quite ositronic. Its available in three sizes...
  16. bluemoon280

    After four months (brown hair algae)

    On a positive note though. You come to the right place. Regards
  17. bluemoon280

    Aponotogen Crispus

    Wow, That's a really small tank.!
  18. bluemoon280

    Aquarium Photography

  19. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Had a jiggle, a poke and a shufty of a few bits.
  20. bluemoon280

    Just about to order some more EI salts am I missing anything

    Thanks for the clarification. I was unaware of the low mg content in the salt. Regards
  21. bluemoon280

    Just about to order some more EI salts am I missing anything

    I am following this ei dosing regime. Which has a significant amount of mgso4 as a percentage of the total dose. (This is for 20usg) Sunday – 50% or more Water Change then dose [3/16 teaspoon KNO3] + [1/16 teaspoon KH2PO4] + [½ teaspoon MgSO4] Monday – 1/16 teaspoon CSM+B Tuesday - [3/16...
  22. bluemoon280

    Just about to order some more EI salts am I missing anything

    Hmmm. Thanks for the reply. Under ei dosing. On my 750 lt tank I put in 5 tsp thrice a week. I understand you have a similar size tank. Which would equate to 15 tsp over the week. This would be twice the amount you dose. I understand ei dosing is a suck it and see dosing method. However...
  23. bluemoon280

    Just about to order some more EI salts am I missing anything

    How much mg is "some"? What kind of figure in mg in my water would to be equivalent to ei dosing or half dosing for example. I mean if its 'x' mg this would mean a reduction in dosing of "y". Regards
  24. bluemoon280

    New Aquascaping book by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup

    Morning. My book arrived today. Very prompt delivery. Took a pic of my inscription. Hope you can make it out. Cheers
  25. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    We have another sofa opposite. Where I get to sit. Anubias are on the left. They are pretty big tho. Cheers
  26. bluemoon280

    CO2 issues

    The hole in wall is 750 litres in total. The gas cylinder I think is 7kg but it might be 5kg. It's usually 8 to 10 weeks to replace and the main tank is open top at the mo. I pay £15 for an exchange so works out not too bad. Covered sump is a good idea and make sure the levels in the sump...
  27. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Some in situ shots, takes today. Please excuse the messy sofa.
  28. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Yes there is that. I use my wife or kids to help out. Though it sometimes is frustrating when they shout through. "Move that one, over there." And of course I have no idea which one, or where, there is. And catching a fish is great fun!
  29. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    In one, - filter sock '200m' Trialling a moving bed filter with k3. Auto topup input Two- Ceramic rings in washing machine bags Three- Alpha grog in washing machine bags Four - heaters, probes and sensors Five- Return pump - or3500 Co2 pump I use two diff sizes of washing machine bags so...
  30. bluemoon280

    New Aquascaping book by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup

    is that the English version? Can u pm me a link? Cheers
  31. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Couple of pics of my co2 reactor and sump.
  32. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Pics from today.
  33. bluemoon280

    NEW 90cm NA Update photos 2º page

    Jeeeesh. It's amazing what you can pick up at ikea nowadays! Very nice equipment and to be honest it's looks very very nice and shiny. You have plans for your scape yet? Regards
  34. bluemoon280

    Going Dutch Tropica 1-2 Grow Style

    I am liking the alteranthera 'mini, looks in great condition and colour. Hmmmm I may have to make some space. Regards
  35. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Annual update . Pics to follow.
  36. bluemoon280

    plants just don't seem to grow/very very slowly

    I notice you have a discus on your tank. What kind of temperature are you running your tank at? In my experience if you run the temperature too high, some plants do struggle. I will probably be shot down I'm flames tho. Regards
  37. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg6 ... 636caf.mp4
  38. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

  39. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Been a while since my last update. Some pics and a video. Cheers [/IMG]
  40. bluemoon280

    Evaporation - annoying

    Having run twin 250w mh over my 5ft marine tank, before I moved to planted I know all about evaporation. Easiest things are: Auto top up - various makes available. Tunze aquamedic etc. just fill reservoir and it's ok for a week or so. Cover glasses; reduce evap by lots Dehumidifier: ebac...
  41. bluemoon280

    Ganged timer sockets..

    The initial surge from a mh blows the contacts on a mechanical timer. This means it can stick on or off. It will also wreck a digital timer . You need a contactor which is designed for it. I had the same issue when I ran twin 250w over my marine tank...
  42. bluemoon280

    Feeding denison barbs

    Hmmm. I must be very fortunate then. I got 6 denisonii barbs about 2" a couple of years ago. I still have 6 and they are now over 4". They are great fish. The colours are wonderful and they shoal all the time. I keep em at 25, and they eat anything I put in. Flake, live food, pellets, they...
  43. bluemoon280

    CO2 and rubber and silicone...

    Hmmmm. So what impact will running co2 in a tank over time have on the silicon holding the glass together? I would hope little else we would have lots of failing tanks. Your thoughts would be useful though Regards
  44. bluemoon280

    Need help,anyone got one of these?

    Hi, I have one of these and it runs as many heaters as you want. http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=241344 Is a good thread to show how to install. If its the same atc 800 I have Cheers
  45. bluemoon280

    Breeding Cherry Barbs

    Aye, looks like fun. What sort of timescale are you expecting them to be ready to ship? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  46. bluemoon280

    How much time do people spend actually watching their tanks?

    I watch my hole in the tank as its in my living room, most of the evening. My wife sits in front of it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  47. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

  48. bluemoon280


    Hi and welcome to the forums. Am looking forward to your journal . Any hints and tips always welcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  49. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Many thanks for your comments. I will have to get my slr out and do some proper full tank shots. I am still struggling to find an effective co2 reactor. I currently use a 2lt coke bottle with bio balls in the sump. It drops the ph from 7.4 to 6.6 and keeps it there. But I would like something...
  50. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Hmm. The substrate is akadama. I use 4 t5 tubes for 7 hours a day on timers. Co2 comes on 2 hours before lights on and off 1 hour before lights off. I use a ph controller to manage the co2 which is a holdover from the marines. The ph is usually about 7.4 in the morning and I run it at 6.6...
  51. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    The overflow runs into the sump, through 3 large sponge mechanical filters. Then the water runs up through ceramic tubes, then down through siporax. The last two chambers hold the heaters and co2 reactor. I use a 7kg co2 cylinder which I can swap for a full one locally when it is empty, which...
  52. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    So, i run a four foot tank as the sump, which was set up like this for marines. This has changed into the following; Apologies for the poor pics, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  53. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    I really wanted a six footer, but when i drew a six foot line on the wall...OMG it looked huuuuge!!!: and so it was agreed by the powers that be, that five foot was the optimum size. It is 58 1/4" by 24" by 24" - why the funny measurements, you may ask.. Well as a typical Yorkshireman, i have...
  54. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    So we had this Which became this And this To finally this Which looked like this And With a range of corals, like Then I lost my job and the leccy bill was too much with twin 250w metal halides and umpteen pumps. So..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  55. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    So long story short I guess i will give you the preamble as is expected. I kept trops, then cichlids, then marines in the 80's when UG filters, tufa rock, Berlin skimmers were popular.... I then got hitched and that put pay to all that. Kids come along, and we go through a two foot cold...
  56. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    . Currently running as this .. With history pics of how it was built to follow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  57. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    If I ca get tapatalk to work that is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  58. bluemoon280

    5ft hole in the wall

    Thought I should finally post some history and pics of my tank.
  59. bluemoon280

    Female Guppys Dying

    Just a quick note. When you clean your filter out, don't clean the media out under the tap as the chlorine will kill off all the good bacteria that you will have built up over the last few weeks. The recommendation to get some fairly quick growing stem plants in will help with the new tank...
  60. bluemoon280

    Fluval Studio 900...'Dragons Crypt' Journal finished.

    Fluval Studio 900. Hey. Looks good so far. Like the wood very much. Where did you eventually find it? Looking forward to more updates
  61. bluemoon280

    Hello Folks!

    Hi and welcome.
  62. bluemoon280

    Any shops in North Yorkshire???

    There is a maidenhead aquatics on the outskirts of York too. They do substrates.
  63. bluemoon280

    How awesome are torpedo barbs?

    I got half a dozen of two inch dennisonii barbs 18m ago. I am pleased to say I havnt lost one. They are all now over four inches and are absolutely gorgeous. The shimmery green colour above the intense red is stunning. Also I have found them to be one of the better fish that like to shoal...
  64. bluemoon280

    Noob from selby

    Oh and I have saved £90 per month in leccy.
  65. bluemoon280

    Noob from selby

    Hi all. I thought I should introduce myself. I have moved from marines to planted tank. So I am running a five foot hole in the wall with a four foot sump. I will have lots of questions and pics to post. Thanks all