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    Amano shrimp preying on Cherry

    I don't believe this shrimp was dead when the Amano found it, I think it was trying to moult. I overfed this tank trying to get my Boraras maculatus to breed, in particular too many microworms, and I had a real snail explosion as well as a bad cloudy water situation going on. I stopped feeeding...
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    how red are your cherry reds.

    It seems there is a wide range of colour intensity for these from almost transparent to the 'sakura' variety available in the east. It also seems that the colour standard for them in America is generally better too. Just how red are your cherry red shrimp? does anybody have any of the really...
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    Shrimp and the lunar cycle?

    All my shrimp molted on the same day, both Amanos and Cherries. I thought it was strange that they would all shed at the same time, then I looked out the window and saw the full moon........ has anybody else noticed shrimp being affected by the moon?