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  1. aquaticmaniac

    Rock Identification Help

    Nice stones...I second the vote for basalt with quartz inclusions. I've had a look around and can't seem to find anywhere to buy stones that look like these. I'd have a look around quarries, if you haven't, you never know what you might find :)
  2. aquaticmaniac

    Where are all the Girls??

    *puts hand up* I'm female and been in the hobby since I was 11, but I'm an outdoorsy nerd. When I lived in America, I noticed quite a few more women in the hobby, but not so much in the UK. I don't think the techy/science side of the hobby necessarily scares off the ladies, but more men seem to...
  3. aquaticmaniac

    Getting there!

    Very lush - I'm envious :)
  4. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    I'll probably put some of my java ferns and crypts in and see what happens :) Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    Thanks, Ed. I was hoping for bigger plants, but will keep those in mind. I'm not sure the pond gets enough light for a lily. If it didn't work out, I could always move it to the outdoor pond. Thanks again :)
  6. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    Hello all, long time no post. I haven't been around much since I live on a boat (only fish in the water!), but I've got a question. My MIL has a ~300 gallon freestanding (black) indoor pond with goldfish. It's in a conservatory, and the only lighting is sunlight; has good flow, but some stiller...
  7. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Pico Contest - Results!

    Congrats to the top 5 :) I enjoyed seeing all of the entries.
  8. aquaticmaniac


    Waiting for the results brings excitement to life on a cold, damp boat :P I'm sure they'll be posted soon!
  9. aquaticmaniac

    Need an id of These mosses.

    I'll gladly take some pics under my microscope for you. I could post them here and see if that helps people ID them? I'm working on our boat at the moment, so I won't be back for a few days. The pics won't be perfect, but they should help, if it's possible to ID them.
  10. aquaticmaniac

    First attempt at macro photography

    Hi Bob! Is that Brendabob in the background? It's a good start :) More pics of the set up!
  11. aquaticmaniac

    Saintly's UK woodland observations

    Love the one with the ducks in the background and the flower shots. The detail is mind blowing on all of them, though! What camera/lens did you use on these?
  12. aquaticmaniac

    some park shots

    Agreed on the stump! Thanks for the photos, Mark. The bird is now my desktop background :D Gorgeous stuff.
  13. aquaticmaniac

    some park shots

    These are...friggin awesome! 3 & 4 are my favourites. I'm going to do a Gill and ask for them too :lol: Hubby and I think you should enter the wildlife photography of the year competition. (Just don't make the squirrel jump over a fence :P )
  14. aquaticmaniac

    Long exposure pics from my trip to london

    Those look MILES better than my first time long exposure ones :shock: I like the second one the best.
  15. aquaticmaniac

    sams reed frog tank

    Damned cute! Makes me miss my amphibians and reptiles :( Maybe I'll give the reed frogs a go some time.
  16. aquaticmaniac

    Amazon biotope Lnumber/Aphisto tank

    Love your set up :D Those look kinda like sulawesi blue neon gobies (Sicyopterus sp.) to me. Could be wrong; might be a Stiphodon sp. Either way I'm jealous! Sulawesi blues
  17. aquaticmaniac

    Garden moss.

    Try to take a pic of the moss you have or describe it, and maybe someone might be able to give a close ID. I've tried stringy moss as well as a few unIDed mosses. The stringy moss did well, and the others did develop new growth underwater but did not last for more than a few months.
  18. aquaticmaniac

    ID this shrimp please

    From what I can see in the pics it looks similar to Minami, what some believe is the 'wild type' of what we call cherry shrimp. Yours does have a bit of red to it. I think it's a cherry shrimp in other words.
  19. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Yay! One to go, but I think he's MIA :lol: rawr - received aaronnorth - received SteveUK - received aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 - received Clint24 Egmel - received Themuleous - received Gill - received paul.in.kendal - received
  20. aquaticmaniac

    Two eggs

    They look like cory eggs to me too. Mine were laying like crazy the other day. I see a few fertile eggs here and there. The two you have, if still white (probably fungusy or eaten by now) look infertile.
  21. aquaticmaniac

    New lens pics

    They're both great, but I love the first one. :D
  22. aquaticmaniac

    Legality of Collecting Wood

    Nice pic! London meets the tropics :P I saw a couple of parrots on Eel Pie Island the other day.
  23. aquaticmaniac

    Legality of Collecting Wood

    Richmond never crossed my mind, surprisingly. When I was out doing some photography there, I did notice a few signs about not collecting things, going in certain areas, etc. I was there once admiring the mosses/other plants near one of the ponds (didn't plan on taking it), but I guess I was...
  24. aquaticmaniac

    Microscope Pics

    Here's a link to videos of the microscope in use http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... &oq=biolux Hope that gives you a good idea of what it's like :)
  25. aquaticmaniac

    Microscope Pics

    If I remember right, these were taken at 40x magnification, Aaron. It's German made by Bresser called the "Biolux AL" and has a magnification range of 20x-1280x. It comes with: 5 year warranty Turret with 3 high-value targets (4x/10x/40x) 2X times eyepieces (5x & 16x) LED Lighting with...
  26. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Updated list... rawr aaronnorth - received SteveUK - received aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 - received Clint24 Egmel - received Themuleous - received Gill - received paul.in.kendal - received
  27. aquaticmaniac

    what are these snails

    My thoughts too. I never bother with removing snails, but then I'm not trying to keep an immaculate tank. I quite like my snails; was excited to find another red ramshorn earlier today :P
  28. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Thanks :D I'm checking up on yours now, Thomas.
  29. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Thanks, Paul! Was glad to do it. Just need to hear from the last three and we know it's over :P
  30. aquaticmaniac

    Legality of Collecting Wood

    I've been doing a bit of reading on this. I saw someone selling collected wood on ebay; not exclusively for aquarium use. Is it legal to collect wood? From what I've read, the general idea is that the wood belongs to someone. The person who owns the tree or the land it's on, for example. So...
  31. aquaticmaniac

    CBRO's First attempt at a planted tank.

    To post pics, you have to upload them to a site like flickr, photobucket, etc. copy and paste the IMG URL from there. Or you can just click the "Img" button when posting a reply and insert the URL from where you hosted your pics between the coding here :)
  32. aquaticmaniac

    Shrimp images.

    Love the third one! The detail is still great with those big eyes in the background :shock:
  33. aquaticmaniac

    Microscope Pics

    I was given a microscope/USB camera kit for my birthday on Monday. The quality from the actual lenses is better than what the camera can do, but it's still cool :P I think this is hair algae... And this is Fissidens fontanus This thing is going to come in handy. That's if the fish ever...
  34. aquaticmaniac

    Is ADC Open?

    I was wondering if the Aquatic Design Centre in London is open on Dec. 28th. Anyone know? I'll shoot them an email in any case, but thought they might not reply soon enough. Wasn't sure if they close on Bank Holidays :?
  35. aquaticmaniac

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! :D
  36. aquaticmaniac

    Update on the ADA no CO2 046L Zebra pleco 60p tank

    I understand what you mean. I'd definitely like to see a video of this when you get a chance. Nice looking place you have, BTW.
  37. aquaticmaniac

    Update on the ADA no CO2 046L Zebra pleco 60p tank

    Thanks for the info, Tom! Have you had any luck photographing the plecs? I know they can be difficult. I had a friend in the US who left his tank with a bare bottom so he could see them.
  38. aquaticmaniac

    Update on the ADA no CO2 046L Zebra pleco 60p tank

    I've had a look around all the places I thought it might be on, so far no recent frontal shots that I found. There was a shot of it before planting though.
  39. aquaticmaniac

    Aquatic Moss Hunt in outback Australia (photo heavy)

    Moss :shock: Great post! I miss having a wander around in the wilderness. I agree with Graeme, though. Don't you have dangerous little, big, and everything in between creatures to worry about? I'd hate to find a death adder in my fissidens :P
  40. aquaticmaniac

    Wine Red shrimp £1200 each???!!!

    I think African Filter shrimp are far more interesting than a shrimp for its colour. (Although I'm sure a lot of work went into those wine reds.) I have a friend back in the States who got his first African Filter for $10 or so.
  41. aquaticmaniac

    Mini fish Dario dario / badis

    I looked on tropicalfishfinder.co.uk and all the shops on there seem to be 2-3 hours away from you. You can get them online here: Direct Tropicals Online Tropicalfish.org I haven't researched those sites, though. I'd check them out before purchasing. Also, I'm pretty sure I've seen these once...
  42. aquaticmaniac

    Update on the ADA no CO2 046L Zebra pleco 60p tank

    I love it :) The hardscape is amazing, imo. Did you collect it? I've looked at your other posts on this, but can't seem to find an answer to this. How did you plant the flora; just attach them to the wood somehow or use floating materials (the ones for ripariums)?
  43. aquaticmaniac

    Mini fish Dario dario / badis

    Searching for Scarlet Badis might help you out :) Links: Very detailed information and pics Link More here Another profile here
  44. aquaticmaniac

    Ill fish, but what is it? (fungal bacterial?)

    Agreed. I wasn't sure if these were availbable in the UK. Hokum, do you know if the other fish died of the same thing?
  45. aquaticmaniac

    Ill fish, but what is it? (fungal bacterial?)

    This looks like columnaris to me (aka 'mouth fungus', 'cotton mouth'). It's actually a bacterial infection. It's generally brought on by stress, poorly kept aquaria, or recently moved fish. To my knowledge, it can be quite contagious, but doesn't always progress quickly. These are some...
  46. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: VW Decay

    That is awesome! I love the lights :lol: The plants look healthy and nice rust.
  47. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Nice, Helen! Sounds perfect :P We're just waiting for 3 more people to receive. I don't know that anyone will be receiving gift certificates, but do keep an eye on your email/spam folders if you're still waiting. rawr aaronnorth - received SteveUK aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 - received...
  48. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: Pico Paradise

    Quite a lot of growth in this one :) Nice job.
  49. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: Foothill Valley

    Re: Comp_Nov09: Untitled The plant health isn't fabulous, as I didn't put a light on it the whole time :oops: For the past 5 days or so it has been in the window, so the plants perked up a little. I didn't give it a trim before the final photos. I can't wait to redo this :)
  50. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Yay, only a few more people need to receive :D rawr aaronnorth - received SteveUK aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 - received Clint24 Egmel Themuleous - received Gill - received paul.in.kendal - received
  51. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Gill, Egmel has a point! Give it a squeeze and see what it is :P rawr aaronnorth - received SteveUK aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 Clint24 Egmel Themuleous - received Gill - received paul.in.kendal - received
  52. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Sweet! Nice stuff people are getting :) rawr aaronnorth - received SteveUK aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 Clint24 Egmel Themuleous - received Gill paul.in.kendal - received
  53. aquaticmaniac

    DIY amazon root

    Looks awesome :D I'd use a few bigger stones too. Can't wait to see it with fish.
  54. aquaticmaniac

    out door moss. spore bearing organs...i think

    Agreed with Sam :thumbup: Thanks for the info. Ooh, what's that I see in the background? An EMPTY tank?
  55. aquaticmaniac

    Possibly growing some plants to help pay for my new scape.

    In my experience, Rotala rotundifolia is a quick grower and pretty easy emersed. Hemianthus micranthemoides has been very slow for me, but done well enough. Good luck :)
  56. aquaticmaniac

    driving test success

    Nice one :thumbup: :clap:
  57. aquaticmaniac

    out door moss. spore bearing organs...i think

    Yep, those are called sporophytes. Nice detailed photo :) Did you put the black background there when taking the photo or...?
  58. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    YAY! I got mine today! Thank you Santy Claus :D I got some windelov fern and crypt plantlets and root tabs! Just what I needed :) rawr aaronnorth SteveUK aquaticmaniac - received amy4342 Clint24 Egmel Themuleous Gill paul.in.kendal - received
  59. aquaticmaniac

    sparkling gourami disappearing trick

    He might be dead/dying and hidden in the plants. This is pretty common. I would have another look around just in case. It's possible the little guy was ill in some way and died overnight. With that many fish/shrimp, I wouldn't doubt that a fish as small as a sparkling gourami would be consumed...
  60. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Thanks, Thomas :D I'll be honest and say I have to post mine tomorrow morning. Looong story :P
  61. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Today is the goal date for shipping out. Please PM if you have shipped. I'm going to start making a list of people who have received to be sure no one is left out :) Also, post here or PM me when you do receive. Please review the Royal Mail shipping deadlines above. If anyone feels like posting...
  62. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: The Buds of Spring

    Oh man! I hope you're feeling better :(
  63. aquaticmaniac

    Project 178

    I love it. Looks like you had fun :D
  64. aquaticmaniac

    spotty snail - what is it?

    Hi basil :) I have done a bit of research since seeing this and found what I believe might be your snail. I think it is indeed a nerite, due to the shell shape you describe. Better photos could help, though. IMO, your snails are Vittina natalensis. They originate from Africa; see a photo here...
  65. aquaticmaniac

    Pseudo Planted Reef - 1 Gallon

    Very effective :thumbup: Looks like one of my old salties.
  66. aquaticmaniac

    Lucky freak photo.

    Wow :shock: Lucky shot.
  67. aquaticmaniac

    Baby is Here

    Congrats :) Hope you, wife, and TJ are doing well!
  68. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Congrats, Sam! She's lovely :D
  69. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    People who haven't sent or haven't let me know they've sent, should have a reminder PM :)
  70. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Hey, that's great :D In the end you got just what you wanted!
  71. aquaticmaniac

    Check out my Wood

    Ooooh, the elusive cat wood! Very nice stuff that, nice texture :P
  72. aquaticmaniac

    Frog O Sphere

    Iliveinazoo, you're quite right. I think this mentality stretches farther than the borders of the USA. I only mentioned America because it's where the FrogBox-O-Death is from. I wasn't bashing Americans, just pointing out a fact about mentality towards these products :) I'm an American, for the...
  73. aquaticmaniac

    Frog O Sphere

    Not all of them (us?), unfortunately. This sort of thing is readily bought for and by beginners and novices. A lot of aquarists start out that way, with a goldfish in a bowl or a betta, etc. I'm guilty of having a betta in small quarters back in the day. The sad thing is that it can start out...
  74. aquaticmaniac

    PFK Website Compromised

    Hmm, I know everyone is paranoid about this. But I just remembered that a couple of months ago I started getting spam everyday on my email associated with PFK. I don't know if my info is on that list (can't get link to work). Luckily I don't have any important information associated with that...
  75. aquaticmaniac

    PFK Website Compromised

    I got about a paragraph into that and started looking for a compass... But I'll reread to educate myself :lol:
  76. aquaticmaniac


    Gorgeous place. Nice shots too :) Hubby and I have been there a couple times. We camped our way across, though.
  77. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Thanks, Thomas! Since I've helped organise, I know who my Santa is. At least it's half a surprise :P By the way, if anyone needs help with gift ideas or more clarification on your partner's list, let me know and I'll get any info you need from your partner.
  78. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Ok, you have all been given partners. Whoo, that was harder than I thought. I checked out your journals and stuff to best match you (over the top :P ). Just call me E-harmony, lol. If you have any questions at all, just PM me (unless it'd benefit others without giving away who's santa for...
  79. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Hi everyone, Thomas is pretty busy at the moment, so I've volunteered/been asked to help out. I'll be PMing all of you shortly to sort out your wish lists and details. If you've signed up and don't receive a PM by the end of the day, just let me know. I have a cold, so the old brain is not...
  80. aquaticmaniac

    Betta_246S Low-Tech Planted Shrimp Tank Pico

    Are you cycling this before the shrimp arrive? Sounds like it's going to be interesting :)
  81. aquaticmaniac

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    Woo, that's a trim alright :o I've never had the guts to do that, but after seeing this and reading various things on trimming, I know that's probably the better way to do it. Do you just trim rotala this way? To the point, I'd like to know if you'd treat Limno sessiliflora the same way? I'm...
  82. aquaticmaniac

    English Biotope Tank

    Hi and welcome to UKAPS, Ollie :D This was created by George Farmer, one of the founders of UKAPS. See this link at AGA Comp. '09. Hope that helps.
  83. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09:Small Wonder

    I noticed this! Both look great.
  84. aquaticmaniac

    ID Please

    Thanks, jolt. I don't think this is Rotala rotundifolia, as I have some too. I'm lead to believe this is a native species :)
  85. aquaticmaniac

    Wunderland Miniature Railway

    Hey Garuf, did you mean Ian Stock? Found him by chance. I thought this was particularly good.
  86. aquaticmaniac

    Wunderland Miniature Railway

    If you think those are charming, have a look at these... http://www.mokei.de/t-gauge/beispiel2.jpg Smallest model rail Have a look at the video on there.
  87. aquaticmaniac

    Wunderland Miniature Railway

    I can't find info on him :P I'll keep looking though...
  88. aquaticmaniac

    Wunderland Miniature Railway

    http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/exhibit/video/4-minutes-wunderland/ Thought this was interesting. The attention to detail is crazy :)
  89. aquaticmaniac

    AGA 2009 Results - XL Category Winner

    Re: AGA Results Exactly the first thing that crossed my mind. The plants are incredibly healthy and grogeous.
  90. aquaticmaniac

    ID Please

    Thanks, Darrel. I'll keep all of that in mind :)
  91. aquaticmaniac

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    :jawdrop Nice one! Feed us pictures, or we will die, Mark.
  92. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: Foothill Valley

    Re: Comp_Nov09: Untitled Thanks :D I agree on the substrate, James. I was going to buy some off of ebay, but ran out of time *kicks self*. If I get the chance to redo it, I'm definitely going with darker substrate.
  93. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: Foothill Valley

    Re: Comp_Nov09: Untitled I don't have a light on the tank, so the light in the room actually helps :P When I try to take some better photos, I'll hang a light above it and switch all the other lights off. Thanks :)
  94. aquaticmaniac

    Comp_Nov09: Foothill Valley

    Re: Comp_Nov09: Untitled I finally got some OK pics to post. I can't seem to get photos without something reflecting on the glass :evil: Because of the size of the tank, I had to change the layout of the hardscape I had chosen, but staid within the same vein. When I first heard about the...
  95. aquaticmaniac

    Is it healthy to have tanks in your bedroom?

    If anything, I think the humidity might help a little. I used to have 100g of water in my bedroom, and had no problems... I think :crazy:
  96. aquaticmaniac

    ID Please

    Thanks, Darrel. I suppose I won't know for sure until it flowers/fruits. Do you know if this plant is/can be used in aquariums? I haven't found much on that, except that it seems to get leggy at the bottom and clusters leaves near the surface of the water, which doesn't sound very appealing. I...
  97. aquaticmaniac

    35L nano

    Great journal. I miss my shrimp and puffers now :( Once mine matured, they did pack a tiny temper to their size. Especially the females, from what I recall. Nice little tank: moss, shrimp, DPs, perfect :D
  98. aquaticmaniac

    AGA 2009 Results are out

    Way to wipe out the competition, George :lol: I'm really glad the biotope part of the competition has stepped up. Those are some gorgeous tanks all around.
  99. aquaticmaniac

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Re: 90x45x45 "LlÅ·n Peninsula" Please, ilaymir. I don't think anyone was taking a stab at you. I don't think Stu's journal is the place for personal debate either. I would love to see some of your more recent aquascapes, though, and I do mean that. So, if you do start a journal, I'll be...
  100. aquaticmaniac

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Re: 90x45x45 "LlÅ·n Peninsula" Hi ilaymir. As someone who has been a moderator on a few forums, I understand why these things happen. Tactless posts cause undue offence and hard feelings. You like to critique; that's fine, and not everything has to be positive. You don't have to change who you...