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    Best place for Juwel t5 lights?!

    Hi all :wave: haven't been on here for months! Both my lights went today, so I took apart my juwel unit and checked connections etc and can confirm both lights have gone completely. Where is the best place to buy 2 new ones? I'm after the lowest price possible because money is hard to come by...
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    Exam results

    Well its the terrible time of year for exam results, whether its A level today or GCSE next week. I recieved my AS levels today, pretty average. And I just want to wish anyone collecting results in the next few days all the best of luck, as I know the dreaded feeling Good luck :thumbup: Will
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    What are these ferts like please?

    Sorry to be asking on here, but still i get baffled by ferts. I currently use Easylife profito, but ive recently seen this fert set on aqua essentials: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/ferka-a ... -3338.html Would these ferts do the same job? I currently dose a trace elements mix to my tanks...
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    Why does it run out so quickly?!?

    I have an FE co2 setup, with everything needed- non return valve, solenoid, diffuser, FE..everything, I set it to 3bps to keep my drop checker green, which is successfully does. But it runs out so quickly, my last one has lassted me just 1.5 months! Everything is fitted very very tightly to...
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    removing water from co2 diffuser

    Hi I have a cheap glass diffuser that I got off ebay, basically the same as the Rhinox 2000. As it was clogged up, I left it in a bleach solution overnight, there was some tank water left in the cup of it, and now, I dont know how much bleach solution is in there so, how can I remove the water...
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    Hi I have ajuwel rio 125 with a 500lph external canister filter and 600lph juwel filter box. As I feel I need more flow Ive been looking for a powerhead. Would adding a 4500lpg tunze nanostream 6045 be too much? or am i betetr at looking at something 3000lph and under? cheers
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    Which unit to buy?

    Hi all I have a 30x30x40cm cubeish tank and the light has broken. I have seen 2 alternatives for the light so would like your personal opinions. 1- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UP-PRO-L-29cm-1ft ... 286.c0.m14 2- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT I only use easy carbo sor a co2...
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    What Koralia to buy?

    Hi all Havent posted here in a long while, too much work with just starting my A levels, but, looking at my tank, I think I need more flow. Currently it is a 125l tank, with 600lph juwel powerhead, and a 480lph eheim 2213 external. Which koralia would go best? many thanks Will
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    Introducing cherry shimp to my main tank

    Hi In my 40l I have a lot of cherry shimp, and some ideally need to be removed so that I can stock with some fish. I need to put them in my main tank, but they are quite small. In my main tank their predators may be my 2 angelfish and my albino rainbow shark, though these dont seem to be at...
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    My new scaped Rio 125

    Today I redid the scape in my rio 125l. I brought a bag of 3l aquasoil (fine) to cap my current substrate, was was suprised that I got a layer of about 3cm fully over the tank with some spare :thumbup: so I can keep it for later if needed. A few details: Hardscape- Manzanita wood from...
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    rinsing naturesoil?

    Hi Im adding naturesoil straight to the tank so should I rinse it? Fish will be added as siin as it clears up so I dont want it to be too cloudy thanks
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    atatching taiwan moss to wood

    How should I go about atatching taiwan moss to manzanita driftwood please? thanks
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    Topping substrate help please

    Hi My tetra plant complete is jsut over a year old, but is still going well, however, now Ive redone an aquascape for my tank, I need to top up the black gravel, Im thinking that if I brought a substrate like eco-complete I could put it on top and add extra nutrients into my tank, without...
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    Manzanita wood aquascape- your views?

    Hi all Now im back from my holiday I decided to put some of the manzanita wood I bought of here into my tank. The small rocks you can see came from my holiday in France from the mountains (they were tested and didnt fizz). I think that its gone quite well and my family and I all like the...
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    Reptile Keeping

    Hi all I was wondering whether there were any members of the forum who keep reptiles and what they keep? I'm very interested in getting a Leopard Gecko after I buy some equipment for my tanks. Also, if you do keep reptiles, are there any good magazines such as there is PFK for fish? Thanks
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    Stone test?

    What is the test that you do with stones to make sure that they are aquarium safe? I brought some home from my holiday in france as they looked nice but I need to test them to see if they are useable. thanks
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    Riccia problem- lack of light?

    Hi all On my 40l tank recently, the light was a desk lamp for 2 weeks which was poor because my light broke. Ive now got a new 18 watt light on there but my riccia fluitans looks in a bad condition, its a really pale green color when all my other plants are a lush green. Is this a lighting...
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    ADA AS

    I've heard ADA aqua soil has an ammonia spike when intorduced to an aquarium, would it be ok adding this to an established aquarium with fully established media or is it too risky? thanks
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    Photoshop elements 7

    Hi all I've just got this program, and to be honest, it's mind boggling. Is there a good site that anyone uses that explains how to use this program? I only ever seem to find the ones which cost money to view lol
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    Which rocks for Manzanita driftwood?

    Which rocks do you think would suit an aquascape that just includes manzanita driftwood? The wood will be the main focal point I think, but I would like something to compliment it (and to hold it down and everything) any ideas? cheers
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    What do you think of these?

    As im looking for light (s), i came across these at a cheap price http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/aquarium-waterhom ... 1|294%3A50 Any good compared to one 18 watt light? I need 2 so dont buy more than 6 anyone :P
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    HELP! Lights are gone but I have no spares

    On my 40l, my supafish 18w light has blown. I don't knwo if its the unit, but, I can't find any replacement bulbs or light units, and I really don't want to spend a lot of money on some arcadia arc lights. Can anyone help? The tubes are 18 watt PL tubes so I am told.
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    JBL aquabasis plus and Tropica Plant substrate

    Hi For my 125l tank (81x36cm) I was wondering would getting a bag of JBL aquabasis plus and a 5l bag of Tropica plant substrate be enough for it? thanks
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    where to buy plants now?

    I've just seen a post by AE that they are stopping selling plants. Is there anywhere else on the internet that I will be able to buy Tropica/Aquafleur plants? as these are the only good quality plants that I know off. Thanks
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    amazon biotope

    Hi Please can you list plants that would suit an amazon biotope aquarium under 2x28 watt t5s and a 50cm deep tank. Many thanks
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    My 125l planted aqaurium

    I just want to post this picture of my tank in order to get some helpful feedback of what to do about it. Im planning a completely new rescape with new plants etc but i'm not too sure if it is the correct thing. I definitely want to change the wood and substrate though. Details: filtration-...
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    Juwel t5 HO

    As im going to be redoing my Rio 125 I was wondering, are these any other alternatives to the Juwel t5 tubes or will I ahve to pay out £30 per tube? The tubes are about 15 months old, should I be replacing them anyway? Under these 2 tubes which are 28w, can I grow any plant easily? I really...
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    Favourite music

    Hi all I was wondering what bands and genres of music we all listen to? I'm personally a rock person (including indie rock, alternative rock). Favourite bands include The Killers!!!!, Coldplay (top 2 :D) Please post bands and genres :D
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    Aquascape help please

    Hi all. In the next few months, Im going to redoing my tank and making a complete new aquascape. This is going to contain rocks and wood. I honestly have no idea what to use though. Ive linked an image of one tank I love on here, and i would like to try and recreate this tank in a rio 125l...
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    Soaking driftwood

    In the preparations for the rescape of my tank, I'm looking to purchase a lot of wood (no idea what type). Is it ok to soak the woods in 2 3 year old garden water butts filled with rain water in my garden? If yes, how long would the wood need to be soaked for please?
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    Fishkeeping Blunders

    We all have had them, lets hear your best ones. I had my best but worse one today. I was rearranging my cabinet and i moved the external filter but I hadnt closed the taps or turned the filter off. Upon moving it, one of the pipes got pulled off, water jsut squirted onto the electics, tripped...
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    Redoing my tank

    Ive got a juwel rio 125l and so far, its just a mess so ive decided that Im going to completely restart and redo it. Here is a fairly recent picture: Here's the plan, please can you comment on it and see if its acceptable? I'll include prices aswell so if you know of anything cheaper online...
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    co2 regulator

    Im looking to do a FE co2 system soon. On ebay ive seen many different regulators. What is the difference with using a single guage reg opposed to a double reg guage? Is it a neccessity to have a solenoid connected to the reg? Is a needle valve needed on the regulator? if it is, how do you...
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    My tank is naf, what to do?

    My rio 125 has been set up for 1 year now but im beginning to feel that it looks completely rubbish. First of all, there is this brown algae and the plants at the bottom of the tank are becoming yellow. I admit that over the past month, ive had too much school work and ive skimped on everything...
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    pod lighting

    I currently have an 18watt pod light giving me 1.8wpg on my tank but i dont feel this is enough light. Im looking to add another light to my tank but im on a very tight budget. Ive looked at getting something like a 9 watt arcadia pod light but they are all too expensive as they are about £20...
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    Plants like Rotala sp green

    I jsut got a call from AE saying rotala isnt in stock as ive ordered it, can anyone reccommend another plant that would be good under 18 watts on pl lighting in a 16 inch tall tank within like 20 mins please? I really am unsre what to get, the other plants i will have are riccia and anubias nana...
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    Will's 13x13x16 40l nano cube(ish) tank

    Ok, i started my tank yesterday and have already recieved some advice so im very grateful. Firstly, the details: tank- 13x13x16 (LxWxH) which equates to about 40l 2x internal 200lph filters, as the tank is looking cluttered, i think im going to remove the smallest one to have more focus on the...
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    Tropica Plants

    Hi, On the AE website i see that there are 'Tropica potted plants' and 'Tropica Easy Grow Plants'. As these are the same price, i was wondering, what is the difference? Also, whata are the approximate sizes of the plants? I would like to know the sizes as im unsure how many to buy for my new...
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    Rate my aquascape

    This is my first aquascape in this tan so please can people give me some advice on if its good, how to improve etc Im also stuck for plant ideas. Im going to egt my plants of AE (are the tropica good quality there?), im looking for some crypts, riccia and something else. Can anyone reccomend...
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    Aquarium gardening

    Has anyone had any experience with this company? Im looking for reasonabaly priced plants but also a comany that will deliver next week (not need to be ordered by thursday and dispatches the next week) as im on school holidays next week. Please give you opinions as i need to order the plants...
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    Eco-complete question

    As eco-complete is shipped in a water solution. Is it ok to open the bag and pour the sunstrate into the aquarium without putting any water in for about a week or 2 until i get plants? I cant wait to get my new tank started but i have to wait for the half term to get the plants as im at school...
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    cube help please

    Hi all, Im getting this cube: http://www.animal-paradise.co.uk/catalo ... ucts_id=41 For my substrate im going to be using eco-complete by caribsea. For co2 im going to be using easycarbo and a fermentation co2 set. I also have a 100 watt heater lying around doing nothing as i bought it...
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    best substrate...

    Which is the best nutrient rich substrate to use for an aquarium that does not require any gravel/sand to go on top of it? Im talking about substrates such as ada amazonia (cant source this and its very expensive). Thanks Will
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    New tank advise please

    with me shutting down my marine tank, i am looking to start up a new planted tank for my bedroom. I am thinking of getting a 2ft tank so about 55-70l What filter would be recommended? Im looking for an affordable external filter, maybe the tetra tec ex600? From my marine setup i have an arcadia...
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    My rio 125

    Just thought id share with you some shots of my planet rio 125 My fav fish: Please leave your comments- good or bad :D Will
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    amazon swords going 'wierd'

    for about 2 weeks i havent had my mix of tpn+ because i ran out and my parents credit card got locked so we couldnt buy any. My amazon swords have started getting holes in the and around these holes the leaf is a light brown. Now i have my tpn+, will these leaves grow back to normal after about...
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    removing green spot algae

    i have green spot algae all over my glass. The problem is i dont have an algae scraper with a blade to get this off (except my marine one but i dont want to risk it) is there any other way of getting this off? my algae magnet is just a hagen one so it doesnt get it off Thanks
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    70l tank advice please

    with me shutting down my marine tank, i am looking to start up a new planted tank for my bedroom. I am thinking of getting a clearseal 70l tank as they are cheap and affordable and i already have a stand so thats less cost. What filter would be reccommended? as i havent no room for an external...
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    which of these products to get?

    my tetra plantamin for my trace elements has run out so i need to buy a new product. I am curretly dosing a diy tpn+ but i dont think i get my trace elements from there what which out of these should i buy? http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/aqua ... life/81113 or...
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    lighting schedule

    what is the dseired lighting photoperiod time for planted aquariums? im using the juwel hi lite uni and i dont know. ive jsut bought a timer after not being able to get one and having my lighting on for 13 hours per day, waaay too much i know so now i can put this right. As im at school, i was...
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    trimming amazon swords- have i done it correct?

    ive just come back from holiday and my tank was a jungle. The main culprit of this mess was my amazon sword plants, their leaves had grown huge, each leaf was about 40cm long and about 10cm wide! Now, ive cut one down but now im not sure if i did it correctly :shock: ive cut every leaf off...
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    should i give up marine for another planted tank?

    my 12gallon nano tank for marine is not doing very well. I have kind of lost interest in it due to livestock dying for no apparent reason etc and ive taken a bigger interest in my planted tank downstairs. should i give up my 12gallon nano and buy a juwel rekord 70 planted tank? for my marine...
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    fire extinguisher co2

    im looking at making one of these. Am i right in think all i need is a fire extingusher and a regulator? (i already have the drop checker, diffuser and tubing) how long would a 1kg extinguisher last on a 125l tank, as i dont have the space for a 2kg one a 1kg will have to suffice... thanks Will
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    help, lilly is going glassy

    some of my leaves on my lilly (i dont know its name but ill et a link with a picture of it) are going glassy, instead of the usual brown colour, its all blacky grey and it looks mushy (sorry about the description :oops: ) i dose my diy version of tpn+ weekly and that is about 60ml. please help...
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    drop checker help needed please

    Ive just recieved my drop checker- http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ts_id=1231 i got an ebay cheap version though. It says on the instructions on the ebay page to turn the drop checker over once its filled with the solution (4dkh and the reagent), i cant turn mine over without it...
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    diy tpn+

    How much should be dosed weekly to a 125l tank? Ive just put in 50ml also, some yeast got into my tank from my diy co2 and has turned the water partially cloudy. I changed 10% of the water but i wont be able to change any until 4pm tomorrow, with the lights out will the fish be ok? thanks
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    removing algae

    my tank and plants are covered in algae but i dont know what type it is. Ive looked in the article about algae but im baffled. As its quite tough to pull off my plants, how do i remov it without removing the full plant? Some of it is easy as it is just long strands but others it is not easy at...
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    considering changing diffuser

    I have the hydor green nrg diy co2 set, this comes with an electric diffuser. I hardly ever see many bubbles coming out of this except after ive changed the sugar, yeast etc each week. Because of this im considering changing my diffuser. Im looking at getting this one...
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    how to attach java fern to bogwood

    Ive got a small pec eof java fern (2 leaves) and i want to grow it on my wood. How do i go about this? For about 1 months ive had the fern in the substrate and it hasnt even grown, anyone know why? It looks a really lush green and seems to be very healthy (strong leaves etc) thankd Will
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    How come diy C02 isnt stable?

    Ive been egtting a lot of flgae recently and i think its because im using one diy co2 on my 125l tank. Whay is it unstable? The set says its suitable for aquariums up to 150l so i thought it would be just right? Im producing 1-2 bubbles per second. Because if this im looking into pressurized...
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    why understock planted tanks?

    I thought plants fed of nitrates from the water. So why do people understock? Surely having normal stocking (not under) means there are more nitrates which means healthier plants? I think i have overstocked compared to peoples understocking. And, why do people keep only 1-4 species of fish? Ive...
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    my juwel rio 125l aquarium- what can i do to make it better?

    Ill just show some of my tank shots of my 125l after being set up for about 2 1/2 months. Ive got a problem with different types of algae, some is hair (kind of looks like cheato algae for those of you with marine tanks) and some other brown algae (there is a pic). The current stock is: 1...