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  1. J

    GroBeam 600 - High Pitched Noise...

    Hi Guys, Its been a long time since I've posted but im in need of some opinions. I recently had some LED's fail on 4 of my Grobeam500's which TMC quickly replaced with the new 600's...however after installing them there is a very loud Hi-pitched whine coming from them. Its so bad I can't stand...
  2. J

    British Macro-algae tank ~ Now Video!

    I went snorkelling off the coast of Scotland last weekend and saw some amazing algae, I was quite stunned at how much life and variations in colour and texture there was in 6 inches of water! So many hermit crabs and an fish! My question is has anyone setup a cold water macro algae tank? And...
  3. J

    Johno's Nano's

    Heres my little Nano 37ltr from P@H modified the filter that came with it so that it actually works and added some old ceramic rings to allow it to mature. I'll let them grow in a bit before I give you any close ups, for my Betta and his Hareem of girls, Will be breeding them soon so...
  4. J

    Zebra Nerite Help.

    I recently got two zebra nerites and neither are doing anything in my aquarium, they are just sitting at the bottom of the tank all clamped. One of them came out for a little while then fell off the side and hasnt moved since. Anyone have an idea what's up?
  5. J


    My flatmate has made a nice gesture to me moving into a new flat, he bought me guppies for my aquarium which ain't happening..... WHO THE **** buys fish as welcome in presents...and well done Pets at Home...you sold fish to someone who hasn't got a clue.. Now there going in my shallow tank for...
  6. J

    Wabi Kusa ~ Every Little Helps.

    This is my Wabi, a £3 Glass Oven Dish from Tesco. All the plants were found growing next to work in an area covered by a thick mesh and large stones.
  7. J

    55G ~ Windswept

    Specs OptiWhite Tank custom built by Poseidons Palace. 40"L x 16"W x 20"H 2x TMC Powerbox 400 Filters 1200 ltr/h. 2x Up Atomiser with Disposable 600g Co2 on Solenoid. 4x TMC GroBeam 500's and 2x TMC Aquaray "Natural Sunlight" (144watts, 24w ea.) 300w Inline Hydror Heater Set at 24C 40kg of...
  8. J

    Jublee Clips and Hosing.

    Ok thought id get some feedback on what i'm up to. I've just bought some TMC powerbox 400 filters and realised the hosing is 19mm internal and not the standard 16mm...so that means all my external gear dosent fit properly.... I've already got it all setup with the gear attached with jublee...
  9. J

    Floor Bearing

    I was looking about for the load bearings on my second floor flat/room as i'm installing a new 210 ltr aquarium soon and came across this. http://badmanstropicalfish.com/articles/article28.html I just hope its right and it's going to be ok upstairs....never been so nervous about placing a tank!!!
  10. J

    Looking for Plant ID's

    I'd like to set my new tank up looking something like this plantwise. Anyone able to ID the plants? Thanks Johno
  11. J

    Lily Pipes 13mm

    13mm External Filter Pipes? I accidentaly bought a 13mm Lilly pipe set from Ebay, its sitting in a box unused but now im setting up a new tank is there any filters out there that uses a 13mm pipeline? I can't find any :( Cheers Chris
  12. J

    Pygmy Chain Sword - Going Spare

    I need to clear out some of my Pygmy Chain sword as its starting to invade my whole tank! would like it to head to a new home or am open for a trade for other carpeting plants (looking for U.G.)! Couldnt see a trade forum here so if im posting in the wrong place let me know!
  13. J

    Wanted: Flame / Xmas Moss

    Ive had a look around and unless im being totaly blind can't see a forum for swaps and sales so im looking for some flame/xmas moss for my logs if anyone has any to spare or sell (cheapish) let me know via pm please. I'm also looking for a few MTSnails as well!
  14. J

    22 Gallon Upgrade, First Journal!

    Well I haven't posted much here at all but I've always been hiding in the sidelines stealing ideas. I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who uses Ukaps to post their experiences and for helping me to progress further in this hobby with a little less issues. So meet the guys: Cherry Red...