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    Fissidens splachnabryoides

    I've seen some confusion across various forums about some of the rarer species of fissidens that are used in aquariums but particularly regarding fissidens splachnabryoides. This species was subject to a lot of discussion a few years back when there was more of a craze for aquatic moss and many...
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    Ferns not growing enough

    I wouldn't really call java fern a slow growing plant, under optimal conditions it seems to grow very quickly. It's more just that it's very adaptable and can grow without co2 supplementation, fertiliser, and even in ridiculously low light - it just does so by growing very slowly. It's never...
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    ID this little hitchhiker please

    I don't know the ID of this plant but I have what looks to be the exact same thing growing as a weed in one of my gecko vivariums. When growing emersed it is almost impossible to fully eradicate as it seems able to regenerate from the tiniest pieces left in the tank and produces miniscule seeds...
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    Elatine hydropiper Mystery - how is this possible?

    I have a small low tech tank that's home to some shrimp and micro rasboras that has sort of been an ongoing experiment for several years now. A couple of times I've totally rescaped the tank, added and removed hardscape/plants etc. I'm fortunate that I've never had too many problems in this...
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    Moss ID

    very curious to see the picture too, I assume this was somewhere near essex so there are quite a few different native species it could be.
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    Floating plants and PAR

    I think you are probably right zozo, the 'dwarf' variety can certainly unexpectedly begin to produce full sized plants although I've not had it happen to me. There seems to be a wide range of environmental triggers that can affect it's growth form. Although my lighting has remained constant the...
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    Floating plants and PAR

    Pistia stratiotes dwarf and regular forms thrive in low humidity, they can actually struggle and begin to rot in closed top tanks where the humidity is too high. I have the dwarf variety in an open top tank under a wavepoint led strip light and it would cover the entire surface in a week if I...
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    Plant ID please - think it is from the Microsorium genus

    papa_cee I'm pretty sure your picture is 'spoon leaf' java fern, and as you say it is very rare. I don't have any experience with it myself so I don't know how big it might get but I knew I'd seen similar before as I'm always looking for rare ferns. here's a couple of pictures I found of 'spoon...
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    Experiences of Carpeting plants

    Sorry I don't have any pictures to post andrew but google throws up a lot of results for 'elatine hydropiper aquarium' it looks much the same. Smaller darker leaves in low light, bigger lighter leaves in high light.
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    Experiences of Carpeting plants

    I like Elatine hydropiper, it has very small leaves, stays low and grows slowly. Whilst it takes a lot longer to fill out than some other carpeting plants it requires less trimming. I'm growing it right now in a high light setup with pressurised co2 but also had it in a lower light tank with no...
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    growing a moss wall

    I'm growing a moss wall with weeping moss at the moment exactly as Zozo described with a few java fern 'mini narrow' spread through it and it's working beautifully. Weeping definately grows more slowly compared to Java etc. but this is potentially a good thing as once the wall has filled in it...
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    zozo I reckon that because co2 is heavier than air there's probably some accumulation in the air directly above the surface and this rather than availability at the roots is what affects the duckweed growth.
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    is it possible that growing plants this way can deplete nutrients in the water too much? I could some pothos cuttings behind my hamburg matten filter so the roots are hidden and water is continually drawn over them but is there a point at which the pothos will just be competing with my aquatic...
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    "pothos" Epipremnum aureum will work well and is a fast grower so should remove decent amounts of fish waste but isn't edible. you can just stick a cutting in the back of your tank and it will throw out roots. I've seen it used this way but never tried it myself in an aquarium. there's a good...
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    Native British mosses for aquascaping?

    As everyone else has said there are actully more than a few species of aquatic or semi aquatic moss and liverworts native to the uk that can grow in aquariums. The biggest limiting factor will be temperature as many will struggle with temps that are too high. In my experience it tends to be the...
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    barbula sp. millimeter moss

    I very rarely check ukaps these days, maybe once every few months so it was quite a coincidence that I saw this thread revived from so long ago at the top of the page tonight. In the end I bought some of this moss, I think from the green machine, and it does grow very well submersed with co2...
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    what is this ground cover plant?

    not the staurogyne, but the mossy looking plant in the bottom of the image? they say it's utricularia graminifolia on extraplant.com but I've only ever seen U. gramnifolia looking like grass. Is this some other form of the plant?
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    Growing Mosses

    WIllow moss will definitely attatch itself to wood or stone.
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    What's this moss please?

    I'm actually desperate to identify this moss too. I saw it on youtube in a nano cube and i've been hunting it ever since.
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    Cuba moss

    I'm sure I bought some of this from outside-inside aquatics in Scotland a while ago. It was from Dennerle and did fine in my nano tank. Very slow growing but it really looks good once it fills out, much neater than many other mosses. i'd definately buy more but does anybody know if aquashrimps...
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    you are right. I just can't shut up about shrimps because I was literally blown away by the impact they had on my tank, all the algae in it grew over the period of about a week, I reduced lighting and increased CO2 and gave the filter a clean and it stopped growing completely for several weeks...
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    Your cherries and amanos will definitely eat it in vast quantities just make sure the suckers are hungry as they will eat other tastier stuff first, it's probably comparable to the decision between brussel sprouts or something that doesn't taste like crap for us. I agree that you should try to...
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    Lots of people seem to have had very different experiences with this company, I have heard that it changed hands and it went downhill with the new owners. Anyway, my depiction of them concerns moss specifically rather than any of their other plants/dry goods which for all I know may be of...
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    Ricca Fluitans ( Not growing ) Help

    In my small moss and liverwort tank I have four cherry red shrimp and three amano shrimp, none of which have EVER eaten a single piece of riccia, I didn't even put riccia in there, it came in by accident with some coral pellia and its a weed. I don't want it in there but no-matter how sure I am...
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    If you have shrimp then I'm surprised you have hair algae? what sort of shrimp do you have? three amanos decimated my hair algae infestation in only three days, a week later there wasn't a single 'hair' of it left. Apparently Rainbow / Malayan shrimp are the best hair algae consumers though.
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    .........I don't suppose that also applies to slightly less new people? :o
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    Also they don't advertise this in their e-bay shop but aquatic magic are actual the devil himself. Never buy moss from them, it's a con. If you want moss then get it from aqua-essentials or greenmachine.
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    Help in choosing plants - specifically for a tall aquarium

    Egeria densa will grow pretty tall and is fairly basic in it's needs but I'm no expert.
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    ...do these need CO2 injection?

    I think so so long as they get their carbon from some other source like flourish excel etc.
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    Where can I get non-Tropica plants?

    You should try and get him to send some of the rarer mosses and liverworts they have over there and grow them yourself for re-sale to your fellow countrymen, I for one would pay more for most mosses than I would for a solid gold sculpture of them.
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    Where can I get non-Tropica plants?

    Dennerle sell good plants, if you can find a shop that sells them then they are cheaper too.
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    It seems that they don't actually grow these plants themselves, they claim they buy them from the grower then sell them on but I doubt somebody growing these commercially would include soil, leaves and pine needles in their tank and even if grown emersed i bet they would be covered; I strongly...
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    my packet of Fissidens splachnobryoides just arrived and i have to say i almost laughed when i opened it. Not only was it clearly wild collected (it had pine needles and bits of leaf in it) but it was also mainly brown soil which they describe in an affixed note as "healthy leaf structure"...
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    Good substrate covering plant.

    As you may have guessed I've had some traumatic attempts at a Riccia carpet.
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    Nursery & sump nursery

    Re: Attempted Nursery this is sort of like a miniature http://www.aquaponics.com/ system. pretty cool, i think you should run with this and start selling clip on systems for planted aquariums so people can grow their own plants emersed with the obvious increased growth rate and remove some...
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    Good substrate covering plant.

    Riccia lawns are absolutely vile wicked creations, i hate them with the passionate fiery vengeance of a thousand burning suns. I would go with Glosso.
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    Yes, another riccia question...

    You could grow it terrestrially in a plastic seed tray with some wet capillary matting on a windowsill in a warm room, it will grow pretty quickly and by using the matting instead of soil you can just rip pieces off as and when you need it for a tank without it being filthy, this is a simple...
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    The funiest post I have read this week

    there are a couple other species similar that sometimes get used in aquariums, i have never seen them in the uk but i think some of the moss growers in Poland use a native species of algae similar to marimo.
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    Utricularia Graminifolia???

    i have seen dart frogs eating flies off various sundews and bladderowrts in planted vivaria, perhaps utricularia in an aquarium may also benefit our shrimp in a similar fashion.
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    Utricularia Graminifolia???

    should we be concerned about this plant eating our baby shrimp?
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    barbula sp. millimeter moss

    does anybody have any experience with this moss? supposedly it is actually a terrestrial moss, is anybody successfully growing this in an aquarium?
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    Damn. the search goes on, i will try the trading section here. cheers.
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    Damn. the search goes on, i will try the trading section here. cheers.
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    I can't find anywhere selling this in the UK and i really don't want to have to order it from Malaysia as I'm practically allergic to ebay. I would literally give one of my fingers to get ahold of some fissidens fontanus, does anybody know where to buy it here? or if it's even possible?