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    Nano Aquarium 20 to 30 ltr Recommendations

    I've always owned high tech CO2 injected aquariums but would like to try setting up a nano tank using liquid carbon only. My initial thought was to purchase a Dennerle tank but I like the look of the Fluval Spec 5 from the point of view of everything being concealed. However, I don't know the...
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    Hi Tech Tank Holiday Care

    I'm just wondering what the best practice is for maintaining a high tech planted tank when on holiday? For a one week holiday I usually leave my Co2 and lighting as is and dose one weeks worth of Tropica Ferts (normally daily) I don't feed the fish as I know they will be fine. I have read...
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    Staghorn Algae

    I'm experiencing Staghorn algae in my Juwel Rio 125 LED. I can just control this through constant spot dosing and high maintenance etc but as we know this isn't a long term solution. Tank Parameters: 40% weekly water changes Lights on 7 hrs per day Co2 around 30ppm on 1hr before light on (Ph...
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    LED Lighting For 24” High Tec Tank

    I’m looking at all the available LED lighting options for a 24”x15”x12” high tech tank. The two units that appear to have have good ratings are the Fluval Fresh & Plant and the Dennerle Trocal. Does anyone have any experience of these lights or alternative options? Kindest Regards Peter French
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    Juwel Multilux LED

    I have experience of Juwel T5 lighting and and plant growth capabilities from the past. However, I’m looking to purchase a new Juwel Rio125 aquarium and have noticed they are now supplied with LED Multilux light units. Please can anyone have give me a comparison between the old T5 tubes and...