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    Staghorn Algae Challenge

    Sometimes I get a little bit of staghorn growing on some pieces of lava rock I have some very slow growing mosses on, but if it's growing on something attached to hardscape that can be moved theres a very easy and effective solution - I just take the rocks out and let them sit exposed to air for...
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    Growing Chlorella vulgaris deliberately?

    I've had great results using chicken manure for daphnia outdoors too actually. I want to try and get a bit more technical with the chlorella and culture it mixotrophically for maximum production and nutrient profile. I just need to find the right mineral or organic fertiliser, chicken manure may...
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    Growing Chlorella vulgaris deliberately?

    I want to start a mixotrophic Chlorella vulgaris culture as a better food for my moina cultures than yeast because of how easy it is to crash them feeding yeast. The price for some of the 'mediums' for growing this algae are an absolute joke, has anyone here got any experience growing this...
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    A thick and full carpet...

    Amano shrimps will tear through that kind of green algae in your carpet but in my experience they have to be A hungry and B big. You'll probably want to find a more permanent solution that addresses the root cause but If you take five BIG amanos and don't feed them for a few days then put them...
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    I think this is algae?

    I reckon that will be fungi rather than bacteria but could really be either. Not something I would worry about, it should eventually disappear of it's own accord once it exhausts the nutrients that are immediately available to it. Shrimp and probably some fish would eat this.
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    you're not wrong, and the picture doesn't really make for an easy positive ID, the only reason I say vorticella with such confidence is that I've spent a fair bit of time examining them closely recently and what's depicted in the OP appears exactly as they do in my daphnia and moina cultures...
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    Here's a couple of good links on Vorticella and the risk they might pose to your shrimp: Vorticella: http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/indexmag.html?http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/artjun03/wdvorticella.html Risk to crustaceans, page 25, under heading 'Vorticella'...
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    couple more picture for comparison.
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    My bet is on a colonial protist, something like Stentor or Vorticella. They occur in many of my livefood cultures but they MAY be harmful to shrimp. The quote below is from a database of shrimp diseases that can be read at...
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    Spirogyra - How on earth to deal with this?

    No peeking is the golden rule of blackouts. I've made the same mistake with cyanobacteria and can confirm that even a little peek can give it enough light to survive. Might be worth manually removing for another few days and then trying another blackout but this time resist the temptation. It's...
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    return to algae

    I can't emphasize enough how impressed I have been by the extent to which amano shrimp will remove algae of all sorts.
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    another "what algae is this" photo

    I would recommend amano shrimp, I bought three yesterday and I am literally blown away by the sheer volume of various algae they have eaten just over the course of 1 night in my tank. They ate a huge amount of Rhizoclonium that was growing over a piece of wood. Now all that's left is the BGA...
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    Marimo balls

    No, marimo balls grow a bit faster with good CO2 and the right nutrients, as such some of the eastern tanks have amazing marimo carpets.