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  1. Kristoph91

    Romford Area Shops?

    Hi guys, Visiting girlfriends parents today till Sunday. Any decent aquatic shops I could take a look at in Essex? Thanks!
  2. Kristoph91

    TMC 15 - Amano Cube

    My ex reef TMC Microhabitat 15. Filtration - HOB in the back compartment and small powerhead in tank. No heater. TMC Aquaray mini 500 tile about 1 inch from the water surface. Dosing liquid carbon 1ml/day & EI every 3 days. Daily 20% WC before dosing. This is about a month in, with all the...
  3. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Hi guys, So currently I've got a TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 over my TMC Microhabitat 15. Its producing great results, but on such a small aquarium the mount supplied with it is really making it look cluttered. I want to suspend the tile about 3 inches from the surface. First off: - Will...
  4. Kristoph91

    Amanos Settling In

  5. Kristoph91

    TMC Microhabitat 15 - Too Much Light?

    Hi Guys, I've had a TMC Microhabitat 15L (http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/glass-aquariums/microhabitat-15-nano-reef-aquarium.htmlpreviously a marine setup) in storage for a while. I've dug it out and plan to start it up as a planted invert pico next week. Just...
  6. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Hey guys! I'm loving Uni at the moment, Bangor is great and I love my course. I've been doing a bit of dive training the past 3 weeks and I'm now a qualified open water diver :D So pretty chuffed with that, going to do the advanced open water soon. Anybody else on here dive?
  7. Kristoph91

    Anybody keep any carnivorous plants?

    Hi guys, As I'm in Uni now, my head has been melted with stuff to do. Thats why I haven't been as active as usual, which I'm not liking! Anyway, the Uni runs Treborth Botanical Gardens, here in Bangor. They have a few lovely greenhouses, one of which is completely tropical and overgrown with...
  8. Kristoph91

    Weird "TubeWorm" On Saggitaria?

    Check this out. Anyone got any ideas? Its on the underside of a saggitaria subulata leaf, moves a lot, hasnt spread to anywhere else in the tank and is cream white in colour. It's been there for about a week and is starting to get to me. Apologies for the badly edited photo. Look for it in...
  9. Kristoph91

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    I have this one shrimp, who spends a lot of his time "walking" under the surface of the water. He's the only one who does it. Photos cropped and doesn't look so great. sorry! IMG_1675 by KrisHumphreys1991, on Flickr
  10. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    Hi guys here's a few pictures of my Hydrocotyle Wabi-Kusa. In it there is; -Java Moss -Hydrocotyle sp. Japan -Myriophillum Mattengrossense Planted in just regular garden compost, sprayed twice a day with RO water out of a 1 Litre sprayer with a squeeze of ferts in it. The pics are before...
  11. Kristoph91

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Hey guys ! I'm going to pick up my new camera on monday evening. So I can finally take some decent snaps of my tank :D It's a Canon EOS 350D. With it I get.. -Lens 35-80mm -Zoom lens 75-300mm -Flash -Camera Bag -Memory cards All for €250. I think its a steal! What do you guys think ...
  12. Kristoph91

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    Hi guys, I'm going to try a reef in my room at Uni this year. Just wondering if there's any good marine shops close by ? Cheers!
  13. Kristoph91

    Anyone been to Beijing?

    Hey guys, My better half is moving to Beijing in the morning :cry: It's for her third year in Uni, she's going to BLCU. To study language and business :) Just wondering if anyone on here knows much about it, or has been there.. Places to go, things to know etc. Funniest thing I've...
  14. Kristoph91

    What's your most useful piece of kit? (aquascapin that is!)

    What piece of kit couldn't you go without guys ? For me it would have to be my HOB's.
  15. Kristoph91

    Where to buy in Wales (Bangor)

    Hi guys, Looks like I'll be living in Bangor from now on. Dream course awaits me in the Uni :D :D :D Anyone know any good places to buy near here? Marine/FW/Planted all in one ? Or how far TGM is ?
  16. Kristoph91

    Saggitaria Subulata and Liquid Carbon?

    As some of you know, I have just started dosing VIMI's "Accelerator" Liquid Carbon. Nothing has been affected in the tank by the daily 1.3ml dose. Nothing except the Saggitaria Subulata - I think! Is this melt ? :(
  17. Kristoph91

    Micro Rasboras?

    Anyone got any experience with these? Saw them in seahorse aquariums and they're bloody tiny.
  18. Kristoph91

    Is this camera any good?

    Hi guys, been on the lookout for a cheap DSLR but they're all breaking the bank at the minute unfortunately... So I was thinking bridge camera, are these any good? I work in Argos so I get a discount and this camera is on sale. http://www.argos.ie/static/Product/part ... 695350.htm Let me...
  19. Kristoph91

    P@H Cube (optiwhite lookalike)

    Can anyone link me to the page they sell this on their website? Or is it only in store? Regards
  20. Kristoph91

    Any Marine/Freshwater Biologists on UKAPS?

    Hi guys, I'm starting a Marine Biology course at Uni in September, and would just like to know if there's anybody on here with a bit of experience in the academic area of it all. Or people who haven't feel free to talk about it anyway! :D
  21. Kristoph91

    Where to buy in Merseyside?

    Heading to visit family in Anfield, in Dublin airport right now. Anyone know any good quality aquatics shops?
  22. Kristoph91

    Liquid Carbon.. Which plants hate it ?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of adding a little bit of liquid carbon to my tank, because my yeast CO2 diffusion isn't the best ! I have a lot of different plants, check my Lavagumi Journal for specs.. So I'm just wondering if there's any plants that Glutaraldehyde has a detrimental effect on. Many thanks
  23. Kristoph91

    What the F**k is this !?! HELP

    I was looking into the shrimp tank this morning, having a coffee.. When I saw what looked like a shrimps molt. When I looked closer it seemed to be a tiny clear "spring". It was crawling up the moss, very slowly and its movement was really cumbersome. Is it a parasite? It scared me a...
  24. Kristoph91

    Hydrocotyle Verticillata Turning Brown ?

    My Hydro leaves have just turned brown on top, they also are starting to have very "wavy" looking stems, rather than straight up. Deficiency ? I'll post pics if people need them to diagnose. thanks guys!
  25. Kristoph91

    BBA and Tough Green Algae on Java Fern

    Hi guys I'm having a problem with my java fern, lately it has been having a lot of BBA growth on its older leaves. I have DIY CO2 and I'm using ferts, lighting is 24W over a 30L tank (One of the bulbs is actinic) Can anyone help me out ? Regards
  26. Kristoph91

    DIY Shop Fluorescent Tubes

    Hi guys, just wondering if I should buy new bulbs for my luminaire from a pet shop, or are the DIY shops the same ? Are T5's readily available in DIY shops? Thanks
  27. Kristoph91

    DIY Yeast CO2

    Can anybody link me to a good thread on here about the best way to go about this? My first go only lasted two weeks. Would have though a 2L bottle could do better than that. Regards
  28. Kristoph91

    Lithuanian all in one Fert?

    Hi guys I have a friend from Lithuania who is planted tank obsessed! I must get a shot of one or two of his EIGHT high tech planted tanks. He's the guy I buy all my livestock off and a few plants. Anyway, he has a huge box of liquid ferts, and is selling them for €6 a bottle. Just...
  29. Kristoph91

    My New S Grade CRS

    Hi guys, just thought I'd throw up a pic of my new venture. Got four of these beautiful shrimp last week, and they seem to be doing pretty good! The photo was taken on my HTC phone, thought it was a pretty decent shot for a phone! Let me know what you think, will be posting pics of...
  30. Kristoph91

    Moving ALL shrimp to new tank. Scared!

    Hi guys, I've had a tank maturing for a few months now. It's only 30L but I want to turn it into a heavily planted "Jungle" for shrimp. I have a lot of RCS (40+ they've been breeding very well) and four CRS which I acquired last week. Right now, they're in a 20L tank. I say this is too small...
  31. Kristoph91

    Dwarf gourami pair breeding

    I have a male and a female dwarf gourami, and the male has spent the last two days pulling apart my moss and building a big bubble nest underneath my floating plants. I've removed all other fish in the tank, and he is now courtibg her. They just keep spinning around below the bubble nest...
  32. Kristoph91

    Silicone for acrylic tank ?

    I've just picked up an 80L split tank (as in it has 3 sections) it has a small leak in the corner. I'm going to reseal it, but dont know what silicone is best for acrylic? Any advice appreciated ! Cheers
  33. Kristoph91

    "Borneo Suckers", shrimp and plants?

    First, are these shrimp safe? Second, do they eat diatoms and algae ? And third... Do they eat plants/moss? Any advice appreciated. Regards
  34. Kristoph91

    Water Lily Propagation?

    Was out with my Dad yesterday and he was showing me a friends pond in a place where he is working, its beautiful! It has an island in the middle full of red acers... Looks really lovely. Anyway, it is full of water lilies, the red speckled leaf kind. The owner said I could have some if I...
  35. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Hi guys, I've decided to make a start to a proper journal :D It's a 30L Mirabello tank, will put up the proper dimensions soon. Its currently undergoing fishless cycling at the moment back in Ireland. I'm using Lava rock that I found at the Giants Causeway in County Antrim, as something a bit...
  36. Kristoph91

    The price of Glosso these days. Dear me.

    http://beeshrimp.co.uk/plants-c-26.html :lol:
  37. Kristoph91

    B&Q or HOMEBASE Play Sand?

    Was thinking about doing a play sand "beach" in my 30L tank at home. It has natural Lava Rock from the Giants Causeway in it (Don't tell anyone I took it!) There's a lot nicer rocks there ON the actual causeway than the hexagonal basalt columns. I'll post a picture of it soon ! Anyway, I'm...
  38. Kristoph91

    Shrimp Grades?

    Can someone please explain these to me ? I have no idea how they work. Thanks :D
  39. Kristoph91

    Silly Question ..

    I'm sorry for being an idiot.. But why do people actually put stuff like dead/dried leaves in their tanks. I keep seeing oak leaves and alder cones etc. Also, how are the almond and catappa leaves good for shrimp? Does it have something to do with the Ph ? Thanks
  40. Kristoph91

    Anyone got any experience with this "moss" ?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plagiomnium-T ... 4ceb53404d Don't know if it is a moss, or if its even aquatic - like that star moss on the same eBay shop. Any advice aprecciated. Kris
  41. Kristoph91

    Barclays PINGIT

    anyone got this ? Just saw the Ad and wondering if its any good, better than paypal maybe ? Kris
  42. Kristoph91

    Suffolk Water Anybody ?

    Anyone know what the water chemistry is like in Suffolk? Thanks guys, Kris
  43. Kristoph91

    Filters on Shrimp Only Tank?

    What kind of filters are you guys running on your shrimp only tanks? I accidentally sucked a juvenile shrimp into the impeller on my Azoo HOB today. Felt so bad after it. :( Guess some have to get lost along the way though.. Cheers, Kris
  44. Kristoph91

    Java moss Jumping to Attention?

    My java moss in my 30L Cube has just been tied to some bogwood along with anubias and microsorum for about 3 months now. It showed no sign of growth or trying to grow along the wood. :( But just this week I have noticed that it suddenly has started creeping along the wood itself (as in clinging...
  45. Kristoph91

    Best way to break up bogwood?

    I have a large piece of driftwood that I bought in France donkeys years ago. Its nearly a metre tall, and it's about 25cm wide at the base. About 10-15cm thick too. I don't want one huge piece, but I do want to break it up to use in other tanks. What do you guys recommend? Axe? Smashing it over...
  46. Kristoph91

    Anyone kept bullfrog tadpoles before?

    I was talking to a guy about this today. He said he might be able to get some shipped.. anyone got any experience? Thanks, Kris
  47. Kristoph91

    Petz Belfast ? Any ideas ?

    Petz Belfast - www.petzbelfast.com - is featured in PFK online... Will be making a trip up to Belfast this week, what do people think of this place? Is it worth a visit, or will I just nip into Grosvenor Tropicals like I usually do.. ? Thanks guys, Kris.
  48. Kristoph91

    1 Gallon Cherry Bowl

    Hi Guys :) I've got a little bowl sitting around, I think it's just spot on the one gallon mark. But, I'm torn between using it to make some sort of Wabi Kusa... Or an extremely low tech cherry shrimp and snail bowl. Any advice? I have some small Java Fern (I think its the Phillipine kind) and...
  49. Kristoph91

    Which Tesco Cat Litter To Use ?

    Going to set up my 30L soon, and thought I'd ask the UKAPS community for some advice first. I'm going to go with cat litter I think. I have some Osmocote that I received from someone kind on UKAPS for underneath the substrate. Just the final question now, which one to use? Obviously I won't...
  50. Kristoph91

    2x Turnover worth it ?

    I recently acquired an Azoo Mignon filter, the flow says 60L/h.. I was planning to use it on a 30L tank. Im wondering whether to leave the 30L lying idle until I find more powerful filtration for it.. Or to take a chance and use it ? Will this be enough flow for a planted tank with some small...
  51. Kristoph91

    attaching fissidens fontanus to rock?

    What's the best way to go about this? Kris
  52. Kristoph91

    Garden wire to attach anubias to wood?

    I got some green flexible garden wire for training plants today in wilko. It has a green coating and is silver and flexible on the inside. Is this safe for use in the aquarium, for shrimp etc ? Thanks guys Kris
  53. Kristoph91

    5.5L Pico - Uni Cube.

    This is my little cube. I was going to write a journal, but as I havent got that good of a camera I decided to wait until the summer and start another journal and scape - using my mates camera. :) It's called "Uni Cube" because I have it in my small room at University. This tank has been...
  54. Kristoph91

    sparkling gourami's and shrimp?

    Hi guys, Saw two lovely sparkling/croaking gourami's today in the LFS and at 3 pound each didn't think they were a bad price.. just wondering though - would they be ok with my RCS ? thanks, Kris
  55. Kristoph91

    parasitic worms?

    I woke up today to a dead fish sucked against the intake of my filter. Had no idea why it died, no signs of any disease externally.. then I was doing a bit of maintenance this evening and came across a tiny white worm. About a cm long and as thin as a thread. Could this be a parasite? If so, do...
  56. Kristoph91

    Show Us Your Rare And Odd Fish!

    Hi guys, If you have any weird, rare or special fish - lets see 'em :D Nice to have a look at what people have got :D Kris
  57. Kristoph91

    Gassed Neons?

    My DIY CO2 went haywire last night, I think I added too much yeast. :oops: Usually I can leave it on at night no problem and the fish will be fine. But I bought two neons yesterday - and woke up this morning to find them gasping and being blown around the tank, seemingly unconscious ? I...
  58. Kristoph91

    Best Way To Attach Anubias To Driftwood?

    I picked up an Anubias today, I think its Anubias Nana - and I want to attach it to some driftwood. Whats the best way to do this? What part of the plant should I attach to the driftwood? Should I use cotton thread or fishing line? It comes in a pot, with lots of thread roots - should i remove...
  59. Kristoph91

    Stiphodon Simoni

    Hi guys, I picked one of these beautiful gobies up today for 6.95(euro). Anybody got any good info on them ? They're in a 30L with glowlights, dwarf flame gourami and RCS. Thanks, Kris.
  60. Kristoph91

    GlowLight Tetras and Shrimp ?

    I have four glowlights in my 30L tank. There is around 15 RCS in there, will the tetras bully the shrimp or attack them? Thanks, Kris.
  61. Kristoph91

    Golden Apple Snails Eat Plants ?

    I saw these in my local LFS recently, and I was wondering if they are good algae eaters and whether or not they eat plants and how they reproduce. Anyone got any info ? Thanks Guys :) Kris.
  62. Kristoph91

    Thin Stringy Algae JUST On Glosso ?

    Hi all, I have Microsorum Pteropus, Java Moss and Glosso in a 5.5L Tank, I have sufficient lighting and DIY CO2, but for some reason there is green thread like algae ONLY GROWING on the Glosso ? Why is this ? And how can i stop it ? Thanks, Kris.
  63. Kristoph91

    Posting plants from the UK to Rep. Of Ireland

    Hi Guys, I have some Java Ferns in my uni tank that i want to post back home. How should I go about doing this so that they won't die or be severely damaged when they arrive? Thanks, Kris.
  64. Kristoph91

    5W PL over 5.5L Pico ?

    The make of the tank is "Fish 'r' Fun" and its model its FRF-1919, not very good i know, but it was cheap and it fits in my room at Uni extremely comfortably. Do you think with this lighting i can grow glosso in this successfully? I have this tank about 4 months, and there's just java moss and...
  65. Kristoph91

    Anyone Know If This Is Any Good?

    Was going to pick it up this evening. Its only £25, its 2ft long 1ft wide and 15inches high and its made by tetra. Seems like a little bargain, what does anyone think? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/105290581.jpg
  66. Kristoph91

    Cant Get Oto's ??

    Im in Ipswich, Suffolk, and can't source any otos for my shrimp cube. :( Anybody got any for sale near me, or know how i can get some ? Thanks, Kris.
  67. Kristoph91

    30L Aquael Shrimp Set Lighting

    I want to grow carpet plants and other plants that require high light, but the 11w light that comes with the tank isn't sufficient. would i be better getting another of the 11w "Decolight" supplied with the tank itself - or just scrapping that light and getting something like this ? -...
  68. Kristoph91

    Blue Dwarf Gourami And Red Cherries?

    I have two juvenile blue dwarf gouramies, they seem to be slightly aggressive towards the cherry shrimp though. Is this harmless, or will they eventually begin to damage the population of shrimp ? Thanks, Kris.
  69. Kristoph91

    Low Light Plants For Nano RCS Tank ?

    My girlfriend bought me the Aquael "Shrimp Set 30" recently, and i have the Fluval "Shrimp Substrate" in it, and a few RCS. The light is 11w and it came with the tank, along with a sponge filter and heater. The tanks volume is 30L so i know the lighting is not very good at all, i think its...